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SHTPPPfQ ? _t .-*- mHE PENINSULAR AND *«rlk. 1 ORIENTAL STEAM NAVIGA SUyS^- WON COMPANY.-The Steamer mmtSSmmr MALTA, ' 1.W2 tons, 500 horse-power. Captain A. E. Barlow, is appointed to leave KING GEORGE'S SOUND for GALLE on 19th October, with ILM. Mails. Passengers, and Cargo for Europe, India, and China. Passengers embarking on Return Voyage between I Australia and Europe within six months of arrival, j or between Australia and India within three ! months, are allowed a reduction of one-fifth on j return passage-money. ! Parcels for Shipment by the above Steamer will | be received by the undersigned until 10 a.m. on Monday, 11th October. For freight or passage, and information on all subjects connected with the P. & 0. Company, apply to 277.S0i2.a6] ELDER. SMITH. & CO.. Agents. v^-v 'OLACK BALL LINE OP ffttL J3 PACKETS.-SfEAM TO jjaabf-» LONDON DIRECT.— Passage ?^^^?^ Money, £16 and upwards. — The .plendidscrewlteBm^^^ 2,393 tons register, 500 horse-power, classed Al 19 years. Sir Joseph Uluver. commander, is appointed to leave Hobson's Bay about November. This magnificent vessel, in addition to her large steam power, is rigged as a first-class clipper ship, and it is confidently expected will make the pas sage under CO days. She was employed in Her Majesty's transport service in Abyssinia, where she earned for herself a high reputation for regularity and speed. Her Cabin arrangements are of the most superior description, and her accommodation for all other classes of passengers is unsurpassed. ; For particulars of passage-money, &c, apply to BRIGHT BROTHERS & CO., Melbourne; or ACRAMAN. MAIN. LINDSAY, & CO., ? Adelaide. ? 251thsS9 -K C-OR MELBOURNE.-The 'fHH-i*^ *- Steamship J^MTvg- UuORONO, *?'****?*** W. McLean, master, will sail for Melbourne on Tuesday, October 12. Passengers by 1.-J0 p.m. train. J. NEWMAN & SON, Port. 280*5 J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. -u^ -v I7'JK P» )KT AUGUSTA, Calling at «Bff^s. I1 WALLAROO Each Way with 4il.AKf£y- Passengers only.— The Steamer ***$&**? K' -YAL SHEPIIe.RU, H. Ward, master, will sail on Monday, October 11, at 4 p.m. Passengers by 3.30 train. No cargo recei veil after 2 p.m. 278 8 tv ? J. DARWENT. Agent ast- mHE ADELAIDE LINE OS dga&V J- PACKETS TO LONDON. SsgBm' SEASON 1S€3-7O. QMn Tons rwnin Date of From Sbp- Register. CaPtoin- Sailing. Port Chaa. See ... 505 L. Bowen Nov. 1 Augusta CnywADE-f m j.Bruce Nov. 1 Adelaide LAIDE ... J St. Vincent... 950 A.Louttit Feb. 1 ' Arab Steed.. KM H. Walker Mar. 1 ' Followed by other First-class Vessels. gjtvrmhc ? HARKOLD BROTHERS. x2»^ I? OK AUCKLAND — THAMES jfig3^.F GOLDFIELD3. — The Circular Jw^ftgay Saw liner ?wSSSr PAKEHA will sail positively on Monday, the 11th instant. Passengers must be on board at 12 o'clock. 278 '84 C. L. MEYER & CO. ~TsT T7URST VESSEL for SYDNEY.— The ^S«^r LADY FRANKLIN jt^W1 will positively sail on Friday, the 8th For further freight to till up, apply to 278c B. AftlSBEKG & CO. A'2r a. 1?UR YANKA1ILLA. RAPID BAY, 4§§i|^,' AND CAPE JERVIS.-The ««SSr C °°ne' NANCY will sail on Thursday, October 7. 277-80 ? J. FOUMBY, Agent. A^W B^OR POKT CAROLINE. — The jSSSiv I.' regular trader Schooner ^FBt^ RK3OLUTL', -JUUIt- Captain McLeod, is now loading for for the above port. Apply on board, or to 273c ? R. TAPLEY, Port. AlfeV IT10 R Ft ' KT WAKK FIELD. — Tffe ?iflSfi^.*- Schooner jQ-^ CREST OF THE WAVE, ™a25*SBrr -yf. Mnrtess, master, will sail on LFriilay, October 8, at 4 p.m. 2S0-'l J. NEWMAN & SON, Agents. ^it-. JilOR VICTOR HARBOUR.-The ?4&Si*Kv I? Clipper Schooner i&iggF' FLEETWING *****'?»' will sail on Saturday, October 9. 27T'S2 JONES & CO.. Agents. Port. aSt*. 1?OU FREIGHT OR CHARTER. ja^. V The tine A I iron Ship jnmtnr 600 tons. Captain W. Williams. *.S879c PttlUP LEVI & CD.. Agents. . A-k I^OR FREIGHT or CHARTER to rfstoSSj^. -» any Port.— The Al new clipper 450 tons, D. Ericksen, commander. Apply to 279c ? P. SANTO. Waymouth-street (1ONSIUNEE* per BELTANA are re J quested to PASS ENTK1ES at once, as cargo is now being discharged. Bills of Ladinc must be presented at our Port Office before delivery will be (riven, and Claims for Damage or Deficiency must be pointed out before the Goods are removed from the Wharf. Goods impeding the discharge will be landed and stored at Consignees' risk and expense. ELDER, SMlL'U, & CO. Adelaide, October 4, 1809. ? 278''S0 fiONSlGNEES per ETTIE are \J requested to PASS ENTRIES at once. Bills or Lading must be presented at our Port Office before delivery will be piven, and Claims for Damage or Deficiency niu&t be pointed out before the Uood3 are removed from the Wharf. Cargo impelling the discharge will be Landed and Stored at Consignees' risk and expense. ELDER. SMITH, & CO. Adelaide. October 4. IStii). ? 279S1 CAPTAIN ERICKSEN, of Barque VASA, will NOT be ANSWERABLE for any DEBTS contracted by his CREW. 279c DATES of TOWAGE per STEAMERS XL ELEANOR and YOUNG AUSTRALIAN. Towage, either in or out, £8 per 200 tons, and ?Sd, each additional ton. Towage, in and out, £6' per 200 tons, and 6d. each additional ton. Coasters and Lighterage as per arrangement. 1S4.90-2S0 ? WM. WELLS. MR. CORBIN LAMB, of Port Adelaide, SHIPPING and GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, having taken into PARTNERSHIP Mr. GEORGE HENRY PAQUALJN, the said Business will be catried on for the future under the name and style of LAMB & PAQUALIN. Shipping and General Commission Agent3. The support hitherto given to Mr. C'orbix Lamb is respectfully solicited to the new Firm. Port Adelaide, October 1. ISO. ? 275thSQ »rP0 SHIPMASTERS, MERCHANTS, A AND OTHERS. ' The SHIPPING REPORTER attends to Tele G{raais or Letters, and his Boats are available for all 'Purposes connected with Shipping in the Gulf. 'W^N°'3' RICHARD JAGOE, Beach Branch Office. Lefevte s Peninsula. ?f^IOTOR HARBOUR.— GEO. S. v READ, CU3TOH3, Shipping, and General Coxuisaios Agent. ? S2f3I5 I. E~ A TON, . GOVERNMENT AND MERCHANTS' PRIVATE TELEGRAPHIC AGENT. Telegrams sent to all part? of the World. Fee, 10s. (xl. each Message, in addition to cost of trans mission. CHARGES TO ENGLAND. Twenty wonls, £\ Is. : thirty words, £4 lls. 6*1. i Additional ten words, half is charged. Office, No. 51, Pedlar-street, POINT DE GALLE. CEYLON. 158c ? MERCHANDISE. ? POTATOES, Watt nambool and V.D.L., i in fine condition. - -N SALE. 2S03t5 IL H. HAUSSEN. Town and Port. WOOLPACKS, Full Weights, in Bales of 50, on Sale by 205thsc JAMES HILL. Orenf ell-street WOO L.— WOOL PURCHASED or Advances made on Shipment to London. 275ths301v-29t-j ? GILES & SMITH. WOOL, SHEEPSKINS, HIDES, and ? T TALLOW BOUGHT by the Undersigned at theHiizbest Market Price. WOOLPACKS FOR SALE. JAMES ORCHARD. Kapunda, August 23, ISO. 237 32S WOOL, TALLOW, and other VV PEODUCE ADVANCEO ON. 2t9tBSr JOSEPH SXILLING & CO. WO SQUATTER.S, WOOLSCOURERS, X &c — GOSSAGE BROTHERS' WOOL SCOURING SOAP ON SALE in any quantity Manufactured expressly, for WUOLSCOUUING. 'Testimonials on application or by Post. TO SQUATTERS AND FELLMONGERS. Why clip Wool and sell it in the Grease, For be advised, it is yourselves you fleece, JJut Scour with Wool Soap, on purpose planned .And, lo! the Golden Fleece is in your hand. M. C. DAVIES, Sole Wholesale Agent. South Australia. 'PBE Undersigned are Prepared t X MACE ADVANCES on SHIPMENTS c PRODUCr^ and GENERAL MERCHANDIS ColhDS-street west, Melbourne. Reference-Bank of Victoria, Melbourne: Hem Scott, Esq., Adelaide. 212-18mh3Q8

