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PERTH BEATEN. East Perth Finishes WelL. Finishing strongly, East Perth comfort ably defeated Perth at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday in a game which was of high standard in the first half but which deteriorated greatly after half time. Perth made an auspicious start and for three quarters it gave East Perth strong opposition -but in the last quarter its play was weak and its stamina appar ently very little better. An oantstandinfg feature of the game was the poor form of some of the players selected in the State carnival team. Oliphant, Graham and Gook being exceptions. Their form was satisfactory.-The teams were: BAST PERTH.--Bacsa: Thomas, Crow, Fogarty. Half-backs: Smith, Starr, Withell. Centres: Miller, Cronin, Hall. Half-forwards: Broom, Rowlands, Graham. Forwards: Muss man, Lockyer, Campbell. Ruck: 1. Ryan, Gar naut, Scresigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Dook (did not play). PERTH.--Backs: Fitzgerald. Love, Lamp. Half-backs: Wormald, Brown. Harbison. Centres: Davey, Puddey, Grigg. Half-forwards: Lewis, Hetheringtdn, Dewar. Forwards: Burton, Gook, Trainor. Buck: Oliphant, Carrington, Height. ley (rover). Nineteenth man: Harrold (re placed Trainor, injired shoulder, in last quar ter). UMPIRE.-H. Hooper. Winning in the air and W. Puddey badly beating Cronin in the centre, Perth quickly gained a good lead, Carrington, Gook and Trainor goaling in quick suc cession. Perth was faster to the ball and its kicking was superior. East Perth was a ragged team and the wind was its smallest handicap. Its kicking was atroci ous, Cronin being one of many of fenders. Perth made good use of the strong wind and, despite missed chances in front of goal, increased its lead to 24 points. Miller and Screaigh tried hard to lead East Perth in concerted play but received little support. Fortunately for East Rerth, Perth's shooting did not yield a high percentage of goals. Quarter-time scores were:-Perth, 7.9; East Perth, 3.0. When East Perth scored four goals in the first four minutes of the second quar ter the complexion of the game changed completely. Ryan's brilliant work in the ruck- was largely responsible for East Perth's recovery,.and Miller played sound, effective football on his wing. Rowland went to goalsneak and Lockyer was sent to half-forward. East Perth kicked long and frequently with the strong wind and was soon within two points of Perth, but desperate defence by Love, Lamp and Fitzgerald enabled Perth to c·tg to its slender lead. After a brilliant mark, B. Ryan goaled to give East Perth the lead and Rowland and Campbell each.with a goal placed the team 19 points in front. East Perth scored 59 points during the quarter which ended with the scores at: East Perth, 12.5; Perth, 8.10. Perth's inaccuracy in front of goal cost it dearly at the opening of the third quar ter when it hammered the East Perth de fence. Puddey again gave Cronin a sev ere drubbing in the centre and the rucks and backs did well but goals were scarce and East Perth held a comfortable lead for a long period. Graham and Ryan played excellent football for East Perth, the latter being much better in defence than on the ball. Perth persevered and a goal by Gook brought it to within two points of East Perth, but in nine direct shots it scored only three goals after playing all over its opponents. It led for a brief period when Trainor goaled but

Rowland regained the lead for East Perth with a goal. Three-quarter time scores were:-East Perth, 14.6; Perth, 12.17. East Perth made the game apparently safe with two goals from long driving attacks soon after the start of the last quarter. Its ruck predominated, Ryan again being outstanding, and its forwards were resourceful and certain. Perth was sluggish and its team-work fell away. In addition the East Perth backs pinned down the opposing forwards and Puddey alone of the centre line beat his man he did so with a vengeance. Perth was a beaten team half-way through the quar ter and, East Perth finding itself with only indifferent opposition held its lead without unduly extending itself. The final scores were: EAST PERTH .... 19.11 (125pts.) PERTH ...... .. 13.18 ( 96pts.) Scorers:-East Perth: Rowland, 6.2; Campbell, 3.0; Lockyer, 2.4; Mussman, 12; Cronin, 1.1; Ryan, 1.1; Screaigh, 1.1; Garnaut, 1.0; Graham, 1.0; Withell, 1.0; Broom, 1.0. Perth: Gook, 5.7; Trainor, 3.1; Keightley, 2.1; Oliphant, 1.2; Car rington. .1.1; Hetherington, 1.0; Lewis, 0.4; Dewar, 0.1; Burton, 0.1. In B. Ryan, East Perth had one of the finest players in the game. He dominated the ruck and was sure and effective when placed. Miller found his best form and gave the team a big advantage on one wing, and Campbell and Rowland did well in attack. Broom and Graham did a lot of work and did it well and Screaigh showed fair form F. Puddey, the centre player, was Perth's outstanding man and the best player in the game. He scarcely allowed Cronin an opportunity to do anything effective as the State player was out pointed at every turn. Hetherington, in the ruck or at half-forward played ex cellent football in every quarter, his mark ing being outstanding and Gook, forced to go far -afield, marked well and kicked fairly accurately. Oliphant's game was sound in every way, and his good condi tion stood to him welL Lewis, Fitzgerald and Carrington were also prominent.