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BARON.-On the 29th August, at Buxton st'eet. North Adelaide, the wife of W. H. Baron, of a daughter. BOAKE.— On the 27th August, at St. Mark's

Parsonage, J^enwortham. tne wue oi me nev. o. A. Boake of a daughter. BOWES.-0n the 20th August, at View Park Farm, Gawler Plains, the wife of Mr. John Bowes, of a son. BROWN.-On the 25th August, Mrs. James Brown, Goodwood-road, of a son. Both doing welL „, CAMPBELL.- On the 18th August, at West street. Brompton. Mrs. W. Campbell, of Port Waketield, of a daughter. CLARK.— On the 14th August, atParkside, Mrs. A. Sidney Clark, of a daughter. COOK.-On the 20th August, at Rosewater, late of Fullarton, Mrs. James Cook, of a daughter. CRAWFORD.-On the 2lr-t August, at Pirie street, the wife of W. J. Crawford, of a daughter. DAY .-On the 10th Auxiut, at Alma Plains, Mrs. J. Day, of a son. DEAN.— On the 2Cth AugUBt, at Campbelltown, Mrs. Wm. Dean, of a daughter. All welL DOWLING.-On the 29th August, at King William-street, Kent Town, Mrs. B. W. Dowling. of a son. EYRE.— On the 16th August, the wife of Edmund John Eyre, Crown Lands Ranger, of a daughter. FIELD.— On the 30th August, at Glenelg. the wife of Thomas Field, M.A., Incumbent of St. Peter's, of a daughter. FISHER.-OU the 20th August, at Strathalbyn, Mrs. William Fisher, prematurely, of a daughter, wh'ch survived only a few moments. FOGG.— On the 5th September, at Hindmarsh. the wife of Mr. William Fogg, of a daughter. FURNER.— On the 15th August, at Moonta, Mrs. Luke L. Furner, of a daughter. RUSSELL.-On the 10th July, at St. James's street. London, the wife of the Rev. A. R. Russell, of a son. Both doing well. GREGORY.-On the 31st August, at Spnngton, the wife of R. C. Gregory, of a daughter. GREGORSON.-On the 5th July, at Ardrishaig. Scotland, the wife of Angus Gregorson, Esq., Ardtornish, of a son. HALSEY.—On the 9th September, at Port Adelaide, Mrs. George Halsey, of a daughter.

HANSON.— On the 10th August, at Gawler, Mrs. Edward Hanson, of a daughter. HEASLIP.-On the 29th July, at Cevin Grove. Farm, near Auburn. Mrs. Francis Heaskp, of a daughter. Both doing welL HORTON.-On the 4th September, at Moonta, the wife of Henry Horton, J.P., M.R.C.S., Esq., of a son. HOWE-On the 8th September, at Gawler, the wife of J. H. Howe, of a son. IVE.— On the 13th August, at Lefevre-terrace, North Adelaide, the wife of Mr. C G. Ive, of a daughter. JAFFREY.-On the 20th August. atEnfield, the wife of Mr. Adam Jaffrey, of a daughter. JENKIN.^On the -Jith August, in the Primitive Methodist Minister's residence, Strathalbyn, the wife of the Kev. William Jenkin, of a daughter. JULIAN.-On the 28th August, in the Hundred of Caroline. Mrs. John Julian, of a son. KILLICOAT.-On the 1st September, at King William-street, the wife of Mr. W. Killicoat. of a son. Both doing welL LEDGER.-On the 16th August, at Lyndoch Valley, the wife of Mr. John Ledger, of a son. LEVINE.— On the 27th August, at her residence.       Hindmarsh-Bquare, the wife of Mr. L. Levine, of a Bon. ? LYONS.— On the 30th August, at Kent Town, the wife of T. W. Lyons of a daughter. Both doing well. MATTHIESSEN.-On the 23rd August, at Two Wells, Port Gawler, the wife of Ed. Mattbaessen, of a son. MUGG.-On the 28th August, the wife of Mr. Geo. Muscr, of Hamilton, of a son. NEWTON.— On the 4th September, at Ker mode-street, Mrs. H. J. Newton, of a daughter. OMOND.-On the 17th August, at Robe-itreet Fort Adelaide, the wife of Mr. Samuel Omond, of a son. OSBORNE.— On the 26th AnmisL Mrs. J. J.