MERCHANDISE. HORNSACKS, Branbags, Woolpacka -J Fence Wire, Sheepshears. Hoop Iron, Coke Jalvanized Iron, Tarpaulins, Canvas, Twine . Safety Matches, Vestas. White Lead, Paint bisulphite lime, Oilmen's Stores Jraudy, Jlum, Gin, Sherry. Port; Moselle tIALr, BASS'S ALB in Hhd«. x-ndon and Westminster Stout, in hhds. JOTTLED ) Byass, Uevenish, Bass ALE, (Friend's, Alsopp, Bridge's STOUr. f Guinness, Barclay, Dawson PORTER. J Hurst, London and Burton Company. 280mhcVA HENRY SCOTT. Adelaide.; ON SALE, by the Undersigned.— Celebrated LION BRAND ALE (new brew, in hogsheads and barrels) Hennessey's Case Brandy ' '' Oatmeal, 25, &-. and KHlli*. bags. Pearl Barley. 1 cwt. and 2cwt. bags Comsacks. Flourbass (100 lbs.), Branbags Woolpacks, Coke, Pig Iron &c, &c. &c. 130c J DARWENT, Grenfell-street ON SALE, Ex COONATTO— WOOLPACKS. full weights, superior quality. 241c PETER CUMMLNG & SOX. N S A LE— GAWLER-PLACE — Saddles for Station use. Saddles for Town use. Saddles for Ladies. Saddles for Girls or Boys. Saddles of my own make in all qualities, and for any purpose. Stations supplied with every Requisite m the Saddlery Trade, at the very lowest paying price. 6t5T ? /AMES A. HOLDEN. ON SALE— GAWLER-PLACE — ex Fire Queen, Just Arrived— HARNESS for Pair-horse BUGGY and CARRIAGE HARNESS for GIG. WAGONETTE, and Bl/GGY. ALWAYS ON HAND HARNESS of my OWN MAKE, either for Carriage, Gig. Bugtry, Express. Spring-Cart, Cart, Plough. &c. HARNESS on the AMERICAN FASHION made to order at the shortest notice. 6t5v JAMES A. HOLDEN. ON SALE— GAWLER-PL ACE — ex Clodian, George Shotton, Fire Queen, Lyra, Peeress, Callisto, Silver Cloud, &c, a very VALUARLE and COMPREHENSIVE STOCK of 5ADDLKRS' IRONMONGERY, comprising - Saddles of all qualities and shapes. Harness to suit every kind of vehicle, and of very best quality. Whips of every description. Bridles for town or bush work. Bits and Stirrup-Irons of newest design. Plated and Brass Goods. Harness, Chains, and Gear Work generally. Brush ware for stable use. Giz and Buggy Saddles and Pads. Hemp. Twine, and Saddlers' Silk. Horsehair, curled and teazed. Enamelled and Patent Leather. Gig and Buggy Lamps. 6tav ? JAMES A. HOLDEN. COALS. COALS. COALS.— English and New South Wales best Steam, House, nd Smiths' Coals, in any quantity, at Lowest 'rices, delivered in Town. KZthsc A. JONES. Bank-street. COALS. — English and New South Wales, for Household, Steam, and Black niiths' use, of best quality, for Sale, in any luantity, at lowest price. Orders received at my Offices, Currirsstreet, Adelaide; and at Queen's Wharf, Port Adelaide. 15c HENRY SIMPSON. FUST LANDED, Ejc CAESAR J (1ODEFFROY New SELZER WATER, in Quarts and Pints, in splendid condition. Fine Dutch Herrings, Sardelle3, and other choice German Groceries, at W. CHRISTEN & CO.'S. Grenfell-street, Adelaide, near Sturt Hotel. . ? . ? 271thsS2 JOHN TANN'S PATENT 'RELIANCE' FIRE-RESISTING SAFES AND DOORS. Received Prize Medal at the Great Exhibitioa. J G. A. & H. BARTLEET, 273thsXM Sole A gents for South Australia. f IBERAL ADVANCES made on Li WOOL, TALLOW, and other COLONIAL PRODUCE consigned to their London House, 32, Jreat St. Helen's. Freights engaged. Indents promptly executed. lWrnhcvS HARROLD BROTHERS. BUSINESS NOTICES. pRENFELL-STREET COACH UT FACTORY AND. CARRIAGE REPOSITORY. Establish™ 1842. JOttV CRIMP respectfully informs his Cus £mers and the Public in geneval that he has ENLARGED hi3 PREMISES expressly to suit the requirements of the Trade, which, together with the LATEST and most IMPROVED MACHINERY, and the EMPLOYMENT of SKILFUL WORKMEN, enables him to Execute ill Work committed to his care in a Stvle not to be surpassed, and with the utmost Expedition The Trade Supplied with all kinds of BUGGY SPRINGS and AXLES, Manufactured on the Premises. CARRIAGE TIMBER BENT OR SAWN. N.B. — Kepairs promptly executed. Charges Moderate. 264ths352 CF. G U N T H E R, . WHOLESALE & RETAIL DRUGGIST. DISPENSING CHEMIST, AND GENERAL IMPORTER, 50, RONDLE-STREET, ADELAIDE. Importer of all kinds of Chemicals for the Laboratory ami Photograher's Atelier. Store keepers, Stations, Surgeons, and the Trade Sup plied on liberal terms. Winemakers and Dis tillers can obtain a constant supply of all articles necessary in their business. A large assortment of English,' French, and German Patent Medicines, and all kinds of Homoeopathic Medicines and Medical Books, at the Lowest Prices. 29-t28zv SINGER'S SEWING-MACHINE Does THE WIDEST RANGE OF WORK THE BEST POSSIBLE MANNER. EASY TO~LEARN AND NOT LIABLE TO GET OUT OF ORDER. INSPECTION~REQUE3TED. W. & T. RHODES (Sole Agents).] HOUSEHOLD FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGERS, 23Ithst74 No. 7. RnSDLK-STRKET. STEAM .COOPERAGE, currie-strekt, Near the John Bcli. Ins. The Undersigned is prepared to receive orders for WINE or TALLOW CASES. Every description of COOPERS' WORK done at Reduced Prices. 201thsS7 ? F. K. GERNER. _ THE LITTLE WONDER, X RUNDLE-STREET, ADELAIDE. TORPY bIoTHEBS, PRACTICAL AND ANAT05UCAL BOOT MAKERS. N.B.-A Superior Quality of Ladies' and Chil dren's Boots on hand. Lasts Fitted to the Feet. Note the Address— TORPY BROTHERS, LITTLE WONDER, 203'9thsS5 EUNDLE-STREET, ADELAIDE. rpHE TRUSTEES of the LATE JOHN X DAVIS. WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, &o, 32. RUSDLE-8TBEET. Beg t« inform the Public that thev have entrusted the MANAGEMENT of the BUSINESS to Mr. ALFRED DAY froia thi3 date. On taking charge of this old-established Busi ness, I beg to inform the Public that I was Work man and Manager for the late Mr. Davis 10 years, and Salesman for Mr. VVendt nearly five years. Being practically acquainted with the details of manufacture, all Purchasers will find that every effort is made to SUPPLY the BEST ARTICLES at AlODERATE PRICES. WATCHES. CLOCKS, &c., will be SOLD UNDER GUARANTEE, after careful examina tion, thus ensuring correct time-beeping and ^REPAIRSto WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWEL LERY, to. PunctuaUyExecuted^^ ^ April 26.1869. ? lJ7thtl«T BOOK BIND IN G.— The Proprietors of the Register, Observer and Evening Journal beg to inform the Public that in connection with their General Printing Offices, under the Superintendence of Mr. h. Whitmoke, they have established a BOOK BINDING DEPARTMENT, for the practical Management of which they have secured the ser vices of Mr. R. C. Thobnton. whose long experi ence and thorough knowledge of all Branches of Trade enable them to guarantee the efficient execution of any Work entrusted to their care. They are now prepared to receive orders for ASSESSMENT BOOKS and other Boots and Forma required by Corporations and District Councils. MUSIC Bound with flexible backs, to open flat. ACCOUNT BOOKS for Bankei .-Merchants, Companies, or Societies, Ruled, Pa^ed, and Let tered to any Pattern, and Bound in first-class style. MACHINE-RULING of all descriptions. '? BOOKBINDING in all its Branches, fiomthe simplest repairs to elegantly-finished Work for th{ i Drawing-room. j RULED and PRINTED FORMS for Ban! - Returns, Invoices. Bill-heads, Sale Accounts, &c. ? Orders executed with punctuality and at mode ? ratecharRes. ? SMct ANDREWS. THOMAS & CLASS.

