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AN OVERWHELMING FINISH. Claremont Wins Brilliantly. Claremont was forced to exercise all its individual brilliance and steady teamwork for three quarters against Swan Districts at Bassendean Oval on Saturday, but in the last quarter it swept the opposing team off its feet and won easily by 32 points. Swan Districts was overwhelmed by the great effort of Claremont and it scored only two points in the last 25 minutes--the first after 23 minutes' play. It was a hard gruelling game in which four Claremont players gave outstanding exhibitions. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: Sutherland, Batt, Edmeades. Half-backs: Headon, Clarke, Grieve. Centres: Reid, G. Moloney, Hosken. Half-for wards: O'Reilly, Compton, Boys. Forwards: Lawn, Hopkins, Morris. Buck: Reeves, S. Maloney, Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Maitland (did not play). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Penberthy, Avery Zilko. Half-backs: Buirchall, Sinclair, An Brews. Centres: Mosey. Darmody, Krepp. Hail forwards: Ditchburn, Hunt, Moiler. Forwards: Sweetapple, Rosewarne, Forden. Ruck: Murray, Mcinerney, Park (rover). Nineteenth man: Bas, ton (did not play). Umpire: C. N. Cook. Claremont lacked steadiness in the fast, hectic play at the start of the game and Rosewarne goaled twice following sure, clever play in the Swan Districts forward division. Sinclair silenced the Claremont attack which was forced to resort to dan gerous short passing. Flawless position play by Hooper brought it through safely and he goaled twice. Claremont was beaten for pace and Swan Districts' great defence, led by Sinclair, harried the for wards. G. Moloney, although closely guarded, set a fine example in the centre, making sure of the ball and never wast ing a kick. It was stirring football. Claremont held a four-point lead for almost 15 minutes but Swan Districts, dominating the marking, bombarded the goal but without result. Quarter time scores were:--Claremont, 3.2; Swan Dis tricts, 2.4. Hieadon, Clarke and Boys combined effectively to begin a Claremont rally at the start of the second quarter, Hopkins goaling. G. Moloney again played heroically in the centre, but Claremont's handling of the ball and kicking was poor and goals by Park and Rosewarne made the scores level. A minute later Rose warne goaled again. Reeves did well in the ruck but when he rested Swan Districts did as it liked on the ball. Resorting to open play (initiated by Headon, Clarke and G. Moloney) and carried through by Hooper, Claremont effectively countered the rugged, precise play of Swan Districts and again drew level, but only great defensive work by Headon and Clarke enabled it to hold its position. A brilliant piece of work by G. Moloney started Reid on a long streaming run round the right wing. He passed to Hooper, who kicked his third goal. The Claremont rover and Batt played fine football as Swan Districts' battering attacks were stopped time and again. Half-time scores were:-Clare mont, 6.6; Swan Districts, 5.10. Hopkins and Hooper (a brilliant player) goaled soon after the start of the third

quarter, but Claremont was soon defend ing desperately, with Swan Districts breaking through and backing up to per fection. Krepp was a constant menace to Claremont and it was due to his driv ing attacks that Swan Districts took the lead, Park, McInerney, Hunt and Ditch burn goaling in quick succession. Despite Clarke and Headon Swan Districts was penetrating the Claremont defence, swing ing the ball about with a loose man always handy. Its greater pace enabled it to circumvent the more difficult paths to the goal, but it worked on a slender margin and when Claremont steadied and played the open game coolly and deliberately it quickly regained the lead, Reid running through 50 yards to score a great goaL Three-quarter time scores were:-Claremont, 11.8; Swan Districts, 9.11. After six minutes desultory play Clare mont scored a point and then two easy chances were missed. Claremont was winning in the play but could not score goals. Five successive behinds were kicked and then Hooper hit the post from about 10 yards out. At last Hopkins goaled to give Claremont an 18-point lead. Swan Districts appeared played out and looked a beaten team 10 minutes from time. Claremont played on stead ily, G. Moloney still taking a notable part. Swan Districts registered its first score for the quarter-a point-two minutes from time but Compton goaled for Clare mont and the game ended with the scores at: CLAREMONT .. .. 14.15 (99pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS .. 9.13 (67pts.) Scorers.--Claremont: Hopkins, 5.0; Hooper, 4.3; Lawn, 1.4; Boys, 1.3; Reid, 1.2; Compton, 1.1; O'eilly, 1.0; Morris, 0.1; Sutherland, 0.1. Swan Districts: Rosewarne, 4.1; Park, 23; Ditchburn, 1.1; Hunt, 1.0; McInerney, 1.0; Murray, 0.3; Sweetapple, 0.2; Mailer, 0.1; Darmody, 0.1; Forden, 0.1. Clarke, Headon, G. Moloney and Hooper formed a match-winning group of players with Clarke, flawless at half-back, and Moloney forming the base of most of Claremont's attacks at centre, outstand ing. Moloney badly beat first Darmedy and then Rosewarne, who was moved from the forward line in the third quar ter. Headon was rarely, if ever, passed and Hooper roved with dash and cour age. In goal Batt found his best form and Reeves and Reid both did well, al though not as brilliant as usual Grieve, Edmeades and Lawn (in the second half) were also prominent. At centre half-back S. Sinclair did a great amount of work for Swan Districts and did it well He closed completely the path to the goal through centre half forward, marking well, clearing strongly and kicking accurately. Andrews and Zilko again rendered yeoman service in defence, and Rosewarne was prominent in the first half when placed in front of goal. An outstanding display was given by Park, roving or placed in attack. His position play, wise leading, good kicking and smart handball were among the most notable features of the play. Although favouring a leg, Murray was a powerful player throughout the game and Krepp was in good form. Penberthy and Sweet apple worked hard in a losing cause.