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PERTH'S 107-POINTS VICTORY. South Fremantle Overwhelmed. Marked superiority in every position and in every phase of the game enabled Perth to score an overwhelming victory at the expense of South Fremantle at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday. Perth won by 107 points after leading from the start of play. South Fremantle was out classed and at no stage of the game was it able to offer any substantial resistance to its opponents who were not fully ex tended after the first quarter.. After playing brilliantly in the first half, Gook, the Perth forward, lost form and failed to reach 100 goals for the season, al though he scored nine goals, three be hinds from 17 direct shots. South Fre mantle fielded a weakened teant The teams were: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Noble, White. Brown. Half-backs: Dodd. D. Doig. Rower. Centres: Lewiugton. Jenkins. Bradford. Half torwards: Dix. Reilly, Prosser. Forwards: .1. D)oig. Miller. H. Brown. Ruck: Richardson. J. Coleman. Orr (rover). Nineteenth man: F. Colt man (replaced While, injured ankle, in last quarter). PERTH.-Backs: Fitzgerald, Love. Harbison. Half-hacks: Hormald. Brown. Dewar. Centres: H. D)ave. Puddery. Trainor. Half-forwards: Bailey, letherinrson. Anderson. Fonvards: Let-is. Gook, Orirg. Ruck: Oliphant, Carring ton, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Too her (replaced Brown. injured thigh, at halt time). UMPIRE.-G. Owens. Perth was quickly into its stride and, playing with pace and certainty, scored five goals, of which Gook (in brilliant form) kicked three from long distances out. Kicking against a stiff breeze, South Premantle was astray in its leading and its pace and handling of the ball were not up to standard. Crowding in the forward line-there were frequently twelve men on the ball-robbed the team of several chances of scoring, but it managed two goals. Meanwhile Gook, well "fed" and markifg splendidly, rid diled the South Fremantle defence, scor ing six goals from seven direct shots during the quarter which ended with the scores at:-Perth, 9.4; South Fremantle, 2.1. When Jenkins went to centre half forward, South Fremantle fared better for a short period in the second quarter but Perth steadied and, covering the ground quickly with brisk short passing, it scored three goals from comfortable shots, Cook again participating in full measure. D. Doig was sent from centre half-back to mark him. A long period of even play culminated in a series of points to South Fremantle and the quarter ended with the scores at:-Perth, 14.7; South Fremantle 4.7. Although not making great use of its opportunities, Perth drew steadily farther ahead in the third quarter when there was a good deal of congested play and not a little casual, half-hearted football. South Fremantle failed to score during the quarter. Gook, marked by D. Doig, had fewer opportunities. South Fremantle fought its way forward often but its work near the goal was completely with out system and its kicking was indifferent. Jenkins played heroically at centre and1

J. Doig worked hard on the ball but more often than not promising attacks broke down after the first movement be cause of miskicking, fumbling or a similar mistake. Scores at the close of the quarter were:-Perth, 19.14; South Fre mantle, 4.7. The football in the last quarter was carefree and entertaining rather than exciting. Perth increased its score steadily without much apparent effort, while South Fremantle battled hard with very little result. On occasions Perth players showed unnecessary unselfishness in trying to get the ball to Gook, but the Perth forward's form had deteriorated and he was closely guarded. The Perth goalkeeper, R. Love, went on to the ball and kicked a goal at the second attempt. The final scores were: PERTH ....... .. 23.18 (156 pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE 6.13 (49 pts.) Scorers.-Perth: Gook, 9.3; Grigg, 4.3; Keightley, 3.4; Hetherington, 3.1; Lewis, 2.0; Oliphant, 1.1; Love, 1.1; Dewar, 0.3. Two points forced through. South Fre mantle; Richardson, 2.1; Reilly, 2.0; H. Brown, 1.3; Orr, 1.0; Jenkins, 0.4; J. Doig, 0.2; Mellor, 0.2. One point forced through. For Perth C. Keightley was outstanding. He roved tirelessly and was effective when placed. Oliphant played high-class foot ball throughout the game and Davey and Trainor won easily on the wings. At half-back G. Bailey, a new recruit, gave outstanding service, his sure marking, strong kicking, dash and coolness pro mising well for better things in the future. Fitzgerald and Love were not faulted in defence, while Gook played a brilliant first half. Harbison, Wormald and Pud dey (in patches) also played. well. In a badly beaten South Fremantle team, S. Jenkins, the young centreman, was again the best player. He did a tremendous amount of work and his pace and great tenacity were unsurpassed. Richardson followed well and played soundly in attack when off the ball, while Reilly, in a variety of roles, marked as well as anyone in the game and played good all-round football. J. Doig, who came temporarily out of retirement, gave a notable performance, his roving being excellent. F. Brown, White and Prosser were also prominent.