JUSTNESS NOTICES. DH A M B E R S' COMMON SENSE AND EUREKA / WASHING-MACHINES. Manufactory— Franklin-street, Adelaide. TESTIMONIALS, fe. A. O. Chambers. Franklin-street. Sir— I have bad one of your Eureka Washing Machines in use for the last three months, and am lerfectly satisfied with its working; it will wash as nany clothes in two hours as a servant would do n a day, and quite as well, without any injury to he material.— Youra truly, CHARLES FARR. Exchange Auction Mart, Adelaide, his. A. O. Chambers. Sept 16, 1869. Sir— 1 have one of your Common Sense Washing Machines in constant use for some time, and can nost confidently recommend them to every family ; bey are not too bard to work for a female servant, hey do not injure the clothes in any way, and the fashing is done in far less time than by the hand » ashing. 2S0mh310v ? JAMES H. PARR. CUNNINGHAM'S, 29 and 31, STJNDLE-STREET. ADELAIDE Have Just Received a Full Supply of— pLASS SHADES for Ornaments. pLASS SHADES for Clocks. pLASS SHADES, Tall, every size. pLASS SHADES, Squat, every size. p LASS SHADES, Oblong, every size. p LASS SHADES, Bound, every size. pLASS SHADES, Oval, every size. GLASS SHADES, with Stands, every ize. LASS SHADES, with Gilt Stands, every size. ? GLASS SHADES with Black Stands, every size. - GLASS SHADES, without Stands, every size. * pLASS BEE-HIVES, various sizes. p LASS CAKE SHADES&SALVERS, vJ various sizes. pONFECTiON SHOW GLASSES, ^J various shapes. BIRD GLASSES and FOUNTAINS, various shapes OLD FISH GLOBES, now to hand, allBizes. EVERY OTHER DESCRIPTION of GLASSWARE always on Sale, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT ? CUKNTNTGHAM'S. 14h287 ME S. C. W A L L M A N N, 260. RUNDLE-STREET, ' Has Now On Sale a SPLENDID ASSORTMENT of PIANOS by BIEjjE and other Eminent Makers. Tuning and Repairs carefully executed. . ? 27Stha89 APERHANGINGS. Just Landed, ex Viola, S1.000 Pieces of the NEWEST PATTERNS, from 6d. and upwards. On Sale at H. L. VOSZ'S, 253thsS5 82, Rundle-street. l^LLIS EDWARDS & CO., FAiJULY AND RETADTi GROCERS, 21, HlNDLET-STBEET, ADELAIDE. OxtT Abticles of Best Qr/Ainrsent out, and Orders executed with accuracy and dispatch. ? 245ths3Q3v OTICE TO SHOEMAKERS AND LEATHER-DEALERS. B. TAYLOR, TANNER and CURRIER, HINDMAKSH, begs to inform his numerous Town and Country Customers that he has OPENED the PREiTISIiS. No. 11, HINDLEY STREET, three doors west of Bunn's Exchange and next Messrs. Main & Ueyer's, as a WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LEATHEU AND UKIXDKUY WAREHOUSE. The Stock comprises all descriptions of Leather, Grindery, &c, and un inspection will certify as to the genuine character of the Goods. Note.— B. TAYLOE, No. 11, HINDLEY-STREET, next Main and Geyer's. N.B.— Wool, Hides, and Skin3 Purchased. Adelaide, May 18. 1869. 139cv PW PATENT OVENS. A. SIMPSON & SON, PATENTEES AND MANUFACTURERS, GAWLER-PLACE AND GRENFELL-STREET. The great improvements in these Ovens are that they are not liable to warp or twist with the heat, the flues never require cleaning, are quite portable, and consume less fuel. SIMPSON'S PATENT OVENS may be had of the Principal Ironmongers and Storekeepers in South Australia, and also of 159thstl55 A. SIMPSON & SON. '1 10 BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS~ J. J. GREEN, LEATHER, GRINDERY, AND CLOSED UPPER WAREHOUSEMAN, 87, Hejdley-street, late the Co-operative Store, in removing to the above commodious Premises, begs to return his thanks for the liberal support afforded duriuR the past three years. The Stock comprises every requisite of the Trade, and both for quality and price is not to be sur passed, while the same attention as hitherto will continue to be paid to the wants of his Customers. Boot Uppers Madb to any Pattern. Shoot Credits and Quick Returns. 191'281v DIANOFORTES, Oblique, Cottage, £ &c, by Broadwood & Sons, Self, and other eminent makers— all warranted. HARMONIUMS-From the largest to the smallest size. MUSIC— New and Popular, for all Instruments; the Largest Stock in the Colony. PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, ORGANS, and other MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, RE PAIRED and TUNED, at SAMUEL MARSHALL'S, 52. RUNDLE-STREET. 172t91v RIM'ROSB'S ALES ASD PRIZE MEDAL PORTER, Bottled by F. G. BURTON, ? UNION BREWER*, RUNDLE-STREET. N.B.— Delivered in Adelaide, Suburbs, and Glenelg; also Packed and Forwarded to any part of the Colony. Orders addressed as above will receive prompt attention. 63thst33 'DEWSEY VALE VINEYARD, JL JOSEPH GILBERT. Proprietor. Town Cellars, Imperial Chambers, King William-st. JAMES T. TURNBULL. Agkst, 23Sthsc 21, Currie-street, Adelaide. I3EGISTER, OBSERVER, AND XX JOURNAL GAWLER AGENCIES. The following are now the AGENTS in GAWLER and its vicinity for the Sale of the above Papers and receipt of Advertisements: — BassettTown ? Beadnall, G. Willaston ? Davies&Co. Murray-street ... l.ivesey, W. E. Murray-street ... Whaley, Austin, & Co. Murray street ... Wilcox, J. & G. OTRATHALBYN AGENCY. Mb. JOHN BILLS has succeeded Mr. 3L Woolfit as AGENT at STRATHALBYN, for the 'EVENING JOURNAL,' and will deliver the Papers to Subscribers and Purcharers as usual, after this date. 253cv MACHINE RULING, of all Descrip tions, at the REGISTER. OBSERVER. AND EVENING JOURNAL OFFIOES. ENTRANCE FROM GRENFELL-STREET. REGISTER GENERAL PRINTING AND BOOKBINDING OFFICES. - The rapid increase of our BOOKBINDING and MACHINE-RULING BUSINESS having neces sitated an extension of space, the OFFICE oi Mr. S. WHITMORE, the Superintendent of the General Printing and Bookbinding Departments, hasbee KEMOVEDintotheFRONTBUTLDING, where all Orders may be given, Printed Form* Purchased, &c. ? The Entrance in future will be from Grenfell street, in the Western Wing of the Register Buildings. ? O- GENERAL PRLVTING. BINDING, am MACHINE-RULING executed Promptly in thi Be8t StylC' ANDREWS, THOMAS, & CLARK. Propbietors. - Register, Journal, and Observer Office* . VGrenf ell-street. Adelaide. lfflcv

