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TO-MOBROW (Tuesday), September 15, at 2 : ' o'clock. ? AT THK YARDS. STEPNEY. ; ^ - ;, SPLENDID FAT CATTLE. ? s D,ean; laughton;; i to: Me'ln. structed by J. fi. Angas, Esq., to sell,, as above— . . . ' , * ' 80 Head of Prime FAT CATTLE, of the well : .known UFA brand. ? ?'- - 255'9v58 ' ' ' 1 On WEDNiSDAi*. September 16. , ;.AT;tHE CORPQRAT10N YARD3. . , \''r. , 8Plendid'fat cattle. ; ; j GORDO N JT~T H O M'FS.Q-K* are Instructed by'H: Richardson, Fsq;, to ?elL as al»ve— .' - '?? ? ?- ?- --??'? ??'?- ? ! ' ' ?? ' 100 Head Splendid FAT CATTLF'. from his : . ,, .take. Popjlt^h. Run; , ? ;. , 256:'60v66 t TO-MORROW (Tuesday! September 15, at 11 . _ . . ' . ? ,s O'clOCk. ; , . .. j ; ... : ? ? y. ON THE PRRMISES OF 'MESSRS. STONE AND LETCHFORD, 101, RUNDLE-STREET, !. IBUTCHEBS. .'.!- '. ?':'- - f. ' H RELlNQOISHINa BUSINESS. , J .'DANIELS lias received instructions .' fiomMessr8 Stone &, Letchford to sell, on their premises, 101, Ruhdle-street on Tuesday, September1 15. at 1 1 o'ctock- ? ? ; : SHOP and GA8 FITTINGS Horse, Cart, and Harness ?, Saddles ar.d Bridles Sausage Machine / - 4-knife Rocking Machine ' Blocks ' . . Scales and Weights Salting Tul» : . .Cleaners, Saws, and Knives - ' Baskets and Trays , , ,; * ' ' ' ' ' ALSO. - ^Household Furniture ' ' ' ???'????'' ?'?* ?'-?? ASD ? ??? ' ' - .- A variety of Sundries. t.- L:. !?: i On WEDNESDAYySeptember 1& ' ' ' ' Z AT COLE'S WHARF. MELBOURNE. ' ^SSJSSP1*^ C( )NTR ACTORS. WHARF OWNERS, ENGINEERS, MERCHANTS. ?-? ? SPECULATORS, AND OTHERS^ ? TAMES LAWRANCE (Uoyd'a Rooms) M has been instructed to sell bypublic Auction, ' ; 'ThreeTwo-T6n(each)HrDRAULICCRANE3 quite new, and complete iu every respect suitable for Wharfs, Wareh6uses, and Public Works.. ALSO, ,: 1 5-inch Water-Meter. The attention of thoie interested is particularly requested to this Sale, at it is seldom this descrip tion of property is in the market ?'?? ? -?', PL -:1:i ' ';; TerrMiiberaL :','.' '.'..'T\-i L.C6ir'(Wh*rl,ll(/dock7w^lnwd«r18«pt.l6. '

0, : JO-MOlfliOW (Tuesday), September 15. ? THE REMAINDER OF THE PROSPERO'S ;.,,;;? , cargo. TO GROCERS, STOREKEEPERS, AND , OTHERS. THOWKSEND, BOTTING, A KAY . X ..' have received instructions to sell, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), September 15, at 11 o'clock— . The REMAINDER of the PROSPERO'S CARGO, from BATAVIA. TO-MORROW (Tuesdaj). September 15. TO MERCHANTS. GROCEKS. STORE KEEPERS, AND OTHERS. ! TO CLOSE SALES. .'?: ; .'.)','/ WITHOUT RESERVE. '; ; ;? ; 1.500 BOXES iSEST CONGOU. , fTOWNSEND, BOTTLNG, &, KA1 .,-L. are- favoured/ with instructions to sell, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), September 15, at 11 o'clock— ? l£00 (about) Boxes Finest CONGOU, ex CosURica. : ...-.; ' For positive sale. ? . ' -TO-MORROW CTuesdayX September 15. THE BALANCE OF THE BELSIZE'S CARGO - ; OF FIME 8UGABa FROM MAURITIUS. TO MERCHANTS. GROCERS. BBEWERS. ' STOREKEEPERS, AND OTHEKa ^^ EXTRA FINE SNOWDROP. FINEST WHITE CRYSTAL. ; FINE BRKWING DO. EXTRA FINK COUNTER AND BROWNS. nnowNSEND, Jotting, & kat -t are favoured with instructions to sell,' at their Mart, To-morrow (TuesdayX September 15, - at 11 o'clock— The BALANCE of the BELSIZE'S CARGO of Fine SUGARS, comprising— Extra Fine Snowdrop Finest Brewing Crystal Extra White do. J Finest Brown* and Counters. ? TO-MORROW (Tuesday), September 15. BY OEDEB OF THE TRUSTEED ON THE PBEMBES OF WORMLEIGHTON ?,... .-j ? AND BOSS, GB0TE4TREET. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. ! ' BUILDING MATERIALS AND SUNDRIES. mpWNSENDr itOTTING, ., A KAI -L ' 'have received instructions from the Trustees in the above Estate to sell, on the Premises, Grote-street To-morrow (Tuesday), at 12 o'clock— A Quantity BUILDING MATERIALS and tSUNDRlES. - ? On WEDNESDAY. September 16. TO IRONMONGERS, DEALERS. AND ; OTHERS. ?13 CASES ASSORTED IRONMONGERY. FOR POSITIVE SALE. TOWNSEND, BOTTING, -fc KA1 i ' 'sire instructed to sell, at their Mart, on Wednesday, September 16. at 1 o'clock— :: , ,13 Case* Assorted IRONMONGERY. ; To close sales. Without reserve.

