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VICTORY FOR CLAREMONT. South Fremantle Overwhelmed. Although its team was greatly weak ened by the absence of Hooper, Headon, O'Reflly and Morris. Claremont easily de feated South Fremantle at Claremont Oval on Saturday. The winning team played high-class football under difficult conditions, but in the closing stages of the game it had such a big lead that strenuous effort was not required. The young South Fremantle team was in great difficulty for three quarters, but it rallied somewhat in the last quarter and played fairly good football but at that stage the game was well within Clare mont's grasp. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: Maitland, Batt; Ed meades. Half-backs: Lawn, Clarke, Grieve. Centres: Reid, O. Maloney, Hosken. Half-for wards: Bee, Comp n, Boys. Forwards: Julian, Hopkins, Withers. Ruck: Reeves. Sutherland, S. foloney (rover). Nineteenth man: Guthrie (re placed Clarke, injured leg, in last quarter). SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Prosser, Walsh, Brown. Half-backs: Doig, Dodd, Rower. Centres: Lewington, Jenkins, Bradford. Half-forwards. Strang, Reilly, Miller. Forwards: Coleman, Poole, Orr. Ruck: Richardson, Hugall, E. Hay ward (rover). Nineteenth man: Noble (re placed Hugall in last quarter). Umpire: H. Hooper. South Fremantle was unable to make any appreciable impression in the first quarter when it kicked against a stiff breeze. Winning easily in the ruck, where Reeves was outstanding, and making position well, Claremont played effort lessly to score 6.6 to nil and, but for some -I

sluggishness in attack, it might have scored more heavily. Claremont's backs appeared to have the situation in hand at all times, Clarke doing outstanding work. Quarter-time scores were:--Clart mont, 6.6; South Fremantle, nil. Brilliant in the air and using to the full the pace of its centre line, rucks and forwards, Claremont forged ahead in the second quarter, two goals being scored in quick succession--the second from a brilliant piece of football in which S. and G. Moloney took part. South Fre mantle had to work hard to get into at tack and it was mainly through Jenkins, in the centre, and Richardson, in the ruck, that the team was able to with stand Claremont's brisk, open play. Half time scores were:-Claremont. 9.8; South Fremantle, 3.5. The third quarter started in heavy rain but Claremont quickly adapted its game to the difficult conditions and Boys and Compton goaled. South Fremantle played with unabated determination, but its kicking was not good and there appeared to be a total lack of understanding be tween the players. G. Moloney bestirred himself and for a period Claremont got the ball at will, Compton finally goaling after a series of protracted attacks. There followed a string of four goals, scored with the utmost ease directly from Reeves's knocking from the ruck and Claremont led by over 12 goals. South Fremantle was rarely in attack and when it assumed the offensive its forwards were no match for the Claremont backs. South Fremantle scored only two points during the quarter which closed with the scores: --Claremont, 17.14; South Fremantle, 3.7. There was little interest in the game In the last quarter when South Fre mantle, with Jenkins at centre half-for ward, made a belated effort and scored two goals. It continued to press Clare mont, but that team was not unduly

K. Crow, the East Perth goalkeeper, fling himself through the air to take an umusual mark from A. Bunting and L. Shuttleworth, West Perth fokwards. in the match at Leederville Oval on Saturday.

exerting itsel. Jenkins played brilliantly at centre half-forward but the cause was hopeless and Claremont won with con summate ease. The final scores were: CLAREMONT . .. 17.17 (119pt.) S. FREMANTIE . . 8.14 ( 62pts.) Scorers.Claremont: Compton, 5.7; Hopkins, 4.0; Boys, 3.1; Reeves, 2.1; Lawn, 1.2; S. Moloney, 1.2:; Julian, 1.0; Bee, 0.2; Withers, 0.2. South Fremantle: Poole, 3.1; E. Hayward, 2.1; Jenkins, 1.3; Orr, 1.3; Miller, 1.1; Richardson, 0.2; Hugall, 0.1; Strang, 0.1. Two behinds were forced through. In the ruck Reeves was supreme and when 'esting" in a place he was active and effective. G. Moloney played splen did football in the centre, despite spirited opposition from Jenkins in the first half, and Compton at last regained his true form at half-fprward, where he was dash ing and sure. Edmeades in a full back pocket was never faulted and Clarke did his usual large share of telling work. S. Moloney (an improved player, who is gaining balance), Withers (a young player whose kicking requires bracing up), Julian and Reid also did well. In a team whose play was often ragged Jenkins stood out for South Fremantle at centre, s~d later at half-forward. In attack he did remarkably well. Reilly played with courage and resource throughout the game, and Richardson was the only follower able to check to any extent the fast-moving Claremont ruck. E. Hayward roved tirelessly and well, and G. White, the "veteran" of the team, played surely under all circumstances. Millar, Poole and Brown were prominent at times.