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On Wednesday, July 28, a meeting was held at the Seven Stars Hotel, Redbanks, to adopt measures towards the erection of a bridge over the Light at the crossing known as Redbanks. Nearly

40 were present, and Mr. Thos. Masters presided. Mr. W. H. Marsh urged the necessity of the work. The Government had received hundreds of thou sands of pounds for land sold in that district They had made a railroad; and for the convenience of settlers in this part had erected a station at Wasley's, and would naturally support any road or bridge that tended to convey produce to the station. Mr. John Forbes coincided. They should get their wheat to market as cheaply as possible. At some length he then spoke of the cost of sending produce to Town or Port, via Wasley's Station, stating that he could get his wheat per that route delivered in Port Adelaide, per truck load of six tons, at the rate of £1 17s. 11d., exclu sive of unloading, which was 1s. per ton. About 2Jd. per bushel would cover the cost of transit If forwarded to Adelaide, it would be £2 Cs. Id. per truckload, or nearly 2}d. per bushel In the present state of the crossing they could not take a sufficient load across the river. If they had a bridge at Redbanks it would be to the advantage of the farmers in this district to send their wheat to market via Wasley's Station, as it would be found on comparison to be the cheapest and most economical route. He proposed 'That a Com mittee be formed to petition the Central Koad Board for the erection of a bridge across the River Light at the Redbanks Reserve.' Mr. W. H. Marsh seconded. The proposition was carried. Mr. F. Martens proposed 'That Messrs. C. Tilley, W. H. Marsh. H. L. Roe, J. Strongman, W. Hackney, Stephen Gale, and F. Martens form a Committee to get up a memorial to the Central Road Board.' Seconded by Mr. H. W. Dawson, and earned. A long discussion here ensued on kindred topics, and the meeting then closed with thanks to th