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STREN?OUS LAST QUARTER. East -Fremantle Saves Game. Giving bump for bump and having men whose coolness and sureness prevented disorganisation, East Premantle fought back just when West Perth seemed likely to sweep on to victory at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday, and it won by ten points. The last quarter of the match was strenuous. After the scores were level early in the third quarter, East Premantle played writh dash and system to build up a lead of 38 points. Then, with the aid of the wind. West Perth attacked determinedly and steadily it reduced the fleficit. When the margin was only ten points East Fremantle be came alarmed and it pressed forward strongly, only to be driven back by strong defenders. West Perth used weight freely in an effort to overcome its opponent and backwards and forwards the ball travelled with each team fighting desper ately. At this stage W. James came to' East Fremantle's rescue and in the thickest of the fray Daniell was most vigorous. West Perth's centre was beaten and its backs played admirably under strong pressure. The play became crowded and a long shot bounced conveniently for an East Fremantle player to score a goal easily and shatter West Perth's hopes of success. Although there was some brilliant marking, the standard of play, particularly in the first half, was not high. Following were the teams:- - EAST FREMANTLE.--Backs: N. Doig, Stinge more, Skeahan. Half-backs: Fordham. Kings bury, C. Doig. Centres: Seubert. Hutchinson, J. Clarke. Half-forwards: Migro, Daniell, Wendt. Forwards: James, G. Doig, McGlinn. Rock: liar tienseu. Donegan. Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: Briggs (did not play). WEST PERTH.-Backs: Jeavons. Tetley. Cap lin. Half-backs: White, Buttsworth. P. Walsn. Centres:-Hill, Morgan, L. Walsh. Half-forwards: Lewis, Marinko, Robertson. Forwards: Pola, Tyson. Bunting. Ruck: MeDiarmid, O'Keefe, Rainoldi (rover). Ninetepnth man: Bonner (re placed Robertson, Dislocated elbow, in third term). UMPIRE.---H. Hooper. East Fremantle had the assistance of a fairly strong breeze in the first quar ter, but chiefly through inferior kicking, it. was upset by West Perth's solid de fence. Across the centre East Fremantle was winning and Donegan helped it in the nuck, where O'Keefe and McDiarmid were doing damage. West Perth's for wards did not have many opportunities and when they did they frequently spoilt one another. Kingsbury was hard to pass. With Daniell beaten at half-forward, East Fremantle tried short passes unsuccess fully and at quarter-time West Perth felt satisfied, having scored 1.3 to 2.4. The second quarter was also one of missed chances. Though Hutchinson was at his best and Kingsbury's marking was brilliant, West Perth was often in attack but not to the extent that it had expected with the wind. Most of the players seemed reluctant'to dispose of the ball and even back men were guilty of that extra bounce that meant disaster. West Perth with McDiarmid most prominent, managed to gain the lead but bursts by East Fre mantle were capped by goals and at half time East Fremantle led with 6.4 to 5.4. Marinko and O'Keefe played so well that West Perth drew level and looked the better side early in the third quar ter. Then East Fremantle broke through from Hutchinson and Daniell came into prominence. A goal resulted and in a listless period of play West Perth goaled again. East Fremantle clapped on pace and accurate kicking gave it an encour aging lead. Robertson was hurt when going for a mark and East Fremantle took advantage of West Perth's loss of confidence to add goals in quick time. It was winning in the ruck and was the faster side. At the bell East Fremantle led with 13.7 to 7.5. West Perth made more changes, which had a beneficial effect. There was plenty of spirit in West Perth's play and East Fremantle gave away free-kicks through too much concentration on the man in stead of the ball. In five minutes Tyson kicked two goals and East Fremantle was unable to take the ball from West Perth's left-forward pocket. Shots by West Perth went astray and at last East Piemantle advanced along the opposite wing and scored a point. A goal from McDiarmid raised West Perth's hopes and East Fre mantle strengthened its ruck, particularly as Marinko was marking and passing effectively. Wendt's high marking and James's vigorous efforts enabled Esst Fre mantle to rally but Tetley, Jeavons and Buttsworth defended strongly. Marinko's pass to Bunting and Pola's quickness enabled West Perth to goal and the play became fierce. East Fremantle scored a noint and each time West Perth attacked C. Doig saved. East Fremantle pressed hard and still West Perth's defence, now assisted by Lewis, was solid. A run by L. Walsh was fruitless and then a long shot by G. Doig, who had gone well out, was finished off by Truscott. Two min utes remained for .play and West Perth could not score until too late. Final scores: E. FREMANTLE . . 14.9 (93 pts.) WEST PERTH . . . 12.11 (83 pts.) Scorers:---East Fremantle: G. Doig, 6.3; Truscott, 3.2; DanieUll, 1.1; Dorsegan, McGlinn, Seubert, W. James. 1.0 ench: Migro and Martiensen. 0.1 each. West Perth: Tyson, 5.4: McDiarmid, 2.1 Rob ertson. Polats. 1.1 each: Morgan. Marinko. O'Keefe, 1.0 each: Bunting, 0.2. Two points were forced through for West Perth and one for East Fremantle. In Hutchinson. who handled the ball exceptionally well and was seldom far from the centre, East Fremantle had the best player of the match. He marked nicely, played at top speed, and, almost without exception, got his kick in. Kings bury played a fine game at centre-half back. His marking was a feature of the play and he was one of the few players who kicked long and safely. In the ruck Donegan, whose pace was an asset, dis tinguished himself and he did not relax until the final bell. After an indifferent start James played at his best when his force was most needed and he helped his colleagues admirably. N. Doig was very sure in a back pocket and Clark ulayed a good game on the wing C. Doig was a great trier and his work was ·always effective, especially in the last quarter. G. Doig scored six valuable goals and Daniell's influence in the team's improved display in the third quarter was most noticeable. Wendt. Martiensen (though his kicking was not up to his usual standard), Seubert, Skeahan, Trus cott (who ran with the ball too much) were the best of the others. Most reliable and dashing in the West Perth side was Jeavons, the back pocket player. He made scarcely a mistake, his judgment being fine, and he watched the opposing forward closely. N. McDiarmid's display was his best for some time and when he was out of the reck Uis side's play was not strong. For the first two quarters Buttsworth was outstanding, completely outclassing Daniell. but later he was not so conspicuous. Tetley was sure in goal and repeatedly in the last quarter he made a good clearance when East Freyantle looked certain to score. Marinko was effective in the second half and he figured in most of his side's scor ing moves. O'Keefe was brilliant in the

first half and, though trying hard, did not do so well later. P. Walsh beat the opposing half-forward and did a lot of good work. Pola roved cleverly and his passing was accurate. Rainoldi did some useful things but often overran; White was a trier, and Morgan, though well beaten, did not waste opportunities. Hill improved on the half-back line and Rob ertson did some useful work before he was hurt. Lewis was not in the picture until the last ten minutes. L. Walsh only occasionally flashed into prominence.