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The first December examination and distribu tion of prizes of this institution, conducted by Messrs. Nesbit & Drews, took place on Thursday, December 16. There was not a large attendance

of visitors. Dr. Schomburk presided. Mr. Nesbit read the report, which, after referring to the general system of training pursued in the school, spoke in particularly favourable terms of the progress of the German  

class conducted by one of the principals. In addition to other subjects the usual branches of a commercial education had received due atten tion, and the general progress of the scholars, if not in all cases as satisfactory as desired, had, nevertheless, been marked in many instances. A number of recitations were then given by the boys, including several German pieces, and the manner in which they were rendered evidenced that much care had been taken in this branch. The Chairman having examined specimens of letter writing in English and German, spoke in terms of high commendation of the proficiency displayed, especially in the use of the latter language, both the composition and the cali graphy being remarkably good. He then dis tributed the prizes and certificates in the following order: — First Class.— Good Conduct — Prize, Henry Warren ; certificate, Charles Horn. Industry— William McBean ; c., H. Armbrüster. Grammar —Vincent Nesbit ; c., Charles Horn. Geometry — C., Charles Horn. Arithmetic — Hermann Armbrüster ; c., Henry Stutz. Writing -Chas. James; c., Raphael, A. McKenzie, and Simmons.   Scientific Questions— William John McBean ; c., William McBean. Latin— Charles Horn. Ger man—Charles Horn ; c., Hermann Armbrüster. History— George Jacob and Vincent Nesbit (equal) ; c., Henry Warren. Geography— Henry Warren ; c., Vincent Nesbit. Elocution— Her- mann Armbrüster ; c., Henry Warren, Alfred Simmons, and Robert Davies. Bookkeeping— Edmund Levi. Mapping— Townsend Duryea ; c., Charles James. Drawing —John Ashmeade ; c., Townsend Duryea. General Progress, Clean liness, and Industry, as shown by the number of marks— William McBean ; c., William John McBean, Hermann Armbrüster, Alfred Phillips, Townsend Duryea, and John Ashmeade. General Progress in German, as shown by the number of marks— Hermann Armbrüster ; c., Louis Kauff mann. Second Class.— Good Conduct— Prize, Philip Hann; certificates, Edward Simmons and Bar renger. Arithmetic— John James; c., Alfred Simmons and William Sagar. Writing— Arthur Ware; c., Samuel Clark, Charles Colbrun, and William Smythe. Geography— Alfred Phillips; c., Hermann Armbrüster and John Ashmeade. Grammar— Henry Stutz; c., Robert Schomburgk and John Ashmeade. Spelling in class—Alfred Simmons; c., William Cowan -William Smythe and Ernest Nesbit (equal). Spelling and Dicta tion—Alfred Simmons : c., Ernest Nesbit.

German — Louis Kauffmann; c, Robert Schom burgk. Industry— Arthur Armbrüster; c., William Cowan. Reading— Harry Joyner. Third Class. — Spelling— Prize, Samuel Clark; certificate, Albert Harrington. Grammar— William Cowan ; c., Benjamin Cowan and William Sagar. Geography —William Cowan; c., William Smythe and Harry Raphael. German — Arthur Armbrüster. At the close of the examination Mr. Nesbit proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman, and then announced that the holidays would extend over three weeks.