Osborne. of a son. PALMER-On the 15th August, at Saddle worth. Mrs. E. Palmer, of a son. PARRY.-On the 7th September, at rhildere street. North Adelaide, the wife of Charles Parry, of a daughter. PARSONS.-On the 17th August, at Prospect Hall, near Adelaide, the wife of the Rev. J. Langdon Parsons, of a daughter. PAXTON.-On the 5th August, at Norwood, Mrs. John Paxton. of a daughter. RENNER.-On the Sth September, at Went worth. Mrs. P.E. Renner. of a daughter. ROWE.— On the 13th August, at Brown-street,   the wife of J. H. Rowe, of a son. SAGAR.-On the 21st August, the wife of Mr. J. T. Sagar. of a son. SAUNDERS.— On the 10th August, near Mel rose, at the residence of her father, Mrs. John Saunders. of a daughter. SHARLAND.— On the 18th August, at Childers street. North Adelaide, Mrs. W. H. Sharland, of a SIEKMANN.-On the 7th September, at Sad dleworth, Mrs. E. Siekmann, of a daughter. SIMS.— On the 7th September, at Port Augusta, Mrs. J. G. Sims, of a daughter. SINCLAIR.-On the 25th August, at Golden Grove, Port Lincoln, the wife of J. Sinclair, jun., of a son. Both doing well. SMITH.— On the 30th June, at Kensington, London, the wife of Mr. T. F. Smith, clerk hi the office of the Agent-General, of a daughter. SOBELS.— On the Sth September, at Tanunda, the wife of Mr. V. A. Sobels, wine merchant, of a daughter. STOW.-On the 6th September, at Felixstow, Mrs. Augustine Stow, of a son. TRIPE.— On the 15th August, at Queenstown, th; wife of Henry B. G. Tripe, Esq., surgeon, of a son. TUCKER.-On the 19th August, at Puie-street, the wife of W. A. Tucker, plumber and gasfitter. of a daughter. WARREN.-On the 6th September, at Spring field. Mrs. John Warren, jun^ of a son. WHEELER.-On the 24th August, at North, terrace, the wife of Dr. Henry Wheeler, of a son. WILLIAMSON.^-On the 21st August, at Water vale, Mrs. John Williamson, of a daughter. WRIGHT.— On the 17th August, at Stephens place, Mrs. Wm. Wright, of a daughter. WYLIE.— On the 3lst August, at Two Wells, Port Gawler, the wife of Mr. J. B. Wylie, of a daughter

MARRIAGES BUTLER— RYAN.— On tbe 7th September, at 5t. Aloysius' Church, Sevenhills, by the Very Rev. F. Tappeiuer, S. J., assisted by the Rev. F. Byrne, ;he hev. A. Krane witter and the Rev. A-Strele, Lambert Butler. L.R.C.S.L, second ton of the late William Butler. Esq., J.P., Bunnahow, [k)unty Clare, to Marianne Augustina, eldest daughter of the late Patrick Ryan, Esq., Sevenhills. Ho cards. BUTLER-CORNELIUS. -On the 3rd Septem ber, at the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, hy the Rev. J. G. Millard, John, youngest son of Air. C. Butler, to Sarah, second daughter of the late Mr. E. Cornelius. BUTTFIELD-CAMERON.-On the 3rd 'Sep- tember, at Toolunga, by the Rev. M. C. Wilson. John Parker Buttfield, J.P.. Sub-Protector of Aborigines. Far North, to Jessie Hay. youngest daughter of the late Charles Cameron. Esq. DAVIES— McNEIL.— On the 1st September, at the Primitive Methodist Chapel Mount Barker, by   special licence, by the Rev. Samuel Gray, Mr. Daniel Davies, to Miss Ellen McNeil, both of Wind mill Hill, near Hahndorf. DICKER-BOWHEY.-On the 13th August, at Archer-street Wesleyan Church. North Adelaide, by licence, by the Rev. W. L. Binks. James, the second son of Mr. John Dicker, farmer, of Mod bury, to Mary Ann, the eldest daughter of the late John Bowhey, farmer, Torrens-road. DYER -PARKS.-()n the 27th August, at the residence of the bride's parents, Kooringa, by the Rev. J. Trewin, Percy Weedon, second son of the late John C. W. Dyer, Esq., surgeon. Islington, London, to Alice, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Parks. ENING— BROWN.— On the 22nd August, at Trinity, by the Rev. Dean Farrell, by special licence. James Ening, to Fanny Brown, both of Adelaide. . GOODE-JONES.-On the 19th August, at the residence of the bride's father. Finniss Point, by licence, by the Rev. M. Wilson. Henry Abel Goode, of Aldinga, to Emily Georgiana Jones. HAWKINS- MOSELEY.-On the 2nd Sep tcniher. at SL Georee'p. Woodforde. by the Rev.

