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NEW CITY THEATRE. Modern Equipment of the Plaza. Marking a new era in theatre construe tlon, accommodation and presentation, the Plaza Theatre, Hay-street, Perth. win be opened on Friday, September 17, the first screen attraction being "Lloyds of London' (Tyrone Power, Madeleine Carroll, the late Sir Guy Standing and Freddie Bartholomew). The next two pictures for this theatre will be "A Star Is Born" and "Lost Horizon," respectively. ?The Plaza Theatre will be a lasting tribute to the confidence of the directors of Hoyts Theatres, Limited, in the future of Perth," said the resident director of the company (Mr. S. W. Perry) yesterday. "Unusual, yet striking in appearance, this new entertainment centre conforms with everything that is modern. It is 'stream lined' inside and out; in the first instance for effect, in the second to harmonise with design and to give perfection of sound reproduction. The Plaza embodies all the best features of modern architec ture and follows the trend of cinema con struction which has assumed such popu larity overseas. "Service will be an important factor of the theatre's policy, and in this direction, a 'personality hostess' will be employed to welcome patrons to the theatre. Usher ettes will conduct patrons to their seats after they have been welcomed by the personality hostess. Latest Sound Equipment. "In order that the theatre may lead not only in personal service, but also mechanically, the latest sound apparatus and air-conditioning plants have been installed. The sound equipment chosen was R.C.A. Phototone High Fidelity and it has already been installed in the large projection room at the theatre. This equipment, the third of its kind in Aus tralia, will give lifelike reproduction of the performances of the artists on the screen. In the projection room, too, have been installed the latest machines for the projection of pictures on the screen so. that the quality of the actual photography may be presented with the same level of perfection as the sound it self. "Not the least of the features of the Plaza will be the Latex Dunlopillo lounge cushioned seats, which provide not only softness, but wide-chair comfort neces sary for perfect relaxation. Another ad vantage of this seating system is that every chair is automatically air-condi tioned, thus adding hygienic perfection to comfort. The installation of air-con ditioning at the Plaza will enable the temperature at the theatre to be con trolled with a pleasant coolness through out the summer and the warmth of a fire-side during the winter. "More than 1,000 yards of specially designed carpet were imported for the building. Every part of the theatre is richly carpeted, giving an impression of softness and luxury. The interior decora tion of the new theatre has been carried out with an eye to modern beauty. In direct and concealed lighting will add further touches of modernistic design. "The Plaza Theatre itself is representa tive of the progressive policy, throughout the past 26 years, of Hoyts Theatres, Ltd., of keeping abreast of the times with mo dern theatres. In order that the entertain ment presented in this cinema may be of the highest standard, contracts have been signed with leading motion picture pro ducers in Hollywood and London. The opening attraction, 'Lloyds of London,' will be a fitting example of the entertain ment that can be expected at the new theatre. In addition the first screening in Western Australia will take place of the Technicolour film of the Coronation procession."