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Family Notices

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MONTHLY SUMMARY OF BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. BIRTHS. AYERS.-On the 17th May, at Hutt-street, the wife of Mr. H. L. Ayers, of a daughter. BALLEHR.-On the 1st May, at North-terrace, the wife of Captain D. Ballehr, of a son. BALK.-On the 19th May, at North-terrace, Mrs. C. Balk of a son.   BEE.-On the 2nd May, Mrs. T. W. Bee, King William-street, of a son. BONNIN.-On the 25th April, at Fullarton, the wife of Josiah Bonnin, Arkaba, of a daughter. BRIDGLAND.-On the 8th May, at the Cri terion Hotel, Robe, the wife of Chas. Bridgland, of a daughter. BUFFHAM.-On the 4th May, at Mount Barker, Mrs. Robert Buffham, of a daughter. CHAMBERS.-On the 14th May, at Franklin street, Mrs. A. O. Chambers, of a son. COOPER.— On the 28th April, at Carrington street, the wife of W. T. Cooper, of a son. COTTON.-On the 2nd May, at Pantalpie, StreakyBay, the wife of Tilney Cotton, of a son. DAVIS.-On the 5th May, at Fulham, Reed beds, the wife of Frederick C. Davis, of a son.   DEANE-On the 1st May, at Wentworth, Mrs. R. Deane, of a son. FERGUSON.-On the 30th April, at Ballarat, Victoria, Mrs. Gilbert Ferguson, of a daughter. FLINT.— On the 11th May, at Carrington-street, Mrs. W. T. Flint, of a daughter. FOX-On the 20th May, at Cooke-street, Norwood, Mrs. C. J. Fox. of a son. GOOCH.-On the 12th May, at Craigburn, Mrs G. C Gooch, of a son. GREENWOOD.— On the 19th May, at Clare, Mrs. James Greenwood, of a daughter. GREGORY.-On the 8th May, at the Police Cottage, Blinman Mine, Far North, the wife of W. Gregory, of a son. Doing well. GROSSE-On the 27th April, at North-parade, Port Adelaide, Mrs. John Grosse, of a son. HARVIE.-On the 4th May, at Rose Hill, Mrs. G. Harvie, of a son.     HOLDEN.-On the 4th May, at North Kensing ton, the wife of James A. Holden, of a son. HOLMAN.-On the 22nd March, 1869, at 26, Brandram-road, Lee, Kent, the wife of Mr. John Holman, of a son. KAY.-On May 2, at East-terrace, Mrs. Wm. Kay, of a son. KEALLEY.-On the 14th May, at Angaston, Mrs. S. Kealley, a son.         LILLYWHITE.-On the 23rd April, at the Bank of South Australia, Strathalbyn, Mrs. James Lillywhite, of a son.  

LORD.-On the 8th May, at Mount Gambier, Mrs. N. A. Lord, of a son.     MANN.-On the 2nd May, at Mount Gambier, Mrs. G. H. C. Mann, of a son. MARECHAL.— On the 10th May, at Glenelg, the wife of A. S. Marechat, Esq., of a son. McDONALD.— On the 11th May, at Newton, Mrs. A. McDonald, of a daughter. McGREGOR.-On the 16th May, at Morphett Vale, Mrs. S. McGregor, of a son. NEATE.— On the 26th April, at Strathalbyn North, the wife of Mr. R. Neate, of a daughter. PAGE.— On the 10th May, at Bridge-street, Norwood, Mrs. Charles Page, of a daughter.     PEARCE.— On the 24th April, at Kapunda, Mrs. James Pearce, of a daughter. PEDLER.— On the 9th May, at Queenstown, the wife of George M. Pedler, of a son. PHILLIPS.-On the 25th April at Wright street, Adelaide, Mrs. J. Phillips, of a daughter. PLAYER.-On the 10th May, at Marrabel, the wife of Mr. J. F. Player, of a son, stillborn. ROBERTSON.-On the 18th May, at Golden Grove, the wife of John Robertson, J.P., of a daughter. SCARFE.-On the 2nd May, at Norwood, the wife of Mr. C. C. Scarfe, of a son.   SLOAN.-On the 10th May, at Charles-street, Norwood, Mrs. Walter Sloan, or a son. SPILLER.— On the 10th May, at Angas-street, the wife of L. S. Spiller, of a daughter. STEVENS.-On the 29th April, at Gilberton, the wife of Mr. Charles Stevens, of a son. THOMAS.-On the 4th May, at Unley, Mrs. R. G. Thomas, of a son. TOLMER.-On the 15th April, at Mikkira Sta tion, Port Lincoln, Mrs. A. H. D. Tolmer, of a daughter. WARREN.