On WEDNESDAY, September 10. AT THE MART. ?O PROPRIETORS OF SILVER AND OTHER MINES, MACHINISTS, AND OTHERS. powNSEND, Dotting, & kat -1- 'have received instructions to sell at their fart, on Wednesday, September 16, at 12 o'clock— The Whole of the CRU8HING PLANT neces . sary for preliminary operations at a Silver Mine 1 10 horsepower Portable Engine (new) 93-in. ' cylinder, 16-in. stroke. Now in J. Roun seven's Bonded Store 1 Chilian Mill, in perfect working order, having crushed less than 50 tons. As it stands at E. Wentzel's Timber Yard 2 Retorts, best pattern 2 Enamelled Buckets 2 Enamelled Dishes 2 bottles Mercury, 166 lbs. net. Terms— Half Cash, balance by approved bills at h:«2 months. On FRIDAY, September 18. AT HALF-PAsTll O'CLOCK^ AT THE PRINCE'S WHARF. PORT ADELAIDE. CO- TIMBER MERCHANTS, BUILDERS CABINETMAKERS. AND OTHERS. FOR POSITIVE 8 ALE. 60 LOGS PRIME SYDNEY CEDAR. powNSEND, Sotting, & kay -L are favoured with instructions from Messrs. r. Hart & Co. to selL ou Prince's Wharf, Port Adelaide, on Friday, September 18, at half-past 11 -*clock— : ' ? '60 Log3 Prime CEDAR. ^ ? For positive Sale. On -WEDNESDAY, September 23. 3Y ORDER OF THE TRUSTEES IN THE ESTATE OF WORMLEIGHTON & BOSS. [.? . ' ; LEASEHOLD, GROTE-STREET. THOWNSEND, ^BOTTING, dr KAY i are favoured with instructions to sell by mction. at their Mart, on Wednesday, September 23, at 12 o'clock :All that Piece of LAND, part ol TOWN ACRE 314. GROTE-STREET. having 105 feet frontage to a' private road, by 85 Feet in depth: together with all Improvements thereon, including substantial WORKSHOP and DWELLING-ROOMS, foundations- for Three COTTAGES, &c. — The above is held on a lease expiring May 21, 1886, at an annual rental of £20 16s. till 1878, and £26 for the last eight years. ? . ? '-/ For farther particular*, apply to W. D. Scott, Egq^ Solicitor. King William-gtreet ? - ;....., On WEDNESDAY. September S3.'.. COTTAGE PROPERTyThINDLEY-STBEET '. ,....' west.. ;..;..; ,, ....,??, nipWNSEND, BOTTING, A KAY J-' are favoured with instructions to sell by auction; at their Mart on Wednesday, September 23. at 12 o'clock- . t ; AU that Piece of LAND, part of TOWN ACRE 64, haviog 44 feet frontage to . .- « . H1NDLEY-STBEET, - . bylW.feetto . HAWDON -STREET. The Buildings comprise two Two-Storey Homes, each Four Kooms, in Hindley-street, and one Cottage, Four Rooms, in Hswdon-street The Property now brings in £1 7s. a week. : ? -?? ?

The Land is held on a lease expiring July 1, 1874, atiSOayear. . . ..x .;, . , ? . :?. ?'., ??:: , Forfurther pitticnlia, apply to the Auctioneert ' On WEDNESDAY. September 23. j -,'.-. ? ? ? ? | - ' ? ? ? ? ' - ' . preliminary notice. dwelling-house; t ynte-street. townsend, botting, & kay J- are favoured with instructions to sell by auction, at their Mart, on Wednesday, September 23, at 12 o'clock— . All that VALUABLE PBOPEBTY, portion of Town Acre 890, having 40 feet frontage to TYNTE STREET by 140 in depth ; together with the DWELLING-HOUSB, now in Uie occupation of Mr. Phillipson. ; ;?. '.'. , , Farther particulars jn a day or two. -- ['_ : On WEDNESDAY, September a t ? i By-ORDER oFTHE ASSIGNEES.. :: i ; IN *B.JV L. BARRON, IN3OLVENT. ' ^?HOTSB AND LANftUNLEY PAEK.; 'POWNSEND, 'BOTTING, * KAY 1- are favoured with instructioru to seS by auction, at their Mart, on Wednesday, September 2fc at 12 o'clock— ' AU that VALUABLE PROPERTY, beinz ALLOTMENl'S - and - UNLEY PARK.^2i taining Five Acres, all fenced in and subdivided, together with the . SUBSTANTIAL DWELLING-HOUSE thereon, containing Eight Rooms, with Stable. Outbuildings. Garden, Stockyard, Paddock, Ac. ' This Property is well situated, with frontage to the Unley-road. It is now leased to Mrs. R. STHall fora term, expiring April 8, 1869, at a rental of £52 a year. ~ It will be sold subject to mortgages and interest amounting to about £400. . For farther particulars, apply to John Cherry Esq.. Official Assignee, or to the Auctioneers. ? On WEDNESDAY. September 23. ,VALUABLB OO^TaoRE, KINO- WIL LAND AT NEW BRIGHTON AND OX THE . .3 ? NORTH-ROAD. * ? 'POWNSEND, 'BOTTING, * KAY . X are favoured with infractions td sefl by auction, at their Mart, on Wednesday, September 23, 4 12 o'clock— . .. . ; ' . ?'? Lot . ' ,.' AH that FIRST-CLASS PROPERTY being Town Acre 685. Comer of - . * KING WILLIAM-STREET AND SOUTH TERRACEL The Auctioneers call the especial attention of Speculators and others to this valuable property From it* position it would answer admirably to cut up into allotments. LoT. ALLOTMENTS 145, 175, 295, 296, 337, 351 aw 514, M4 and 318. in t&TowrSuW W* ** iW» SKW BBIGHION. ': ?. ': : ] '' ' uT. .'. /.' .',. sSo?iAaPu^ ^Poi^Sfflbg

On WEDNESDAY, September 23. ; BY ORDER OF THE ASSIGNEES., , HOUSE AND LAND, PORT WILLUNGA. .. IN RE B. MILLIGAN, INSOLVENT., 'POWNSEND, BOTTING, * KAY J are favoured with instructions to sell by mction, at their Mart, on Wednesday, Sep wmber 23, at 12 o'clock All those ALLOTMENTS of LAND Nos. 29 uid 30, in the TOWNSHIP OF PORT WILLUNGA, rngether with the STONE HOUSE of Four Rooms. STONE STABLE, Five Stalls, large cement Tank r.OOOgadona, &c &c For further particulars, apply to John Cherry, Esq., Official Assignee, or to the Auctioneers. ? On WEDNESDAY, September 23. ' FREEHOLD LANDNEAR MAGILL. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE. } 'pOWNSEND, IbOTTING, t KAY J. will sell, at their Mart, as above, at noon— - All that BLOCK of LAND, containing 4 Acres 8 Perches, being Lot 3 in WOODFORDK. having a frontage of 6 chains 22 links to the Government road there, by 6 chains 52 links to private road there. The land is known as the late Mr. Wm. Harriscn's, and is situate between the East Torrens Hotel and Magill Church. lor further particulars, apply to Messrs. Stow, Bruce* & Ayers, solicitors, Waymouth-street, Ade laide. - , ? 253mwft!7v56-63 On WEDNESDAY, September 23. VALUABLE BUILDING ATIX)TMENTS IN PORT WAKEFIELD. qiOWNSEND,' BOTTING, A KAY X' will sell, at their Mart, as above, at noon — AH those SECTIONS of LAND, known as Ht Abraham Abrahams', and containing one Quarter of an Acre each, or thereabouts. Nos. 19, 20. 34, and 35. in POUT WAKEFIELD. These Lots are well situated for Business purposes in this rising Township. [ . For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Stow, Bruce, & Ayers, Solicitors, Waymouth-street Adelaide. ...,,.. . 251mwf67v56-63 - 'On WEDNESDAY, October 7 ? PRELIMINARY NOTICE. WHITE'S VALLEY MILL. 'POWNSEND, BOTTING, & KAY J- are favoured with instructions to sell by auction, at their Mart, on Wednesday, October 7, at 12 o'clock— . All that Valuable Property known as the WHITE'S VALLEY MILL, consisting of portion of Section 219, in the HUNDRED OF WILLUNGA, containing 6} Acres or thereabouts. The ? .-?..:.....: ; MILL- .. ! ?? -ij ?-:... is fitted with Machinery and Working Gear com plete.' There also a ?...-. COTTAGE AND GARDES, late in the occupation of Mr. Albert Chapman. ? . -. I ??? ? ' ALSO, : THREE COTTAGES with GARDENS, near the Mill, in the occupation of Abraham Fordham and others. . - ???» ALSO, . ALLOTMENT 41. in the Township of - PORE WILLUNGA, with the Buildings thereon, comprising * ? ? ? TWO STORES. COTTAGE, SrABLE, &c For further particulars, apply to Mr. R. B. ColleyrKing WiUiam-street, Adelaide. ?

