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,- -i,^: ..TJANAJ1A, NEW ZEALAND, i ^pflhjk I. AND AUSTRALIAN ROYAL I ^^^^- MAH COMPANY, LIMllED. 8TEAM TO ENGLAND. CALIFORNIA,. AMD If BW YORK. Via PANAMA, In conjunction with the Steamships of the Royal \ Mail Steam-Packet Company, of London, ana Pacific Mail Steamship Company of New Yonc— The Screw Steamship KaIKOURA. ._.. 1,501 tons register 500 horsepower, J. W%B. Darke, R.N;R-, commander, is appointed to leave Wellington for Panama on the 8th Octoberwith Her Majesty's Maila. -, . ? . , * Through Bills of Lading are issued at moderate ; rates, and Shippers may rely on regular delivery an goodorder in schedule time. _ . .. ... This Company's Steamers leave Sydney/on the lit, and Wellington on the 8th of each month, aie -lue at Panama on th^5th or 6th of the following month, and will form regular connection there us follows:— ' ? .??'.-'.' E OB SODTHAMPTOS. Leave Colon oh 6th or 7th, arriving ut Southampton 29th of each month. '? Fob San Francisco. Leave Panama on 9th, arriving at San Francisco 22nd of each month. ? . , ' 'ForNewYork. . Leave Colon pn 13th or 14th, arriving at New x ork .20th or 21st of each month. ,.._ . Passengers booked from all this Company's Agencies, at through rates, to Jamaica,- Havana, ?Trinidad, VeraCruz, and Demerara. . J1 ?? _ FlrstcfassPassengers are allowed' 338lbs., or 20 cubic feet, for luggage; second-class. ltBlbs., or JL5 cubic feet— which must be' delivered at the Company's Office twenty-four hours before the departure of the steaoier, when it will be labelled, ; manifested/ weighedt and measured. . All excess to be paid for as measurement goods, ?'paiseaj^ra nota Adelaide can join the Com pany's Branch. 8teamer from Melbqnroe ««H«j 1 About the fith instant, which meets the Panama ? iJoat at WdEneton. HERTOT, FULLARTON, & CO., Agents. SPECIAL NOTICETo PASSENGERS. The Koyal Mail Company have decided to run their vessels' through direct from Southampton to - Colon, not calling at St. Thomas. aWfmttS HKRIOT. FULLARTON. & CO. ^ fjiOR MELBOURNE, via ROBE l4'i]£&L' A ? and MAODONNJ4LL BAY. J*&jf&f£m The Steamship Captain F, P. Snewiiv will nail as above on 'Wednesday, llilh instant, at :i p.m. Passengers by H.40 train from Adelaide Station. : ..... GEOKOE YOUNG, gSLfi3.55'fllT56 Gilbert-place, or Prince's Wharf. -jj-i.'i' ElORMELBOURNE.TheSteani lBt^-. 8hiP ALDINGA. ;***s^^; H. McMeikan, master, will sail for Melbourne on Tuesday, Septembers! Passengers ' by L40 p.m. train. ? J. NEWMAN & 8ON. Port. 260-'tS6 J. DARWKNT, OrenfeU-street. ^j,. C1OR PORTS LINCOLN AND jftft&i J? AUGU3TA.-The Steamer ,'; JEB^ lubra, ?WSw*' A. McCoy, master, will sail on Mon day neit, 21»t instant, at 4 p.m. ELDER. SMITH. & CO., ITown and J. STILLING & CO. J Port. \ ' 253'65 J. DARWENT. Grenfell-street. ? ?-._. T?0R WALLAROO.-The Steamer ' ^'lraSt*^ X* KANGAROO. | TM-V£--F»- Capt Gordon, will sail for Wallaroo . ; ?'^^?*pi on Wednesday, September 16, at 4 o'clock p.m. ; ^ ELDER, SMITH, & CO., 1 Town and ! J. STILLING & CO., J Port. 25D*'60 J. DARWENT. Grenfell-street. -k , Xi^OR WENTWORTH AND ' ; «ip»^v I* UPPER RIVERS. -The; JiUKE^1 steamer rwmmr wkntworth i will leave Goolwa on or about 18th instant, calling j .at Milane, Mannura. and Blanchetown. Goods ithrough Darton & Co. G. S. READ, Agent, 253c Goolwa and Port Victor. -v . TnOR WENTWORTH and UPPER ! 4HH). f RIVERS.— The favourite Steamer ; JJUKK^. QUEEN. , *B&^& Captain Pickbills, wUl sail from -!oolwa on or about Wednesday, 16th instant, ' , calHmrat Milang and Blanehetown . : 2'5'60 JOSEPH STILLING & CO» - *S*». T ONDON FEBRUARY SALE.-*.— jflglt. -Li The OBIEST LlSEB 3a3ir coonatto, ??BBS' KB tons, Captain Smart, loads Wool and sails from Pott Adelaide 20th October. Has excellent Cabin accommodation. ? JOSBPH STILLING & CO. 325mwfScv28Av] HENRY SCOT1'. ? , ^ck T30RT AUGUSTA TO LONDON. Jjgft, 17 The Orient Lines ' aTrGSP THE MURRAY, «??*? 902 tons, Captain Begg, will load and ; ?ail from above Port 5th November, for February j Wool Sales. jq^RPR -STILLING & CO., HENRY SCOTT, Adelaide. 225mwf3cv28A.vl C. HACKET. Port Augusta. jLiW'-X-l-RT PIRIK TO LONDON.-The SroCGp' ? ?-1-HB. GOOLWA, -*BBBK-r 715 tons. Captain A. Johnnton, will load and sail from above Port 5th November, for Feb anary Woo. Sales. ^^ ^^ & ^ gffimwfScvaAvl HENRY SCOTT. ? ' jl^»^ T ONDON FEBRUARY SALE3. ^Qj^^JLi The Obiest Lutvs. *UtBEi' 1,125 tons. Captain Legoe, has very ranienor accommodation for Paisengera, and saite froniflsct Adelaide^NoHvembeLWa& ^ 225mwBcr2SAv] HENRY SCOTT. -Aicb. T^OB HOBART TOWN pmECT. jBHS^Jr The clipper Barque ? BrfvLSfr glencoe. ;???., ?Hltlir1 209 tons. Captain G. Phillips, will sail on Wednesday, the 16th instant. For freight or P^58%aPP'y t0 JOHN NEWMAN & SOI*. j.*^ l^OR SYDNEY AND NEWCASTLE. ^S^^ JT —The fast sailing Brig vltMwInSp t. J.Sivier, master, having a portion .of her cargo engaged, will have quick dispatch. For freight or passage, apply onboard ; or to ? 380c, M. SBIPSON. Agent, Queen's Wharf. '.'-a. T^OR KING (JEORGE'8 SOUND jA|^^Jr AND FRKMANTLE. - The taBrSSy clipper Schooner WmSr '^ MARY KING wyi sail in a few days. Good accommodation for Pj25ae-gera* F. B. JONES & CO.. Port. ~'.ri_ THIRST VESSEL FOR WALLAROO j4aJ&.r AND MOONTA BAY -The 2S£S8r Schooner SBB&ir ECLIPSE it loading with dispatch. ,„..„. ApjJy oo board, or at D. Bower ^ Timber Yard. 2&5c ? '?rST' I71RST VKhEL FOR' PORT jASSfe. T CAROLINE. - The regular i is now loading, and will sail with dispatch. . ^plyonboard.«tp ^ ^^ ^ jESAR GODEPFROV, from ? Hamburg.— CONSIGNEES are requested to - PASSCUSTOMS ENTRIES at once, as the Vessel will eoonaeuce Discharging on Tuesday, 15th iiist. Ship will not be respooaifale for any darnaae or defleiency .Mnless pointed out before the Good3 - leave the Wharf. Bills of Lading must be pre sented at the (Wncfi'of the Undersigned, or at Mr. 8 Mocatta's, Port, and Freight paid before the ^UvtryOlBCASsBERG&CO..GrenfeU-street. Adelaide. September 14. 1808. 258'G0 ? %TOTIOE.— CAPTAIN MALZA.RD, ©f Ti the Brig PRO8PER0. wiU NOT be RE ' sSPONBIBLE for any DEBTS contracted by his ?CREW. '????? -^ «'?' September 15, 1S6?. ? 2W3 i npO SHIPMASTERS, MERCHANTS, X AND OTHEM.-The BHIPPING RE 1 FURIES attends to Telegrams or Letters, and his 1 Boats are available for all purposes connected with Beach Branch Office. Lefevre's Peninsula. H. LAND SEER, SHIPPING, . CUSTOMS, AND COXIMISSION AGENT. PORTMILANG. ; (Begs to inform Merchants. Captains of ; Steamers, ^oprifitomof Stations, and the Publu; that all rGoods consigned to him for Shipment per River Steamers, will be Stored in his commodious Storea iVsu of Charge. Shipping Business in all its branches attended to «rith punctuality and at the Lowest Charge. 135cv A. EATON, GOVERNMENT . and MERCHANTS' PRIVATE TELE KJRAPB2C AGENT. POINT DE GALLE. Telegraphing to any part of the United Kingdom ? from Galle, 2Q words, mclnding address, £5 10s. ; for every additional 10 words or fraction of words, : half rate extra.- ? l ... . ? Telegrami sent to all Parts of the World. Fee, 15s. each Messsage, in addition to cost ol -tnnanicsMUL/ ? ? ? . - . 50c MERCHAITDISE. j ; Y'J.UINNESS'S DUBLIN STOUT, . ^~f, lost arrived per Alchymist, direct fron iMarhen 6t Co.; quarts and pints. JAMES T. TURNBULL, ? ^7Smwfc Sole Agent for South Australia. JOULE -fc SON'S STONE ALE. The underaiuned have now on Sale thei .-. usual supply of the abq»e favourite Brand. Ne* ''. Brew and in prime condition. J, ',; HTftJmwfc ? W. PEACOOK & SON. VEUBE-RESISTING SAFEli' V JP;,- JOHN T ANN'S NEW PATEN' ; '' ? ?TEEUANCE' FIRE. BURGLAR, and WEDGJ ' EESISTCiG SAFES, DOORS, &c, obtaina '-'Priie' MediuViti 1*5V and 1862- for ifflprovemeni and excellence of Manufacture. On Sale by G. A. & H. BARTLEET. ! 247wf332 Sole Agents for South Australia.