T. R. Neville, Geoige William, only son oi Mr. E. D. Hawkins, Aldgate, to Margaret, only laughter of the late William Moseley, of Crafers. HEDSTREM-WILKINSON.-On the 2nd September, at the Wesleyan Church. Pirie-street, by the Rev. J. G. Millard. assisted by the Rev. W. 3. Worth, Captain N. S. Hedatrem. of Melbourne, to Alice, fourth daughter of Mr. John WLkinson, of Willaston. HUTCHISON.-On the 18th June, at 13. Draigholm-crescent, Burntisland, Fifeshire, Scot land, Helen Binnie, wife of Mr. John Hutchison, and beloved sister of Mrs. John Davit, of this city. HYATT-DOCHERTY.-On the I9th Anmut, at Bletchley, hy licence, by the Rev. M. Wilson, Mr. William John Samuel Hyatt, to Miss Jane Docherty. INGRAM-CRAIG.-On the 13th August, at the residence of tbe bride's uncle, Mr. Freebaine, O'Halloran Hill, by licence, by the Rev. Charles Hall, Mr. William Henry Ingram, to Miss Ann Craig. both of O'Halloran Hill. JAMES-HUGALL.-On the 3rd September, by special licence, at Trinity Churdi, by Rev. Dean Farrell. W. W. James, eldest ton of Mr. George James, Adelaide, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. J. W. Hugall. Adelside. JENKINS-GOSDEN.— On the 25th August, at Christchurch, Kapuuda, by the Rev. T. Jasper Smyth, M. A., Mr. George Jenkins, of the Murray Flats, to Mhs Mary Ann Gogden, daughter of Mr. Hiram Gosden, sheepfarmer, South Rhine. LOWE--JOHNSON.-On the 17lh August, at Christshurch. O'Halloran Hill by special licence, by the Rev. A. Honuer, Mr. E. Lowe, of the Maid of Auckland Inn. South-road, to Amelia Johnson, of the Victoria Hotel. Tapley'i Hill. MANN— COOK.- On the 13th August, in the Primitive Methodist Chapel Strathalbyn, by licence, by the Rev. Wm. Jenkin, Alexander, the eldest son of Mr. David Mann, of Point Sturt, to Henrietta, third daughter of the late Henry Cook, of the Meadows. MARTIN-LITTLE.-On the 7th September, hy the Rev. J. G. Millard. James, eldest son of Mr. William Martin, Howford, Scotland, to Mary Anne, third daughter of Mr. lhomas|Little, Armash. Ireland.