THIS DAY (Monday), September 14, at 11 o'clock. AT THE MILE-END YARDS. . . : 70 HEAD OF PRIME FAT CATTLE. EM. BAGOT has received instructions ? to sell by auction, as above— ; i 70 Head of Prime FAT CATTLE. ' . r ' 256'8v56 ?? TO-MORROW (Tuesday). September 15, atU '. ? o'clock. EXCHANGE AUJDTION MART. TO GROCERS, STOREKEEPERS, AND OTHER3. FINEST COSTA RICA COFFEE. NOW LANDING. PARR -fe ~L~U X M O O R E are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday). September 15, at 11 o'clock- ??»???? 152 Bags (about 9 Tons) COFFEE, a very, superior sample. ', In lots to suit purchasers, and either in bond or duty paid. ? ? : TO-MOBROW (Tuesday), September 15, at 111 ? o'clock. ? ? ; : EXCHANGE^AUCTION MART. TQ-QORNF ACTORS AND OTHERS. PARR & L U IM O O RE will sell (by auction, at their Mart. To morrow (Tuesday), September 15, at 11 o'clock— 80 Bags WHEAT, various samples. Will be on view in bulk. f SPECIAL 'NOTICE. On THUBSDAY, September 17, at 12 o'clock, PRODUCK 8ALE. ! PARR -b 'ITu IM O O R B . . will Bell by auction, as above— : ? ?;'?! |kms'- '''?? , ??/:?:. '.??'- Hides (prime heavy salted) Tallow -.,?? . ???? &c.,''* &c.; && . * * CataiogueaatSale. *'' . .On FRIDAY. September 18, at 12 o'clock.. EXCHANGE AUCTION MART. 'IMPORTANT SALE 0F8TATI0N PROPERTY. DELIVERY- IMMEDIATELY- BEFORE . ,, SHEADING. t , . f'\ A R R- & frUXM O O 11 E - 1 are instructed ' ?\y ?' E.' ' Beetoon, ; E^q., to ,sell by auction, at their Mart, on Friday, September IS, at 12 o'clock— ; i The ERUDINA STATION, comprising 23S Square Miles of Country, with all the Improve ments—Dwelling-house, HuU, Woolshed, Yards,' ;&c Also, good Permanent Water, and the following Stock, say— a000 Ewes, 6-tooth and foil-mouth L464 Wethers, 4 do. . . : 1,498 Ewes, 4 do. : 2.100 Da 2do. 4,0 H) Lambs ? ? 83 Rftpi^ .. ' ; ' Total- 12,945, more or less. ??- - -All now depastured on the Bun, and to be de livered before ehearing. - . '? ???.' !

'/ Working Stock and Stores at a valuation.' ' PUdb may be inspected, and tenns and further particulars ascertained on : application . to the Auctioneers. ? , . N.B.— This Property is for positive sale, and the especial attention of Capitalists and of those em barking in pastoral pursuits is requested. ? The wool may be considered as cash, shearing being so close at hand, and all supplies and requisites have been forwarded to avoid delay. ? TO-MORROW (Tuesday), September 15. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. 60 TRUNKS BOOTS AND SHOES. JUST LAMDED, EX ErTIE, FROM LONDON. TO BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSEMEN, STOREKEEPERS, DRAPERS. SHIPPERS, . BPECULATORS, AND THE TRADE. SOLOMON -fe CO. are favoured .with instructions to sell by auction; at their Mart ^To-morrow (TuesdayX September 15, at It o'clock— , ...-!? ,. . £» Trunks BOOTS and SHOES, consisting . ? Of— ? ? ??!?.:*.. Ladies'' Best Kid Side-Springs ? Gentlemen's Knamelled Side-Springi .. Do. Calf Screwed do. ?.-? . ' 'Do. Enamelled Albert Slippen .. Do. Koan do. . .?? . Do. Carpet .do;-. . ' Youths' Calf Balmorals and Side-Springs , ' . Boys' Calf Side-Springs ? Men's BuflF Shoes ' Ladies' Cashmere Side-Springs Do. ? 'do. Elastic-Front Slippers Do. iRosa and Carpet Slippers; Girls' Memel Side-Springs Ladies' Fancy Dressing Slippers. ?' Just landed, ex Ettie, from London. ' , .. TO-MORROW'CTuesdayX September 15. V FOB UNRESERVED SALE. ;. V TO DRAPERS, STOREKEEPERS. AND i ..,.,? . r ,??; i. OTHERS. .;....?? SOLOMON -fe CO. will sell by auction, ! .at their Mart. Tomorrow (Tuesday), Sep tember 15, at 11 o'clock— ? (A Quantity of DRAPERY, consisting of :- Faacy Crimean Shirto Men's White Dress Shirts . D». Tweed and Cos TiooBera and VesU ??? Btoefc Doe and Toilet Quito. ) ?' v ?'??-. Od WEDNESDAY, September 16. ~~j :; :.. . OR0CERIB3. ; OILMEN'S STORES. ??. ,;i.;.-. * TOBACCuS. : ' .. ;-/.?-.'. ? . TEAS. :- ? ?? i '.; ;? WINES. .-???, '. ' .! . BOTTLED BEERS. \ . i ... T0GR0CKB4 STOREKEEPERS, WINE' AND t SPIRIT MKECHANTd, TOBACCONISTS, ANDOTHE88. ? SOLOMON -fe CO. will sell by auction, at thek Mart, on Wednesday, September 16 at llo'dock— A Ltoce Quantity of— GENERAL GBOOKRIE8 Aswrted Oteen's SU»ea . BestSoBtbemTotaccoi j i GeoKOuaodNbiifMt' ?' i ' Sherry, «h*(*ei* and iijuirtm 1 1 | ?- .*??* yBatmiMudtmi^rp., ?-- ???? ? f i ' Ac, ftc, 4c

. ?-: AUCTIONS. , ,, I-'!-, -THI3 DAY (MondayX SfeptemberM. ' AT THE JOHN BULL YARDS. , S BARNARD Feb. will hold their ? usual WEEKLY SALE of HORSES, VEHICLES, &Cn This Day at 2 o'clock. LAND MART. OS FRIDAY. 25th. SEPTEMBER 1868. GAT 11 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. REEN) will offer for sale by auc . : AHD ( Uon— . ffADHAMJ BY OBDEB OF THE MORTGAGEE. LoT. KUITPO (Hundred of). DESIRABLE FARM, insisting of Sections 22, 1633, and 4164, containing 'SEVEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-TWO ? AORKS OF LAND, partly fenced, and situated about three miles south THE ALMANDA SILVER MINE. There is a Substantial Stone House on the Land, irith Outbuildings, &c, and the ONKAPARINGA runs through the Property, which is known as lately in the occupation of Mr. HERBERT WOODGATK For particulars as to Title, apply to Wm. Bakewell, Esq., Solicitor, King William-street LAND MART. ON FRIDAY, 25th SEPTEMBER,' I86S, AT 11 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. GREEN ) will offer for sale by auc ahd - tion— . WADHAMJ BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE. Lot . ,. . BAY-ROAD. RESIDENCE, LAND. &c. ? The LAND is portion of SECTION So. 53. ?nd comprises the Allotments numbered 10. 11. 12, 13, 14, 17. 18. 19, and 20, containing in all FOKTY-F1VE ACRES. or thereabouts, situated fronting the Bay-road, near the Fobest Isn. THE HOUSE ia substantially built, and there is commodious Btablisg, with Well of Water, &c, &c There is a large number of choice Shrubs and Fruit-trees in the Garden, and the Paddocks are planted with Guintrees and Olives. The Property is known as Mr. Geobge AiSTOx'a. ' ? ' The above being located about midway between Adelaide and the Sea Beach, presents a favourable opportunity for any Gentleman seeking a Suburban Residence. ? , . LAND MART. ON FRIDAY, 25th SEPTEMBER, 1868, : AT 11 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. GREEN Vwill offer for Bale by auc AND ftion— WADHAM' . : ' BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTORS OF THE LATE GEORGE HALL, ESQ. . '? ''' LoT. ; WONGYARRA, 'FOUR SECTIONS OF LAND,   numbered respectively 161, 162, 189. and 190, con taining together 320 ACRES of LAND. They form portion of the MOUNT REMARKABLE SPECIAL SURVEY, and are known as lately in the occupation of Mr. Benjamin Lambert. For particulars as to Title, apply to WM. Bakewell, Esq , Solicitor, Currie-street. , :