-On the 7th May, at the Paramatta Mine, the wife of Captain J. Warren, of a son. WATERMAN.-On the 13th May, at Lower Mitcham, Mrs. John Waterman of a daughter. WATT.— On the 3rd May, at Chapel-street, Nor wood, Mrs. Hugh Watt, of a daughter. WILLIAMS. -On the 12th May, at Brisbane, Margaret, relict of the late Henry Williams, Esq., of Coongoola Station, River Warrego, Queensland, of a son. WOOD.— On the 12th May, at Seaton Cottage, North Kensington, Mrs. Gilbert Wood, of a daughter. MARRIAGES. BAINES-MOORE.-On the 12th May, at St. Luke's Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. James Pollitt, Frederick Wm. Baines to Matilda Louisa, eldest daughter of Mr. R. B. Moore, of Adelaide. BLACK-FULLER.-On the 28th April, at the Congregational Church, Hindmarsh-square, by the Rev. F. W. Cox, Mr. John Black, of Adelaide, to Miss Elizabeth Fuller, of Kent. BOOTH-BARTON.-On the 28th April, in the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Salisbury, by the Rev. John Barber, Richard, son of Mr. B. Booth, of Morphett Vale, to Martha, daughter of Mr. George Barton, of Burton. DAWS-GERNER.-On the 14th May, by licence, at the residence of the bride, Wakefield street, Adelaide, by the Rev. F. W. Cox, Mr. Robert Daws, of Rundle-street, Adelaide, to Eliza, only daughter of the late Frederick Gerner, Esq., late of Her Majesty's Customs, London Docks. DONLAN-KIERCE.-On the 12th May, at St. Patrick's, Weat-terrace, by the Rev. J. Garden, assisted by the Rev. M. Kennedy, John Donlan, of Kapunda, to Bridget Kierce, of Harrowgate, and both of Kilmealy, County Clare, Ireland. DOUGLAS-MULLINS.- On the 13th May, at the Congregational Chapel, Green's Plains, by the Rev. Mr. Michie, Henry Douglas, jun., of the Hummocks, to Maria, only daughter of the late William Mullins, Devonshire. England. EASOM-HARRINGTON.— On the 5th May, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. G. Millard, David Francis Easom, machinist, Enfield, to Hannah Amelia, second daughter of Mr. James Harrington, sen., Prospect. FLEMING-GIBBS.-On the 15th May, at St. John's Church, by the Rev. D. J. H. Ibbetson, George Henry Fleming, to Mary Elizabeth Gibbs, both of Adelaide. FLETT-HIGGINS.-On the 20th May, at Trinity Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon Marryat. Thomas Flett, of Beltana, Far North, only son of the late Wm. Flett, Esq., to Anna, only daughter of Mr. Samuel Higgins, of North Adelaide. GOLDSACK-BALEY.-On the 24th April, by the Rev. R. Reid, at Trinity Church, Adelaide, Mr. S. Goldsack, to Eliza, third daughter of Mr. Geo. Baley, of Echunga. GOLDSACK-GRYLLS.-On the 29th April, at St. Saviour's Church, Glen Osmond, by the Rev. W. H. Mudie, Mr. George Goldsack, of Glen Osmond, to Ellen Jane, only daughter of Mr. James Grylls, of Beaumont. GREIG-McCALLUM-On the 13th May, by the District Registrar, at his office, Kersbrook. Mr. Alexander Greig, of Gumeracha, to Christina, relict of the late Mr. D. McCallum, Munno Para East. HACK-BISHOP.-On the 19th May, at the residence of the bride's father, bv the Rev. Chas. D. Watt, Bedford, fourth son of J. B. Hack, Esq., Adelaide, to Frances Harriett, eldest daughter of J. C. Bishop, Esq., of Milang. No cards. HAMILTON-MAGGS. -On the 17th April, by licence, Charles White, second son of Micah Carey Hamilton, Esq., of Blessington street, Dublin, Ireland, to Friederica Penrhyn Aston, step daughter of Mr. Wm. Frederick Webster, late of Port Adelaide. JONES-RUSSELL.-On the 3rd March, at St. Michael's Church, Kingsland, by the Rev. R. D, Evans, Mr. T. T. Jones, of London, and formerly of Aldinga, South Australia, to Emma Elizabeth, second daughter of Edward Russell, Esq , Kings land, Herefordshire. LANGLEY-KELLY.