OLAFSEN-HOFFMAN.— On the 25th August, at the Congregational Church, Kapunda. by the Kev. Morgan Williama, B.A., Mr. Henrik Emil Olafsen, of Nuriootpa. to Annie Mary Maria, second daughter of Mr. John Hoffmann, of Kapunda. ROWE— FLETCHER.— On the 28th August, at the Supreme Court, by special licence, by the Registrar-General Edwin Rowe, Clerk to the District Council, Tungkillo, to Amelia, relict of the late George Fletcher, Port Adelaide, and third daughter of the late Nicholas Francis, of Tung ROWE-MUSSON.-On the 10th September,   by licence, at the residence of Mr. John Priest, North Adelaide, by the Rev. W. Wiltshire, Mr. Edmund Rowe, Maclaren Flat, to Misa Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph Musson, North Adelaide. STARK-McLEAN.-On the 27th August, at the residence of tho bride's parents, by the Rer. John Anderson, Edward, second sou of Mr. Alex Stark, Strathalbyn, to Christina, second daughter of Mr. Allan McLean, of Strathalbyn. SLEEP— FINN. -On the 15th August, at the residence of Mr. George Finn, by the Rev. W. O. Ashton, Josiah Sleep, carrier, Eden Valley, to Miss Fanny Elizabeth Finn, of the same place. SMITH-WADDELL-On the 2nd September, by licence, at St. Mark's, Penwortham, by the Rev. J. A. Roake, B.A., John Lockburst Smith, to Isibella Waddell, both of Penwortham. STACK -COCKER.-On the 2nd September, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. H. J. Lambert Mr. James Stack, of Adelaide.

formerly of Bathurst, New South Wales, to Anna, third daughter of Mr. John Cocker, of Lower North Adelaide. STREET-SHEPPARD.-On the 19th May, at St. Mark's, Hamilton-terrace, St. John's Wood, by the Rev. T. J. Judkin, M.A., assisted by the Rev. Sidney H. Widdrington. M.A., incumbent, Joseph Edward, only son of Wm. F. Street, Esq., of Clarendon Gardens, Maida-hill, to Edith Jane, only daughter of the late James Sheppard, Esq., of Harrington-square, and formerly of Sydney, N.S.W., and Compton Knoll, Plymouth. THOMAS-SPEAR.-On the 38th August, at the residence of the bride's father, by special licence, by the Rev. Samuel Gray, Mr. John Thomas, to Miss Mary Ann. eldest daughter of Mr. John Spear, of Stauahton. near Callinirton. THREADGOLD-NEED.- On theinth August, by the Rev. D. S. Wylie, Mr. Thomas Threadp.old, of Black Springs to Miss Mary Ann Eliza Need, of Gadstone, near Kooricga. VERGO-SINCOCK-On the 25th August, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Glenelg. by the Rev: J. G. Millard, James Vergo, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Richard Sincock. both of Glenelg. WATERMAN-DAW.-On the 19th August, at St. Mary's. South-road, by the Rev. Alfred Honner, John, fifth son of the late James Water man, of Brixtonville, Sturt. to Emily, youngest daughter of John Wickham Daw, of St. Mary's. WATSON-SANDERS.-On the 17th August, at Moonta, by licence, tbe Rev.T. Allen officiating. George, son of Mr. G. WaUon, of Angwton, to Jane, daughter of Mr. J. Sanders, of Moonta. - deaths. BALDWIN.-On the 17th August, at Adelaide, of pleurisy. Edwin Baldwin, aged 51 yean. BELCHER.-On the 19th June, at his resi dence. Peckham. Suiwf, (Jeorge Belcher. Keq., aged 83 years, father of W. H. Belcher, of Prospect, near North Adelaide. BOCKMANN. — On the Oth September, at Gawler Belt Inn, Fridericke, the beloved wife of Mr. Ferdinand Bockmann, agad 39 yean. BRYSON.-On the 31st Ann*. »t hu resi dence. Mount Thrive, near Brihiimnah. Robert ! Brnon. aaed 30 Tean. CARTER - On the 8th September, at Happy