? LAHU MABT. ? TO SHEEPFARMERS, CATTLE DEALEES, CAPITALISTS, AND OTHERS. ON FRIDAY. 25th SEPTEMBER, 1868, AT 11 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. &R E E N| will offer for sale by auc and ( tion— FADHAM J ; Lot . THE CRAIUBURN ESTATE, ituated at Cokomandel Vallet, within 10 miles -f Adelaide, and on the new Bull's Cbesk 1OAD. This VALUABLE ESTATE comprises Sections 1-1. 21, 22. 261. 262, 263, 842, 861. 882. 895. 896. 897. 88, 1081, 1033, and part of 12-K). situate in the HUNDRED3 OF ADELAIDE AND NOARLUNGA, ind containing in all CHIRTEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY ACRES )f excellent Agricultural and Grazing Land. A very large portion is WELL TIMBERED, and the RIVER STURT runs through the centre of the Property, There are TWO GOOD DWELLING^ HOUSES , )n the Estate, substantially built of Stone, and well finished; also a HNEYARD OF FIVB ACRES, GOOD WINE CELLARS, STOREROOM, &c. The larger part of the Property is enclosed in a Eing-Fence. There are also several Paddocks. A portion of the Land might advantageously be laid out as a ^_ TOWNSHIP. MANUFACTORY might also be established, as there is an Abundant Supply of Water with a good fall, and the close proximity of the Property to Town renders the Timber of great value, as it affords a ready market for the same, and the road to Adelaide is one of the best in the colony. For plans of the Estate and further particulars, apply to the Auctioneers. ? ? LAND Al ART. ON FRIDAY, 25th SEPTEMBER, 1868, AT 11 O'CLOCK f&EClSBLY. fi R E E N 1 will offer for sale by auo VT ? AND ' f tion— -i WAD HAM* ?i - Lot . HORTH ADELAIDE. HOU8F, LAND, &c ? The Land u portion of Acre 788, having a frontage of m -eet to ARCHER-S'lEKT, by a depth ol 85 feet, on which is erected a bubetantial Stone l ? ? ! HOtJSE with SHOP, &c., and known as the Property of Mr. Walkeb. * For particulars as to Title, apply to Messrs.' CDLLET& Wiolet, Solicitors, King William-Btreet. . . LAND:, MART. ON FRIDAY, 25th SEPTEMBER, 1868, . AT 11 O'CLOCK PBECI8KLY. . ; . GR E E N ) will offer for sale by aac AND f tion— ' ???', WAD HAMI ! Lot . « NORTH-ROAD. . COTTAGE AND LAND. ? The LAND is portion of Section 347, and con aim about as Acrb and a Bali1, fenced in, and fronting the Main North-road. The COTTAUk: is built of Stone, and contains 'wo Booms; there is also a large underground Tank. The Property, which is known as Mr. Thomas Madaqan's, is situated adjoining Mr. 'Avr/m's. ... ,

LAND MAR T. ON FRIDAY, 25THSEPTEMBER, 1868, , . ,AT 11 O'CLOCK PBBCISBLT* , n REEH) will offer for sale by auc *JT and . f tion— . '. WAD HAM' ? ? . ... Lot . NORWOOD. RESIDENCE. LAND. &c. The LAND is portion of Blocks 7 and 18. of 3ECTION 261, containing about AN ACRE AND A HALF, situated fronting the SYDENHAM ROAD, on which is erected a substantial stone RESIDENCE OF SIX ROOMS, with Cellar, Bathroom, Verandah, &c, also Detached Kitchen, and Servant's Bedroom, Stable, iay-shed, and Coach-house, and well of excellent Water. The Garden is planted with vines, fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, &c. The above is known as the Property of Charles Gooch, Esq. *pO OWNERS OF ENTIRE HORSES: ILLUSTRATED HORSE and CATTLE BILLS, CARDS, RECEIPTS, PROMISSORY NOTE BOOKS, &c, &c, and every description of Printing used' by Owners or Agents, executed on the Cheapest Terms, at the Register and Observer GENERAL PKINT1NG OFFICES, Grenfell-strcet, Adelaide. O' A Large Selection of NEW ENTIRE HORSE BLOCKS to choose from, numbered for facility of selection, copies of which will be for wardedoh application at the office. ?PO ADVERTISERS in the REGISTER A -The following is the SCALE of DIS COUNTS on Advertisements (except of Shipping) in the SOUTH AU8TRALLAN REGISTER (Daily Paper), which has been in use since 1853— On 3 insertions— ljd. in the Shilling, or 12J per cent. On 4 insertions— 2d. in the Shining, or 16} per cent ? ? ' ? On 5 insertions— 2Jd. in the Shilling, or 20{ per cent , ' ' ' ' ! On 6. 7, and 8 insertions-Sdl in the Shilling, or 25 per cent , . . On 9, 10, and 11 insertions-3id. in the ShiUina , w On 12,PU,-and 14 insertions—id, in the ShflJJng. or 33J per cent . . ? ?? On 15, 16. 17, and 18 Insertions— Itf. in the Shilling. or 37J per cent . . ; 't -_..„. On 18, 20, and 21 msertions-ALmtte Shilling, or On 22 and 23 insertions— 5Jd. in the Shilling, ot 451 r»er cent. . ' , Month, or 24, 25, and 26 msertions-Cd. in the Shilling, or 50 per cent ? . - ; Six WKEK3. or Si the Shilhnr, or 54J per cent Two Months, or 52 insertions— 7d. in the Shillinr, or 58i per cent Thkek Months, or78insertiona-#Lin the Shil ing, ot 66? per cent. , . The Scale of Charges is as follows:— Two lines „. ... One Shilling. Three lines ? One Shilling and Sixpence. Four line* ? Two Shillings. Five lines ? Two Shillings and Sixpence Six tinea ? Three Shillings. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. Persons wishing to advertise in the Rentier or Obterver, and having no account with the head office ia Adelaide, are requested to forward a remittance with their advertisement*, or to send them through the Country Agents. In all cases advertisements forwarded for inser tion under five lines will be charged 2s. 6d. per insertion, unless prepaid. AJ1 orders to cancel advertisements must be iu writing, and all adver tisements iriderlnitery ordered will be inserUduntil countermanded. These rules will be atrictly ad teed to, at great Inconvenience and trouble ait experienced when advertisement* are vtrbdly wdend.