-On the 23rd April, at Port Augusta, by the Rev. H. Mason, Mr. John Colbart Langley, of Point Lowly, to Miss Elizabeth Kelly, of Port Augusta. LEY-CREMER.-On the 15th May, at St. Peter's, Glenelg, by the Rev. Thomas Field, James Louis Arthur, only son of the late Arthur Ley, Esq., of Bideford, Devon, to Lucy Eliza, second daughter of Henry Cremer, Esq., of Newhampton, Middlesex. LOCKIER— HARVEY.— On the 10th May, at St. Luke's Church, by licence, by the Rev. J. Pollitt, Jas. Lockier, second son of Wm. Lockier, of Kangarilla, to Harriet, fifth daughter of James Harvey, Meadows. LONG-SMITH.-On the 15th April, by licence, at St. Philip's and St. James's Church, Noar- lunga, by the Rev. E. K. Miller, Mr. James Long, farmer, of Noarlunga, to Selina Hepenstall Smith, of Port Onkaparinga. MULLINS-DOUGLAS.-On the 13th May, at the Congregational Chapel, Green's Plains, by the Rev. Mr. Michie, Arthur William Mullins, of Port Wakefield, to Julia, third daughter of Mr. Henry Douglas, of Happy Valley. MYERS-FLOYD-On the 24th April, by special licence, at St. Mary's, by the Rev. Alfred Honnor, Louis, eldest son of John Myers, of Adelaide, to Clara, seventh daughter of the late Thomas Floyd, of Adelaide. NICHOLLS—WILSON.—On the 29th April, in the Christian Church, Two Wells, by Mr. Porter, Samuel Nicholls, eighth son of Mr. Abraham Nicholls of Cornwall, to Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr. S. Wilson, of Murrow Farm, Port Gawler. NICKS-ADAIR.-On the 29th April, at the Bible Christian Chapel, Gawler West, by the Rev. W. Richards, Mr. Philip Henry Nicks, to Eliza beth, fourth daughter of Mr. William Adair, both of Gawler Plains. PITMAN-SMITH.-On the 30th April, at   Gumeracha, by the Rev. J. H. Trevorrow, Mr. Samuel Pitman, to Miss Sarah Ann Smith, both of Houghton. POOLE-HUGHES.-On the 20th May, by the Rev. J. G. Wright, Mr. James Poole, of York, to   Miss Priscilla Hughes, of Payneham. RANKINE-BEEVOR.-On the 12th May, at Christchurch, North Adelaide, by the Venerable the Archdeacon Marryat, James Rankine, Esq., to Isabel Agnes, eldest daughter of the late Captain H. C. Beevor, of the Madras Retired List. SCOTT-GRAY. - On the 29th April, at Gilberton, near Adelaide, by the Rev. James Henderson, Mr. Andrew Scott, to Jeanie, eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew Gray, both of Gilberton.   SHARRAD-HOOD.-On the 12th May, in the Wesleyan Church, Normanville, by licence, by the Rev. C. T. Newman, Air. George Carter Sharrad, of Yankalilla, to Miss Mary May Hood, of Normanville. SLAUGHTER - LANGLEY. - On the 24th April, by licence, by the Rev. R. A. Caldwell, at the bride's father's, Glenburnie, Mount Gambier, James Slaughter, farmer, Green Waterhole, to Mary Ann Thelier Langley, eldest daughter of Mr. C. Langley, farmer, Glenburnie, and grand daughter of the late Squire Parker, Gunby Hall, near Spilsby, Lincolnshire. No cards. SPRINGBETT-HEARSEY.-On the 19th May, at the Manse, Kapunda, by the Rev. Morgan Wil- liams, B.A., Mr. Edward Springbett, farmer, Lyndoch Valley, to Miss Martha Hearsey, of Gawler. STOCK-LEWIS.-On the 19th May, at Trinity Church, by the Rev. Canon Farr, M.A., Robert Alfred, second son of the late Robert Stock, Esq., of Clifton, Gloucestershire, to Elizabeth Mary, second daughter of J. W. Lewis, Esq., Postmaster General of South Australia. STUART-YEO.-On the 29th April, at Trinity Church, Adelaide, by Rev. Richardson Reid, James Martin Stuart, of Adelaide, to Kate Emmeline, youngest daughter of J. S. Yeo. Esq., of South-terrace. THORN-BISHOP.-On the 27th April at Wallaroo, by the Rev. John Lloyd, John Samuel, eldest son of Mr. Thos. Thorn, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Francis Bishop, both of Wallaroo.