BUSINESS NOTICES. J M. LINKLATER, 4, Hindley street, sincerely thanks his numerous   Friends for their support for the past thirty years, and begs to introduce te them his Friend Mr. H. A. CRAWFORD, who has PURCHASED his BUSINESS, and to whom, as his Successor, he trusts they will continue their favours, £N reference to the above, H. A. CRAWFORD bees to solicit a continuance of the favours hitherto conferred oa Mr. Lnre later, and trusts also to have again the support of many of his own former Friends. . He trusts that his former business experience ra Adelaide will be a sufficient guarantee that ms Goods will be selected with the greatest care and in the best markets. His object will be to supply only the Best Goods at the most Moderate Bates, and he will spare no effort to maintain the good reputation of this old-established Business. -~- ? 230 6vS9 ?V- OTICE OF REMOVAL. JOHN H. KAINES ; ? Begs to thank his numerous Friends and Customers, for the support which they have accorded nun during his residence in King William-street, and respectfully announces that he has REMOVED HIS BUSINESS _ to the Premises lately occupied by T. Graves, Esq., No. 15, CURRIE-STREET. where he hopes still to be favoured with their patronage and support. JOHN H. KAINES would also beg to call attention to his carefully-selected importationi of— Spirits-Hennessy's, MarteU's, U.V.O, Otard, &c &c Wines— Poits, Sherries, Hock, Moselte; Cham pagne, Claret* &c. French and other Continental Liqueurs. Bottled Ale and Porter of various brands. Superior Teas. London Soap. Belmont Sperm Candles. Best French Colza Oil &c, &c August 9, 1569. 235mh98 RF. LOUT1T, for nearly nineteen ? years with Mr. J. M. Linki^ter, begs to inform his Friends and the Public that, Mr. linklater's Business having passed into other [lands, he will 0PM the SHOP, No. 6, fflNDLEY-STRIET, next Mr. Beach's Restaurant, as a FAMILY AND RETAIL GROCER, On SATUilDAY NEXT, the 9th insL, , . with a NEW and WELL- ASSORTED STOCK, Orders solicited, which will be promptly delivered in Town and Suburbs. Highest Market Price given for Daisy Produce. 278c rr B. bray, GROCER AND C0RNFA0T0R, 148 AND 150, HINDLEY-STREET. CASH ADVANCED ON COLONIAL PRODUCE. 2391103V TT A Y TOOL S. JAMES~~BROWN baa REDUCED his PRICES of HARVEST TOOLS, So as to ensure a Quick Sale. American Golden Harvest Scythes (the only lot in the Colony, and supply limited). Scythes by Sorby, Fussell, Brades, &c Sneads, American and English. Kubstones, Strickles. TUBULAR IKON DEAG BAKES. H&nd-Rakes, Forks— American and English. Horse-Bakes. Cliafi'cutters for Hand, Horse, and Steam Power. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT ST0RE3. Waymouth-street. 274cv Y SPECIAL APPOINTMENT TO H.R.H. THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH. By Special Appointment to His Excellency SIR JAS. FERUUSSON, Bast. PRIZE MEDALLIST At the Universal Exhibition, 1867. At the Exhibition of the Society of Arts, 1S6S, all the Prizes for Highly-finished Photographs were AWARDED to Mr. DURYEA. Faded and Inferior Photographs Restored. Copied from Carte-de-visite to any Size, and Finished in Oil, Water, or Chalk; from Descriptive Particulars. T. DURYEA, 68, KING WILLIAM-STREET. tEatablialHMl 15 Years). ?QS-WSr HEELER & WILSON'S NEW NOISELESS SEWING-MACHINE. Opinions op the Press. ' Whether required for manufacturing or house hold purposes, it is unrivalled.'— Standard. ' The machine that is destined to find its way into families.'— London Review. 'The Wheeler & Wilson machine answers equally well for all kinds of work.'1— Queen. 'It will make 500 to 2.001 regular and strong stitches per minute.'— Illustrated News of the World. 'There is not any jerking motion as mother machines.'— St. James's Chronicle. 'There is not any machine equal to it for general household work.'— Englishwoman. 'No sewing-machines are equal to them for general use.'— Magazine of Fashion. 'For all kinds of work this machine is the most suitable.'— .Review. 'They are adapted for all kinds of household and manufacturing purposes.'— Birmingham. Post. ' One great advantage is that the stitch is not affected by the action of the smoothing-iron.'— Queen. ' It will do any description of work, from the thinnest muslin to the thickest cloth.'— Illustrated News of the World. \V. C. BUIK, Sole Agent. 266hc 47 AND 49, Rundle-STBEET. 'F H li R^ H 0 E~~ The other day there was a race of speed On the last fashion of velocipede; Some twelve or more united iu the start On the Bay-road for Brighton to depart. At first with even speed they all ran well, But soon the pace on some began to tell ; They toiled and struggled bravely for the Bay, But one by one exhausted fell away. 'Twas strange, the people thought, for all were strong, With equal ease bicycles move along; But one without an effort far ahead Distanced his rivals as like wind he fled. The others weary with the first short league ; He did the distance, and felt no fatigue. This raised enquiry, and the cause was found For the great ease with which he cleared the ground. 'Twas not his strength, nor the bicycle's make. That thus enabled him the lead to take. Brandon's elastic-sided boots he wore. And by their help along the road he tore ; Strength to his audes Brandon's boots supplied, Ease in the spring, and firmness in the stride. Who in bicycle races wish to win. Should first for Brandon's spring-side boots go in. .; 2re-35i TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.— A large supply of Royal and Imperial Mounting Boards just received. . 97q E. S. WIGG. 12, Eundle-Btreet rVO SURVEYORS.— Two TROUGH J- TON &SIMMS'S Five-Inch THEODOLITES, complete, FOR SALE. ltfflthsc AL O. DAVIES. Gilbert-place. JOHN A. BRUCE, AUCTIONEER and LAND AGENT, KAPUNDA. 219thut34 T WILLIAMS, WHOLESALE, €l. RETAIL, and MANUFACTURING STATIONER, PRINTER, PAPER-RULER, &c, 54, King William-street, opposite the Exchange. 77tnsc TDINEST SYDNLY ROCK OYSTER?', J- Five Pounds for One Shilling, at A- G. WIGZELL'S, 37, Rundle-street ? x_ A GOOD SHOP FRONT FOR SALE. A Apply S. Blomfield. Norwood. 279''81 BRAZIL NDTS.— The JSEW CROP, a very excellent Sample. Wholesale and Retail, at GJLE& & PASCOE'S, 27S-Siv 12. Hindley-street. OLD HORSESHOES, IRON, RAGS, BONES, ZINC, and OLD METALS PUft CHASEDinany^ntig.^^ Kobe-terrace, yVaymouth-strkkt. ? - 247thst60 SHILLING BOX OF PENS.— THI T*HE Undersigned wishes to DISPOSE i OF his GROCERY and DRAPER! BUSINESS. „ . . ... i There are TWO SHOP3 adjoining each other the Grocery Business being^ carried on in the one, and the Drapery Business in the other.. : There is also a large Substantial WAREHOUSE close by, which can be Let with the Shops, and which is admirably adapted for a WINE anc SPIRIT ^TORF The Shops are situated on SOUTH-TERRACE, 1 KAPUNDA, and the large and rapidly-increasint I Traffic from the Murray Flats has to pass th- 1 Doors. The Business enjoys a first-class r arming con ? nection, and the Trade is fast increasing; this being, in fact, the reason of the Undersignec wishing to dispose of it, he being also engaged u I the Wheat and Timber Trades, which now reqiuri t all his time and attention. Possess on can be given in two or three months by which time the Stock will be reduced to thi smallest amount. j. r. gCBEAMM. Kapunda, August 30. 1869. 243c

