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FINE LAST QUARTER EFFORT East Fremantle's Improved Form. Admirable combination, pace and de termination in the last quarter at Clare mont Oval on Saturday enabled East Fre mantle to wipe off a deficit, and spas modic attacks by Claremont served to stir East Fremantle into greater action,) with the result that it won by three goals. It was .n enjoyable game-even, full of movement, and notable for periods

`..L:Beeves (Claremont) fails to prevent C. Stingumoie (East Feunantle) geMtang the ba-awasy.

of fast-opnpl a'; :Themlastquarter-was fine. When play was resumed for the last time Claremont wae a goal in front. East Fremantle attacked with purpose, but the Claremont backs bustled the for wards and kicking was necessarily hur ried. A goal was snapped to place East Fremantle in front. Claremont rallied, and three behinds were a poor reward. Again East Fremantle clapped on pace and regained the lead. Everywhere East Fremantle's men were helping one an other, McGlinn was roving brilliantly, and East Fremantle increased its lead. More changes in placings were made by Claremont in an endeavour to check East Fremantle's advances. A strong defence, however, prevented Claremont from scor ing until East Fremantle felt sure of its position with the final bell at hand. The teams were: EAST FREMATLE.--Backs: Donegan, Stinge more, Skeaban. Half-backs: J. Clark, Kingsbury, IFordham. Centres: Senbert, G. Doig, Migro. Half. forwards: Mann, Daniell, McGlinn. Forwards: Butcher, G. Doig, James. Ruck: Martiensen, Wendt, Thuscott (rover). ?ineteenth man: West ern (did not play). CLAREMOINT.-Backs: Sutherland, Batt, Ed meades. Half-backs: Headon, B. Clarke, Grieve. Centres: Read, G. Moloney, Hosken. Half-for wards: Lawn, Compton, Boys. Forwards: O'Reilly, Hopkins, Morris. Ruck: Reeves, S. Moloney, Hooper (roter). Nineteenth man: McLennan (did not play). UMPIRE.--L. MeComish. In the early stages East Fremantle's men were guilty of spoiling one another in their keenness to begin well, and the well-fed Hopkins's inability to hold the ball in the air handicapped Claremont. Play improved, but the erratic flight of the ball was causing concern. Concen trating on Seubert's wing and with Mar tiensen in good foim, East Fremantle broke through to score a goal. Edmeades and Grieve were depepdable back men for Claremont, and East Fremantle's defend ers spoilt cleverly.. Clever handball led to Claremont's first goal, and then, when Beeves was "resting," East Fremantle became superior in the rack. Daniell was now a force at half-forward, and East Fremantle forged ahead. Claremont was scrambling unsuccessfully for goals when G. Moloney (mainly) send the ball for ward, and at quarter-time East Premantle led 4.2 to 1.4. The tigerish Hooper was chiefly respon sible for Claremont's success early in the second quarter, while O'Reilly repeatedly was unattended in a forward pocket. First one side and then the other gained the upper hand, until Reeves and G. Moloney swayed the game in Claremont's favour. A remarkable effort by Boys placed Claremont in front. Again Clare mont opened out and OReilly goaled. East Fremantle attacked, but only two behinds came from four shots. Danlell's marking and long kicking.was at last re warded by a goal from 0. Doig, and Claremont lost chances through bad pass ing. At half-time East Fremantle led with 5.9 to 5.7. Claremont placed Grieve on Daniell, Reid on Seubert, and Headon at left-half back to watch the "resting" rover. The moves seemed wise when the side ob tained a goal from Hosken, who made a long shot on the run. East Fremantle opened out and goaled. Perfect system, in which Hosken, G. Moloney, Hopkins and O'Reilly were prominent, brought Claremont a valuable goal, and next Hop kins scored his first goaL Fiercely East Fremantle pressed forward, and two goals gave it the lead. Truscott was now rov ing well, but Claremont battled on to add two goals, and Edmeades held East Fremantle at bay until Daniell made an opening and James goaled. Claremont led with 10.12 to 9.12 at the bell. McGlinn and Migro set a merry pace at the start of the last quarter, but for some time Headon, almost lone-handed, blocked drive after drive. Fast Fremantle maintained the pressure, and Mann snapped a goal with his left foot. De prived of the lead, Claremont moved for ward from the centre, but easy chances were missed. Three points were added before East Fremantle was able to take the ball out 'of danger, and Daniell goaled. Reid was brought back to Claremont's right wing to try to stop the fast bursts there of East Fremantle. but McGlinn. who was at the top of his form, kicked a goal. Claremont's forwards were hesi tant, and the opposing backs played coolly and solidly. Clarke was recalled to guard Daniell. but Claremont could not make headway until shortly before the end, when it added two goals. Final scores: EAST FREMANTLE, 15.16 (106 pts.) CLAREMONT .. .. 12.16 (88 pts.) Scorers:--East Fremantle: G. Doig, 4.4; Butcher, 3.6; McGlinn, 3.0; Martiensen, 2.2; Daniell, 1.1; James, 1.0; Mann, 1.0; Donegan, 0.1; Truscott, 0.1. Claremont: O'Reilly, 4.2; Hopkins, 2.3; Compton, 2.3; Hooper, 1.3; Reeves, 1.1; Hosken, 1.0; Boys, 1.0; Morris, 0.2; Lawn, 0.1. For sheer effectiveness, Daniell was pro bably East Fremantle's best player, al though Martiensen followed well, and McGlian roved brilliantly in the vital

last quarter. Daniel! marked surely at centre-half-forward, and gave the side confidence in attack. He was seldom out of position, and his kicking was good. Especially in the first half, Martlensen was a power in the ruck and at half forward. Useful in the early stages, McGlinn was the best man on the ground in the last quarter, picking up at top speed and sending the ball forward with precision. Stingemore was a safe goal keeper, and Seubert was good on the wing. G. Doig led the side cleverly, and was unselfish and heady in attack, draw ing the attention of the backs to himself so as to help Butcher and others to score goals. Truscott, Donegan, Kingsbury and C. Doig were more than useful. Migro was successful in the second half, Ford ham's display was encouraging, and Skea han, though he allowed O'Reilly too much latitude, did many fine things. Wendt did better at half-back than in the ruck, and Mann and Clark improved as the game wore on. Claremont had a most consistent and reliable player in Edmeades, who saved time after time. Headon again distin guished himself at half-back, where Grieve was also prominent. Reeves played well in the ruck from start to finish, and did best in the last quarter. G. Moloney, especially in the first half, won in the centre. Hooper was a tena cious rover, being outstanding in the first half. Compton and Boys were useful half forwards, and O'Reilly gave a heady dis play in a forward pocket. Reid, han dicapped by a cold, did good work. Batt, S. Moloney and Lawn were the best of the others.