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Family Notices

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MONTHLY SUMMARY OF BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. BIRTHS. ADAMSON. —On the 19th April, Mrs. D. B. Adamson, Angas-street, of a son. BARTLETT. —On the 15th April, the wife of G. T. Bartlett, of Clarendon, of a daughter. Mount Gambier papers please copy. BEAN. —On the 17th April, at Bleak House, St.   Mary's, Mrs. A. Bean, of a daughter. BELLHOUSE. —On the 30th March, at Childers street, North Adelaide, Mrs. John S. Bellhouse, of a son. BOOTHBY. —On the 18th March, Mrs. B. Boothby, of a son. BROOKS. —On the 3rd April, at the Stag Inn, Rundle-street, Mrs. Charles Henry Brooks, of a son. CAMMELL. —On the 1st April, at Queenstown, Mrs. W. M. Cammell, of a son. CLELAND. —On the 7th April, at Beaumont, Mrs. J. F. Cleland, of a son. COOKE. —On the 25th March, at Charlton Villa, Norwood, the wife of Mr. Ebenezer Cooke, of a son. COOMBS. —On the 23rd March, at her residence, Hindley-street, the wife of Mr. W. G. Coombs, of a son, stillborn. CUNNINGHAM. —On the 3rd April, at Mitcham, Mrs. J. H. Cunningham, of a daughter. DALE. —On the 27th March, at Woodville, the wife of H. D. Dale, Esq., of a daughter. DUXBURY. —On the 1st April, at Narracoorte, the wife of Mr. H. Duxbury, of a daughter. ELLISON. — On the 10th April, at Port Augusta, the wife of S. K. Ellison, M. R. C. S., England, of a daughter.   FORMBY. —On the 4th April, at Plympton, Mrs. W. H. Formby, of a son. FREARSON. —On the 15th April, at Rundle- street, Mrs. William Frearson, of a daughter. Mother and child doing well. GASQUOINE. —On the 21st March, at George- street, Norwood, the wife of H. M. Gasquoine, of a daughter. GRAHAM. —On the 2nd April, at Nelcoongal, Goolwa, Mrs. A. Graham, of a daughter. GREIG. —On the 7th April at Viewfield Farm, Navan, the wife of Mr. Thomas Greig, of a daughter. HAWKER. —On the 16th April, at Strangways- terrace, North Adelaide, the wife of James C. Hawker, Comptroller H.M. Customs, of a daughter. JONES. —On the 10th April, the wife of Mr. John S. Jones, licensed teacher, Meadows, of a daughter. Both doing well. LITTLE. —On the 1st April, at Beefacres,   Campbelltown, Mrs. J. Little, of a son. NICKELS. —On the 13th April, at Gumeracha, Mrs. W. H. Nickels, of a daughter. PACKARD. —On the 11th April, at Adelaide, the wife of Mr. H. D. Packard, of a son. PETHICK. —On the 11th April, at Spring Farm,   Aldinga, Mrs. A. Pethick, of a son.   PITT. —On the 28th March, at Felixstow, the wife of Mr. E. Pitt, of a daughter. PORTER. —On the 30th March, at Lyndoch Valley, the wife of Mr. John Porter, of a daughter. Both doing well. PRESTON. —On the 16th April, at Gover- terrace, Brown-street, Mrs. John Preston, of a son. ROWLAND. —On the 30th March, at Penfield, the wife of Mr. Peter Rowland, of a daughter. SMITH. —On the 18th March, at Yalumba, Angaston, Mrs. Sidney Smith, of a son. SOLOMON —On the 12th April, at her resi dence, Clara-terrace, Franklin-street, Mrs. M. J. Solomon, of a son. WHEATON. —On the 4th April, at Hackney, Mrs. P. Wheaton, of a son. YOUNG. —On the 27th March, at Clare, Mrs. Andrew Young, of a son. MARRIAGES. ALLEN-O'CONNELL. — On the 5th April, at the Stow Memorial Church, by the Rev. M. H. Hodge, Robert Harry Allen, of Port Adelaide, to Mary Annie, sixth daughter of the late Morris Bruce O'Connell, Esq., and step-daughter of Mr. Henry Cannon, Glenorchie, Tasmania.   