? MERCHANDISE.^ , ... . rrtr'N SA-LB;: by! the Undersigned— ? \J\ Best Refined ^ohx Olive. Neatsfoot. Eaw. c Boned, and Machinery Oils, in bulk and r ?y--- -drum? ?' ? ??- '!' ' ' ?? .?? ;1-' ' l.t;:i , Best White Lead.. Green and .Venetian Red , Paints, Bladaerand Bulk Putty,; Antifriction * Copal. Carnage. Polishing, and £aje °»£ ( 'Varnishes, Black, Japan, and Mithilated J I.R.'packmk with Insertion, Boiler. Roofing. , , - and Sheathing Felt r Horseshoes, French Iron .Bedsteads ? . Lead Piping, all sites. BoJer Biveta ^ ^ i f Tobacco^ finest Southern Twist and Aromatic, ; 'pin^Kilkrr Bristol's;1- Pillsi' JTownsend's I ^ ? -SceHsofVand Wool-washing Soapai^r. Young, &Co.'s Australian Mauena. .? . .. f Mackenzie's Oatmeal. Hostetter s and Cham- { ' '' pagne Bitters : .: i . - .. ? Grocers' Paper Bags, and a variety, of other - Goods too nuraerons to particularize. ' i ? Orders executed for every description of Goods from Melbourne and the adjacent Colonies. I 1JNDENTS taken for all kinds of American Machine: kul)Kms, ? ! jggju^fc Gilbert-place, Adelaide. O'*NSALE— ? ,' r MORE WOOD'S BEST TINNED IRON .-. : ^toSfeett' .!:-:«;: . I .: ;, !? ? Best Zinc, Nos.ll and 12 , . - , , ..; . , ' Eagle Brand Wire,' Nos. 4, 5. and 6. - ? ' . ;50wsc ^P- SANTO. W^ymonta-rtwet. F~~ OR SALE. PEWSEY VALE WINE, ? at the Cellars, Imperial-Chambers, King ~ WiUiam-atreeL JQ3K(mjSER],tTl0^t6^ [ 332w- ' ' ' F.^ANTHE8, Manager. ' '] 1 18fel867; NBW Y6HK^18S»r Dmtnr. 1886: t7Rr'siH0Sr3l'0OCOA. ; ?JL- ( Iceland Moss) '????. Mandpaciokebs by Appointment to the Qpssx, the Phikck of Wales, and the Emperor ???'??'' of the French. ? FRY'S HOMOEOPATHIC. COCOA .; Is highly approved, and recommended by Medical . MehforPunty, Dalicacy et Flavour, and Nutri tl0UsQljSf?3 SOLUBLE 0H3COLAT£ i FR^'S CHOCOLAl'E FOR EATING. . Are Delicious, Wholesome, and Sustaining, and f being piepared with scrupulous regard to purity are universal favourites. Itt4mwftlt£lvl(15-tl67 LEA & PERRINS' celebrated WOR CESTE£8HIRE SAUCE, declared by Con noisseuis to be THE ONLY GOOD SAUCE. CAUTION AGAINST FRAUD. The success of this most delicious and unrivalled condiment having caused certain dealers to apply j the name of 'Worcestershire 8am*' to then- own : inferior compounds, the Pu'.lic is hereby informed that the only way to secure the genuine is to ASK FOR LEA & PERRIN8' SAUCE, and to see that their names are upon the wrapper, label*, Hopper, and bottle. . . Some of the Foreign Markets having been suppied with a spurious Worcestershire Sauct upon the wrapper and Una's of which the names of Lea & Pemns have been forgai, L, and P. give notice that they have furnished their Correspon dents with power of attorney to tate instant pro ceedings against MamfocUrtra and Vendor* of Bueh. or any olher imitations by which their right j mayibeinninged. ? ? ? | Ask for Lea. k Perbins Sauce, and see name on : wrapper, label, bottle, and stopper. Wholesale and for Eipoit by the Proprietors, Worcester; Crosse & Blackwell, London, &c; and by Grocers and Oilmen universally. . MARTIN & SACH. Adelaide. Agents. 39-t38rwt42 ? ; VITARRNAMBOOL POTATOES.— ' I' Now Landings ex Penola, a small Shipment in prime condition. Apply to ROBIN & LEME33UBIER, 259''61 ,' . ;. Town and Port. H~ YDRAULIO WOOL-PRESS and SMALL PORTABLE ENGINES, vov Landinc ex Viola, on Sale by ? ^ 2Binwfc . G. A. & H. BAKTLEET, TO SQUATtIiRS AND SHEEP - FARMERS. ??? : ? 8HEEPWASH»TOBACCO, in any quantity, on sale, duty paid and delivered, or in bond. , 251mwfc M. C. DA VIES. Gilber^place. NGINES, Drills, Lathes, Punching and Shearing Machines, - Weigh-Bridges, Crab-Winches, Corn-Mill, &c. onSaU by I88mwfc G. A. & H. BARTLEET, OTEAM-ENGINES: — Portable and O' Stationary Horizontal Steam-Engines. of from 6 to 30 horse-power, on Sale by ? 177c . JA3. KOBIN & CO. BOWER, TBIBER MERCHANT . and IMPORrER, St.' Viscsnt^tbect. .1 Port Adelaide. Premises lately occupied by Mr. J. Pulsford. All kinds of Building Materials on hand. ? : . ...... . 2o5mfff314y56-3l£ POALS-HOUSE AND SMITHS' \J COALS. Best Screened House Coals Best English Smiths' Coals Bevt Newcastle Smiths' Coals. ? For Sale, in any quantities. ' ,. WILLIAM W. BLYTff. !74-2G5 ??? NortMerrace Coal- Yard. riOALS, COALS, COALS, COALS.— \J FOR SALE, iu any quantity, at the Offices cf the ROUTH AUSTRALIAN CUAL COMPANY. LIMITED, 19. King William-street. Adelaide; and of Messrs. Scott & LitHe. Port Adelaide. ' 258mwfr72 : ? THOS. E. BURY. Secretary. ! /?IO ALS. — English and ! New South V_V Wales, . for Household, Steam, and Black smiths' use, 'of best quality, for Sale, in any. quantity, at lowest price. Orders received ? at my Offices, ? Carrie-street, Adelaide; and. at Queen's Wharf, Port Adelaide. '15a n .} HENRY SIMPSON. ???-:.? BUSINESS yOTICES. ;-* ' F ONDON, PARIS, AND GERMAN JU ; NOVELTDB. Al . ? ' BOOTS AND SHOES. Just Opened, Ex Goolwa— LADIES' FANCY GLOVE KID BOOTS. The PERSIAN. BEN LOMOND, NEW VIC TORIAS, and other NEWSTYLES. : . GERMAN all LASTING BOOT3. GENTLEMEN'S air KID BOOTS. SIDE SPRINGS. CRICKET SHOES, &c, YOUrHS', MAIDS', and CHILDREN'S .BOOTS and SHOES in every variety, ? '??- ???' AT ?' ? - '' ' . BRANDON'S SHOE WAREHOUSE, 78, RUNDEE-STREET. ' Observe.— No Boots and Shoes leave Brandon's Mart without his Name being affixed to the bottom of each pair. 251c ______________________   THE Undersigned have TAKEN the BUSINESS lately carried on by Mr. A.   BEAN.   All Orders entrusted to their care shall meet prompt attention.   A well-assorted, cheap, and good Stock of Grindery, Leather, Boot uppers, &c always on hand.     Hides and Skins Bought. H. G. CROCKER & CO.     (Late Bean Brothers) 27, King- William-street. 259 '63v63 ________________________________ A LARGE and WELL7SELECTED STOCK of PIANOFORTES and HAR MONIUMS, by the most approved Makers, to select from, warranted to stand, the climate. ' Alexandre's Harmoniums, best quality. Regulation Field Bugles, admirably adapted for mail-drivera' use. ?;. f- .; , Anglo-German Concertinas, warranted by the maker for two seais.' ', ' l '?????- ? ? ? AU thematertals for thoronghly Repairing Pisno, fortes imported and kept in stock. Eveiy requisite fur Wax. and Paper ; Flower-making. Novello's Masses, Oratorios, and Musical Times; Hullah's Manual and Part Music; Anthems by Fawcett, Jarman, Dalglish, Campbell &c, at ? ' - '? SAMUEL MARSHALL'S, - ? -» ; 41mwfc : . : 52, Ruodle-street. '?? AOSTERLOH, lVLv^pt: of SuEviririNa . and Philosophical iNSTBihtErTS, No. 60, Raodle-stEeet, opposite1 the Hamburg Hotel. -? THE OLDEST-ESTABLISHED PRINTING OFFICE in the Colony is the REGISTER ami OBSERVER GENERAL STEAM PRINTING OFFICE. Grenpell street. Adklaidk, where LETTER-PRESS, 8TEREOTYPE. COPPERPLATE, ana MA^ CHINE PRINTING of every description is executed in the most Superior Style. ' Messrs. ANDREWS. THOMAS, & CLARK have Commodious Premises, built expressly to suit the various requirements of the Trade, the possession of which, together with the latest and most approved liachinery and Materials, and the employment of skilful Workmen, enables them to execute all Work committed to their care in a style not to be surpassed, with the utmost expe dition, and at the lowest possible rates. A. large quantity of New ami Fancy Type for Posters, Cards, &c (incliulimr a Series of Medieval Founts for neat Circular Work), has just been added to their already Extensive Plant; also New Blocks. . Fancy Papers and Cards continually \ arriving from De La Rue's. Wood Engravisq and STEREOTTPnra equal to London Houses. Fancy PBDmso in Gold, Silver, and Bronze, in Inks of any and every Colour. Bill-Heads, Mill and Cart Notes, Business and Address Cards, Circulars, Cheques, Chemists' and other Labels (gummed and cut), Magazines, Periodicals, Almanacs, Catalogues, Mercantile Prices Currents, Pamphlets, Music, Deeds with Plans, and Bookwork and Job Printing in general. Printed Forms of various descriptions always on hand, such as Blank Mill and Carl Notes, Ac ceptances. Bills of Exchange; House, Shop, Storet Wanted, and other Bills ; Indentures, Leases, WiUs, ftc ftc, verr cheap. Books, Forma, and all the work required by Cor Derations, District Councils, .Boards, Committees, Agricultural, Insurance,. Mining, and all othei 3 : Societies, with promptitude, and' on'ranoriabl) terms. I Posting and Hand Bills in any quantity got on on the ihoiteat notice by Steam.

