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SWAN DISTRICTS WIN. Hard Game at Bassendean. By dint of greater pace and stamina Swan Districts beat Subiaco by 21 points in a hard-fought match at Bassendean Oval on Saturday. The winning team finished with its usual vigour and deter mination, making up for its generally in different play In the first three quarters. Subiaco might have made a much more dangerous bid for victory had it made better use of its scoring opportunities, but it frittered away chances until its self-imposed handicap became too great. The play at times was rough and in juries were numerous. Both the reserves were used by half-time and in the last quarter Holdsworth, the Swan Districts 1 forward, was carried, senseless, from the I field. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backe: Randall. Avery, Chester. Half-backs: Penberthy, Zilko, Andrews. Centres: Mosey, Darmody, Krepp. Half-forwards: Hunt, Rosewarne, Moiler. Forwards: Ditch burn, Holdsworth, Sweetapple. Ruck: Bravo, McInerney, Park (rover). Nineteenth man: Gorn (replaced Randall, injured hip, in second quar ter). SJBIACO.-Backs: Taylor, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Dawes, S. Daily, Appleby. Centres: N. Smith, Brewer. Donovan. Balf-forwards: Peers, Bessen, Jennings. Forwards: Toll, Mills, Hambleton. Ruck: Bant, Gilbert, R. Yates.. Nineteenth man: Brophy (replaced S. Daily, in jured rib, at half-time). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. After a muddling, uncertain start, which fine defensive play by Zilko cor rected to a large extent, Swan Districts1 swung into its stride and Park com pleted a clever hand-passing movement with a goaL Using every inch of his great pace, Krepp swept the team into attack time and again but the play of the forwards was indifferent. Brewer gave Subiaco a big advantage at centre but the team was greatly troubled by Swan Districts' pace and non-stop methods. I Hurried kicking at goal lost it several chances of scoring. If its play had been a little steadier it would have established a lead, but it kicked only 1.5 in six direct shots at goal. Quarter-time scores were: -Swan Districts, 2.3; Sublaco, 1.5. By dint of making fewer mistakes Subi aco took the lead after ten minutes of aimless, rugged play in the second quar ter. Neither team played well and for a time the game resolved itself Into a series of scrimmages, punctuated by oc casional passing movements, wrecked by poor kicking. S. Daily and Andrews played brilliantly in defence for their re spective teams. Subiaco outplayed its opponents, but it had disheartening luck in front of goal Its small men, notably Yates and Hambleton, did good work in opening up the play- Mills goaled from a scrimmage but Swan Districts, making the most of every chance, broke through to goal. Subiaco should have led by more than two points at half-time when the scores were:-Subiaco, 3.9; Swan Districts, 3.7. A marked change came over the game in the third quarter when both teams went into the play with all available weight and pace. L. Daily reduced the Swan Districts attack to a state bordering on helplessness and Holdsworth had only managed three behinds. His kicking was unbelievably bad. Subiaco played with great spirit against its hard-fighting rug ged opponents. Goals were precious and few opportunities were given by either side for scoring them. Swan Districts missed some chances, getting only be hinds. With only a point between the scores, there was a period of spectacular, up and down play, ending in a goal by Gorn, following crisp, effective handball by Park and Ditchburn and Park goaled again a minute later. Subiaco came again and Hambleton helped Bessen to goal. Holdsworth scored his first goal during the quarter-after 73 minutes' play-and a goal by Sweetapple placed Swan Dis tricts 17 points ahead at three-quarter time with 8.11 to 5.12. Swan Districts started the last quarter in typical fashion, but Subiaco first steadied and then fought back. Zilko and Andrews held off a series of attacks. and Swan Districts riddled the opposing defence, although without scoring. Holds worth came down from a heavy bump and was carried from the ground unconscious. Swan Districts gained a grip of the match when Darmody goaled and Subiaco's last hope faded when the same player scored again a short while later. Sublaco was not finishing on and Swan Districts' foot ball was excellent in every way. With a belated effort Sublaco goaled twice but Swan Districts was able to hold a good lead while playing well within itself. The final scores were: SWAN DISTRICTS . 11.13 (79 pia.) SUBIACO .. .. .. 7.14 (56 pts.) Scorers.-Swan Districts: Park (3), Darmody (2), Moller, Holdsworth, Sweet apple, Ditchburn, Gorn and McInerney. Sublaco: Mills (3), Jennings, Peers, Bes sen and Appleby. The tall Swan Districts follower, S. Bravo, was rarely beaten in the rnck or in the air and A. Zilko, whose consistent play has helped the team in every game this season, played flawlessly in defence, He was given excellent support by An drowa, who was seldom passed, and Avery, whose high marking and long kickting were outstanding. Krepp played with his usual aplomb on a wing, although he was not as brilliant as usual and Ditchburn, Park (a fine team man), Moller (a sound half-forward) and Mosey were effective without being spectacular, Bosewarne did well in the centre after half-time. L. Daily again showed his complete mastery of the difficultV position in goaL He kept Holdsworth In control through out the game and was responsible for much brilliant marking, dashing ground play and fine kicking. His performance was almost, perfect. The rovers, D. Hambleton and B. Yates, played extra ordinarily good football in a badly beaten rick, the former being particularly ef fective with precise passing and strong and clever play in the numerous con gested passages. Both opened the game up when open play was greatly needed. 5, Daily was perhaps the beat man on the ground until forced to retire with an in jured rib. Peers and Besase again played with resource and determination in at tack and Brewer did well in the first half. Mills, Davies and Donovan were prominent at times.