ANGEL-TAYLOR.-On the 26th March, at the residence of the bride's uncle (Mr. C. Williams, Gilles-street), by the Rev. J. Crawford Woods, B.A., Alfred Thomas Howell Angel, to Maria Brechin, only daughter of Mr. Edmund Taylor. ARMSTRONG-WEIR.-On the 20th February at Queenstown, by the Rev. James Henderson, of Port Adelaide, Mr. James Armstrong, of Fowler's Bay, to Elenora, eldest daughter of Mr. William Weir, late of Ayrshire, Scotland. BALBIRNIE-VANS —CRAWFORD. — On the 2nd March, at Goolwa Cottage, Sandhurst, by the Rev. George Mackie, John, youngest son of the late R. A. Balbirnie-Vans, Esq., of Balmerino, South Yarra, to Fanny, eldest daughter of the late Sidney M. Crawford, of Adelaide, South Australia. BRADLEY-FREESTUN.-On the 15th April, by licence, by the Rev. C. J. Evans, of Gawler, at the residence of the bride's mother, Sturt-street,        Saml. Bradley, of Gawler, to Kate, second daughter   of the late E. L. Freestun.   CATCHESIDE —HANLEN. —On the 2nd Feb ruary, 1869, at Clifton Church, by the Rev. T. Clark, Mr. D. G. Catcheside, Boyce's Lodge, Clifton, to Bessie, daughter of Mr. G. O. Hanlen, of 21, Temple-street, Bristol. No cards. COWAN —DOW. —On the 15th April, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. R. Ferguson, Joseph Cowan, of Normanville, to   Margaret, third daughter of David Dow, Esq., Salisbury.  

CRAGEN —EWART. —On the 31st March, at Trinity Church, North-terrace, by the Rev. R. Reid, Thomas Cragen, North-terrace, to Sarah Jane, second daughter of Mr. Rownson Ewart, Currie- street. CRAWFORD —KELLY. —On the 20th April, at the Presbyterian Manse, Clare, by the Rev. William Davidson, George, eldest son of Mr. John Crawford, farmer, Saddleworth, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. William Kelly, farmer, Saddle   worth. EASTHER —HUDDLESTON. —At the resi dence of the bride's father, by Mr. H. Mason, Bible Christian minister, C. H. Easther, to Eliza beth, eldest daughter of Mr. W. Huddleston, both   of Pekina.   FORBES —KEED. —On the 14th April, at Glen   Para, the residence of David Randell, Esq., by the             Ven. Archdeacon Twopeny, James Forbes, Esq.,     of Glen Head, Barossa, to Jeannie, youngest daughter of the Rev. John Keed, of Acton, Mid dlesex. No cards. FRANKLIN —WILLIAMS. —On the 26th March, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. Crawford Woods, B.A., Charles Henry Franklin, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. C. Williams, Gilles-street. GARDNER —HALES. —On the 31st March, at the Bible Christian Chapel, Happy Valley, by Mr. James Roberts (Bible Christian Minister), Mr. Samuel Gardner, to Miss Mary Ann Hales, both of Happy Valley. GERRAND —SCHOLLAR. —On the 13th April, at Port Adelaide, by the Rev. James Henderson, John Gerrand, Esq., settler, Gipps Land, to Jane   S. T. Schollar, third daughter of the late Richard Schollar, Esq., Dorsetshire, England. GOSS —GRAY. —On the 9th April, at Port MacDonnell, by the Rev. James Read, Wesleyan minister, John Goss, builder, Mount Gambier, to Miss Catherine Gray, of Adelaide. GOSSE —FENN. —On the 8th April, at Christ church, North Adelaide, by the Venerable Arch deacon Marryat, David Grant, eldest son of William Gosse, Esq., to Emily