DRAPEBY AXD CLOTHISG. , No. 107b am- No. 107d, ( RUNDLE- STREET, OPPOSITE ? THE PLOUGH AND HARROW. i JOHN A. NOETHMOEE has | REMOVED to [the abovenamed Premises,' and will CONTINUE ,THE SJALE until stocktaking;' ? ? '? - ? ? ? —-the' ??' ? FIRST WEEK in OCTOBER. HEADS of FAMILIES would do well to avail themselves of the present ^'?'opportunity of LAYING IN a STOCK of DBAPEEY, -~ ..-.. As the PROPOSED INCREASED TAXATION, Whilst exempting the Rich Absentee, will PRESS MOST SEVERELY ? ? . ' : on TJHE HEADS OF FAMILIES, the ? . LABOURING POPULATION. and 'PERSONS ENGAGED IN BUSINESS.' Note the address— JOHN A. NORTHMORE, 107b and 107d. RUNDLE-STBEET, Opposite the Plough asd Hakbow, and 103 asd 105, king william-street, ?Opposite v THE TOWN HALL. 261c PRELIMINARY NOTICE. MESSES. CHAMBERS & CO., 67, BUNDLE-STREET, Beg to announce to their Friends and the Public that they are ABOUT TO RETIRE FROM BUSINES3. and must CLEAR OUT THEIR STOCK ? ? ? ? ; of ;??'? . GENERAL DRAPERY immediately. THE ESTABLISHMENT WILL BE CLO3ED ;' ? ' '-:- ^ on THURSDAY AND FRIDAJY, the 7th and 8th October, for the purpose of MARKING DOWN THE STOCK. ; FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENT ? will be given of THIS CLEARING SALE. 274'303 TZINGSBOROUGH -fe MUMME J\- have much . pleasure in informing their Friends and the Public that their PREMISES, 86 and 88, RUNDLE-STREET. after having undergone most extensive alterations and improvements, will be REOPENED on THURSDAY NEXT, October 7. K. & M., in addition to their former Depart ments have ADDED MILLINERY, MANTLK MAKING. and TAILORING, which will be superintended by most experienced persons. K. & M.*s STOCK is ALL NEW', and as they have taken every advantage of the present de pressed state of the import trade, they are enabled to offer their Patrons FIRST-CLASS GOODS at EXCEEDINGLY LOW PRICES. KDTGSBOROTJGH & MUMME, 86 & 88, RUNDLE-STREET, 277c ? Next the King of Hanover. jyf ANTLES AND MILLINERY. For the convenience of their Customers, J. MILLER ANDERSON & CO. have just added A SH JW-ROOM for the above Departments on the Ground Floor, which is Now Opened A thoroughly experience! Manager, from Mel bourne, has been engaged to superintend the Millinery Department, and, with every confidence, J. Al. A. & Co. solicit inspection and comparison. 17, Hindley-street, September 25, 1SS9. 268*32Sv EDUCATION. AN GAS TON HOUSE. INSTITUTION FOR YOUNG LADIES, Conducted by Mrs. E. EVANS, Buxton-street, North Adelaide. The Pupils of this Establishment will Reassemble on Thursday, the 3Uth September. 274-80 TENDERS. ASSIGNED ESTATE of E. F. XI. TRANTER, of Allandale North, Storekeeper. SEPARATE or COLLECTIVE TENDERS are hereby invited, and will be received by the under signed until Monday, the 11th inst, at. noon, for the WHOLE ESTATE of the above, consisting ° ~~ DRAPERY, GROCERY, IRONMONGERY, HORSE and CART, &c, &c., AND B00KDE3TS. £ Stock-sheets and List of Debts on view at the Store, Allandale, and at the office of the under Bisned. KXNGSBOROUGH & CHAPMAN, King William-street, Adelaide, 275-82r280''4 Agents for the Trustees. IN the ASSIGNED ESTATE of WILLIAM ALFRED WOOD, of Mount Barker. TENDERS will be received by the undersigned until noon of Thursday, the 14th instant, for the undermentioned PROPERTIES in this Estate, together or separate : — STOCK-IN-TRADE. BOOK-DEBTS. SHOP FIXTURES AND TRADE UTENSILS. Schedules may be inspected at my Office, or at the Store. The Trustees reserve the right of Con tinuing the Business, delivering the Properties, if purchased, less the amounts sold or received since the date of the Schedules. Neither tlie highest nor any Tender necessarily accepted. - ? By order of the Trustees, GRANYILLK S. PRICE. li King William-street, Adelaide, '_ ? October 6, 1869. 280'7 TN the ASSIGNED ESTATE of X WILLIAM ALFRED WOOD, of Meningie. TENDERS will be received by the undersigned until noon of Thursday, the 14th instant, for the WHOLE of the PROPERTIES in this Estate, in ONE LOT. consisting of Stock-in-Trade. Carts and Horses. Book-Debts. Trade Utensils. Store Fixtures. Leasehold Rights. Schedules may be inspected at my Office, or at the Store. The Trustees reserve the right of Con tinuing the Business, delivering the Properties, if purchased, less the amounts sold or received since the date of the Schedules. Neither the highest nor any Tender necessarily accepted. -????? By order of the Trustees, ? GKANVILLB S. PRICE. 15, King William-street. Adelaide, ? Octobers. 1869. ? 280'7 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GAS COMPANY. TENDERS will be received on or before Monday, the 11th of October, not later than 12 o'clock noon, for EXCAVATING a Large GASHOLDER TANK. The Drawing and Specification to be seen at the Company's Offices, Grenfell-street, Adelaide, and any further information required can be obtained of Mr. Anderson, the Engineer and Manager, at the City Works, before: 10 o'clock a.m. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. JOHN PAXTON, Secretary. Grenfell-street, September 23, 1869. ??; 272-84 CITY OF ADELAID E.— TENDERS will be received by the Council until Saturday next, the 9th inst, at 2 o'clock, foi Executing the following Work:— No. — . For Carriage of the Ironwork of Morphett Bridge from Port Adelaide to Town. The ?Decifications can be seen and further par ticulars' obtained at the Town Clerk's Office, on and after the 7th insL THOMAS WORSNOP, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office, October 6. 1S6J. a2jQ,2 'PENDERS are invited for the 1 PLUMBER, PAINTER, and GLAZr£R'8 WORK, and, separately, for the PLASTERER'S WORK required in a S1ORE at SADDLE WORrH. Particulars may be obtained at Mr. Gurr's Store, S&drileworth, or at my office, where also the Tenders will be itceived up to noon of Wednesday, T.Jth October. The lowest or any Tender not necewarily accepted. JAMES CUMMING, Architect Alfred-Chambers, Adelaide, ? October 5. 1869. ? 279Hlv HAY. HAY. HAY. —TENDERS will he received for th« PURCHASE of about Fifty Acres of good WHEATEN HAY until October the 15th instant, about two miles from the Jetty, Apply to TOM BENNETT, Rapid Bay. September 27, 1869. 273*82v

?: rUHEBAL KOTICES. THE Friends of the late Mrs. HENRY CODD are respectfully informed that her REMAINS will Leave her late Residence, Unley, in Thursday, October 7, at half-past 3 o'clock, for he West-terrace Cemetery. ax THE Friends of the late Mrs. MARY ANN BAILEY are respectfully informed hat the FUNERAL will leave Her late Residence, Kilkenny, for the North-road Cemetery, at 2 -'cloek This Day (Thursday), x M. CON1GRAVE, Undertaker. EELIGIOUS NOTICES. C1ODTH AUSTRALIAN AUXILIARY O BIBLE SOCIETY. The BRANCH MEETINGS will be held as inder:— PORT ADELAIDE-Friday. 8th October. GAWLER— Friday, Sth October. By order of the Committee, 2Z9SI ? G. PHILLIPS. Secretary. pLAYTON SABBATH SCHOOL, yj KENSINGTON. ANNIVERSARY SERVICE. wUl be held on Sunday, October 10, when SERMONS will be PREACHED in the Morning at 11 o'clock, and Kveninn at half-past 6 o'clock, by the Rev. JAMES BKNNY. Collections in aid of the School Funds. 280s2 PUBLIC NOTICES. W H I T E ' S ROOMS. FREE LECTURE. YOUNG MEN'S SOCIETD&i' UNION. The INAUGURAL LECTURE in connection with the newly-formed Union will be delivered in White's Rooms, on Thursday Evening. October 7. 1869, by the .Lord Bishop of Adelaide. Subject —'Athens: or. Intellect without Religion.' His Excellency the Right Hon. Sir James Fer BUSSON, Bart, in the Chair. Doors open at 7.30. Chair to be taken at 8 o'clock. Admission Free. T. MACDONALD, Hon. Sec Young Men's Societies' Union. ? a2757.98Q SODTH AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE. ANNUAL MEETING. Members aie informed that COPIES of the REPORT, to be presented at the Annual Meeting on Monday, the 11th instant, caa be had on appli cation to the Librarian. By order, ROBT. KAY, Secretary. N.B.