:__rBPSIHESS HQTICES.,, .„';. T r r.:T,-W..J- i-)i.BrTJ:-Jj,!l;; -.*, d C..0 . Y . COLONIAL WINS MERCHANTS; t; ^HAD-ESr-'- (-^1Ji ? - -At.RMBOf BAHK'ofMraXBALAl&A. t -' WHOLESALE-CELLARS. 9, Cdrbie-btbeep. ?, ^~. t;. ? ; ; .: .?'?J;255inwf3M- ^.QL.D.r ' GO'L.U.' .GOliI),-, DT LONG GIJLtY : Ma' JUPITER CSEEK OLttPURCBJ-LSimat\£318tpet.Onncebj ' ... , .MUIRHEAD& CO., Adelaide, tBxchange for Watches. &c: : ? - S8wf62 PHE CRICKET SEiSON: l^i- ????? ?????'??'?? ^ ?-??? :«'J --? : :;;.. C;U N.jNIJNG H A tt.'.S. :-z:: : 23 and 31i BUNpLE-STREET^ADniAiDK;. , Have now Unpacked their New Stock of , ; cbic.ketwa;rje1: ' '. ''' UPEFIOR COMPRESSED CRIGKET:'rBAT3. Cane and WhaleboheHandled Bats : ,!J^ . ' All Cane, Malacca Cane, Double-Spring Whale bone; and Cane i centre Handled Bats ; ' »MPRESS£D ON THE LiTEbT IMPROVED r PRINCIPLE. ., PEE3ENTATION MATCH BATS. Doubl&aeam Practice Balls Treble-Seam Picked Ustth Balls Nicholson's Patent Compound Bate Match Stumps. Brass- Ferrulsd and Jrun.-3hod Ordinary Practice Stumps Albert Batting Gloves, ventilated UaiiBU«U Tubular Indiarubbei Gloves ? : ??.'?... Padded and Skeleton Leg-Guards ' Loose Spikes and Screws -' -. ,K*bi)nz Books and Papers Ana afi oih#r Articles used in the GAME OF CRICKET. All of the above Goods bftve .been speoiallt !REPABED to ocb qvvn qrdkr. The materiaU used iave been carefully selected with dne regafd to the jumatcand sonid f»tra trouble and expenae has »en incurred in consequence.; but ve are assurM -y the Manufacturers that they have erery con|. lence in the result. ? . ...' .Our usual rule of holding one member (who Is mown to us) responsible for aiticles supplied to a 2LJJB will be adhered co. ? 253,'6mwcv5'.-6:) ^PHE AUSTRALIAN USSJfiNCE is X quite harmless to animals, but is unrivalled in DESTROYING and PREVENTING FLEAS, MOSQUITOES, arid - every i other INSECT NUISANCE;- Ona trial will suffice. , .. . . May be had Wholesale of F. H. FAULUnra and Co., Adelaide, and Retail of all Druggists and Store keepers. ? ' : 255mwfc IITTLLCO^: & GIBB'S FAMILY VY SEWING-MACUINES.-REDUCED Pbices. PouaHED Table, j68 IOs.; Hal5-Cabi-'KT; ^10; ? ' vi . FOLIiCABIHET.^iS. ? 1. . ? This Machine will Sew every description of work uny Machine can do. Free on board at above prices. SAMUEL !HEBBLEWHIT£ Sole Agent for Australia, U Bourke-street, Melbourne. 249-339 DOOKBINDING Neatly Executed. 13 LAW and GENERAL BOOKBINDER, Masfc B6ok3 Bound to open flat ' : At BYNGTi k Kisp W1LUAM-8XBRBT. . ; New Stock 3-J Lined-Brie.f ana Ifei? 3. ta^onery. L^DWARD C,OX, Marble, Stone, and J-i - ? Slate Works, j ? ? '??? ? Way mouth and Bentham streets. MARBLE .TOMBS, Monuments, and Head itories, from £± to £100. ? -'? '????? ' ?' ??*?'? ' : ? A Large Assortment qf IRON TOMB RAIL INGS, with Stone Work, and fijed complete,' from £8. '?'? ? : ? '-?:.;.. CHURCH TABLETS and FONTS. - MARBLE and SLATE CHIMNEYPIECE3 always on hand. , : ; ???..'. '?,????::- SLATE FLAGGING and FREESTONE in any quantity. ' ' Jest received, ex Coonatto, a large quantity of the BEST SICILIAN MARBLE. 212.16mwf302 TDISCUITS. BISCUITS. BISCUITS. MJ -The AERATED and FERMENTED BREAD and BISCUIT COMPANY are now offerering their SUPERIOR BISCUITS at about ONE-HALF of the USUAL RATES, quality gua ranteed equal to any made in the colony, in quaatuies of not less than 15 lbs., at the following prices :— , . i-Perlb. -???? iPerlb. Picnic Biscuits ... 54 ! Wjn^ Biscuits ... 5d. Bush do. ... ..'..fid. Butter do.'..V ... 5d. Mixed do. ..-: .. 5d. I Abernethjr do. ... fid. Soda do. . ... : . ... 4id. I Water do, ... ... 4d. Arrowroot do. ' ... 5d. I Ship do., 18?. per lOOlbs. And other sorts equally as cheap. ? Packages to be charged for. . ' I42''53mwfc A R T H U- R HARVEY, XX LICENCED LAND BROKER. Exchange-Buildings, Gilbert-place, Adelaide. Money to Lend, Sections taken up, and all Real Property Act transactions undertaken. 162mwfc T W J L LI A MS, WHOLESALE, V . P.ETADU and MANUFACTURING STATIONER, PRINTER. PAPER-RULER, &c. 54, Kink William-street, opposite the Exchange. ? . , /-- ... j ..,:.;?: ? .;.; .. ',.?_ ? .. : .?.:-,i...i7..a0fii? J1^ H. HOWE begs \o acqijaii^t his v'' Customen and the Public thatjlie h&s : REOPENED his SHOP, 27, HINDLEY-STREET, and will oner his ? STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES -, : : at a r , DISCOUNT OF FORTY PER CENT. , J. H. wbuld especially impress on his Customers for the future his . . TERMS ARE CASH. 200thsc BGUODE & CO. -have Just Received, . por Ettie and Goolwa, 18 Cases' NE » PHOTOGRAPHIC GOODS, all best quality and Cheapest in the Colonies. Silver, 4s. per ounce; Album Paper. 4s, 6J. per dozen, &c. New Price List on application to t.i .?;?..[ ..';.- ., B. GOODE & CO., 69, Rundlr street, ; A Compcete Set of Apparatus with IireTROOr XIONSfor£10. :1 ; / ', -,.,, .. 25t-ths68 H'! JONES, Artist Photooraphek, . : Opposite Town Hall. King William-street, Adelaide, formerly Manager at the Melbourne and Sydney . Photographic Company's. Collins-street east, Melbourne, and from July, 1866, - to February, 18458. Operator at Me. Durjrea's.-. , £ Cartes de Visfte, 15s. per doieq; estra copies Is. each ; Cabinet'Portraits, 30s. per dczen^.. . ?. Photographs, Paintings, or EnRraviriKB Copied, Carte de Visite Size, 12s; per dozen. ' ' . . . . : :. :.! .:,. 219tbi310v22l-305 TIURKISH' BATHS, Tinder the :JL- Patr6nage'6f the Gorerrior and the Medical Board of the Adelaide HospitaL - Opgn daily from 10 toa ? .'.''/ ;?' ' ' l! Ladies1 days, Tuesdays and Thursdays. ' ,..219thst3tt , ,( '. T. BASTARD, Lessee. ALFRED BAKER,1 BUTCHER, -'- BklGHTOK, desires to return thanks to his numerous . Customers . for. their liberal support during the last 22 years, and begs to assure them that he will still endeavour to merit their favour by supplying the Choicest Meat at Apelaiqs Prices/ ? ? ? ' ; - ' : ; ? Families visitiDg Brighton and Glenelg during thesummer months will have their orders carefully attendedto. ; ' 1. . . 1 AddtesB-A. Baker, Batcher, Brighton. . N.B.-Carts to Glenelg daily. 254mh.'M2 pRINOE ALFRED MEDALS.— -L Parties having received Prize, Medals can have their Bill-Heads, Cards/. Memo. Forrrisi &a, printed with fac-Bimileof the Prize Medals thereon at the Regitltr. and .O6*r»eE_General Printing Offices. ? _^ ? DERRY'S USEFUL INVENTIONS. ? PERRY'S Patent PneuraatioFountaininkstand PERRY'S Patent Flexible Ruler. , PEKKY'S Patent Paper Binders.' ' PERRY'S Patent Paper 'Weights. ' ' PKKRV'S Patent Indiarabber Window Cleaners PERRY'S Patent Pen Brushes. . ; - PEKRY'S Patent Bostonite Goods. v-.\- - PERRY'S Patent letter Files. ' PERRY'S Patent Compressed Lead Pencils. PERRY'S Patent Propellin? Pencils. : 253q ? PLAITS & COMPANY. A CCOUNT-BOOKS for the New Year ?ii- —An' extensive assortment of Account' Books, Writing Papers, Envelopes, and General Stationery, at reasonable mices. ? JOHNHOWELU : ' 361q ~ 4, Rundle;street. Adelaide. ON SALE, at the 'REGISTER* and 1 'OBSERVER' GENERAL PRINTING OFFICE, Grenfell-street, the following PBINTEE FORMS, BOOKS, &t:- Alphabets Indentures Agreement to Let' , I.O.U. ? Lease Sections Lease, with and withoul Acceptances— variety of ' right ofpurchase ° style and paper . Message Forms : ! BiUa of Sale ? Memo, of Mortgage I Bills of Tiding Money Orders ; 1 Bills of Exchange , ? , Memorial Paper Bills Payable an Be No Stnuking ceivable ' Petition Paper : Cart Notes ' Promissory Notes ; Cards-No Credit Beceipts j Conditions of Sale Sheep Returns ?.. I Drapers' Labels, . , Wheat Receipts i Delivery Notes WiUTorms : .'.; j ? Orders Window Bills (92 kinds AGENTS IN MELBOURNK Measrs. GORDON & GOTCH. of Collms itreet west, Melbourne, have been appoints AGENTS in Victoria Cor the Register and Oburvt Newspapers, and are authorized to collect Account One. Advertaements ami SabesriberB* name* wil be receivtd hv them, ard wi'' maat with promn .?ttnntinn FOR SALE, a BUTCHER'S BU3INES3 at GOOLWA, with LEASE 0 Four- Roomed HOUSE, Yards, Pureery, Slaughter house, and 26 Acres of Land. For further pai ticnlars, apply to R. T. Polkinghorue, Goolwa: 0 Dean, Laughton, & Co., Adelaide. 259c TO BUTCHERS.— A First-rat BUSINESS TO be DISPOSED OF, situate in the Country. For particulars, apply to Mi Battams, Freemasons' Tavern, Pinfrstreet WANTED to PURCHASE, 'an'lRO] HOUSE, fit to be removed. Apply 2 King William-street, z