* ? IMPOPNPINO NOTI0E8. * i _tFrom the Government Oatelte, August 11 1 TALUNUA, Section 7021 (uearest Post-Office Mount Pleasant), Edward Brice, Poundkeeper. One bay horse, ~ over M off shoulder, like J over °,?erC Wltn ** untler near shoulder, like Z near ?SSr Knot claimed, will be sold September ill, 1868, at noon. ALMA, Section 603 (newest Post-Office, Stock port), Martin keuihan, Poundkeeper.— One white horse, no brand visible; 6 1 wethers-gome branded O on rump, some with ear marked, the rest with no visible marks or brands. If not claimed, will be sold September 21, 1868, at noon. ANGASTON (Post Town), R. Hyne. Pound keeper.-One brown mare, white strip* down the face, near hind foot white, trace-marked, no brand visible. If not claimed, will be sold September 21, 18tS3,atnoon. ? , GAMBIER, Section 309 (nearest Post-Office, Attamurra). John Bennett,. Poundkeeper.— One strawberry-sided heifer,., near ear slit off ear topped, no brand visible; one dark bay or brown filly, near hind fetlock white, star, illegible brand near shoulder; one chesnut horse, white stripe on face, near hind, leg white, a piece of rope round neck, like MC .near shoulder; one dark brown or black hone, Hke EM with OC under near shoulder, like S oil' shoulder, lump on off knee. If not claimed, will be sold September 21, 1868, at noon. MAID3T0NE, Chain of Ponds (nearest:Posi Office, Kersbrook), James W*od, Poundkeeper.— One black or smoky heifer, white belly, branded like WB near rump; one rea cow, white belly, top off off ear. If not claimed, will be sold September 14, 1S6S, at noon. . y- ? . I From the Government Octette, Augubt 27.] WAKEFIELD PLAINS, 8ection 145, Hundred of Dalkey (nearest Post-Orfice, Dalkey), Thomas Dalton, Puundkecper. — One red bullock, cock horns, large white spot in forehead, little white on belly, very old and poor, branded like RGorRC near rius. If not claimed, will be sold September 21, 1S68, at noon. GRACE PLAINS, SectToa No. 69 (nearest Post Office, Mall&la), William H. Marsh, Poundkeeper. —One light grey horse. Roman nose, off fore foot white, near fore foot black, ne bratfd visible. If not claimed, will be sold September 21, 1868, at noon. . ' ; ' . MILNE, Section 3011, north of Clare. Rudolph Piper, Poundkeeper. — The bay entire colt, advertised last week, now shows branded hke 5 with JT under near shoulder; one grey mare, collar-marked, branded like J with ?'» over and Bh and b under near shoulder; one brown mare, alack, points, white spot? under saddle, branded like X near shoulder; one black mare, two shoes on in front, white spot off side under saddle, W off shoulder; one bay horse, star in forehead, little white on both hind fetlocks, like Hwith a over and -v and A under off shoulder; one black horse, near fore hoof crippled, lame, like 63 off Bhoulder, 8 near shoulder; one black mare, broken in, no brand visible; one red and white spotted ox, cock horrs, off ear notched, blotch brand off ribs, like C near horn. If not claimed, be sold September 21, lSt'8, at noon. , rFrom'the Government Gazette of August 20. J TALUNGA, Section 7024 (nearest Post-Office, Mount Pleasant), Edward Brice, Poundkeeper.— One: white and red heifer, like JT off ribs, hole In off ear. If not claimed, will be sold September 14 1863.atpoon. ? .' SALISBURY. Allotment No, 2 (nearest Post Office, Salisbury), Thomas Dayman, Poundkeeper. —One bay horse, star on forehead, near hind foot white, no shoes on, and it branded on near shoulder not legible. If not claimed, will be sold September 14. 1818. at noon.