— Any person proposing a Candidate for the Office of Representative Governor must produce such Candidate's written consent to serve, if elected. ? 28)sm4 rpO B. F. FRANK IS, Esq., X M.R C.S.L., Physician of the Ship South ? Australian. Dear Sir— We the undersigned, composing the Crew of the goed Ship South Australian, respect fully desire to express our hearty and sincere thankfulness for your disinterested and self sacrificing labours on our beha'f. We shall always cherish a grateful remembrance of your un exampled and unwearied devotion to our health and comfort. Some of us, who have needed to avail ourselves of your great skill and experience as a physician, feel specially indebted to you for the tenderness and constant watchfulness with which you have attended us, despite all the difficulty and discomfort to which at times your visits to us must have subjected you; and we all combine in the devout hope that bv the blessing of Almighty God health and prosperity may con tinue to attend you all your days. In grateful and respectful affection, We are, dear Sir, yours very sincerely, THOMAS REED, Carpenter. JAMES GOODWELL. ) WILLIAM T. SMITH, -Boatswains. richard mrs, J On behalf of themselves and Crew. The Passengers on board the Ship South Aus tralian, in bidding farewell to Dr. Frankis, desire to express to him their regard for him as a man, and tbeir sense of the value of his services as a Medical Officer during the passage. His habitual courtesy and readiness to attend to the wants of every passenger, in all weathers aud 't all hours, they feel entitle him to their gratitude ; and they are sensible of the advantage they have enjoyed in the advice of a medical man bo experienced and efficient He carries with him the best wishes of A. R. RUS3ELL, On behalf of Saloon Passengers. CAP!. BRUCE. For Self and Officers. W. D. FURZE, . For Self and Steerage Passengers. RE ROY'S ESTATE.— The Trustees - of the Estate of FERDINAND ROY, late of the South Rhine, Farmer, give notice that a FIRST and FINAL DIVIDEND of Fivb Shillixgs and Fourpknce in the Pound will be PAID at the place of business at Angastju ot Mr. Juliauu rtuuili, unc of Uic Trustees, on and after the 11th day of October instant, to all Creditors signing or assenting to the Trust-Deed. Dated this Sth day of October, 1869. H. C. PALM Kit, Kapunda. x ? Solicitor to the Trustees. NOTICE.— In the Matter of Messrs. PHILIP LEVI & CO. CREDITORS are requested forthwith to FUKNISH to the Undersigned, at the Offices of the Trustees, No. 6, Register-Chambers, Ade laide, PARTICULARS of their CLAIMS on Estate, with a view to the early declaration of Dividend. By order of the Trustees, PEKClf WELLS. September 10. 186!). ? 251c NOTICE.— I will NOT be RESPON SIBLE for any DEBTS contracted by my Wife, MARGARET PEEBLES, without my authority, after this date. JOHN PEEBLES. Lefevre's Peninsula. October 5. 18ti3. a279'bO NOTICE. — All FOWLS, DUCKS, GEESE. &c, TRESPASSING on my Property, West Kow, Unley, after thu date, will be DESTROYED. His HENRY x GRANT. mark. October 6, 1869. SSO'1 PROFESSIONAL. FAMES GUMMING, el ARCHITECT, ALFBED-CHAMBEBS, 10, CCBBIE-STREET. ? 27S'»3 T^INGSBOROD(JH -fe CHAPMAN J\- ESTATE AGENTS, LIQUIDATORS AND ACCOUNTANTS, ADVKBTISEB-BniLDINOa, KlNO WlLUAM-STBEBT Estates Inspected er Wound Up. Agents for Sale or Purchase of Bu3 nesses. Attorneys for Colonial and Foreign Houses. Agents for Absentee Proprietors. 154ths306v pHARLES HOPE HARRIS, v^ Surveyor, Licensed under Real Property Act GREEN'S EXCHANGE. a22*-320 JflONEI. ? A DELAIDE LOAN OFFICE, XX Opposite Simms & Chapman's Brewery.— The PKOMI33OKY NOTES advertised by Mr. J. Pirt as Stolen WEKE TAKEN BY THE O V7NERS from their late Office. Mr. J. Pirt was never authorized to hold promissory notes or any securities of the Society, he being Secretary, not Treasurer. 271thsc JOHN WELSH, Treasurer. ADELAIDE LOAN AND DISCOUNT OFFICES, HlKDLET-STRKET WEST. MONEY ADVANCED from £5 and upwards on Personal Security or Deposit of Deeds. Re payments by Weekly, or Monthly Instalments. Office hours from 10 to 4 ; Saturdays, 10 to 1. 275thsc SAMUEL PEABCE. Manager. MONEY at from 7 to 8 per cent, 'according to the amount. CHAS. ROWLAND, 26Jthsc Agent, 39. King William-street LARGE or Small S OMS at from 7£ per cent TO be LENT on first-class Security. 198c G. MUMME la CO.. Gawler-place. MONKY LENT ON MOKTGAGE. LOANS NEGOTIATED GREEN & WADHAM, cr Exchange Land Offices. King-William-street MORTGAGES, LOANS, ' ADVANCES, and GUARANTEES NEGO TIATED, Valuations undertaken by KINGSBOROUGH & CHAPMAN, 261cv Advertiser-Buildings. VIOOY.TO LEND. Property i-UL brought under the Real Property Act Mortgages. ^M™£^$g$™ Licenced Land Broker. Waterhouse-BuildingF. '^^_ ? 24ncv MONEY TO LEND on Mortgage. a WACHTMANN, 142mhsc 13. Register-Chambera. ONEY TO LEND on Mortgage. All Business under the Real Property Act tranSaCtC(L NATHL. OLDHAM, Licensed Land Broker. Imperial-Chambers, King William-street. - ? ? 226-T225T MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security, whether under Eeal Property or otherwise, at lowest rates. ANDREWS & BONNDT. Tfflcv ? «n. King William «treet j T\f ONEY TO LEND on Jreehold ! 1'J-' Seen in Large Bums at 8 per cent/ : 144ct WAY & BROOg._ M ONEY TO be LENT at 8 per Cent., t'A if in moderately large Bums and Fint-clasi Securities. G. W. COTTON, ? Licensed Land Broker, King William-ctraet 211™

MnrnfQ notices. ? , rHE EUKO MINING COMPANY, , LIMITED. I NOTICE is hereby given that a CAU, of Two hilukgs per Share has been agreed upon at a leeting of Directors of the above Company; and , 11 shares m the said Company in respect of which ie said Call remains unpaid after the expiration of venty-one days from the date hereof may, at the iscretfon of the Director*, be absolutely forfeited; Temple.a,ambers,l^rieSsffTlSeOTl^' 1 t;eptember 15. 186--. 259,61.5,70,7,80v68 ! FHE MOONTA MINING COMPANY. At a Special General Meeting of the Share- I idders in this Company, held on the 29th day of ' ieptember, 1869, it was resolved-' That the pAR&J in the Joint-Stock and Working Capital of he Company be iscbeaskd from 3,200 to 32.000 lhares.' Shareholders are therefore requested to lodge heir Certificates at this Office witn as little delay us tossible, in order that fresh Certificates may be ' asued to them under the New Register. By order, T. F. AIcCOULL, Secretary. Moonta Mines Office, Adelaide, October ft 1869. 280,2,4,6 VTORTfl-EAST MOONTA MINING L.^1 COMPANY. Shareholders are reminded that FRIDAY, the Ith inst., is the LAST DAi' of PAYMENT of the JALL now due. x WM. 3. WHITINGTON, Secretary. NOTICE is hereby given that the HALV-YEARLY GENBHAL MEETING if SHAREHOLDERS in the Morowie Mining Company, Limited, will be held at the Office of the Company, 9. Keg:ster-Chaml-ers, Adelaide, on I ilonday, the 11th day of October next, at 12.30 ' ».m. By order, . O. J. COATES, Secretary. 