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EAST PERTH RALLIES. Strong Challenge by Subiaco. East Perth beat Subiaco by 13 points in an interesting game at Subiaco on Saturday. Both teams played attrac tively. Whereas East Perth had the style, Subiaco had the pace and vigour and it was not until East Perth was ruffled out of its placidity that it played its best football. East Perth had trouble with its centre and half-forward lines and no fewer than nine men, apart from the ruck-men, had their placings changed during the game, some of them more than once. The centre-line did not look really dangerous until the last quarter, when it consisted of Miller, Cronin and GuhL The switching of Cronin to the centre was the turning point in the game, particularly as an efficient centre-half-forward, Rowland. was discovered at the same time. Both teams were strongest in defence and for three quarters there was a' distinct chance that Subiaco's vigour and strength in midfield might sway the game in its favour. The teams were: EAST PERTH.--Backs: Thomas. Crow, M. Ryan Half-backs: H. Smith, Starr. Lockyer. Centres: Miller. Guhl. Hall. Half-forwards: Crenin, Graham, ussmana. Forwards: Broom, Rowland, Parry. Ruck: B. Ryan, Garnant, H. Scretsih (rover). Nineteenth man: Fogarty (re placed 31. Ryan. injured shin. in last quarter). SUBIACO.-Backs: C. Taylor. L. Daily. W. Yeates. Half-backs: Davies, llcCallum, Appleby. Centres: Donovan. Brewer N. Smith. Half forwards: Peers, lBesen. JTenings. Forwards: J. Edmondson. Mills. Hambleton. uck: Basnt, Gilbert, i. Yates (rover). Nineteenth man: Beresford (did -not play). UMPIRE.-McComish. East Perth showed from the outset that it was in good form, its work in attack distinguished by pretty passing and lead ing. Grham was too slow at centre half-forward and was soon used for the team's system of quick ruck changes, Cronin taking his position. With Brewer and Donovan prominent, Subiaco had the better of the midfield play, but could make no impression in front of goal. When Mills went into ruck and Edmondson relieved him as centre-for ward, the team became settled, with the centre-men and half-forwards driving the ball down with good long passing. East Perth's smoothest passage was around Miller's wing, but it was not used enough. Although East Perth was playing the more polished game, Sublaco's brand of football was solid, direct and just as effective and in a Last, even quarter the honours were even. East Perth led with 4.2 to 4.1. Continuing its long, even ganme, Subiaco took the lead and but for tle blemish of indecision in front of goal would have scored more. East Perth was sent into attack from the back lines but in a determined offensive felt the defect of a weak half-forward line. Subiaco, now the fastest team, held firm and returned the attack, Brewer a force at centre. Poor shooting spoilt oppor tunities created by good play. Many East Perth players were stylish but not con vincing and Subiaco's pace and vigour looked more impressive. At half-time Subiaco led with 6.5 to 5.7. For the third quarter, Rowland and Broom were given the half-forward flanks, with Cronin in the middle, and Graham was made centre-forward, with Mussman in a pocket. East Perth was now smarter on the half-forward line but slow in front of goal, where Screaigh did the bulk of the work while "resting." As a team, East Perth became faster and more effective in ruck and went to a 2.5 lead. Subiaco, however, was not put off its telling long game and, attacking solidly from its centre-line, it gradually drew up. East Perth changed over its centre wingmen, Miller going on Donovan. Both sides battled with the opposing defenders in the ascendant until at three-quarter time East Perth led by a point, 8.12 to 9.5. For the last quarter. Cronin went to the centre, Guhl to a centre-wing, Rowland to centre-half-forward and Lockyer to centre-forward. Pretty play' by Rowland gave East Perth a goal, but Subiaco, solid all-round, took the lead by a point. East Perth, all out, regained the lead. Subiaco, however, was the at tacking team and it tried the East Perth defence strongly. It made the mistake of kicking high to forwards beaten in the air and, when it did not get the results, rushed its game. East Perth, steadier and more accurate, w-nt through the opposition with neat passes, and took charge. Subiaco fought hard but had now lost its supremacy on the centre-line, where Cronin had struck form, and East Perth finished the stronger side, playing its most impressive football. Final scores: EAST PERTH ...... 11.15 (81pts.) SUBIACO .......... 10.8 (68pts.) Scorers.-East Perth: Rowland, l 1: Screaigh, 2.6; Parry, 2.2; Mussman, 9. 2; Graham, 1.1; Broom, 1.0; Cronin, 0.3. Subiaco: Mills. 3.0; Edmondson, 2.2; Bessen, 2.2; Hambleton, 2.0: Jennings. 1.1; Gilbert, 0.3. For East Perth, Screaigh played con sistently well, prominent in a moderate ruck and dangerous near the goal. M. Ryan played another fine game in a back pocket, with Crow doing well in goal. Miller was attractive on a cen~tre wing and Starr was one of the best men on the ground when he played as if noe meant it. Rowland was clever ana polished. Parry, Broom and Mussman were prominent. Cronin was quiet until he played in match-winning style at centre in the last quarter. Thomas and H. Smith did well in defence. For Subiaco, L. Daily was brilliant in goal. Brewer rivalled him for the honours with an impressive game at centre, while Taylor was outstanding in a back pocket, R. Yates was continunauly under notice as rover and Donovan was most effective on a centre-wing. Bant was strong in ruck and defence .nd McCallum was in fine form at centre half-back. Mills, Bessen and Edmondsou were prominent and there was not a weak link among the backs.