Z ?'ffRffTEBt ASt CIOtHHrG. ': 1 B --?...': L. K L I S S ' E R,: 1 i'TAlLOR AND OUTFITTER, J ' ? -'? ??74, RUinHrE-STREET, ADELAIDr.. .' --': O Jegs most regpectfully, to tender his best thanks a or the very liberal patronage bestowed upon him J inc« hii commencement in business as above. . o C. L. K. would invite the attention of Gentle- J den to his present large and weli-assorted 8tocK of _ SEASONABLE GOODS, . . * n Cloths, Tweed*, Drills, Keady-llade Clothing, I Ihirts, Hats, Tie?, Collars, and, in fa«, ail the R letails of a welL-ippointed Establishment, recently 1 lurchased by him iu the best LONDON, ADELAIDF. AND MELBOURNE . . - ; MARKETS ,' Portmanteaus of. all sizes. Umbrellas and Walking-Sticks. J ? ' ?*-'--.? , ».a.-C L. K. havinerengaged the^ervices of ^ tfr. Thomas Honvoop, Military Tailor, late .of 5, * MUitis-streer; Melbourne, as Cutter, and having ^ ^6d thTAtLQRING DEPARTMENT - i:;' j J inder his immediate .superintendence,: can with : ( ? -. every confidence iruanntec ;; .. -r ' VIP, 'WORKMANSHIP, AND STYLE iecond to none in the Cfrtony, ? -2qotawft|8vtl8 OUR ' STOCK ;W now Bzkvrrrvtvt t :? ???? Sorted in Evbrt Description of ' ! '--: 1 1 ? , GENTLEMEN'S GOODS. ' for the Season.' both in the ' '. 3LOTHING *: OUTFITTING DEPARTMENTS. i :,;?;?.? I /A^MACGEOBGE&CCvr r!' . - TAIIjOfiA HATTEBg, and OUTEITTEE^, . 'j- i-»-\ »t^ldelsiaeiindGamb}ert-Jn.^: ?'?-?- 7tfl0mwl7irt3-?Q ? '. ' ?. -. \ : . SUMMER GOODS, Er GooiwiT— j;: MILLKR ANDERSON & CfL). are Now Dpknixg, and will mark aa low as possible, a very Large and Well- selected Shipment of SPRING »nd SUMMER GOODS, to which attention to invited. ? J. MILLER ANDERSON & CO.. at then Akso^l HfogKiAKtsa (just finished) Masked DjQVJT lo yery LjjwPrices Goods left otbt last: niton. ' i '? ;.. ' 'T ' ' ; No. 17. Hindleyrstroet. II 84^-'74v^-?0 EST. - OF ENGLAND BLACK BROADCLOTH. TWEEDS, AND . DOESKINS.- ?''?' FIRST' QUALITY ih; SCOTCH TWEEIJS,'- from ::',-. .?:.- - the BIST. MASDFACTUBIEa. .-?;;;: ! ?';????? XiirNEwt goods: h— ? - j CUT in thc'FIRST ^STYLE, and.qoT.'JDP.'on'th(B: ? ';;' Premises' mthe best PosarBLESTANSEB. ' .' ; Tb#PRIjJE ^^S^J^HA^iaTftfeyf' - '?'?? JOHN^ BAIiLANTifNE .;*? CQti ! . :/ : /.iil 38,'RDKDLK-8rBBK.. .. 25lt^»- ; f 0 H ^N; *% ;;N O %T HMO R E tl ???'? Bespectf ufly Solicits an inspection of the : ! ' ' '?? i;.-'\ vi undermentioned,. H ?„. ???y\*, \ c,9Eap lin-eX '?;?.?'.! E^entlv - purchased under advantageous chxiam ' ' -USUAL SMAL^°BAP qllBjaQBI? ! ' For which his Establishment is so-well known. ? 4,340 Yards all Wool French LlamW lOJito 15li, ' worth 15W. to2Hd. ' i*1-1 '?'?'??? H *-? «'?« ! 4,509 yards Fancy Dresa Fabrics, from. 5b lld^ibe dress of 12 yards. . . ? ' \ Choice New Fancy Dress Fabrics by- the Last OyEBLASD Mail, purchased a jaeaX .bargain ? in England, ^'n4 * Rpw offered 20 per tent.1 lessl ; than the same good's which nave been shiflned. by the, usual route, can be sold. at when they ? arrive.' ' ' ' ' ''' ?' L ?'.'?' ?'-' ^'-' 1.997 Worked Muslin Collars and Sets, from 4Jd. t^ 2i. lid., usual price 9Jd, to 5s.* 6d.. A very; -? great bargain.- -j ?'- c ? ?'- -' | Six cases Girls', Bogs', .Ladies', and Gentlemen's . Leghorn Havs, very cheap., ' ' ',*''*' ! 8)0 yards Fifrniture Damasks, Is. 4}d.t worth Is. AMAVool dltfoiW llid., worth 3s. '? '' ;; ! \ Double Width ditto, 2s. 3d. ': . : : j 2,169 vards Brown Hollands -the cheapest in the City. ??-'? V: ' ? '?-' ?:-:'- ; ! 1,961 yards Buff =Greeni and White-Window; Hollamls-decidedly cheap. 632 yards wide' imitation Crochet Lace for long window curtains, from 9 jd. per yard. . -y. ; Unbleached Calicoes, 3s. 3d. the dozen— wholesale Ijouspsgre now- asking ,Ts. 9d. for thec8ame .. ,;-auahtjf. ,:*?'-,' ,'???,:, ??',. j „,,, '' „ ,. ; Unbfeaclied Sheetink Ciilicofcs, from lOfd. to : ?? ls.'illjd.- peryard— now worth 20 per cent.' . . , more. . .?...- : ..,,.. . . . ! Bleached Sheeting?,'very nice quality, Is. 9Jd/ ' Ditto, ditto.; .twilled. Is. ll}d. per yard. : White Calicoes, from 3s. lid. the dozen yards. Good Blankets. 16s. 91. the pair, worth 19s. 6d. ForReady.-niade. Clotlunir, Drapery, Hosiery; Trimmmgs— the best value for money— . j ? ' ???' o''l; ? 'Got& -' -'?' :'-''-i i »' ? :?-. JQHJJAilNORTH^ORlpa,1:! ----': .: i NfiiBTIJKTOfiK, KpSDLEr&TOKErf. u; N.B.— PATTEBifS senf^to RiBiDESta ifliUM CODNTBY on receipt of. stamps for postage. .. __ '_J___! ? ' ? ' *' 256ev6fr' B'F: S J N Eg S P O S; T'E R;S, ? ; ' ? ' ' : ra as? -'!:' - ?'-'' . SIZE.: COLOUR, OR, 8T¥LBiI;- i j Executed promptly at the ' ' REGISTER' OENERAL PRINTING-OFFICB P^JJ^ATIONSlo STATIONERY EVERY SATURDAY we UNPACK OASES of NEW, POPULAR, and STANDARD BOOKS. Amongst the most recent are— Agnes. Christian's Mistake, Castles and their Heroes, the Wizird of the Mountain, Tennyson's Vivien and Guinevere, illustrated by Dore, in 1 vol. or separate. Charms of Elocution, Daily Devotions for Children, Bible Teachings in Nature, Biande's Dictionary of Science and Art, 3 voIr., Engineering L'^cU. Union Tune Book, Architect's Guide, Templeton's Steam Engines, Orley Farm, Can You Forgive Her, De Bonnechose History of France, Life of Wilberforce, Notable Things, Head Centre, Ewing's Principles o Elocution, British Pharmacopoeia, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Ta- lor on Poisons, Family Herald, vol. 25, Queen's Diary, cheap edition. Graham's Domestic Medicine, Cap ain Crawley's Handy Book of Games, Proctor's Half-Hours with the Telescope, Johnson's Lives of the Poets, cheap edition, Macmiilan's Sunday Library, vqL 3, Chavasse's Advice to a Moiher,' Epicure's Fear Book. Tavlor'j i Medica-Jurisprudence, Life and Letters of Rev. T. Robertson, U rote's Plato, Fiirbairn'B Mills and Millwork, Boston Machinist. ' ;? aOOq CHAS. PLATTS & COMPANY. : THE IMPERIAL SPEAKERi X Bell's Standard Elocutionist h: :? ?/- i ? s I Bell's Modern Speaker.' . , . ? ? Hartley's Academic Speaker. ' ' J' ? i . Carpenter's Penny Readings, inlOrvoli.. j . . Carpenter's Penny Reailings, in 5 double vols. '? Carpenter's Standard Reciter. - '' ?? ' The Excelsior Keciter. , , ? The General Reciter. * ? Engeld's Speaker. ?- -?? j Brewer's School Recitations. . . . . Arrustronv's Class-Book of English Literaturd Wilson's aass-Book of Poetry. ^ ?- i - - - ? ' Nelson's Readings from the Best, Authors, . partsi and 2. ? - ' ' ' ? ? :Nehpn'« literary Reader, Prose Authors. ' i Parker's Readings in Poetry. - ; ? .- 223q E. 8. WIGG; 12. Bundle-street. N%\V BOOKS,1' EDITIONS, ' &o.^ ? Tudors Leading Cases on Mercantile and ? MarituneLaw.^. . ? , - Ayckbourn's Chancery Practice ? ? - » Daniels's Chunoery Forms, in 1-oL ? -, u ;i PoweU'».Law of tridence ,. r 'H-Dixoh'sNew America, 2 vols. ? :-: - ! ? Hamilton's Pearl of Parables - The Boys' Friend ; Figuter's The Ocean World : ..; „ . Kiniraers The Paris Exhibition of 1867-,.. Lyell's Principles of Geology, vol.' 2. . ' 1 ' - Owen's Conspectus orStudenfs Remembrancer Don Quixote, illustrated by GuBtave Dore Ddolittle'8 Social Life of the Chinese ' : ? ' Barnes on the Psalms, yoLl . :; : Do.- Relation of Christianity to the presei stage of the World's Progress -- ; Do. Life at Threescore . Robertson's, F. W., Sermons, second series ? ' Dimbleby's Shorthand Dictionary ; I JayJsTheLaw . . . ; Binney's From Seventeen to Thirty Following Fully, or Giving tip all fof Christ ' A Sister's - Bye Hours, by author of Studies f ( Stories ?? - . :8toneKdge ? ?? ?? ?'? --? . r C. ad: . j . Leaves from the Journal of ,Our life in th Highlands ' ' '- -?-*«????' ?*??? '-- i Braddorfs Birds of Prey . :i .?-; -t .rj ,-..' Waterhouse's King and People of Fiji Gray's The Class and the Desk.''-- ' ?' ; i'lS;,..-H 4.J. W. C.:RIGBY. . V ? 215q , ' , . , . ? 53. Hinaley-8treet. ; N'.f E W. ; ,B O 0 K S.j-p . Ecce Homo (on) by Gladstone ' Kinglake's Invasion of the Crimea . ? . » Ravensteirron Gymnastics and Athletics . ! ' GillespieV Principles and Practice of Road. ' ? i making ! ? .. ? ? : i j . . Speeches of Eminent Men . : ' Epicure's (the) Yearb-iok and Table Companion Social Life of the Chinese : ; -, i Sketches of Japanese Manners and Custom byJ.W. Silver '?'? : ? \ Consult Me-the book that every Family;nee- Enquire Within, new edition ''''? Half Hours with the Telescope ' Buds of Prey, a novel by the author of Lac Audley's Secret; also ...... Captain of the Vulture, by the same anthor Australian Tales, by Old Boomerang Lake Victoria, by Swayne Hutchinson on Doe Breaking ;. . Hogg's History of the Microscope Hume's life of Governor Eyre ' ''?? ' The Desert and the Holy Land, by Dr. Wallace The Admiralty Manual of Scientific Enquiry Man, his Nature and Ministry ' ; ' ? - -s -\ : Homer's Iliad, by Lord Derby » ...... !, MorteD' Arthur ? --* ,J.-.- j Love me little. Love me long : .-; ? : - : : } Townsecd's Manual of Dates. . ; 237q JOHN HOWELL. 4. Bundle-street; A SWIFT, PLEASANT' .PEN. THE ADELAIDE PEN-J It has power and freedom in the hand, a.aenial elasticity and easy flow upon the paper, and a dean, equable medium stroke, neither coarse noi ; scratchy ; in short, it is swift and pleasant to write ., with. It lays claim' to no peculiar excellence .- beyond wh*i ?oed m&tetial and-good wo*tanar*hj{ in every stage of manufacture can confer. A liberal Discount to the Trade lMq CHAS. PLATTS 400,