TOWNSHIP OF GBEENOCK, Hundred of furiootpa (nearest Post-Office, Greenock), Cor jeopold, Poundkeeper.— One bay filly, branded a tear shoulder; one bay filly, both bind feet wbitc, iranded a near shoulder; one chesnut gelding, tripe down face, both fore feet shod, no bram isible; one brown colt, no brand visible; one bay illy, off hind foot white, branded 9 near Bhoulder. f not claimed, will be sold September 14, 1S0S, at loon. , . i , GLKNBURN. Geo. HaU Dick, Poundkeeper. )ne black colt, small star in forehead, no brand risible; one chesnut colt branded H oil' shoulder: me bay mare, star in forehead, like — over lW tear shoulder; one chesnut colt, three white feet )Iack spot inside near front leg, no brand visible, ong tail, white stripe on nose; one bay filly, Handed H off shoulder. If not claimed, will be wld September 10, 1868, at noon. I From the Government Gazette, September 10.] SPRING GULLY, Hundred of Clare. Section 49(neare jt PoBt-Omce. Sevenhills), James Dugan. Poundkeeper.— One bay horse, white face am nuzzle, Mack patch on near fore fetlock, branded r off neck, like MS near shoulder. If not claimed, vill be sold October 5, 1868, at noon. APOINGA, Section No. 10, Hundred of Apoinga neatest Post-Office, Apoinga), liobert I'orr, Poundkeeper.— One black entire horse, like fl lear shoulder ; one grey mare, saddle-marked, like rW* conjoined near shoulder; one brown mare, ttar and Bnip, like JP or F near shoulder ; one srown mare, rusty in coat, like 23 near shoulder, :ollar and saddle maiked ; one yearling colt, star, iear hind foot white, snip, like C near shoulder ; )ne bay yearling filly, star, like T near shoulder, ike T near thigh ; one bay yearling, like t )ff shoulder; one brown yearling filly, star and snip, hind legs white, like W with number «- inder near shoulder ; one bay mare, rope on neck, ike W with W under near shoulder; one brown torse, short tail, like W with W under near shoulder ; one black yearling colt, near hind foot irhite, like W with W under near Bhoulder ; one black, yearling filly, like W with W under near shoulder. If not claimed, will bo sold October 6, 18S8, at noon. CLARE (nearest PoBt-Office, Clare), George Reece Poundkeeper.— One grey marc, long tail, branded like Iu7 with AMD over near shoulder, like HH conjoined with ^ over oil' shoulder, oue grey colt, (progeny of grey mare), if branded not risible; one brown or b.ack mare, spots on back, lame in near Bhoulder, branded like B near shoulder; one bay filly, black points, small star, if branded. not visible; one dark, brown colt, long tail, if branded not visible; one brown fitly, small star, near hind feilock white, if branded not visible; one black mare, collar and saddle marked, large star, both hind fetlocks white, branded like I\V with —'over near shotijder; one black filly, star, near hind fetlock white, if branded not visible: onrbay'rhUferSore baclf,' sclr' oil' ribs, oil' hip; down; branded, like ,M with heart urvcr, With blotch under. near shoulder. If not claimed, will be Bold September 28,*J8S8, at noon, by a Magis trate's order.— One chesnut filly, large stripe down face, branded like DR or UK off Bhoulder; one dark brown or chesnut more, etiipe down face, spoUonback and rump, scar on near shoulder, branded like WWB oil shoulder. If not claimed, will be sold October 2. 1868, at noon. - MIDDLETON (newesTPogt-Officej Middleton), William Hodgson, Poundkeeper.— One bay pony mare, like — in circle or heart brand near shoulder, hobbles on fore feet, shod. If not claimed, wilr be sold September 12, 1868, at noon, by a Magistrate's order.— One bay mare, two white spots off back, like C or G near shoulder. If not claimed,' will be sold September 28, 1863, at noon, by a Magistrate's order. AUBURN, P. Curran, Poundkeeper.-One dark bay horse, three white feet, little white in face, branded like writing w with t? under off ihoalder. like J near shoulder. If not claimed, : will be sold October 5, 1868, at noon. -

TOWNSHIP of GRKENOCK, Hundred of Nuriootpa (nearest Post-Office. Greenock), Carl Leopold, Poundkeeper.— One dark brown mare, rope with piece of chain on neck, left hind fetlock white, shod all round, branded like 8 off shoulder; one- dark brown or black hone, saddle-marked, branded like -? with O and 'Z over and TM- under near shoulder, illegible brand off shoulder. If not claimed, will be sold October 5, 1868, at noon. . WHITWARTA (nearest Post-Office, Dalkey), Peter Mathews, Poundkeeper. — One grey mare, branded W with ~ under off shoulder, like Tb with —and heart under near shoulder; one filly foal, branded -S off shoulder, near hind foot white, star in forehead ; one chesnut filly, white blaze down face, hind feet white, branded S off shoulder; one iron-grey colt, branded like % with = over near shoulder; one brown bone, branded like JW near shoulder; one bay mare, black points, branded PN with S under near shoulder, off eye blind, near hind foot white, like S oil' shoulder; one bar horse, branded like H with --' under near shoulder, like & with --' under off shoulder, two hind feet white, on' fore foot grey; small star in forehead; one grey horae, branded like 'S over T with AC tinder near EhonldeJ1; one bay mare, black points, branded J off shoulder, blotch brand near shoulder, oil fore foot shod, star in forehead ; one bay mare, white blaze down face, near hind foot white, no brand visible; one bay mare, branded like 1 over E3 near, shoulder, like O off shoulder, near fore foot white, uff hind foot white, both fore feet shod; one bay filly, black points, switch tail, no brand visible; one bay entire, black points, no brand ' visible i one bay mare, switch tail, branded w near shoulder, saddle marked, hind feet white. If not claimed, will be told October 5. 1868, at noon. '. ? NORTH RHINE (newest PostOfflce, Keyne ton). R. Cumme, Poundkeeper.— One brown mare, branded X 0??r O near 6houlder, white stripe am snip, four white legs: one bay mare, branded Wl conjoined near shoulder, star, white speckled back. If not, claimed, will be sold October 5, 18ti8, a noon. ' ! , ' ' ' ' WALLAROO BAYlneatest Post-Office, Wal laroo Bay), Benjamin Bates, Poundkeeper.— One rusty black mare, branded Tike xtf off shoulder, few white hairs in forehead, collar-marked, few white spots on the back, off hind foot white, with swelling on near fetlock joint, shoe on near foot, with hobbles on. If not claimed, will be sold Sep tember 21, 1868. at noon, by a Magistrate's order. EAST WELLINGTON', Section 1052 (nearest PostOffice, East Wellington), William Lamjjard, Poundkeeper.— One brown cob mare. »tar on fore head, off fore and near hind foot white, switch tail hind feet shod, if branded like v near neck, but think no brand; one dark chesnut horse, blaze down face, has head-stall on, like H near shoulder Bear off neck, switch tail; one black horse, near hind foot white, collar-marked and saddle-marked, E8 near shoulder; one bay colt, star off him foot white, ES near shoulder; one bay mare, star, little white nindfeet, saddle marked, Bivitch tail. like writing w near shoulder, like S or B on' shoulder. If not claimed, will be sold October 5, 1868, at noon. ALMA, Section 603 (nearest Post-Office, Stock- port), Martin Kenihan, Poundkeeper.— One bay mare, small star in forehead, branded like TT near shoulder; one roan colt, 8 within horseshoe near shoulder. If not claimed, will be sold September 28,1868, at noon, by order of the District Council. KING'S BELT (nearest Post-Office. Sheaaok Log), Henry Smith, Poundkeeper.-One licht iron grey horse, one hind fetlock white, star in forehead, long tail, bianded like JB off shoulder with an illegible brand over; one bay filly, star in forehead, long tail, branded like JB off shoulder, with an illegible brand over, they appear unbroken; one dfcrk bay mare, rather .thick-set, very quiet, star in fdrehe'aoYlong tail, like brands near shoulder not dewribable. If not chimed, will be Bold October 671868, at noon.