9, Register-Chambers, Adelaide, (September 28, 13C9. S72.4,7,S0v V AT ALA MINE.-NOTICE TO JL M1NEKS AND OrilEKS.-iS50 will bo laid for every Parcel of 100 Tons ot Copper Ore. rielding not less than 35 per cent of Copper, raised -n the Company's Property, and delivered on the Mine to their Agent at any time within one year from this date: aud £5 per ton will be paid for all _-re of the same quality (in parcels of 10 tons or sore) so raised ana delivered during the next six uonths. The Lode, which is uncovered at the surface, and (fell known to persons in the locality, will be pointed )ut ou application at the Mattawarraugala Mine, irhere terms as to 'subsist*' may be ascertained. The Property is Section numbered 3480, adjoining the filattawanancala Mine on the west, aud the Bgmont Mint; on the south. JAMES A. T. LAKE, 1 WILLIAM HOWES. ^Directors. WILLIAM HAMILTON, j Adelaide, October 6, IStiQ. 2S9h91v96 COMPANIES AND SOCIETIES. T^HE ADELAIDE, MARINE, AND X SUBURBAN RAILWAY COMPANY. LIMITED. Authorized by Special Act of Parliament, and Registered under Acl No. 13 of 1801. Capital-£44,000, in 8,8rtO Shares of £5 each (more than one-half of which are already sub scribed). Payable— 2s. 6d. per Share on applica tion; 17s. 61 per Share on allotment; and 2U«. each three, six, nine, and twelve months after the allotment. PHOVISIONAI. DIBECT0R8: Talbot Baines Bruce, i Hon. William Morgan, Esq. M.L.C. W. O. Gerke, Esq. | Christian Schilling, Esq. Hon. John Hodgkiss, I lleinrich Ludwig Vosz, M.L.C. I Esq. Engineers— Messrs. Wright, Woods, & Hamilton. Consulting Engineer— John Eugland, jun., Eeq., M.I.C.E. Solicitors— Jfessrs. Stow, Bruce. & Aycrs. Bankers— The Englisli, Scottish, and Australian Chartered Bunk. Secretary— James Hill, Esq. Offices— Grenfell-strect, next door to Messrs. Elder, Smith, & Co.'b. The Provisional Directors of this Company have entered into contracts for the construction and working of the Line of Railway from Adelaide to Glenelg, in terms of the Act of Parliament passed at tbe commencement of this year, and in accordance with plans and specifications prepared by Messrs. Wright, Woods, & Hamilton. The con tractors subscribe for one-half of the entire share capital of the Company, and undertake to complete the Railway by January 30, 1871; from that date they have to work the line with locomotives, and keep it in repair, for seven years, paying the Share holders 6 per cent, per annum on their shares during that period, and dividing equally with them any profits gaiued In excess of thix rate. Should the line be rpeu, as is expected, earlier than January 30, 1871, any net profits, prior to that date, are to be divided equally between the Company and the Contractors. Guarantees, satisfactory to the Directors, are provided for the due completion of the work, and for the half-yearly payment of the guaranteed interest; aud provision has been made for the periodical examination of the accounts of the line to ensure the apportioument of any extra profits that may be earned. In order to secure this advantageous arrangement it was necessary for the Company to be formally and legally constituted by the registration of Memorandum and Articles of Association. Copies of these documents and of the plans and contracts may be inspected by intending Shareholders at the offices of Messrs. Stow, Bruce, & Aycrs, Solicitors to tbe Company. The present Provisional Directors will remain in office till the first ordinary meeting after the allotment of shares. The appointment of the entire Board will then, by the constitution of the Company, rest with the public Shareholders, the contractors having no votes in respect of the shares taken by them as part payment under their con tracts. In offering to the public a bona fide nndertaking, in which a minimum interest of 6 per cent, is guaranteed, with a fair prospect of a larger and increasing dividend, the Directors consider they have secured an unusually favourable medium for the investment of capital in large or small sums. The clause in the Articles by which any shares hereafter issued by the Company must be offered to Shareholders will prove a valuable privilege in the event of the success of the present undertaking inducing an extension of tho line. Economy ana efficiency in working would appear to be secured by the fact that the profits of the contractors are entirely dependent on the results of the trnlric. The share-list will l-e kept open for a very limited period, during which applications, in the form annexed, accompanied by the deposit of 2a. (id. per Share, will be received by the Secretary, at the office of the Company, Grenfell-street, next Messrs. Elder, Smith, & Co.'b. Form op Application fob Shares. The Adelaide; Marine; and Suburban Kailwat Company, Limited. To the Provisional Directors of theAdelaide. Marine, and Suburban Kailway Company, Limited. Gentlemen— 1 have to request that you will allot me shares in the above Company, in respect of which I hand you herewith the deposit of two shillings and sixpence per share; and 1 agree to accept such shares, or any less number you may allot me, subject to the terms of the prospectus published in the Register newspaper, dated October 5th, 1809, and to the Memorandum and Articles of Association already registered. Name ? Address ? Occupation ? Date ? Messrs. Jas. Wiolet, C. J. Barrt, and C. J. Coates are authorized to give receipts for deposits on application as above. 2T8J JAME3 HILL. Secretary. HOTELS AND LIVERY STABLE8. CRITERION HOTEL, ADJOINING THE GENERAL POST-OFFICE, KlNO WltLIAM 8TBKET, ADELAIDE, And .Next Cobb & Co.'s Booking-office. Visitors and Families will find First-rate Accommodation. Table d'Hotb Daily at 1 o'clock. All the Mail Coaches Arrive and Start Opposite the Door. Excellent Stable and Coach-house. Vf. HUBBLE, Pbopkietob. 370thsfl67 APOLEON BONAPARTE, KINO WILLIAM-STBEET, Adelaide. heneyHenett Begs to inform his Friends and the Public generally that he has taken the above Hotel so long con ducted by Mr. P. B. Coolin, and trusts, by keeping none but the Best Wines, Spirits, Beer, &c., to merit a share of their patronage. 275ths3&i HOTEL TO be LET out of Town. Apply at the Union Inn. 275U1 TO be LET, the BAR and SHADES „ „„ adjoining the ADELAIDE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, and also Four Splendid SUITES ol OFFICES. Apply to George White. £0. King William-street 250c BOABD AND LODGUHG. QUPER1OR BOARD and h^, ,bJ:'!?1iPencej WM every convenience, at 3 M i)l»'-Buildmga, North-terrace, near Black Swan. N.B. -Plunge and 8hower Batlig. trSthsSg, BOARD AND RESIDENCE. Third Door west of Scotch Church, North-terrace. ?' ? ; : ? 27Sh«82 LOST AUD FOTOD. NOTICE.— Joined my Horses, one Bay HORSE, white spots round the neck, branded AS with M over; also oneUhesnut Colt, star in face, no brand visible. The owner can i have the same by ^wmgex^en wa^ '' 280'2v86 Watricoola, North-Eastem Plains.