JBUCATIONS ASP STATIONERY . ItATTS'S LIBRARY REOPENED. ' '—This Colonial Institution is now Resumed, - Terms hi»h!y a-ivanta*eous to SUBSCRIBERS » i tothe PUBLIC, under the Management of Mr. jCljEiEGHAX, recently Librarian . and Manager J the Library Company, King William-street,' ndoh. . rj Che Contents of this LIBRARY will not be con ed to Works of Fiction, but embrace also' ligions, Theological, Scientific, Historical, Bio- i iphical, and all Popular Woiks in General i ^rature. ? ? ?' ' -: '-: '' j Lnoogst the advantages offered are— ; ?. ?' ,.. j I. Clean Books. . . . ' t I A continuous supply of New Books. - ; ' t L Books which have once been issued iu the ; brary may be purchased at a reduction of price. L The principal Apartment is arranged for the - option of Ladies to select or peruse Works. t j. Booka hot in stock, if of general interest, will purchased if possible in the Yillagcor the ad-: . *nt Colonies. . ' , r , ? l 5. Sutecribers are invited to furnish lists of de- . able Works, to be forwarded by ey .-ry MaiL V : . f. Invariable attention and civility from every j ie in the Establishment, ' ' ' ! |. No Entfan^ Foo, l , ,,..,.?: , ''?? subsoriDtjon, OneUuinea wr annum. ' Further talfs may be had on ajjplicauon (if by tetter, ! . imp, eriologed), , ? . r ; : 2&Q, ^ CHAS. PLATTS & COMPANY, i; tf ;RS. i S TO -V. E'S OH I M N E Y^ I i rl. CORNER. ''.'?' ' -Macdoriald's Ann.als of a -i^uiet Neighbour? ! . Mscdqqa]d-s Unsj.oken Sermong. ! H^tisl-1!8Ale-Forbe«Qj HoVGle^. :: ] - Macdonald's Lioaljqgs with th^ F&irjes. . : ?. i Kltto'st^clopwdia of Bjblioal Literature, DOir ' ? edition, $ volt. ....... . ?. ,, . i -Marryatt b Novels, new edition, In S vols. t Bird's of Prey, by Miss Braddon. ? Congregational Year- Book, lSdS. i 223q. ? E. S. WIGG. 12, Bundle-street j Eihe Merchant §§ipber.s of' I .-. f/fmpIL Li|erpopl, Han-iheiter( Bjr igham, Bf isfoT, and null ; a comprehensive List Merchant Shippers, with their respective rading Ports, and a Classification of their' iports. 'Price, 7s. 'Cd. '' i 823q . ' E. S. WK3G, 12, Rundle-street, ' EO^P^ES!,— Ekhf JilgWy important ?4 'Lecture'sj neatly wund. as delivered at the nthropolockal Museura. enUtled y THE PHIIA JPHYOF MARRIAGE.' pan be had post free r Six Twopenny Stamps by' parties unable to tend. :,??-/ ,. . , ?-?.??,.?.,. . ? Address Secretary Anthropological Museum and allery of Illustration, 172, Bourke-street East, [elbourne. -:.: y. .?, . ?? . . , 210127 ; rHgifIN|; AND WINlfi-MAKINa | .m.SQU^EHN'^RAKafi. 'ftfAroBE j mnOQT, Translatedby E.B. Hetitb, Edited US . MosBAf. Price 5s. 6d , per Post 6s. ?:..-?- 83^ ,t, ? W. O. aiGB3f,53, Hindley-itwet. . ' |LL. (CURES MADE EASY ' ! HOLLOWAY'S OGITMENT.' ' ; AD ? EBG'a ;?'- TJL0EBQTJ8 ?' 8QR^, BAD ; u BB5ASTS, AJfD OLD WOUNlS. ? ; No, description of wound, . sore, or .ulcer can ?risfr the healing properties of ' this- excellent iptmedt.. The worst cases readily assume a ealthy appearance whenever this' medicament is pplied ; sound fleah springs up from the bottom of lewound^ inflammation of the surrounding skin - arrested! and a complete and permanent cure, uickjy follows the use of the Uintraent. ' 1IU* ^S^M^^^^ These distressing and weakening diseases may ith certainty be cured by the sunerers. themselves ? they will u^e Holloway's Ointment and closely ttend to the printed instructions. It should be rell rubbed upon the neighbouring parts, when all bhoxious matter will be removed. A' poultice of read and water may sometimes he annjied 8t bed jmft.triwt advantuile ; tr.e'tfio^t SQru^lQtls olyinh' ess 'must be oh.erred. If those who read'tnfs aragraph will briug it under the notice of such of heir acquaintances whom it may concern, they rill render a service that will never be forgotten, S.acureis;cerain. . : RHEUMATISM, GOUT, AND NEURALGIA. Nothing has the power of reducinginflammation nd subdorag pam in these complaints in the same ^f». ,«*...^,°.)W^ mM% OiRtrapnt .and unifying Pills, -tyha \ ugfed simultaneously they, rive all inflammation and -depravities from the ystem, subdue .and remove all enlargement of the oints, and leave the shiewB and muscles lax and mcontracked. A cure may always be effected, ven umler the worst circumstances, if the use of hese medicines be persevered in. ' ' ' : IRUPTIONS. SCALD HEAD, ? RINGWORM ,: AND OTHER SKIN DISEASES. , , After fomentation with warm water, the utmost elief and speediest cure caji bp readily olitaiped nail com|-laii)ts i^uotiug tnp skin afld joints, uy he Bimultineous use oi the Ointment and Pills. Jut' it must be remembered that nearly all skin liseases. indicate the depravity of the blood and lerangement of the liver and stomach, confee luentlyitr many cases time is required to purify he blood, which will be effected by a iudicious use »f the Pills. ' The general health will readily be $nrqved, although thoerijpticiu may he drlywi -Ut more freely tuan before, an4 wtuch should be iromoted; perscvErauce is necessary. ? - ? ' . !OkE; THROATS, DIPTHERIA, QUINSEY; ? MUMPS, AND ALL OTHER DERANGE MENTS OF. TH& THROAT. ' . On the appearance of any of these maladies the Mntment should be well Tubbed at least; three imesaday upon the heck and upper part- of the ihest, so as to penetrate to the glands, as i«rt is breed into meat: this course will at once remove nflammatioh and ulce.'ation. The worst cases rill yield to this. treatment by following the printed Urections.- -, r. ? . ? 5CROFULA, OR KING'S EVILi AND SWEt LING/ OF THE QLAND8, This class or cases m&y be cu|«d by Hpllowar's lurifying Pills and Ointment, as their double iction of- purifying tbe blood and strengthening he Bystem renders them more suitable than any -ther remedy for alt complaints of a scrofulous lature. As t lie blood is impure, the liver, itomacb, and bowels, being much deranged, tquire purifying medicine to bring about a cure. Both the OrKTUEHT and Pills should be used n the following cases ;— ; Bad Legs 'Cancer* ?? - ''Bdald Heads' 3ad Breasts .. Contracted and Sore Nipples Burns Stiff Joints Sore Throats Bunions Elephantiasis Skin Diseases Bite.of Mosquitos Fistulas. ?? ^ Scurvy-; . and. Sand Flies 'Gout ' Sore Heads 3oco-oay' t' ???* -- Glandular Swell- Tamonn 3hiego-fpqt . i - ings . . -, . UU»rs . . . 3hilDjaiDs' ? Lumbajo ' ' Wounds' Jhdppea Hands - Biles. . . . . ?.: Yaws. . ? }ornsi(Soft) Rheumatism. - ; 'Sqldfat the. Establishment or PEOFtSSOB Hol Lovtat; 244, Strap*' near Temple Bar), London ; uso, by all respectable Druggists, and Dealers in Medicines thoughout the civilized world, at the Following prices:-ls. .lid, 2a. 9d.i 4s.'6d., 11s., 2s., and 33s. each pot. ,, . t . V There is a considerablesavmg br taking the argerslias. t;... ,.--.: ??;*..^ ?; i :i i : N.B.— Directions fo,c the guidance of patlenU in :very disorder are affixed to each pot; ? '? 11 Iwaco ; ITOMCEOPATHIC-iEI)IciNES.--By lX Mail our 'Stock of GLOBULFS and riNCTUKES from MrtBrs. ' LeatH & Ro»S - ii replenished. ,. As that House. obtained the appoint* ment of Chemists to the London' Homeopathic Hospital solely from the great accuracy in the ?pre- paration of all their Medicines, we have every confidence in guaranteeing them to Practitioners br Invalids^-' ?.-?:?..?.':..?: ;.:...,./.: \r. .:: : i ' : CHA8;PLATTa & COMPANY, ;; ; ! The fimt House, which imported Homoeopathic ::.:'.?::.[ -i; Medicines. ^ , : : . ??? 221q - K-R.V^D.E J.'.0'S'6|!S \j 'cKnight of the Order of Leopold of j ,- ».,^v;. .'Belgium) : ': { ? LIGHT BROWN COD LIVER OIL, Prescribed by the most eminent Medical Men as thVsafes't, speediest, and most effectual Remedy for 'CONSUMPTION, CHRONIC BR0NCHITI3, .,-- .;.r 4ASTHMA, RHEUMATISM, . GBNEBAL DEBILITY, WEAKNESS OF ?' '*'?' ? ' ' CaiLDREN, ? '' ; . .?-f^in4-iH SCROFULOUS AFPECTION3. : | :i'i&. TM JONGH'S OIL is convincingly proved by the highest medical testimony, and by the practical test of successful experience for, 20 years in alt parts of the woikl, to be, beyond al question, the purest, the most efficacious, the most palatable, ami, from its rapid curative, effects, the most economical of all kindp. .: -. . :..-.? i \ Hence its universal celebrity, and the immense demand for this unrivalled Oil. ' ? ' : ' . ].','! SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS. -^V, j 'Sir HENRY MARSH. Bart.', M.D.. Physician in Ordinary to the Queen in Ireland:— 'I consider Dr. de Jongh's Light- Brown Cod Liver Oil to; be a very pure oil, not likely to create disgust, and a therapeutic agent of gyeat value,' -?.?::.. i ; ' Sir JOSEPH OLLIF?eTm.D., Physician to the British Embassy at Paris:— 'I hav* every reason to be satisfied with the beneficial and salutary effects of I)r. de Jongh's OiL' ?? '?? ? ? Dr. EDWARD SMIThTf.RJS., Medical Officer to the Poor Law Board of Great Britain, m hu work 'On Consumption,' writes:— 'We think it a great advantage that there is one kind of Cod Liver Oilwhich is universally admitted to be genuine— the Light-Brown Oil supplied by Dr. de Jongh. Dr. LANKESTER, F.R.3., Coroner for Central Middlesex:-'! deem the Cod Liver Oil Bold under Dr de Jongh's guarantee to be preferable to any other kind a3 regards genuineness, and medicinal eJficacy/V ' , , rjBLJX JONGH'S UGHT:BROWN COD: . . LIVEB OIL i is soldraly in capsuled IifPEWAt, half-pint, pmL ind quart bottles, labelled with hi» **nv™& Bignatare, wrTHOCT which sone cas POSBreLT BE Gtsmin, by Chemists. Druggists, and Store keepen throughout the wo! Id. Sole Cossigsees: ANSAB, HABFORD. & CO., No. 77. Strand. . . ; London, W.C ,; WHQLEaALE AOKSTS: . ? Victoria- Feltqn,- GBnnrADE, & Co, -Mel Ne^SouthWales'-FxLiOCTBBO^raarSyaney New Zealand-FBKNCH. Kjmptbow & Ca, Dunedin. lOBwatlOuo