DEATHS. BARLOW.—On the 24th April, Arthur Herbert,   youngest son of Joseph and E. Barlow, Rundle- street east, Adelaide, aged 13 months. BATHURST.—On the 11th May, at Riverton, Miss Sarah Ann Bathurst, aged 29years. Shrop-   shire papers please copy. BEAN.—On the 25th April, at Grote-street, Mr. George Bean, aged 64, a colonist of 32 years. BOWMAN.—On the 5th May, of congestion of the brain, Walter Broughton, beloved and only child of T. R. Bowman, Esq., Wandearo, Crystal Brook, aged two years. BOWMAN.—On the 7th May, at Holme Hill, Herbert Edmund, infant son of Edmund Francis Bowman, aged five weeks. CORNISH.—On the 16th May, Grace, wife of Thomas V. Cornish, of Payneham-road, Stepney, aged 68 years. COX.—On the 9th May, at Kingston, Annie Maud, only daughter of Henry and Catherine Cox, aged one year and eight months. CRAY.—On the 22nd April, of diphtheria, at North-terrace, Agnes Jane, daughter of Peter and Jane Cray, aged nine years and seven months. CURTIS.—On the 19th May, at West-terrace, Mr. James Curtis. DONNELL.—On the 8th May, at her residence, Cherry Gardens, of consumption, Eliza, the be- loved wife of William Donnell, licensed teacher, in the 33rd year of her age. Her end was peace.   FAX.—On the 23rd April, at Glenelg, Mary Amelia Fax, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Fax, after a long and painful illness, aged 44 years. GILES.— On the 23rd April, at Summer Lodge, Grove Hill, Bessie Ethel infant daughter of Charles Giles, jun., aged 11 months. GOSSE.—On the 10th March, at Holyrood, Cotham Brow, near Bristol, Miss Gosse, aged 63 years, eldest sister of Dr. Gosse, of this city. GOSSE.—On the 10th May, at Robe, Gertrude, the wife of William Christie Gosse, Esq., surveyor. HARDY.—On the 8th March, 1869, Edward Hardy, Esq., of Biiksgate, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, aged 58. HAWTHORN.—On the 4th March, Robert Hawthorn, Esq., of Gower-street, and Lime-street- square, aged 78. HINES.—On the 11th March, at Clifton, near Bristol, England, Mr. John Hines, aged 8O years, father of Mr. William, and grandfather of Mr. J. N. Hines, of this city. IFOULD.—On the 30th April, at King William- street, Adelaide, Mr. Henry Ifould, of Onetree Hill, son of Mr. H. Ifould, late of Preston, Candover, Hampshire, aged 48 years. KIRKLAND.—On the 25th April, at Gawler Town, John, eldest son of Mr. John Kirkland, of Port Gawler, aged 14 years and five months. KIKKPATRICK.—On the 8th May, at Palmer-place, North Adelaide, Frances Helen, the beloved wife of J. A. Kirkpatrick, aged 27 years.

