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rarlnment was prorogued on January 60. Three days after six out of eighteen seats in the Legislative Council became vacant under the Constitution Act bv effluxion of time.

The retiring members were Messrs. J. Baker, J. H. Barrow, T. English C. G. Everard, T. Llder, and W. Peacock. A seventh vacancy acciirred by reason of the resignation of Cap tain Bagot. Of the old members three only, Messrs. Baker, Barrow, and English, arc offering themselves for re-election. In addition the Hon. W. Milne, Air. J. Dunn, Mr. . A. Stow, and Mr. A. B. Murray having beeu invited to stand by numerously aud infiuentially signed requisitions, lliave agreed to become can didates. These seven are the only gentle men who liave positively annonnced their intention to offer themselves, but there is a numerous corps de reserve who it is believed will yet come out to prevent a walkover. The nomination is to take place to-day at 2 o'clock, and the election on the 19th instant. The occurrence of these vacancies has caused a ereat deal of discussion with regard to the

constitution of the Council ; but tne electors generally have evinced the greatest indif ference in the subject of who aie to be re turned. The new electoral rolls for the House of Assembly and Legislative Council are now being made up. This is in accordance with the provisions of the Act, which specify that at the end of every fifth year entirely new lists of electors shall be created. These will completely supersede the rolls, ?which have beeu in existence since 1S65, and will come into operation in 1870.