- PUBLIC KPTICES.: i^ j EXHIBITION. -BUILDING. tRAND CATTLESHOW# FLOWER SHOVv*. &c HE ROYALUAGRICULTURAL AND HORTI- !' - CULTURAL SOtaKTY wUl hold their ? \ GRAND EXHIBITION . I ^?J On THURSDAY. Octobir 29.1f«8. ??'i I Trues wilt be offered for Dairy Produce. Fruits, IRetables, Flowers. Poultry, birds and Game, tool. Horses. Asses and Mules, Cattk' Sheep od Goats, Pigs. Dogs, &c. 3 :- ' 'A full and efficient BAND will perform Selec ons from Popular-: Operas, Dance Mosic, Aa, coprding to Programme, during the: Afternoon nd tvcnintr.' - .-? ??? ; Priie List and Conditions of Exhibition can be btained on application to the Seeretarv, 3. ReaU ^?t'hambers, Adelnide. ? - -V. .. gtWacv '' C. J. COATES, 8«CT^ary. A FAREWELL DINNER wd PHE tV. SENTATION to ^ JJ, WILSON, Esq of Lnnandale, wiU ta^e ptace at the WUlIamstown lol«I on Friday, the Iteh instant. Dinner on the uilea at f p.m. Tiuketg. a^ 6d. eacli. ? x_ [N lNSOLVENCY.-In the Matter bf L . the ESrATE of THOMAS WALTERS ILINMAN, of Adelaide, lately carrying on business as a Butcher, assigned to EDWAHu iAUviHTON, as a Trustee, for the BEN Em 'of JREDITORS, under a Deed Qf AsswpnieB,t dated be seventh dav of Anril. lSd1-', mode in pursuance LmDiXi5'fin Yl- - °* lW Insolvent Act, 1SW: (QT1C# is hereby giveii that Edwanl Uughton, it Adelaide, the Tiustee oi the said Estate, has His dayJILED in the COURT of INSuLVKNCY oACCOUNT of tho whole ESTATE of the said Thomas Walters Blinman, as now ascertained, of hei Property recovered and of the Property out itauding, specifying the cause of ita being so mtatanding, and of all Receipts and all Payments nade or to be made, and of the Amount prflp^sad o be divided amongst the CreiljtOM of the s^td rboia&s Wnltera Blinmsm, and of tte Amount irocoged Jo be retained |or fttrthcr contin«ei.cies. Lad ootiCQ is W-sq hereby given that the said trustee proposes to apportion £451 48. rateabjv imongst all the persons appearing to be Ureditofs -f the 8 lid Thomas Walters Blifliuiyi. t« a. First dividend of Si in U(9 Pw\nd, Jo. such of the tajd Creditors a^ h,ave ^tgue^ the s^id Deed or assented .hereto in wn;ipg. Dited this 15ili day of September. 1*38. J, P.BpyOAUT.: :,/? ;, Jff : ? Solicitor to the Trustee. ; IN the Matter of the ASSIGNED - ESTATE of JANS HACKEIT. of Meningie. Eatinaliouse Keeper.— NOTICE is hereby, (riven ;hat the Trustees in the above Estate have FILED ;he ACCOUNTS required by Clause No. ISff^cd he Insolvent Act, i860; and further, that on and ifter theTlirat daj of October ae^t, a FIrVJT DiyiptBJ{U p{ Four Sqiunqa. in the Pound #lll he Pavahle a.t the office of the undersigned . aw. EHMOKE. Hindnwrsh-aquare Saw-Milta, ' Adelaide, September 15, 1868. ' . '; fflt NOTICE.— I will NOT be RESPON SIBLE for any DEBTS contracted in my. name without my written authority. ?-? GEORGE ROBERTSON. : Hamilton, September 14, 18d8, Sf^HJly$-77 rpo foe ^ piSyOSiD.OF, by Private 4- i Contract, the BUSINE8S !of the late Mr. UUSTAVUS LEON, as a CHEMIST and DRUOy GIST^at HAHNDORF; together with 8TOCK. BOOK' DEBTS, and l^EASB of PREMISES. Apply to ' ' ' . . . V ,'? r. HENRY A. WOOD, ' 248ov:. . Curator Intestate Estates,, jmsl55i6tfs notices. ; A DELATDE JEWISH CONGREGA jCL ? TION- SHEIRETH ISRAEL. DIVINE SERVICE will be held, until more suitable Premises are obtained, at thcWaiehouse lately occupied by Mr. Plutts, neaTly opposite the Railway Station, NORTH-TERRACE, ^ CQMBAifliBi'AHD SOCIETIES. A THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ± MARBLE COMPANY .?','' NOTICE to SHAREHOLDERS is hereby given that a DIVIDEND of (3s Sin.) Three Shhxings arid Eightpescs Halfpenny par Share is Payable on and after this dav at my Office. ' ABRAHAM' ABRAHAMa Secretary. _ Nn. 9, H|nj|lev- jtr8p{;8eiitewber 15, 1S88.: -. x ' : IRSTTRANCE NOTICES. ~ T'flE SOUTHERN INSURANCE ± ?— COMPANY. LBUTED. Marine Risks at Current Kates. . .. ' ' - J. DARWENT. Agent, . ;6c; . ' .', . Grenfcll-sireet. \ LLIANCE BRimSJIaad FOASIdN' XI. uya Aiifi WKB ASbUKANOB . - r COMPANY. . - Insurances effected at the Lowest Current Rate* and Losses paid in Cash. ? I .. - , . ;*. ? JOHN MORPHETT. Agent Gresham-Cnambers. , . . 22Oc I ^VTW SOUTH, WALES MARINE '?l\ : ;ASaUR'AlIDE COMPANY. ?',' 170 2^ JOSEPH^TILLING & 00*. Agents. (pORNWALL ^1 BE AND.. MARINE \J „ INSURANCE COMPANY.-'' - , a KAGtE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANYi ? i :-- ... :?.: .'.-. : . : .] HENRV 8COTT, Agent. N.B.— No Advance in Kates of Preuium since -thFebruary. ' -? . : : g^y CHUR^QJB^ OF ENGLAND GENERAL IJFE ASSURANCE AND ANN.U1TY INSTITUTION. | ? Capital, One Million. i ?All Claims promptly settled in the cqlony. j . Loans granted qp atmroyjd pdrsonal security*; ''? ; wait* Freehold Propertv unencumbered. «6cv JAMES HILL. Agent, Orenfell-street. , OYAL FIRE AND LIPb' INSURA-'CE COMPANY. 227CT ACRAMAN. MAIN. LINDSAY. & CO. A USTRALIAN ALLIANCE Xl. ASSURANCE COMPANY. ' FIRE and GUAfvANTES! Risks accepted at ou**ent rtlea, while Insurers are , entitled to a portion of the PROFITS. ' ;f LIFE and MARINE Insurance effected. . ANNUITIES and ENDOWMENTS grinttd. ? FRANCIS CLARK & SONS, 69m'wfcv.L.x . : filvth-street. Adelaide. ATIONAL MARINE INSURANCE . , COMPANY, OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. . Incorporated by Act of Parliament, - .' Capital, £250,000. ? DlEBCTORa. I j, William Towusend, Esq., MP., Chairman. .! Johr1Colt6ri,Ekl.'.'M.P. I JohnDunn. Esq^ M.P. ' H. R. Fuller, Esq., M.P. I Hon.J.Hodgkiss.M.L.C. The Company take .MARINE RISKS only at Uie Current Rates of l'remiiiip. ! Losses under their Policies can l-e ma^e payabla at any. of, the following blades, at the option of the insurers, v%;— At thu Head Omce, Adelaide; brat their Agencies iu London, Melbourne, Sydney, or . Calcutta. ' 'J ? ' .' '.,;' Ollice8— No. 5, Currie-stre'et;' ..l^mwftlSlk -.. ^V a'COWIE, Secretary. , '\rd n t nt r'n '?'! s s,u ra n c e , i^l -eOMPANY=PIRB AND LIFE. ' j 225mwfU2 - ./.. C. Li MJCYER. Res. Sec. , STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE -:?? COMPANY. ' :- 185mwfc G. A. & H. BARTLEET, A genta. : rPHE AUSTRALASIAN INSURANCE A COMPANY,' MARINE AND FIRE. : (Established 1857.) ? .MARINE RISKS taken at Reduced-Rates, and Claims paid either in the Colonies, England, India, China, the Mauritius, &c. FIRE RISKS taken at current rated. . LIFE BRANCH (Established in 1861). Capital . £250,060. . . , .-, - ; Profit to June 30, 1867, £22,154. — Parties insuring can participaie-lj the Profits ? Medical Referee- Dr. H. T. Whittell. ' - PERO5T WfcLLS, Agent. ^i, - ; . :?. 1 4, Register-Chambers. , a^lftiffc 1; j rp. L. DUBUIS. Broker. QOUTH AUSTRALIAN INSURANCE Oi J ?' -:\ COMPANY. LIMITED. ' . ? . CapitaluX500,000. _ _J, FIRE and MARINE RISKS at Currenf Rates. , ?MONEY LENT ?6n'Mortca(ze. : j Insurance-Chambers'. Adelaide; and at every ? ' ^Township in the Colony. ! Hon. T. REYNOLDS. M.P., Chairmtn. j ; -,;: .^E-TAPLEY, Secretary. 183mwfcv NORTH BRITISH AND MERCAN - '.'' tile insurance company. : I *'-'??'?- -. ' -Established 1809. - l SubKribed Capital ... £2,000,000 ! :- ' Annnai Income, — ... 712.41T. ? Bisks ukep at the Reduced Bates. . ? -: Claims ptomptly settled in the colony. , HEBIOT FULLARTON. & CO., Agent* _ '?[' - ; ? ? WrowfcT EQUITABLE FIRE INSURANCE Ei . .i COMPANY, LIMITED. i ?-.. : DIBECT0E3: F. J. Bolting, Esq. t O. Eankin, Esq.' \ J. Pulsford. Esq. | W. M. LetchfordVEsq W. Main, Esq., Chairman. 8ecretary-O. A. Babbage. ' Office— 9, Hindley-street, Adelaide. ; Bisks taken at the Lowest current Rates. Insurers in this Company will Participate pro rota in any issue of New Shares which will from time to time he made. 175mwc ADELAIDE MARINE AND FIRK il ASSURANCE COMPANY. ' ' Incorporated by Act of Parhament ' Capital, i256,000. BOARD OK D1EECTOR3. Thomas Graves, Esq., Chairman. Hon. W. Morgan. C. H. T. Connor. Esq. .Tam« smith. F^. Anthnnv Hall. Kwi David Fowler, Esq. Jos. Fisher. Esq , M. P. Oliic«ai— UrenleU-stieel, AUelaide. MARINE RIHKS effected at lowest current rate*. WOOL taken with AVERAGE recoverable on each BALE. Losses payable in London or Adelaide.' ? - FIRE RISKS aken at Liberal Rates La Town or CmtntiT. , :.-., IX)S3iB promptly settied to CASH. ??? FRED. S. C. DRIFFIELD. * SltowfcvS Secretary.