Agents for the 'register' and 'observer.' Adkuidb ... C. Platts & Co., bookseller!. ' ' ' E. S. Wigg, bookseller. - W.C. Rigby, bookseller. - Charlick, Mrs., grocer. - - idelaidb, Nobth A. M. Cooke, storekeeper. ,. Llbkrton ... W. Whticwall, storekeeper. ' Aldinga ? Jas. Murray, postmaster. ' ' AxutsDALK, N.... K F. Tranter, postmaster. ' Allahdals E. ... R. Kerr, postmaster. fJ-** ? U. Hammond, postmaster. ' Anqaston ... s. Kealley, postmaster. AKQLK Valk ... J. crisp, sterekeeper. £°1K°A ? John Buxton, postmaster. si ABKABA ? g. Thompson, storekeeper. ? Aubukn ? W. Acr.iman, storekeeper. ; w. Taylor, storekeeper. Laatine&Uoss,«tortkeeperi. ' lAKJre'8 Gully... W. SUllwrell, postmaster. ' Jald Hiua. ... J. A. Leake, postmaster. ,l ' JaluannaH ... Edward AiWison, postmaster! Usaim Town... J.S.Uordou& Co., storekeeper! Iklair ? A. Terry, iwstmaster. , I iKLTAJfA ? T. C. Hawke. ' ikadtuolVallkyW. J.Bacon, postmaster. ' . selvioskk ... Thomas Couruue, postiuostor^ JUCK SPiUNQS... Jno. llooper, postmaster. ^ Jlisman ? Geo. CollUon, storekeeper. A' iUNMAJf. N. ... Bwddock, K T., posUnaster. SLUMBpa ... F, Bcvilaqua, storekeeper. , -. Myth's Plains., k. H. Best, postmaster. fc^Iow^ v. Ow. Smou, postmaster. , , gOWDEK ? J. Gibson, storekeeper. HtiaHTps ... Jas. Turner, postmaster. { Sdll'8 Creek ... W. Wills, r^stmMter. - ) BoKNsrjDK ... Jos. Lockwood, storekeeper, i Bugle Ranges... G. Crane, postmtster. Calungion ... Jas. Machin, storekeeper. w A. Tonkin, postmaster. ',; ^amfbelltown... J. Hancock, po8tma8tcr. JASOWlK ... ... G. Woerner, pontmaster. , - ' ;uain of PoNBa Thos. Letme, ltostiuaater. t JHiNKPORD ... M. KinKsborougb, storekeeper, Dlakendon ... J. K. DavU, poytmosler. Claug ? A. Young, storekeeper. ^ouuman'DEL ... E. Slieuley, postmaster. 3ox's Cit£EK ... Wuu Kadlord, postmaster. Ckafkub ? Alfred Taylor, postmaster. l.'ukkknot Cbskc T. Goode. pustnuuter. t)ARU^o ? James 1/firieu. Pavjkishjn, ... H, S.AYosa. iKwtmaster. i . ^bt Cheek ... J. o'Callaahan, postmaiUr. Echunoa ? W. D. Sweetapple, poatnuuter. Bdkn Vallet ... TanUu&Uo., pouuiastcrs. Edwarustown ... Mrs. H. J. FyO'e, storekeeper. Kkoountxb Bay E. Truslove, poaliuoitter. , toriELD ... . ... W. Turvey, portmatiier. gisuoJi ? L. Foord, postmaster. FiNNiaaRAT ... R. HayneB, postmaster. Finnius Valk ... W. H. Liiuuert, postmaster. Fobbeston ... George Harris, poNtuuuter, Fredebickswaldk U. Thiem, pontmaster. FHEELiNa ? G. Sohuuloffell, storekeeper Gambisbton ... JHackwell & Co., storekecpert, ' W. A. Grouch, storekeeper. ' Fidler & Webb, storekeepers. k Qawler ? J. & G. Wilcos, storekwpen. * W Barnet, stutioner. ^ . W. E. Livesay. stationer. Oleum ...- ... W. Hitchcox, postmaster. ' Glen Ohuosd ... Thos. Siuitli, postmaster. ' Golden Ubove ... U WaUou, postmaster. Goolwa ? Thomas Guode. storekeeper. . Gbakd Junction H. Pitchur, postmaster. Gbgknock ... F. Hertz, storekeeper. Gumeracua ... 'Jeo. Smith, postniMter. Hackuau ... a a Canham, postmaster. ? i Hamilton ... (Jeo. Mugg, postmaster. ., Uahbowoati ... George Thomson, poktmuter : Hilton ? John Ruddock, storekeeper , HlNDMABSH ... J. E. Mittun, postmaster. W. 0. Sttiidera, Btorekeeper. Houqhton ... W. R. Stiuibb, postmaster. Inglewood ... W. F. buewin, postmaster. Kadina ? Geo. & W. Birku. sUtionert.

A. Thomson, draper. W. Waters, storekeeper. 8. E. Mxon, stationer. H. Jackson, stationer. , Iingabilla ... J. Thorpe, dtoiekeeper. [anqaroo Island Janet Bristowe, posttniitrou. , lANMamtoo ... John Dulby, poBtmaster. ' :antaka ... A. Wyly, postmatiter. JOJsiNQTON ... E. Howitt, storekeeper. Lknt Town ... S. Frearaon, stationer. -KitsBROOK ... J. McMillan, postmaster. lEYNKTONj ... Mrs. Partridge, postmuticsi. JNG8TON ... P. J.Patterson, postmaster. Ioobinoa ... S. Drew & Co., storekeepers. W. a. Batchelor, stationer. akb Hamilton John Reid, postmister. ANauoBNE'a ... W.D.BtephenBon,postmMter. hasinoham ... Stephen Hicks, postmaster. ONDON ? G. Street, Coruhill. : R. K. Burr, Wiue-ottlce Court iYNDOOH ? F. L. Bevilnqua, postmaster. ? Lagill ... ... W. Uibb, storekeeper. l Wm. Dix, Btorekeeper. ?- [AOCLEsnxLD ... H. Danoker, storekeeper. ???' H. Lllxon, postmaster. ? Lallala ? U. L. Roe. poBtmaster. ' ' [ahuablb ... Geo. Furrier, poHtmoster. ? Ikadows ... P. Murray, postmaster, Ieluourni ... Gordon & Gotcli, news agents. Iklucme ... ... Thou. Marshall, storekeeper. lESiNDiK, N.8. W. Chas. Berry, storekeeper. liLLBitooK ... J. Barclay, postmaster. ! . liLANa ? T. Brukenridge, storekeeper. A. H. Laudseer, postmoater. ' liNTABO ? R. Lathlean, postmaster. ; ' Iitcuam ? H. Taylor, postmaster. ' W. Gardiner, storekeeper. J. Prince, jun,, Btorekeeiwr. lonriiETT Vale Ham. McGregor, postmaster. Ioubuhv... ... — Koop, postmaster, iIoonta ? O. & \V. Birlts. stationers. E. Beytliien, stationer. - Iount Barkeb... A. W. Richardson, stationer. ! Iount Burnt ... it, Edwards, storekeeper. Iount Touren8 James H. Crown, postmaster1 iIount Pleasant J. W. Daniel, postmaster. iAiKHfi ... ... A. W. Richardson, stationer. -ABiiAOOOUTB ... Fidlur & Webb, storekeepers. «ava» ... ... W. Gluyos. postmaster. Jew Tiers ... Theodor Mollor, postmaster. i.