Valley, Irving Horwood, son of Mr. W. B. Carter, aged two years and five months. CORNISH.-OU the 31st August, at her real ence, Robert - street, Hindmarsh, Jane, the beloved wife of William Cornish, in the 58th year of her age. Her end was peace. COWLEY.-On the 31st July, at his re 'idem* Amheiat, Victoria, Mr. Robert Cow ley, late ?' Plympton, South Australia, in the TSth year of his age. CROCKER.— On the 29th August, at Port Ade laide, from hooping-cough. William, infant son of William and Theresa Crocker, aged seven months. CUMMINGS.-On the 16th August, at her reg - dence, Adelaide. Eleanor, the beloved daughter of the late Mark and Eleanor Cumming?, late of Sumlerhnd, England, aged 23 years. Her end was peace. DONALDSON.-On the 9th September, at her residence, Childers-street, North Adelaide, of con sumption, Mary, the wife of Alexander Donaldson, aged 25 years. FISHER.-On the Sth September, at his resi dence, Mitcham. Mr. Seth Fisher, after a long and painful illness, in the 56th year of his age. FORSTER.-0a the 6th July, at Inverness terrace, Kensington Gardens, London, Margaret Gibson, the beloved wife of Anthony Forster, late of Adelaide, a?ed 46 years. FURNER.-OQ the 20th August, at Moonta. Emma Howaid. the infant daughter of Samuel and Clara Furner, aged four months. FURZE.-On the 12th July, at the residence of his son, W. D. Furze, 7. Harwood-terrace. King's road, Fulham. London. England (late of this cityX William Furze, in the 80th year of his age. HALL— On the 16th August, at WaterhouseV buildings. North-terrace. Adelaide, Mary Ann, widow of the late Thos. Hall, Esq., C.E., of Cam bertrelL London. LEON.-On the 31st August, at Hahndorf.

Gustavus Leon, Lsq., formerly of Hanover, aged 59 years. LONERGAN.-On the 20th August, at Wll lunga, Mary Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. T. Lonergan, and only surviving child of Richard and Margaret Logan, aged 30 years. Sequiacat in. pace. MATTHEWS.-On the 21st August, at Stenney street. Stepney, Ann Cooke, third daughter oi Mr. James Matthews, aged two years. NEWMAN.— On the 29th June, at Dalston. near London, Emily Maud, the beloved child of Captain and Mrs. Newman, of the ship St. Leonards. PASCOE.-On the 14th Aptil, at Calcutta, of cholera, William Edwin, eldest son of John Edwin Pascoe, of this city, aged 25 years, respected by all who knew him. PEARCE-On the 2nd September, at Kooringa. Charles James, the beloved son of the late James Pearce, aged 17 years and 8 months. PIZEY;— On the homeward voyage, of sun stroke, Robert, youngest son of the late Rev. Edward Pizey, M. A., Vicar of St. John's, Wolver hampton, England, and brother of Mr. Septimus V. Pizey, of this city. READ.— On the 27th August, at Rose Cottage, North Kensington, of croup, Robert Henry, the beloved and only son of Robert and Annie Maria Read, aged one year and two months. ROBINSON. - On the 6th September, at Walkerville, Rebecca Robinson, in the 57th year of her age. She sleeps in Jesus. SAUNDERS.-On the llth August, near Mel rose. Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. John Saunders, aged 23 years. Her end was peace. SLATTER.-On the 26th June, at Raglan place. St Helier's, Jersey, Jane, the beloved wife of John Slatter, Esq., formerly of Adelaide, aged 42 years. STEAD.-On the 28th August. Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. John Stead. Wright-street, Adelaide, in her 50th year, deeply lamented. TRELOAR,-On the 25tb August, at Alleridale, North. Ann. widow of the late William Treloar, aaed 65 years. WALLACE.— On the 23rd August, after a painful illness, Mrs. Jean Wallace, relict of Mr. \V. Wallace, printer, of Cume-street, aged 57. WEBB.-On the 15th August, at Port Augusta, of hooping cough, Margaret, only daughter of the late Fredk. Wm. Webb, aged two years. WICKES.— On the 30th August, at his residence. North Adelaide. Edward Walter Wickes. aced 73

WOODS.-On the 6th August, Mary, the beloved wife of William Woods, aged 63 years, nearly 30 years' resident of Port Lincoln, and about the first lady who came to settle in the district