l1V_i 'AMUSEMEyTSr y j^OYAL ; VICTORIA n THEATRE. Inconsequence of the jlt&uww Year there ?? J * Will lie '*??? NO PERFORMANCE THIS EVENING ' ?' J (WBDirKSDAT). - LA PETIT8 MARION NATHAN T^kbRROWOTHURlSAY) EVENINa . . BARNEYO'DWYEE, ? '; (! '! ?? '.' ??-''-'and : . . ,' FKLIX O'CAbLAUHAN; x__ P H1 E A*r Riv-; R O Y AL~ L..^ ~»?e.ratiu season. - I'hw Theatre-will Open to 'Monday/ ?tat Sep. Particulars in future advertisements. 259cv 3JU LT E NE,Y-STilt B Ef : SO 11 0 O L [onday, the 3Ut. The JtmrtW of the Rev. Canon usseU at the Cape will be read dungs the remng. ' ' '. ??..-.. , 2t?0c H, HOfrflT. Caratc of St. Paurg. iT, PATRICK'S ' TEMPERANCE J ASSOCIATION AND: GUILD OF h, OHN BAPTLiT.-The MfUfTHLY'SOIREETn jiinection with the above.Socit'(jf,-ni be heldin t. ;Fraiicis Xavier's this (Wednesday) evening. 5thinstant. ;., . ' *, ' Tie St. Patrfck's Temperance ftass $&& ,rM ldttwjdanceini^M at intervals. ' -'- '^ * ;; J,' y. lALJ^SON; Secretary -yrottjit11 aALL:P.R6QHAMMES, CONCERT, . , PR41UHAMMES. and TICKETS, . \'\- nnted m the Neatest. Styk at the hfiegislif ''arid ko««wr O^ene-al, Printing-offices, tfrenfeli-street. A Mae quautity of Cards and Fancy Pa'pe'r in fie Newest PaU«rna just unpacked Specimens on ieW. j ., .' , _ ' ? '??'-' *^ ; '- ji, ^^™SlbNAL^~3Z SEORGE HARRIS, PIANOKORTE TUNER, 83. Hbni.KY3Tt\Era- ?' mil Vf R. J: ENGLAND, M. I.O.E., CIVIL lTXuaiid', MECHANIOAL ENGINEER IBPBlTEpi; .ana SURVEYt Ul, U. Hindi^y (TjLEgy, Apa^ipg. ;i74mwf2ta KM R. PRtCE,' SOLICITOR, will after in » ulni!lnn'te-;CaJ!2 ?' llJB Bl'»n--'W »t ELDON 3HAMBEC3i »unR William-street Adelaide. ? :-qly.l, llWi -. ,.,; , :84-80tw|«ev pENl)E-iS lop BUILDING a i HOUSE m North Adelaide will be received \ntil noon of the likh instant, at tbe Offices of the lndersigned, where Drawings and Specifications ol .he samejogay be seen. ??;?,?. Neither the lowest nor «nv lender necessarily iccepted. .....',.. ?, ... ?, WRIGHT, AVO0DS. A HAMILTON, j 259*' 61 ? Arcliiteoi*. ' .. r RENDERS wili fee received until noon 4- of the 23rd in«tanV-'»t the hou»e of Mr. Iame« Coombe. ? Oeorfie-itreet, Norwood, where Plan 'and Specification may be seen, for the UAKPKNTER'S WORK of a HOUSE In N orwoo.1. Neither the lowest nor any Tender neoemrily iceepted,'^ ^ ?- . - ; t.j: ? . , :? aoofmBS distbiot oSStcils! r|-O\VN OP PORT ADELAIDE.'-, L The Town Council ire fprepared to rcceivo TENDERS tip to noon of Friday, 18th instant, from Peraona willing to undertake the 'duties of VALUATOR of Lands and Tenements within the Municipal Boundary of Port Adelaide, and COL- 1 LECTOK of RATES declared uponauoh valuation. Tenderer* will be required to keep usual books, and to observe the order of old Assessment. ? Applications to be marked ''Tender for Valuator and Collector,' .',..-.. Neither the lowest nor any Tender necessarily i accepted.: ? . ? ? ?? i Dated Oth September. 18IR . ? ? ? i - i ? - By order of Council, : . 2Sf#ffia ,U. W. SMITH, Town Clerk. DISTRICT OF STEPNEY.— NOTICE is hereby riven that a. GENERAL MEETING of RATEPAYERS will beheW at the Buck's' Head, Stepney, on Monday, the 21st day of Sep tembur. 18C8. at U o'clock a.m., for the purpose of ADDPrhVt} a RATBfor the eu8uingrycar, and APPoINTLWan AtJDITOK in the place of . James Merchant, deceased. In the event ut more, i than one perapn beinc'dulyT)ropo8e(l and Beronded' ' and, a noil demanded, the tlcction (by ballot) will j take place at. the Buck's Head, on Monday, tbe ' 28th day of September, 18-S, commencing at 9 a.m. and closing at 5 o'clock p.m. ... . . By order. , gqifta ? E. W.VHAYNB3. JUNW Clerk.; ' flOTEIiS A5D IIVEBY STAJlEsT BLACK BULL, HINDLEY-STREET. ONE SHILLING ORDINARY. I S'.«perlor Accommodation for Parties from the I Country. N.B.— Fireglass StaWinfr. ? - G. A. F. HE3ELT1NK; Proprietor. :.;;. .' ????' .; ? ?;', ? 25-r34»v-».;-47 FraKcis henry brqckmeyer lies-B to intimate tci *,he PnWie that he lms TAKEN} the VJOTURlAi HOTKL, , TAFLIiY'S HILL, : *nd trosU ^ that by/, Btrkt attention to biuunesa he will secure, ;a fair sharo of support. ' Good paddock, with, plenty of Feed and Uuiiiiuiir Water. . .' ,^,. , .,./-- :,.858'«lv(g CH ATfl WAY'S 'CROW^ UOTJit. VICT(JR?HAR^qU8;! One of the most HealHiy aU-* Romantic Spots in the Colony for Inyawds anil ToutudTa. ? ' ^i Commerpjai, GKMWMEN-well aceommodated, tflj thoir Horses well attended'to.' - ' SfiBc. TETT Y IJOTEL, SEMAPHORE. «i For SEA-SIDE IlESIDENTo there aro Spa. cious Apartments, Civil Attendant?. Impellent Fare, Choice Wines and Spifits., ai)d fKe ComforU of , Home, at Moderate ChajBCi . . 253mwl83 JQHN;MONKHOUSB.Proprietor. | T.A TT E^», 8 -A L' L'S HORSE AND CARRIAGE BAZAAR, ? - LKTUNM'tf LI VJfiUV BTABLE8, PiBlE-flTBEKT. adioinhiRtbeToWK HAtt. J. P. WILLIAMS A: CO. have ranch pleasure in informing their Friends ond the Public that they have opened the, above eqmrnodiouB and centrally situated Prtm.iMsV which will 'ic found conducive in every regpect to the health and safety of Horses anj the complete lirotertion of Carri«R«.M. ' ' The letting and livery. Department will he under the personal 'superintendence of Mr. Wiluams, whose experience; in a suffirient Kuarantee that reliable Honen ami Vehicles will be supplied at the shortest notice and on reason 'ableteims. . ?; ? , -?-. -; , Loose Boxes if required, nurses ami Carriuaes Bought and 8ohl. Experienced Urooms in atten dance day and niidit. .?''.' '-? . ' ' ; ? N.B.-The Central PosTtlbJi of th'we StaWes offer great advantages for the Liver)' und Bait of Hones from the (.'otuitry. ? ' ' , . 242c TUPITER CREEK GOLD-FIELDS. ?U.-3. Qa and aftjf Monday, 7th inBtant. . .. QOBB &, UO. :.. ... fJ' will Ron a *'?? ! « DAILY OONVKYANCK ? i ... '.??:??? ???? ?'. ...t« the .. ? ': : JUPITER iCREKK..G0LD-FIELD3, leaving the Booking Office, King William-ttreet, at 7 a.m., returning from the DiaemgR at 4 p.m. ' - Return Ticket. Ss. ; Single Fare, Gs. ; Adelaide, September 5, 1858. 258c r ::: ?? ' pkodttceT '' TXT H EAT.— The Undersigned is' a ITT. Purchaser of Wheat (fair samples) in any quantity, -for Gash, at the Highest Market Price, or will provide Farmers with Storage. Bags supplied. - ??????'? ' W.J.RAYNEB, 358mwfcv32 ? Marra'oel Mill TirOOL, HIDES, SHEEPSKINS, y».t BABE,- GUM. SHANK-BONES. {TAL LOW. &&, Purchased by the Undersigned ic .Adelaide. -??., . . _^. ? - . mcy ? , ; r ?'???? W. PEACOCK h SON. WjTOOIi. HIDES^HJBEPSKIN^ -fec. ! TT PURCHASED »t the Hijrbest Mark.t Price by ?.-?,-? U3cv— JOHN TAYLOR. Theharton. NOTICE. — ' HIGHEST MARKET ' PRICE given; for HIDES, SHEEPSKINS, TALLOW, &a. at the Hindmarsh Tanneiy, or at 34, King Waiiam-ttrect. - - »14c JOHN DENCH & OO. i LMONDS.^-Hard aad Soft Sliell, .* also Shelled ? Almonds, Purchased in any quantity. ? '. . .. .. '. M. C. DAVIE8. . ! -199mwfc Gilbert-place, Adelaide. ^ LOST AND POTOdT'^ ONE POUND REWARD.— LOST, about three weeks. ago. a Black and Tan SHEFP DOG. bob tail. Any person detaining the Dog will be prosecuted. Apply to Francis Herriot, Glnbe Hfltel. 259*'G1 7pO OWNERS OF ENTIRE HORSES. ILLU3TRATKD HORSE arid CATTLE BII-L8, CARDS, RECEIPTS, PROMISSORY NOTE BOOKS, &c, &c.,and every description of PnntinR used by Owners . or Ageats. executed, on tbe Cheapest Terms at the ? - . ' Register ahd Obsebver . : , GENERAL PRINTING OPFICB8, ! Grenfellstreet, Adelaide.- ?/?.?..: . ... ... ? i P.'..* ,;.,?- it* i \ ' GF K I^rgc Selection of NEW ENTIRE HOR3E BLOCKB to? choose fromrrrambered foi faenttFofTieiectloD, ?cdp!elwof*which will be for wardedon application at the oflSce.

