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AN EXCITING FINISH. East Perth's Vain Rally. Those spectators who had sufficient patience and hope to return for the second half of play at Leederville Oval on Saturday must have been pleasantly surprised, for the standard of play im proved and the finish was most exciting, West Perth winning by three points from East Perth. It was a remarkable match. Full of errors in the first half, by the end of which East Perth looked the bet ter side, it *developed into a keen struggle. There were two clearly defined phases in the second halfl. For almost the whole of the third quarter, when aided by a breeze, West Perth was in con fdent attack and it scoreda 8a to two points by East Perth-a striking contrast to its play before half-time, when it kicked only 3.8 to 5.8. A lead of 6.1 seemed sufficient to ensure victory for West Perth but the loss of Coward left it with only 17 men and without one of its leading players. Although it missed several good chances, East Perth gradu ally reduced the leeway in the last quar ter without disturbing West Perth to any great degree. East Perth maintained a persistent attack and West Perth's de fence held strong. Only rarely West Perth crossed the centre line and passed the half-backs without scoring and with four minutes and a half to go East Perth goaled to make the difference ten points. West Perth began to feel worried and when, two minutes later, another goal was added by East Perth its position was desperate. Both sides played fiercely, East Perth scenting victory and West Perth realising that its grip of the game had been loosened. The play became cramped and rugged and, breaking through at last, East Perth was awarded only a point for a long shot. Only one goal was needed by East Perth and the last half-minute from the kick-off seemed like an age to West Perth, which managed to take the ball out of danger and win the game. Following were the teams: WEST PERTH.--Backs: Jeavons, Tetley, O'Keefe. Half-backs: Hill, Buttaworth, P. Walsh. Centres: L. Walsh, Robertson, Coward. Half-forwards: Morgan, Marinko, Lewis. For wards:. Pola, Tyson, Bunting. Ruck: McDiar aid, Shuttleworth, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: White (replaced Shuttleworth, injured ankle, at half-time). EAST pERTr.-Back: Thomas, Crow, M. Ryan. Half-backs: H. Smith, Starr, Graham. Centres: D. Miller, Cronia. Guhl. Half-forwards: Broom, Mussman, Withell. Forwards: Garnant, Rowland, Parry. Ruck: B. Ryan, Lockyer, H. Scresigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Fogarty (did not play). UMPIRE: L. McComish. For some minutes East Perth, kicking against the breeze, could not pass the centre line but Cronin opened up the play and Mussman's long kick bounced through an unguarded goal. East Perth was now playing the better football but, so frequently did Buttsworth mark un opposed, his opponents appeared to be picking him out with their passes. East Perth's backs were solid, Starr beating Marinko in the air, and in a side handi capped by overrunning and fumbling, L. Walsh was the best. East Perth was generally superior in the air but less vig orous than West Perth, which was able to advance along the wings away from Cronin, who had beaten Robertson and was now opposed by Morgan. Starr took four marks in succession and a welcome piece of combined play enabled West Perth to goal and lead with 2.6 to 1.2 at quarter time. Early in the second term East Perth repeatedly got the ball away from the packs only to kick poorly. East Perth should have scored heavily. Only when the ball was sent to Marinko did West Perth look dangerous and ultimately Tyson goaled with a nice kick. There was excessive fumbling and deplorable hesitancy on the part of most of the players. Two quick goals to East Perth gave it the lead for the first time. Then Mussman missed the easiest of chances. West Perth's forwards were very weak and as a whole the play was far below standard. A goal snapped by Parry stirred West Perth but only to rugged, unprofitable tactics which caused the field umpire to hold up the play while excited players pranced about at the centre. At half-time East Perth was two goals ahead-5.8 to 3.8. Shuttleworth did not resume owing to an injured ankle. Good marking by East Perth checked West Perth's early rush and then a poor kick-off by Crow en abled. Marinko to goal. Picking up the ball smartly behind a pack, Tyson goaled and West Perth was in front again. B. Ryan was playing determinedly for East Perth but he had little support. The speedy Coward made openings for West Perth on the left wing and Robertson

was beginning to move freely. East c Perth attempted combination with little I success and its short passes more often I than not went astray. Two goals were € added by West Perth, in spite of the fine play of Cronin and Starr's high-marking. E Marinko was a force in the game and I East Perth's defence began to weaken. Continually in attack, West Perth in- i creased its lead to 11.11 to 5.10 by three- I quarter time. In a fall Coward had dislocated his right elbow and West Perth placed ] Robertson on the right wing and played c without a man in the right forward pocket. In quick time East Perth moved forward and the West Perth defenders had to play at their best. For each of its first three goals East Perth kicked out twice. Cronin was in excellent form and Miller was doing well against L. Walsh on the wing. West Perth could not score and, in spite of its backs' fine efforts and freakish marking by O'Keefe, it had its lead steadily reduced. Row land goaled and a brilliant mark and a long kick for a goal by Miller left East Perth only ten points in arrears with four minutes and a half to go. West Perth used all its weight to close up the play and there was a hectic passage of play on the wing. Screaigh then passed to Broom and a behind was signalled. Again Tetley kicked to the awkward pocket and Hill marked. Robertson ran with the ball and was awarded a free-kick to West Perth's relief and the bell ended the match with the scores as follows: WEST PERTH .. .. 11.11 (77 pts.) EAST PERTH .. .. 10.14 (74 pts.) Scorers.--West Perth: Tyson, 4.1; Ma rinko, 2.0; Rainoldi, 1.3; Pola, 1.3; Robertson, 1.1; Bunting, 1.1; Lewis, 1.0; McDiarmid, 0.1. East Perth: Rowland, 4.3; Mussman, 2.2; Broom, 1.2; Parry, 1.1; Miller, 1.0; Screaigh, 1.0; Graham, 0.1; Withell, 0:1. Two points were forced through for East Perth and one for West Perth. There were not many outstanding play ers in the game. At centre half-back for West Perth, Buttsworth was very solid and in a back pocket Jeavons distin guished himself by his reliable and dash ing play. When most of the players were fumbling and kicking poorly Marino was outstanding for his sureness and excel lent passing. He was out of touch early but proved to be one of 'the most effective men on the side. Coward and L. Walsh won on the wings. Coward was brilliant in the third quarter until he was hurt. L. Walsh found Miller in his best form in the last term. Pola was a useful rover and his colleague, Rainoldi, handled the ball a great deal, but usually his dis posal was not advantageous. Hill was not at his best early and then was pro minent. P. Walsh and Tetley were use ful in defence, especially in the last quar ter, Robertson was effective in the second half. Now and then McDiarmid was prominent, O'Keefe improved after half-time and White worked hard when he came on at half-time. Lewis battled vigorously, too much so when he had the ball, and Morgan occasionally was helpful. SPlaying in the centre. Cronin was the best player on the field. He was .quiet for part of the second quarter but for the rest of the game he dominated the play, doing a great deal of work and marking and kicking in fine style. B. Ryan must be ranked next to him in the East Perth side. He stood out in the ruck, marked well and played ably at half-forward. Starr's high-marking at half-back was the most attractive fea ture of the match. Generally, however, his kicks were received by opponents. Broom, with B. Ryan, was the best of the half-forwards, though Mussman and Withell did well in patches. Thomas was perhaps the surest of the back men, though Smith, except for the third quar ter, did some brilliant work and Crow showed sound judgment and marking ability. Lockyer's form was encouraging and Parry and Screaigh were useful rov ers. Rowland scouted nicely and Gar naut handled the ball well dL Ryan did some useful things and Graham's marking was first-class. I nat hndld th bal ~ell.~ d~Ry I