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ACCURATE SHOOTING. West Perth's Early Superiority. How accurate kicking for goal can up lift a team and tend to dishearten its opponent was forcibly demonstrated at Leederville Oval on Saturday when West Perth scored 16.5 to 14.11. With Tyson in his best form, West Perth scored goals with remarkable certainty, whereas Perth kicked only behinds until about half-way through the second term. By that time West Perth had built up a commanding lead and in an even tussle was able to cling to 19 points of it. Neither side played its best football, chiefly because men who had been strong in previous matches showed much less initiative than usual, but the game had attractive fea tures. Some of the high marking, for instance,. could scarcely have been sur passed, players such as O'Keefe and Gook giving spectacular displays. After los ing so much ground early Perth never looked really dangerous, except in spasms of direct, concerted play instead of futile passing from side to side of the ground. Following were the teams: WEST PERTH.-Backs: Caplin. Tetley, Jeavons. Half-backs: HilL Buttsworth. White. Centres: L. Walsh, P. Walsh, Coward. Half forwards:. Pola. Marinko, J. Lewis. Forwards: Morgan, Tyson. Bunting. Ruck: IcDiarmid. O'Keefe, Rainoldi (rover). lNineteenth wan: Bon ner (did not play). PERTH.-Backs: P. Fitzgerald. Love. Lamp. Half-backs: Wormald, A. Brown. Harold. Centres: H. Davey, Puddey. Grigg. Half-forwards: A. Lewis. Hetherington, Dewar. Forwards: A. Clarke, Gook. Whittaker. Ruck: Oliphant, Car rington, Heightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Burton (did not play). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Play was very even for about five min utes and then West Perth (for which O'Keefe, in the ruck, and P. Walsh, at the centre, were serviceable) broke through to score two goals. Carrington was a hard battler for Perth, most of whose players were too slow in delivering the ball. Repeatedly Buttsworth and Wormald spoilt promising moves and West Perth, better in the air, forged ahead. At quarter time West Perth had scored 5.1 to 0.4. In the second term the ball seldom went near the centre without Puddey handling it and Perth attacked determinedly. West Perth's backs, O'Keefe in particular, were marking brilliantly and 11 rainutes elapsed before Gook scored Perth's first goal with a screw-kick. West Perth had not been inactive its passing and leading being good. Towards the end of the term Perth speeded up its play and, doing better in the 'ruck, added three goals. At half time West Perth led with 9.4 to 4.7. Errors by Perth's backs enabled West Perth to increase its lead by a goal and Perth was unable to make headway through cramped forward play. ,.Oliphant then began to show form and Puddey and Davey continually drove the ball in from the centre. A goal resulted and West Perth rallied to score two. Gook, showing speed and determination, heipeu Perth to improve its position but in quick time West Perth added four. A quarter notable for heavy scoring ended with Perth in attack and the scores as fol lows:-West Perth, 16.5; Perth, 10.10. An easy change to score a goal was missed' by Whittaker and Perth's chance of winning seemed hopeless. Nevertheless the team fought on and West Perth was on the defensive for most of the quar ter. Outstanding players during the quarter were Hill and Grigg and West Perth .was visibly pleased when 'Tyson kicked his tenth goal. Final scores: 'WEST PERTH .... 18.6 (114pts.). PERTH ....... 14.11 (95pts.). Scorers:-West Perth: Tyson, 10.0; Bunting, 3.1; Rainoldi, 2.3; Lewis, 2.0: Morgan, 1.0; Pola, 0.1. Perth: Gook, 7.4; Dewar, 3.2; Clarke, 2.0; Oliphant, 1.2; Keightley, 1.0; Hetherington, 0.1; Whit taker, 0.1. Two outstanding features of West Perth's play were the remarkable kicking of Tyson and O'Keefe's brilliant marking in the first half. From extremely diffi cult angles, from long range, shooting on the run or soccering quickly, Tyson dis played great accuracy to kick ten goals and not a behind. In 'the first. half O'Keefe gave a dazzling exhibition of high marking, taking the ball over a pack or when in a seemingly impossible position. His judgment of flight was excellent. He also did good work in the ruck. After half-time he was not nearly so prominent. Buttsworth played strongly at centre half back from start to finish. Rainoldi was a useful rover and McDiarmid worked hard in the ruck. Jeavons was perhaps the surest of the full backs, who 'com pleted a good defence. The centre line was fair and P. Walsh, in a new role at the pivot, was by no means disgraced. Of the others Pola and Lewis did best. Morgan showed good form in attack. Perth's best player was Puddey, who dominated the centre play and time after time sent his team into attack. Puddey's pace off the mark was very fast. Given little support in attack, Gook aistinguished himself by kicking seven goals. A. Brown was a good half-back and Wormald as sisted him ably. Both wing men, Grigg and Davey, were useful. A. Lewis showed promising form at half-forward. Keight ley was about the best of the others, al though Fitzgerald improved as the game wore on. Carrington was a great trier.