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SUBIACO OUTCLASSED. West Perth's Hollow Victory. Subiaco may be trying out juniors, but they will need to show much more ability and spirit than they did at Leedeeivie on Saturday, when West Perth gained a hollow victory. Sublaco's game was below league standards in all respects. The only interest In the game was in Robert son's first appearance with West Perth, in the form of the carnival players and in Tyson's efforts to reach his century in goals kicked this season. Robertson was played at centre and did not have to exert himself, but he pleased the crowd with some stylish marks and long kicks, and his general style and physique showed that he will be a strong force when he finds his feet. Of the carnival players, I. and S. Daily did not play; McDiarmid showed himself to be at his best; little of the play reached Tetley, but he was efficient in what he did; and Brewer made

a poor showing. -Tyson kicled 12 goals,.j passing the 100 mark in the last quarter. The teams were:-w WEST PELRTH.-Bcks: Jeavons, Tetley, White. Half-backs: ill, Buttaworth, P. Walsh. Centres: Wal, Roberson, oward. Balf-forwards: Morgan, MeDiamnid, Lewis. Fa wards: Bmnting, Tyson, Pola. Ruck: Marinko O'eefe, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenthb man: 1 Caplin (did not play). SUBIACO.-Backs: Strack, Taylor, W. Yates. Half-backs: Davies. McCallum, Apple. by. Centres: Waren, Brewer, Donovan. Half. forwards: Hambleton, Beasen, X. Smith. For, wards: Martin, Mills, Edmondson. Ruck: Gil bert, Bant, R. Yates (rover). Nineteenth mann: C. Brown (replaced Davies, leg injury. in last 1 quarter). UMPIRE.--Owens. Sublaco began in an aimless way and I West Perth, strong in all departments, I took complete control of the game in the I Fast few minutes. However, it was very 1 slow to take advantage of the oppor tunities it had. Its players were hanging on to the ball too long, apparently waiting for leads by the slow-moving forwards. Hesitation and lack of co-operation in front of goal lost West Perth a big score. Subiaco's backs defended tenaci ously and, with the help of Donovan, R. Yates and Brewer in midfield, managed to send the ball past the centre four or five times, but West Perth was so obviously ( the stronger side that there was little in- I terest in the play. At quarter-time West 1 Perth led with 5.3 to 13. The play was even more one-sided in c the second quarter. Subiaco, ineffectual r and outclassed, did not look dangerous I and West Perth, playing well within itself, had matters all its own way. 1 West Perth did not score commensurately with its superiority because of fiddling about in the forward area. It carried to ridiculous lengths its plan of looking for Tyson and it did not have anything like the accuracy in kicking necessary for the excessive passing it induljed in. At half time it led with 13.5 to 1.4. West Perth eased a lot in the third quarter and Sublaco, although still play ing without method, was enabled to score 4.5. Sublaco then lost what pace it had and West Perth, in an unhurried way, increased its score to 16.15, against 5.9, at three-quarter time. Sublaco was completely dispirited in the last quarter and gave up watching West Perth's leads. West Perth had slowed to a practice gait, but even this was too 1 much for the opposition and if any in terest remained in the play it evaporated when Tyson obtained his 100th goal from a penalty kick. The game dragged on in a desultory way to a quiet end, with the final scores:- - WEST PERTH .... 22.18 (150 pts.) SUBIACO ......... 6.12 (48 pts.) Scorers:-West Perth: Tyson, 12.4; Bunting, 3.4; Rainoldi, 3.3; Morgan, 2.2; Marinko, 2.0; Pola, 0.3; Robertson, 0.1; Lewis, 0.1. Sublaco: Mills, 2.1; Ed mondson, 1.3; N. Smith, 1.1; Bessen, 1.1; Martin, 1.0; Hambleton, 0.2; R. Yates, 0.1; Gilbert, 0.1; McCallum, 0.1; Donovan, 0.1. For West Perth, Rainoldi kept the play flowing with a heady game as rover. Morgan did very well on a half-forward flank, his kicking being flawless. McDlar mid was impressive in ruck and Butts worth was seldom passed- at centre-half back. Lewis was among the team's best men, both following and at half-forward, and L. Walsh was prominent on a centre wing. Jeavons and P. Walsh shone in the strong defence. Tyson was widely congratulated for his goal-kicking feat. Marinko, Robertson and Bunting were the best of the others. For Subiaco, Donovan won on a centre wing and was almost alone in playing consistently well. Bant was a stalwart, particularly in defence. Taylor, in goal, showed ability and W. Yeates gave an other attractive performance in a back pocket. R. Yates, roving, was often under notice. Hambleton (second half), Mc Callum and Davies were the best of the others.