LANGAN.—On the 10th May, at Crown Hotel, Port Victor, Thomas Patrick Langan, aged 25 years. LAWRANCE.—On the 5th May, at Gouger- street, Rosa Elizabeth, infant daughter of Vinrace and Elizabeth Lawrance, aged nine months. LEE.—On the 9th May, at Rice's Creek, Mr.   Robert Lee, aged 53. His end was peace. LINELL.—On the 15th March, at Manchester, suddenly, Mr. John Linell, Manager of the Man- chester and Birmingham Canal Company, brother- in-law of Samuel Frith, North Adelaide.   LUCAS.—On the 29th April of croup, Frank Charles, aged seven years, youngest son of Mr. R. B. Lucas, of Adelaide. LUNNISS.—On the 6th February, at Potton, Bedfordshire, England, Mrs. William Lunniss, sen., the beloved mother of Mr. Thomas Lunniss, Glenelg, South Australia. MAHOOD.—On the 29th April, at Manoora,   Mary Ann Mahood, aged 21 years, after a pro- tracted illness borne with fortitude. McCARTHY.—On the 15th May, at his resi- dence, Franklin-street, Mr. John Weeks McCarthy, City Missionary, aged 80. MILTON.—On the 11th May, at Melton Mowbray, Port Gawler, Hannah, the beloved wife of Mr. Benjamin Milton, after a lingering illness, aged 44 years and 9 months. MORPHETT.—On the 22nd April at Angle Vale, Ann, relict of the late Mr. Jeremiah Morphett, of Hornbrook, Woodchurch, Kent, aged 73 years. OLDHAM.— On the 13th May, at Auburn, the beloved daughter of Thomas Fulton and Christina Oldham, aged five months. SAYER.—On the 27th April at Beulah-road, Norwood, Ada Florence, daughter of Mr. George Sayer, aged seven months and 16 days. STURGEON.—On the 21st April, at his resi- dence, Strathalbyn, Mr. Charles Sturgeon, aged 55 years. REEDS.—On the 23rd April, Harriet, the be-   loved wife of William Reeds, of Brighton, aged 66 years; a colonist of 29 years. Her end was peace.   ROSENTHAL.—On the 18th May, at Queen- street, Herbert Louis Frederick Rosenthal, aged two years and a week. SHORNEY.—On the 1st March, at Stogumber,   Somerset, England, after one week's illness, Mr. John Shorney, formerly of Strathalbyn, South Australia. SWAFFER.—On the 13th April, at his resi- lience, Port Lincoln, Mr. Daniel Swaffer, aged 58 years. THOMPSON.—On the 11th March, at White- haven, Cumberland, the Rev. Joseph Thompson, in his 69th year, brother of Mrs. William Crooks, of Norwood, and Mrs. James Scott, of Wakefield- street. THOMAS.—On the 10th May, after a brief illness, Dora, the beloved wife of Mr. Henry Hearde Thomas, West-terrace. TONKIN.—On the 5th May, Alfred     Hutchens, aged eight months, youngest son of Thomas H. Tonkin, Torrens Vale. TRAPMANN.—On the 24th April at Hind- marsh, Ferdinand Halse, only son of Ferdinand and Lucy Emily Trapmann, aged nine months and 14 days. VAUGHAN.—On the 7th May, at her parents' residence, Woolmit, near Robe, of consumption, Jane McKenzie, the wife of Frederick Vaughan. WASLEY.—On the 3rd April at Virginia, Jane, relict of the late Henry Wasley, aged 52; an old colonist of 32 years. Her end was peace. WORRELL.—On the 16th May, Mr. James   Worrell, of Bowden, after a long and painful illness, in his 63rd year. His end was peace. WYATT.—On the 1st May, at Franklin-street,   Frederick George, second son of George and Louisa Wyatt, aged six years and seven months. YARD.—On the 30th April, at Stockport,     William George Yard, youngest son of Mr. Thomas Yard, of diphtheria, aged eight years. YOUNG.—On the 29th April, at Parkside, George Young, Esq., of Torrens Park, in his 47th year. YOUNG.—On the 11th May, at the Old Spot Hotel Gawler, Mr. Joseph Young, late Colour- Sergeant, 40th Regiment, and Drill-Instructor, South Australian Volunteers, aged 37. Melbourne papers please copy.