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WEST PERTH UNTROUBLED. Poor Kicking by South Fremantle. Never seriously troubled and with a dominance in the air and ruck and a slight advantage across the centre, West Perth defeated South Fremantle in a mediocre game at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday. South Fremantle gave a dis appointing display in which ill-directed and futile short passing was the worst feature. Its kicking generally was at fault while frequent fumbling caused many a setback. The teams were: WEST PERTH.-Backs: Jeavons. Tetley, Cap lIn. Half-backs: Hill, Buttsworth, J. White. Centres: L. Walsh, Coward, Weaver. Half-for. wards: P. Walsh. Marinko. Lewis. Forwards: Pols, Tyson, Bunting. Ruck: N. McDiarmid, O'Keefe, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Donnelly. SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Noble. G. White, M. Hayward. Half-backs: F. Brown, Dodd, D. Doig. Centres: Bradford. C. Strang. Back. Ifalf-forwards: W. Smith, Jenkins, Hugall. For wards: Reilly, Poole, Orr. Ruck: W. Hayward, Prosser, E. Hayward (rover). Nineteenth man: a. Miller. UMPIRE.-H. Hooper. The opposing defences were soon called upon but with less than two minutes gone Poole kicked South Fremantle's first goal. Play was already rugged and congested. Buttsworth and White were defending stolidly the former finishing off his work with long, clearing kicks. South Fre mantle's spoiling tactics were proving successful and many moves emanating from the centre broke down in West Perth's forward area. The Marinko Tyson combination was soon evident, West Perth benefiting to the extent of two goals. Strang and Smith were striving hard to get the ball forward but slowness In responding to a lead permitted West Perth's backs to overshadow their op ponents. Better teamwork and more sys tematic methods gave West Perth the honours of an unimpressive quarter, the scores being 5.2 to 1.2. Playing nicely together, West Perth launched an offensive which culminated in a goal from Tyson, whose task was made difficult by the close attention of White. The Hayward brothers were pro minent in a period in which South Fre mantle had charge; inexplicably bad kicking and faulty position play by its forwards, however, severely handicapped the side. Hill was giving a dashing dis play in West Perth's back lines, while Marinko's unselfish and clever play gave South Fremantle's defenders little peace. It was aggravating to see South Fre mantle's persistent unskilful passing while West Perth was obtaining results by the most direct route. Strang and Coward were having an interesting battle at centre with the odds in favour of the

former. Poole, who was co-operating ef fectively with Smith, had the misfortune to hit the post before Jenkins gave South Fremantle fresh heart when he added two goals in quick time. Hill was still an obstacle to South Fremantle. South Fre mantle several times pierced West Perth's defence and at the close of the term was more than holding its own. Poole again hit the post, leaving the scores at 7.4 to 5.7 with West agrth in the lead. Seven minutes had elapsed before Tyson, from a free-kick, added the first score--a single. E. Hayward was show ing plenty of pace and initiative in the forward lines, while W. Hayward was unflinchingly carrying on his good work in the ruck. A brilliant mark by Bunt ing was followed by a goal and it was only the doggedness of Brown and Dodd that prevented a repetition soon after. Strang and Jenkins, both of whom were playing with great dash and determination, com bined to put Prosser in possession and a goal resulted. The pranks of the ball nonplussed the players and promising moves were marred by the uncertainty of its bounce. Marinko's play in ruck and O'Keefe's sureness in the air were fea tures at a time when South Fremantle was being let down badly by its wings. A goal to E. Hayward acted as an in spiration to South Fremantle but West Perth had a ready response, Bunting, after vainly attempting to pass to Tyson, being finally compelled to kick a goal himself. This left South Fremantle 15 points in arrears-7.8 to 10.5. Two early attacks launched by Mc Diarmid were fruitless but perfect under standing between Marinko and Rainoldi led to a goal. West Perth was now play ing neat, polished football. Inaccuracy in disposal and an inclination to concen trate unnecessarily on the man penalised South Fremantle. Smith was playing in telligently at half-forward, but much of his work was rendered useless as the for wards were overwhelmed by enterprising defenders. System and team-work wrought havoc in the ragged South Pre mantle side and West Perth ran out an easy winner. Final scores: WEST PERTH .. .. 14.9 (93 pts.) STH. FREMANTLE 9.10 (64 pta.) Scorers.-West Perth: Tyson, 6.2; Bunt ing, 3.1; Rainoldi, 22; Marinko, 2.0; Pola, 1.2; Weaver, 0.1; Lewis, 0.1. South Pre mantle: Reilly, 3.0; Prosser, 2.1; Jenkins, 2.0; Poole, 1.5; E. Hayward, 1.0; Orr, 02; W. Hayward, 0.1; Bradford, 0.1. West Perth had an even and well bal anced side. Hill gave a fine exhibition at half-back. He showed the judgment of a veteran, was safe in the air and dis posed of the ball to the best advantage. Marinko, whether following or at half forward, was a tower of strength. He had few : 'eriors in the air and greatly assisted h_, forwards, especially Tyson. Tetley and Buttsworth gave an unblem ished display in defence. McDiarmid, Bunting, Rainoldi, the Walsh brothers and O'Keefe (last half) stood out from the remainder. In the centre Strang was South Fre mantle's most serviceable player. It was through his efforts mainly that the for wards were afforded opportunities to score; he was tenacious in his ground play and was one of his side's few men who kicked well. Smith, at half-forward, did excellently in the face of stout opposi tion. His clever leading and combination with the unlucky Poole were highlights of South Fremantle's display. Brown and White had a hard task in defence and, in conjunction with Dodd, made up for other weaknesses. The Haywards, Jenkins, Orr abd Prosser also contributed their bit.