Li-XAKD AUCTION ITOTICEfl. A BSTRAOTof UREKN aWaDHAM'S ^*. LAND AUCTION 8ALH,' THEvLANpVAhRtIUADELAIDE. . ON FRIDAY, 25TB SKPTEMBER, -''? ! ATllo'CU)CKPBK5I8M-T. ?-?' ?Ot. ? ' ??'?'.?? ?' ? ? ? ? ? ? : , KESIDKNOJS. LAKD. «ic., HAY-HOAD. 8. HOUy?. LAND. fte..'H0&TB ADKLMDB. X 1HPwv'y^?i?EC^02'6 (l^5 A«w), TAP. ?Ij & i 3 11 { LJL« } WX ALLOTMENTS of LAND, TARPEKNA. '?'? A1i1fuulJll.ENT ^ TOWNSHIP of 8TRATH L 8EDUl|Si!lN71 *nd W -P°rtlOn Ol)- 8BA-cre*» UESSu»DIN(}4 *c, (80 Acre.). *' UiO KM (778 Acrw)l WATKR a BT OBUStt OF THK KXBCUTORS OF THE LiTB ^^gyaIrT^1^090^'' 1.TO 6HBEPPABMJJB9, CATTW DKAUCRB, QUt* For full particulars, see current Adverthemtntt n i flfjuwter mid Observer Newspaper* on Monday, rhuwdgy. and Haturuav. fiOOct 'land and hopsksT^ ' GK KB N A W A D H A M, LAND AGKMT8 '??? ? ; : ? ' AND- ? ? -' s i i. .?« . LAND AUUTIONKKRB. LAMDED PKOPKKXl '* ''??.- VALUED. 1 ' ? LAN'DED PROPKRTIIW ' 8UKVEyKD. „ PLANS tfuruUhed and TOWNSHIPS LAID OUT. Flans of Towndiipt Hundreda. 9ul, Ac khrooghont the COLONY Jwnyi openfor iwm ? '? HOUSES 8Tt)RR8, LAWD SIMMONS, Ac.. , LET or LK ABED. ! KX0HANGH , .'?; LAND MART And Land Offices, Kln^ Willkm-rtie ' LAND. LOAN, ;. ??.- ? ??!* i ' AM) '? ' ?? ?? . . ;v GENERAL OOMiUBMOH , ,, i ,. OFFICES. ,. . ' OOVKBNMMT lPl?fohTi ta «»**«««*» flKOTlONS Y Uie iwtoMUoni ol putiM . ?r*fJ*i.v/'° I absent from AiWaid*. - OOVEIiNMKNT 1 Purchased and Let oo Lmm. : flKCTlONS / with Right oi VaxhtmT^ -;.-.'' : 8PSO1AL NOT1CB. '. QREBN & WADHAM'S ADYIKTIBEHKMTB appear in the 'RKUIHTEK' Newspaper »n MONDAYS arid THURSDAYS, apduT thu 'OHSISI'VER' of Saturday. ' T lev OKKKN & WADHAM, Land Apeutt. I70R SALE, or TO be LET, th© L STURTPlAURMILLWiepToprietor being about retiring from the business). It has three Pairs of Stones, and U fitted with the moat modern Machinery HDd Appliances for producing flrit class Flour. The Engine is 21 hone-power, and there 1s a Chiffcutter worked by iteam, bim an excellent .Weighbridge. A Dwelling-houM adjoins, containlntc' eight' rooms, with SUblinf, &c. The Machinery and Buildings are all in perfect tfcpair and working order. ' ? vi- i! Also. theREYNKLLAmiAFoarB»w«jinteh. hu three Pnira of Htoneo, with all the necessary Alachintrj-, in good working wder. The Kngirfe is 16 horsepower. Tliete la a Cottage adjoining o( lour r. oius, with oue mid a quarter acres Land, Apply to -; ).- ?? ?'?: OHA8. ROWLAND. Agent, ' 25:iinwfc ' ai». King WilltomoreH. I70URTH OREKK.— FOR SALE by. i.1 PiUntB Oontract, HOUSE, LAND. mU (IRANGKRY, formerly occunW by P. GrouT E»l. ((leceASed)-iu all about 4H Acre*, beautifully Timbered and Watered. l/»rge portion of Puir cliftte money may remniti at 8 per win. Apply to! Messrs. Andrews & Bcmnln, 61, King William Btreet, Adelaide, lmmediiite possession, giftny PO bo LE^r— NEW GLENELCt-* 1- Convenient HOUSE of Sit Roamn. Cellar, and Tank; uUo good Well Water. Place for Horse (iiui Trap. Apply to Blohnrd Licliards. Rninsgute-street, New liienelg, 8Gl)''C5 'HO be LET, at 8TRANOWAY8. X TERRACR, North Adelaide, the HOUSK now occupied by Jm. llnrdman, Esq., aud IIOUSK lately occupied by J. IX Woods, Enq. 25:iwc '' umiJY SCOTT, Adelaide H 'Ql, bo , LET, the English wd1 Att'»- X trulian f!«»ji|H'r l);HDpany'J(tjm»led)8TQ|{K at;POUT WAKKMKlK Apply to the Manager of the said ComjMOV, at tU» Eiahatwe, or Port Adelaide. - , . ' . August li W8,: ? ?' ' .?' '.. ' 22fav 'PO bo LKT, at tiLI£N,KLQ, a w«U ^L situiU*! and convenient HOU&E.gJ Ui Rooms. w«\Stabic. Ap» \s to Bobln AUJ3«mU r!W? J-0; 85. Curfie-street, , ' ? ' , to :'PP b^ tST, ftFour-ROomea QOTXAGK X (new) la M'URT-STRKW WEST. Kent. KJnATWiHlam-streut. ,': ^^ 'W ' PO be LET, % HOU»E of Five Rooms, X with Cellar, Washing-place, nndUarden. Rent, 7s. per week, if taken ior u year. Butt PelUnfc. street, North Adelaide, hcit Kentlih Arirli. t, ^liU-be LET, in NOKTU AUKLA^Kv' X conveniently situated near thal^kMidi, a Seven-Roomed HOUtiK, Apiilvto,' CflOfmOS GIL1M& SMITH, VYayinouthitreet. fVO be LET, a Cmuwodiwiii'8TO \W. X jiearly opposite Moasre. Kldor, Smith, A Co.V Apply to 17ft_. jAMffl ™LRW & «?-., Oreiifellittwtt. WA RE »To U SE TObe UfT\t _ PRINCK'H WHARF, with ox ulthop^ ('ellar. Apply to Mr. D. Brown, or tke Pieniijie.. or to? i . i.; ? . , . i , 3fi0c_ OKOKUK YOUNG, (lUfearl-tdacw, BkUISTER-CHaTiHERS. —TO 'ba XV 1,KT. Two UOOMS, with or wUuout Vire pronf Kooin. . 177CV ANi).UK»V8. THOMAS. A OLAIIK _,_ ? JCONEY, ' MONKY LBNT ONMORWAQK. Loans negotiated: okern a wadham, lev ExclianKe I^aml OlUces, King-WIUlainftrwt. S' 'ixTflOUSAN D POtJ^DS to, LEND, at 8 to 10 per cent., in Large dr Small Sums. HKNRY8OOTT. '.-.. Cornwall Fire and Marine and Eagle Life 172wsc ? Insurance OrHces. '/; MONEY TO LEND on Freehold . Security, at from 8 per cent. ' . R. BARNfia ., v , licensed Land Broker, King Wflham-itWet ;:'' ? 227H18r3U \iONEY TO LEND. Property ? ilX brought under the Real Property Act. Mortgager, Leases, and Transfers drawn. ? ;, , W. M. LETOHFORD, Licensed Land Broker, Waterhouie'l-bnilding* - ? ! ' ? ' ? MflCf MONEY to LEND at 8 per Cent., 'in sums of £200 and upwards, under the Real Properly Act or (Otherwise. . * STOVV; BRUCE, 4 AYBRS, _MT3^_ ? Wayradntb-atwet. MONEY.— Several Large and 'Small 9umB to lyend. : H2o G. MUMMB A CO., G»w)er-place, VI ONKY TO be LENT at 8 per Cent., '*? if in moderately large sums aaaFlnt-cUu Securities. ? O. W. COTTON. Licensed Lnnd Broker, King Willlam-ltreet. ? rr ??? ? ? ailcr jlf QNEY TO LEND on Freehold i-X Security in Large Sums at fl per centi 144cv ? WAY A BROOK. MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security, whether under Real Property Act or.otbe/wise, at lowest rates. ANDREWS A BONNIN, lOOcv ? 01, King Wilham-itrwt. ' 2MPL0YMEHT WANTED. f ADIES Wanting good Sorvantu, apply JLi at Mrs. Browu'a Kegittry Office. x '''?'? PER80RS WAHTED. '','' WANTED, a BREWER. For par ticular-, opply to J. G. Coullt, Blyth-Mreet; or J. B. Taylor, sen., Auburn. ? 28Q'3 WANTED, at Morcom'8, Shearers, Bheftrers* Oook. Single Bhepherd. ? x WANTED, a MACHINE- WORKER (Urover A Baker), who understands Drew making. ' Also a LAD of about 10 J«in. Mitchell's, C5, Rundlestrcct. ? fe9c BT?TOHER WANTTED. None but a good band need apply. A young man preferred. Thomas M A-shton, butcher, Riverton. ViVo'BUTCHEKS.— WANTED,, a /«w X quick Mutton Butchers fir Port Augusta Boiling Down Establishment. Apply ati^he Plough and Harrow, Kuudlestreet. x