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SWAN DISTRICTS' STEADINESS. Strong Challenge by South Fremantle Inaccuracy in shooting for goal had much to do with South Fremantle's downfall against Swan Districts at Fre mantle on Saturday. Play at all times was even and not at any stage did either side have a clear-cut advantage. South Fremantle had a number of opportuni ties which, had they been converted ifto goals, would probably have won the match for the side. Swan Districts showed commendable steadiness when under pressure and the side's imperturb able spirit exerted a strong Influence on the result. Holdsworth made a reappear ance for Swan Districts but South Fre mantle's full forward, Poole, was unable to play on account of a leg injury. The sides were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: McInerney, Avery, Zilko. Half-backs: Murray, Sinclair, Andrews. Centres: Erepp, Darmody, Mosey. Half-torwarde:

Park, Hunt. Bfoiler. Forwards: Gorn, Holds worth, Ditchburn. Rnck: Penberthy, Randall, Rosewarne (rover). Nineteenth man: Forden (re placed Avery, concussion, in last quarter). SOUTH FREMLATLE.--Backs: Noble, White, Dix. Hall-backs: D. Doig, Dodd, F. Brown. Centres: Lewington, Jenkins. Bradford. Half. forwards: W. Smith, Prosser, Strang. Forwards: Reily. W. Hayward. K. Miller. Ruck: Richard. son, Hugall, E. Hayward (rover). Nineteenth man: Orr. UMPIRE.--V. Sparrw. Attributable mainly to the stern de fence of Murray and Sinclair, Swan Dis- 1 tricts warded off a number of deter mined attacks by South Fremantle. In a scrambling passage of play Gorn snap- 1 ped the first goal and a minute later < Ditchburn goaled with his left foot. White, 1 who was paying close attention to Holds worth, turned a Swan Districts offensive and with nine minutes gone W. Hay ward and Reilly added two goals in quick time. A mis-kick by Avery enabled W. Hayward to kick another goaL The sides were evenly matched, the long and effec tive kicking of South Fremantle contrast ing with the over-done short passing of Swan Districts. Jenkins (centre) and Rosewarne (roving) were playing bril liantly. A goal to W. Hayward gave South Fremantle a quarter-time lead of 4.4 to 32. Awarded a free-kick at the bounce, Rosewarne unerringly picked out Penber thy and Swan Districts scored a goal. Swan Districts' non-stop tactics and more efficient team-work resulted in a tempor ary supremacy. Rosewarne was continu ally driving the ball to his forwards, but South Fremantle's defenders were giving a good account of themselves. Holdsworth was forced far afield and was invariably hemmed in when going for the ball. A brilliant mark by Murray and a magnifi cent kick thoroughly deserved a goal. This placed South Fremantle on its mettle, but with an open goal confronting him, E. Hayward missed the easiest of chances; it was by no means the first occasion in the term that South Fremantle's forwards had offended. D. Doig and Hugall were doing excellently for South Fremantle while Andrews and Sinclair were defend ing ably for Swan Districts. Swan Dis tricts staved off a South Premantle chal- lenge and led with 6.7 to 5.8 at half time. Along Bradford's wing, South Fre mantle played promisingly, but once again the weakness in the forward area was ap parent. There was plenty to keep the crowd entertained as players unhesitat ingly hurled themselves into the scrim mages. Speedy transferences often left the 1 big men trailing and ruggedness gave way to system. Jenkins was in full command at the centre while Lewington was shar ing the -honours with Krepp on the wing. Richardson, Randall and Penberthy were hard-worked followers. South Premantle gave the opposing defence an anxious time, but the issue was still in doubt at three-quarter time, with the scores at 9.9 (Swan Districts) to 8.10. Holdsworth, brought out to centre-half forward, was soon in the play, but his kicking was astray. Brown and Hugall came into prominence when Rosewarne, Krepp and Mosey started a sequence of offensives. Hard bumps were given and taken in a hectic period. Reilly twice sent South Fremantle into attack and finally goaled himself. The Swan Districts team was quick to respond, Rosewarne com bining with McInerney to bring up the equalising goal. Then came an exciting period in which Jenkins was seen at his. best; cool and clever in his ground play he was seldom beaten in the air and created many opportunities for his for wards. Bradford made the position acute with a goal which made the difference two paints. Swan Districts retaliated, added a point and underwent an ordeal as South Fremantle launched attack after attack only to be driven off. Play was congested and the going hard when Avery, the Swan Districts goal-keeper, was hurt in a collision and assisted off the field. Prosser,.Penberthy and White were defending ably while .osewarne was still conspicuous. In a desperate finish Swan Districts managed to cling to its slender lead.and the final scores were:- SWAN DISTRICTS . 11.15 (81pts.) STH. FREEANTLE . 11.12 (S8pts.) Scorers.-Swan Districts: Gore, 31: McInerney, 3.0; Ditchburn, 2.0; Holds worth, 1.7: Murray, 1.1; Penberthy, 1.1: Rosewarne, 0.2; Park, 0.2; Moiler, 0.1. South Premantle: W. Hayward, 52; Reilly, 3.2; E. Hayward, 13; Bradford, 1o; Millar, 1.0; Richardson. 0.3: D. Doi 0.1; Smith, 0.1. In his favourite position at centre, Jen kins was South Premantle's outstanding player. He was fast and clean and rall fully disposed of the ball. When no leads were offering he wisely made the goal his objective and did not waste his energy. White maintained 'his condsstencyIinfthe back Ilnes -nd in subduing Holdswoith rendered 'invalale service; Brown and Hugallaby assisted him. In holding his own with-Krepp, Lewington (with. Brad ford) gave South Fremantle an advan tage across the centae. Dix, RBelly, Pros ser and Richardson were others to do their fair share. Swan Districts had none better than Rosewarne. Neat and intelligent, his play at half-forward or when roving was faultless; he was too elusive for Dodd. Accurate passes and long, driving kicks were features of his play. Murray Susti fied his selection in the state 25. He was brilliant in the air, exceedingly hard to pass in defence and a tireless follower. Some of his kicks surprised the crowd. Sinclair and Andrews were solid in de fence, while Moler strove hard in attack. Penberthy, Randall, Mosey and Krepp were others who shone on occasions.