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EAST PERTH FINISHES WELL. Swan Districts Badly Beaten. East Perth gained a convincing vic tory over Swan Districts at the Perth Oval on Saturday, the final margin be ing 44 points. A troublesome wind af fected East Perth's play in the first half and Swan Districts, on its merits, led by seven points at half-time. The third quarter was half over before East Perth found touch. Swan Districts had adopted vigorous tactics after the interval but after a momentary success it was this team which felt the effects and it was played out before the last quarter began. Certainly the wind slackened by the time Swan Districts had the use of it in the last quarter, but this had little signifi cance, for East Perth had swung into its best form and was playing all over the enfeebled opposition. East Perth suc ceeded with experimental placings, not ably the use of Rowland as a loose man in the centre in the last quarter. Ditch burn, captain of Swan Districts, left the field with a fractured cheek bone in the second quarter and was treated at the Perth HospitaL The teams were: EAST PERTH.--Backs: Thomas. Crow, IL Ryan. Half-backs: H. Smith. Starr, WithelL Cen tres: D. Miller, Cronin, Hall. Half-forwards: Broom, Musmnan, Graham. Forwards: Garnaut, Rowland, Campbell. Ruck: B. Ryan, Lockyer, H. Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Dook (re placed Starr, "corked" leg, in last quarter). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Avery, Bar tow. Half-backs: Andrews, Sinclair, Murray. Cen tres: Darmody, Rosewarne, Mosey. Half-for wards: Mailer, Ditchburn, Hunt Forwards: Ran dall, Gorn, Park. Ruck: Penberthy, McInerney, Sweetapple (rover). Nineteenth, man: McMahon (replaced Ditchburn, fractured cheek bone, in second quarter). UMPIRE.-Sparrow. East Perth began with a strong breeze blowing into a forward pocket and it goaled straight away. However, it did not seem to be at home with the long kicking game and the twisting wind was tricky. East Perth found it hard to keep the ball away from the wind-favoured pocket, particularly with the Swan Dis trict's defence in fine form. A feature of the play was Zilko's remarkable judg ment in marking in front of goal. Swan Districts played a very effective short passing game, with a judicious use of handball (overdone later), but the wind was the decisive factor and East Perth took the lead, albeit only by points be cause of bad kicking. In the latter part of the quarter East Perth improved in kicking and straightened its play, increas ing its lead from 0.5 to 3.7, but the wind was worth more than 3.7. The scores were 6.7 to 3.0. Swan Districts threw away valuable time with the wind by unaccount ably playing around the wrong wing. Fighting against the wind when it should have. used the wind to assist it, Swan Districts became uncer tain and ineffective in its play. East Perth was faster and doing well with a short ustling game, carrying on the play strongly. In fact, it increased its lead. Ten minutes elapsed before Swan Dis stricts goaled. Swan Districts had held an advantage in the air all the time and this enabled it to steady and get within striking distance of East Perth. When Ditchburn left the ground, Rosewarne went to centre-half-forward and Darmody to centre. Despite foolish handball by a few players, Swan Districts drew level with East Perth three minutes from the bell and then added seven points to lead 10.4 to 8.9 at half-time. Against the wind in the third quarter, Swan Districts reverted to its original centre-line and had Moiler as centre-half forward. East Perth quickly evened the scores, but Swan Districts, adopting vigorous methods and applying the weight freely, put East Perth off its balance and kept in attack for a time, regaining the lead by a goal It was inevitable that with the wind East Perth should take the ball'forward, but by now it was rag ged and could not keep the ball away from the wrong pocket. A lot of chances were spoilt by bad kicking. By kicking behinds it drew to within a point of Swan Districts. After a light shower cleared, East Perth improved in marking and. kicking and, faster and better all round than swan Districts, took the lead and increased it by three-quarter time to 3.13 (14.17 to 11.4). The wind slackened in the last quarter, but Swan Districts did not finish on as expected. It seemed to be puzzled by the many moves East Perth made with its men. East Perth played Rowland as a loose man in midfield and Swan Districts allowed Avery to hug the goal with no one to watch, not shifting him until near the end. East Perth had a completely new half-back dine-Lockyer. Graham and Dook (changing in ruck with Withell). It had Smith on a half-forward wing and made quick changes in ruck. It beat Swan Districts for pace and in the air, and played systematically in contrast with the inept play and wild disposal of the opposition. Swan Districts faded out and East Perth finished playing its best football of the match. Final scores: EAST PERTH. .. 17.19 (121 pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS 12. 5 ( 97 pts) Scorers.-East Perth: Rowland. 3.; Mussman, 3.2; Screaigh, 2.4; Lockyer, 2.2; Smith, 2.0; Oraham. 1.2; Broom, 11; Cronin, 1.0; Campbell, 1.0; Thomas, 1.0; Miller, 01; Dook, 0.1; arnauO t 0.1. Swan Districts: Corn, 4.2; Sweetapple, 3.0; Park, 2.1; Randall, 1.0; Moiler, 1.0; Mc Mahon, 1.0; McInerney, 0.1; Rosewarne, 0.1. For East Perth, Graham was a domi nating figure, sweeping through the rack with telling krock-outs. screaigh roved in his best style, continually pressing the team forward with his clever team-work Miller played in polished style on a centre-wing, always an effective mediam of attack. Cronin was a commanding centre-man, with his beautiful long passing. In the first half, he did not handle the ball as much as many other players, but when he did a score gene rally resulted; in the last quarter, he was at his top. Rowland was one of the team's most effective men. He gave an attractive display as centre-forward and then played the loose-man role per fectly. Dashing in a pocket, M. Ryan was outstanding among the backs. Lockyer was mostserviceable in varying positions and Mussman did very well at centre half-forward. For Swan Districts. Mosey, fast an4 persistent, won throughout on a centre wing. Zilko showed great judgment in a back pocket, being brilliant in the first half. Park was in most of the best moves and was applauded for clever work in attack. Avery kept goal in good style and Moiler was a very effective half forward, with Gorn shaping well as centre-forward. Murray was strong in ruck and defence and Darmody did some useful things. Rosewarne handled the ball as much as anyone, but many times failed to make use of it.