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PERTH DEFEATS SUBIACO. Gook Establishes New Club Record. Unconcerned in the struggle for the final four, Perth beat Sublaco in a free and easy fixture at Sublaco Oval on Saturday. Conditions and the meagre ness of the crowd did not conduce to good football, the game savouring more of a picnic outing than a league engagement. By kicking six goals Gook beat the Perth club's record of 85 which had been held by Oliphant since 1931; the feat did not go unrecognised by the supporters. The teams were: PERTH.-Backs: P. Fitzgerald, Love, Harbi son. Half-backs: Wormald, A. Brown, Dewar. Centres: H. Davey, Puddey, Trainor. Half-for wards: Toohey, Hetherington, Anderson. For wards: Lewis, Gook, A. Grigg. Ruck: Oliphant, Carrington, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Harold (replaced Harbison, cramp, in last 1 quarter). SUBIACO.--Backs: C. Taylor, L. Daily, W. Yeates. Half-backs: Davies, S. Daily, McCallum. Centres: Warren, Brewer. Donovan. Half-for wards: Peers, Murphy, N. Smith. Forwards: Stehn, Mills, Hambleton. Ruck: G. Browne, Gilbert, R. Yates (rover). Nineteenth man: Edmondson (did not play). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Assisted by the breeze, Subiaco was the more, aggressive at the start, but found Perth's defence a tough proposition to contend with. Brilliant marks by Brewer and S. Daily laid the foundation for Subi aco's first goal after several minutes had elapsed. Gook, who was having an inter esting duel with L. Daily, brought off a freakish mark before kicking a goal. Hand-ball, a legacy of the carnival was being freely indulged in-often to the detriment of the side. The efforts of 0li phant and Keightley gave Perth an ad vantage in the ruck, while the strong work of its defenders, of whom Brown and Harbison were constantly under no tice, created a feeling of security in anxi ous moments. S. Daily, Mills and Browne were prominent in the Subiaco side. The 1 scores were 4.2 each at the first change over. Breaking away at the start of the second quarter, Subiaco penetrated Perth's defence, but Dewar and Love rose to the occasion. Mills and Stehn were hammering away at Perth's goal, but in accurately. A similar state of affairs 1 existed in Perth's forward lines, where Gook was a dominating figure. His superb marking, however, was marred by un accountable errors of judgment in dis posal of the ball; a string of behinds was a disheartening reward for work other wise well done. Davies was giving a dash ing display at half-back. Play was un eventful and uninspiring, Subiaco making intermittent attempts to break down Perth's defence, which was sound to a man. The scores at half-time were 8.7 to 5.5 in Perth's favour. Quick into action, Subiaco exhibited some determination in an attempt to re duce the gap. A miskick by Love was gathered in by Murphy and a quick pass enabled Mills to run on to ap unguarded goal. Perth then took command, and a brilliant one-handed mark by Puddey preceded an assault out of which came a goal from Gook. Fouled a minute later, Lewis, from an awkward angle, added a goaL Grigg and Keightley were playing well, while Oliphant and Browne were capable followers for their respective sides. Perth was the more systematic team; it had control of the centre, was winning in the air and was much better served in the forward lines, where Gook's inaccuracy alone prevented a greater lead than 11.11 to 8.9 at three-quarter time. Peers was instrumental in sending Subiaco into attack and perseverance was ultimately rewarded when W. Yeates snapped a goal. Fitzgerald saved and Davey and Toohey combined to provide Gook with a chance, which he accepted to score a goal. Perth was now playing with increased dash and was enjoying the latitude allowed by indifferent marks men. Mills and Gook were conspicuous in the forward lines. while Smith and Gilbert were dour defenders for Subiaco. Gook marked high and added a goal, and immediately scored another with a beau tiful punt from the half-forward line. Succeeding chances to increase Perth's total were marred by persistent endeav ours to give the ball to Gook. In an even finish Perth pained the upper hand through exceptionally well-balanced back lines. Goals for Subiaco by Peers and Warren left the final scores as follows: PERTH ......... 14.16 (100pts.). SUBIACO ...... 12.10 (82pts.). Scorers:-Perth: Gook, 6.11; Lewis, 2.2; Toohey, 2.0; Grieg, 1.1; Hethering ton, 1.1; Davey, 1.1; Oliphant, 1.0. Subi aco: Mills, 6.3; Peers, 2.1; S. Daily, 1.1; Stehn. 1.0; YeatEs, 1.0; Warren, 1.0; Hambleton, 0.1; Yates. 0.1; Gilbert. 0.1; Murphy, 0.1; Yates, 0.1. Oliphant throughout was the instiga tor of many moves from which the Perth forwards benefited. He was an out standing follower and when placed at half-forward his accurate passing, clean marking and unselfish tactics were good to watch. Harbison gave a surprisingly good exhibition in defence; he handled the ball surely, was rarely out of position, and was judicious in his disposal. His was a pleasing. display. Brown, Dewar, Fitzgerald. and Love were other strong men in the baci lines, while Grigg and Keightley roved cleverly. Toohev. Car rineton and Gook were others to do well. For Subiaco Mills did good work in the rauck, and despite a vigilant band of

opponents, was always prominent in the forward lines. His marking and kicking left little to be desired; to acquire six goals in the circumstances was no mean task. Browne did much to balance Subi aco's disadvantage in the ruck, and while placed was rarely beaten in the air. Smith showed plenty of pace and deter mination, while Gilibert, when resting from the ruck, assisted on many occa sions to stave off Perth's attacks. R. Yates roved fearlessly, while Davies, Peers. S. Daily, and Stehn were the best of an unimpressive remainder.