LAND AUCTION NOTICES. GKKKfl & rtAUUAJl1 .NEXT MONTHLY LAND AUCTION SALE wiU be held in the LAND MART ON FBIDAY, 22NU OCTOBER, 1809. Particulars of Properties intended for this auction ire requested to be forwarded on or before the 7th Jctober. . 2GScv INSUBANCE~N0TICESr VTOTICIS to INTENDING INSURERS i-' in the AUSTRALIAN MUTUAL PROVIDENT SOCIETY. In consequence of the lares number of Proposals ?eceived, Dr. GOSSE will be in ATTENDANCE it his KESIDENCfi KVEKY TUESDAY and THURSDAY, from 2 to 4 p.m., as well as each Morning from 8 to 0, to examine all whose papers ire complete. 2*5thsc ? THOS. PADMAN, Agent ADELAIDE LIKE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Subscribed Capital, £100,000. Office, 84, KiNa William-btbkkt. The advantages held out by this Company are aa follows :— FULL SECURITY TO THE ASSURED. In addition to all Premiums invested, tho Share holders are liable in case of need to double thu amount of subscribed capital. ADVANTAGES OF LOWER RATES THAN OTHER COMPANU53. 1st. Tho Premiums charged by this Company will obtain a Policy SO per cent, greater in amount thau could be obtained for the same money in Companies giving Bonuses; mid this advanUuois given to the Assured at once without his waitinti hve years before any addition is made. 2nd. Policies for one year only, or for seven years, and Premiums paid for Endowments, parti cipate in the advantages of this low scale of Premiums. POLICIES LVDKFEAS1BLE. After one year a Policy is not forfeited by suicide, and after fivo years is secure under any circumstances, such as original mistakes as to ago or other matters. The Company makes No Cuaiiob for Poucixs. JNO. BUOWN, Manager. September ft. 1869 ? 252thscv QUEEN FIRE AND LIFE 1NSUUANUK COMPANY. Capital, £2,000,000. L. A. JESSOP, AOKNT, 131tl33 ? Alfred-Uhatnbera, Ourrio-stroeL T fNIYERSALMARlNEINSURANOK U COMPANY (LIMITED). L. A. JESSOP, Agent, 1341132 ? Alfred-Chambers, Currie-Htreet. NEW SODTH WALES MARINE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Head Office: George-street, Sydney. Incorporated by Act of Council, 185L (Unlimited Liability). Marine Risks at current rates. Policies on Wool, Goods, Copper, &e.. to Groat Britain issued \n triplicate, payable- In London lu case of loss, by the Company's Agents, Messrs, Atkins & Co., St. Uclcn's-placu. 2U2c JOSEPH ST1LL1NQ & CO.. Agonts. A LLIANOE BRITISH and FOREIGN Xl. LJJTK AND F1HK AflHUKANUK CO. JOHN MOUPiUCTT, Agent. Oregham-Chambera. ? eitaop HPHE SWISS LLOYD MARINE X INSURANCE COMPANY, in connection with the French Lloyd, take Risks ou Produce Gold, and Specie, from any of the Australian Ports to any Port iu Europe, at the Lowest rate oi Premium; and aUo insure Uoo4a from Europe to any of the Australian (Jolonies. Losses Settled Promptly. ADOLF GAEOECHENS & CO., elSXimhc General Agents for tho Colonies. T IVERPOOL AND LONDON AND li GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. VIM AND LIFE. OThsc F. J. HECK & Co., AgenU. IMPERIAL FIRE INSURANCE X COMPANY OF LONDON. eTO,hnc EDMUND W. WRttlHT. Agent. LOANS COMMNRD WITH L1FJG ASSURANCE. The AUSTRALIAN ALLIANCE ASSURANCE COMPANY is prepared to make ADVANCES at EIGHT PER CENT, on Approved PERSONAL SECURITY, combined with Assurance- of Life. Apply to FRANCIS CLARK & SONS. 217thsc ? Blyth-street, Adelaide. OHUROH OF ENGLAND KJ AND GENERAL LD7B ASSURANCE INSTITTOiOJH Capital, One Million. Claims promptly Bottled In the colony. Loans grantud on approved personal, security and on Freehold Property unencumbered. 23(icv JAMIW HTLU Agent, (Irenfelt-gtrcot. I^AGLE LIFE INSURANCE , U COMPANY. Accumulated Fund, £2,880,030, CORNWALL FUiE & MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, elc HENRY 8COTT, Agent. ? AMUSEMENTS. BILLIARDS. UILLUflDS. BILLIARDS. A GRAND MATCH between Mr. ALBERB. of the Globe RoomB. and Mr. WYLD. of North Adelaide, willbu Played at theULOBKBILLIAKD SALOON on THURSDAY EYEMNU Next, at half-pant 7 o'clock. 271TSO ? Q. 0. COOPER, Proprietor. ? WANTED. ? SURGEON WANTED for tho Ship, City of Adelaide, hence to London. Apply* to Captain Bruce, or to Harrold Brothers. 2^8c TRAVELLER WANTED. -Au JL. energetic Traveller wanted (or the Wine and Spirit Trade. Applications, with testimonials, to be addressed to W. M.. ottice of thin paper, stating business experience aud amount of salary expected. a279'81 TO WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRAPEKS. GROCERS, IMPORTERS, WINE MKRCUANTa AND OTHERS. - A respectable Man Seeks EMPLOYMENT as CUL-, LKCIOR, PORTER, or to assist in Packing Bottling, &c. ; willing to work and make himself useful. Good references. Town or Country. A.B.A., office ot this paper. ? 880*2 A Young Man experienced in, TEACHING would be glad of a.n ENGAGE. ME NT with a Muster competent to instruct him in Classics and Mathematics. Can obtain good references fiom previous employers. Address Dilinentia, office of tins paper. 5Mfl»t5 _ A PPRENT1CES to thu DlUfiSsT iX MAKINU—Mrs. Alley has Vacancies. V-. toria-terrace, Hutt-street. 278h-& POOPKK WANTED, for tho Country. \J Jan. Btorrie, 17, Ourrie-street. ? '280c WANTED, by a young Lady, a SITUATION In a Shop, Town or Country, Address J. 0.. office of this paper. a280'a ANTED, a COOK; muHt Wash and Iron. References required. Apply No. 5, Rundlestreet. ? x_ WANTED, a good FITTER. Mollor Urnthcrs, Franklin-itreet. ? x_ WANTED. Single ShepherdH and Lads; also, Female General Servant* for Town and Country. Apply at Morcom'i Labour Mart. ? i WANTED, a Strong LAD. Apply at the Prince Alfred. King William-street, Also, WAITEKS and WAITRESSES for the AGRICULTURAL SHOW. A limited number of STALLS within the Enclosure for REFRESH MENTS, &c, Ac, CAN BE HAD on application to George Aldridge only, 280c ' ANTED, a First-class DRESS MAKEK. None other than a competent Hand need apply. Address A. II. G., Watervale. 279-82 WANTED, Young GIRL to Assist in House Work. Apply R. Jaaoe, Beach. 27880 ANTED immediately, a NURSE who can do Needlework, and a Cook who is a good Laundress. Referenced required. Apply corner of Barton-terrace and Jeucott-street. ? 278-80 ANTED, a thorough GENERAL SKHVANT. Good reference is required. Apply at the Norwich Arms Inn, Flinders street, x ANTED, for Brig Pakeha, COOK and STEWARD. Apply on board, Pom pany's Basin. ? ? m°_ HOUSES, CATTLE, VEHICLES, &c. S~TORE CATTLE FOR SALE.— For Sale. 33fl i Head Fine Store Rattle, now Running on 8«ran «ea^«'r' Mu'iy- Kor price and tffifl$$-VEU* 25QC Register-Chambers. TO be SOLD, Cheap, a First-class DRAG (formerly the property of the late Governor Sir D. Daly), to carry nine persons, complete, with Double Set of Harness, all in excellent condition. Apply to H. C. Ford, Port Hotel, Port Adelaide. 278 80 cdNYEYAN CES~ ~ KAPUNDA TO BLINMAN, a Day and a Half Quicker than the Day Coach, at Greatly Rxduoed Pricks. modonald & hoskin. 280c Agent, R. Hxmraio. Globe Hotel,