-Vf. Bknd ... U. Von Kieben, jrastmoMter. (oaki.unqa ... J. B. Adams, poBtmaster. W. J. Coote, postmaster. ^OEUANviLLB .. J. Cornish, postmaBten Jouton'sSuuuit W. H. Button, postmaster. - Juriootpa ... P. C Jervis, agent. - )'HALLuitANlilLL Mrs. Parker, postmiBtress. W. B. Carter, Btortkeepcr. 'ABK8IDE ? C. Brauted, postmaster. jaynkiiam ... R. Holdsworth, postmaster. J. Cook; storekeeper. ' ' J. Marcliant, storekeeper. rENFiELD... ... J. HoBtwell, postmaster. 'knola ? T. F. McFarlune, news agent ?enwoktham ... John Roach, postmaster, ?lympton ... J. Long, postmaster. E-O11T ADELAIDB... F. 11. Kix, brunch office. Geo. Scarf e, storekeeper. ?obt AD0D8TA ... John Hyiuons. ?obtland Estate W. Williams, Bterukeeuer. Poht Lincoln ... E. J. Uastwell, storekeeper. 'obt Elliot ... E. liarkins, storekeeper. 'obtMacdomnkll J. Bodouoch, storekeuper. '' Pobt Victob ... J. F. Joyce, storekeeper. ' ? ' W. lleapaum. Btorekoericr. -obt Wakhfmld W. J. Wood, Btorekeeper. 'oint Macleay.. John Moulden, poBtmaater. ? ijUEENftTowM ... W. J. Porter, storekeeiwr, KedbuXU ... ... W. Goduon, storekeeper. - Mrs. Branch, storekeeper. iKYNELLA ... Wm. Putlund, postmuuter ' iHiNia ? M. Kyan. postmaster. iiVEETON ... Mrs. lioniur, poBttuistress. ' lOBB ... ... W. McLean, tuilor. : Jaddleavortb ... K Siektuuiui. puBtmosteT) ? Balihbuby ... J. P. 8wann, Btorekeepor. ? . ? : .-.;: ? Miss Pretty. JANDT Creek ... Thos. Pierce, postmaster.' i JnjJOK'a Hjll... John Holt, agent. jheaoak Loa ... Hugo Becker, postmaster. SMirariKLD ... J. Catts, postiuanter. iPBiNQTON ... K. C Gregory, postmaster. ' Jteventoh ... Mrs. T. E. Cooke, postmistresl BtibunoEast ... Jno. Milford, po»tma«ier. Stirling Noam F. Coventry, storekeeper. Stockpobx ... W. Long, postmaster. , , Jno. Watts, btorekeeper. STTjRT ... ... A. AtterHoll, noHtrnaeter. 8TOCKWELL ... A. BamlHjrKer, pontmaater. BTKATUALBYH ... Thos. UteuheiiR. storekeeper ' M. Woolht, baker. , _ F. Home, Btoreketper. ; Stbkakt Bat ... W. Campbell, poHtmaster. Sydney .. ... Gordon &Uotch. newsagents TalibkebMinb... R. J. Shepherd, postmaster Tanunda... ... H. O. Chriitcn, stationer. Tarlke ? J. Tavler, paaiinaater. Tkmplbrs ? O. VVehrstedt, Btorekeeper. Thebabton ... M. CroBby, postmaster. Tothjll's CaEKK F. Knowhng, pontioaster. ?? Thubo ? A. Kaull'mun, poBtiooster. TUNGKILLO ... J. W. Duniel, storekeeper. . Two Wklls „. T. 0. Fowler, postmaster. ? J. Crossley, stoiekeepar. _ . Hastwell k Son, storokeepen. Umbebataka ... B. J. Btuckey, postmaitei/^ JJwley ... ... G. Styles, postmoHter. Vibowia..., ... J. Crosaley, postmaster. WAUUUmttl ... T. M. RendeC. Btorekeeper Watekvalb ; ; ... J. Badcock, Btorekeeper. . VVatkbloo. ... W. BauderK, i»o»tmaster. ?WaLLABOO' ?? ... H. Dean, storekeeper. : ; Ueo. in W. Birks, stationer* .'...?.'; J. Bath, grocer. Wanoabt .-;?;.; W. Warwick, postmaster. WeuunotojiEaot W. Burford, postmaster. Wkntwouth ... J. Price, storekeeper. Wiloannia;N.8.W. J. P. Tripp, storekeeper WiLLASTON . ... H. Johnnon, Htoivkecper. ! L. ? . '?? ? J. Davies & Co., postmaster!,'1 ? ' WILLIAM8TOWN... C J. Andrews, postmaster. -WilloKoa ... H. Malpas, imstmaster. ; WOOD0HK8TKB ... Berry Smith. iKistraask-r. 'Woodsidb ;.. H. A. Whitfield, postmaster. „:? ? J. ii R. Hunter storekeepers. -WOODVILLB ... Jas. Blunt, storekeeper. YankaLILLA ... R. Foale, )-ostma*ter. '' ' NOTICE ToTJvEliTISEKS. Persons wishing to advertise in the Reaitttr or Obterver, and' having no account with the head office in Adelaide, are requested to forward their advertisement* through the Country Afjeuts. Notices of Births, Jjeatuh, mid Marriages ore charged 2s. 0d. each, and in all caseu n.iut be accompanied by the signature und address of the person sending them, or they cannot be inserted. NOTICE The South Australian Kkcihteh (established in June, 1S.TJ) is publinhed every morning (Sunday Mcepted), and delivered to Bubscrilmrs in town and suburban villnpeB, and forwarded by each maU to every part of the Province. It is also regularly Bent to Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales UueeiiKland, New Zealand, WeHtcrn Australia, KinKapore, China, the Sandwich Inlands, Califor nia, iirit.i'b und Netherlands India. Mauiur-k, the Cape of Oood llope L'ulonies, -Jreat Britain slid Ireland, Krunce, Germany, United States .'ot America, UritiKh America, the Went Indies, 8x iScc. ; besides beiiiK tiled at the nctTB-roomg, oorlee- houses, und other public places in the United Kingdom. , , Tekmh of Subscription.— The subscription' he South Australian RKOi^TEBisl7s. (kL per quarter or jCJ 10a. pei Annum, or 15s. per quarter or £3 per annum prepaid. 8iri(?le numbers 3d.' NOTICE. , '~~T~ Mr. 11. K. Burt, 12 aud 13, Wino Office Court, Fleut-Btreet, l^ndon, in authorized to receive all moneys due to the Proprietors of this Journal iu England, and his roceipt .ffill be a sufficient diacharfe. Printed and Published, daily bytlie' Propristflrs, Edward Wm. Andrkwb, Wm. ktctik Tjiomab, and John Howabd Clabk, at tlui Dolce of iho South Australian Register, Grenlell-i^eBt, M* laide, where advertisemenu, orders and comma* nicotians an received.