Sarah, eldest daughter of Charles Fenn, Esq. GRAY —HOPE. —On the 13th April, at St. John's   Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. D. J. H. Ibbetson, William Gray, of Mount Barker, to Elizabeth Hope, of Beaumont, eldest daughter of the late Charles Hope, Esq., solicitor, Lincoln's Inn, London. HARVEY —WILLIAMS. —On the 27th March, by licence, at the residence of the bride's father, Strathalbyn Mines, by the Rev M. Wilson, Charles, second son of Mr. David Harvey, to Ann Maria, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Williams.   HILL —JOHNSON. —On the 30th March, at St. James's Church, Blakiston, by the Rev. Basil Craig, M.A., Mr. Samuel Hill, farmer, to Louisa Sarah, second daughter of the late George John son, coachsmith, of Norwood; both of Kanmantoo. HILLEBRAND —SHADGETT. —On the 29th March, at St. Mark's Church, Penwortham, by the Rev. J. A. Boake, August Hillebrand, of Wakefield Plains, to Anna Sophia Shadgett, daughter of Mr. T. Shadgett, Adelaide. ISAACS —COHEN. —On the 11th April, at the residence of the bride's father (Mr. M. Benjamin, Tavistock-street), by Mr. B. Gollin, Acting Reader of the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation, Mr. S. H. Isaacs, of Hindley-street, to Fanny, relict of the late Mr. S. Cohen, of Gawler. LANGLEY —DAVIS. —On the 7th April, at Mount Barker, by the Rev. J. Goodwin, Edward, third son of John Langley, of Great Massingham, to Mary Ann Davis, eldest daughter of Eleazar Jones of Brecon. LETCHFORD —COWAN. —On the 29th March, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. James Benny, John Letchford, of Adelaide, to Agnes, second daughter of David Cowan, Esq., Gorge Farm, Normanville. MARCH —BUCKBY. —On the 8th April, by the Rev. S. Keen, at Ebenezer Chapel, Gawler River, John March, sixth son of Mr. Joseph March, to Betsey Buckby, third daughter of Mr. William Buckby, both of Peachey Belt. McNEIL —McLEOD. —On the 17th March, at Bellalee, by the Rev. Wm. Davidson, John McNeil,   eldest son of the late Mr. Peter McNeil, of the Bundaleer Springs, to Annie McLeod, only daughter of Mr. Donald McLeod, of Bellalee. McLEOD —DOMIER. —On the 5th April, at Beautiful Valley, by licence, by the Rev. H. Mason, of Port Augusta, Mr. Daniel McLeod, of Stony Creek, to Miss Louisa Domier, of the same place.   McLEOD —DUNSTALL. —On the 7th April, by the Rev. T. Edmeades, by licence, at the residence of the bride's father, John McLeod, of Port Adelaide, eldest son of Mr. Allan McLeod, of Cape   Jervis, to Martha Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. John Dunstall, of Normanville. McLEAN. —On the 9th April, at Strathalbyn, Mrs. Christina McLean, widow of the late Donald McLean, aged 78 years —a colonist of 32 years. MILLER —SHEARER. —On the 31st March, at Springbank, South Rhine, by the Rev. James Roddick, Mr. Peter Miller, to Mias Mary Trail Shearer, daughter of Mr. James Shearer, South Rhine. NEWMAN —FISHER. —On the 29th March, in the Wesleyan Church, Thebarton, by licence, by the Rev. W. L. Binks, President of the Wesleyan Conference, the Rev. C. T. Newman, Wesleyan Minister, to Emma Ann, only daughter of Mr, M. N. Fisher, Thebarton. OSMOND —ATKINSON. —On the 28th March, at the Bible Christian Manse, Clarendon, by the Rev. James Roberts, Mr. Gilbert Osmond, to Miss Elizabeth Atkinson, both of Maclaren Vale. PAINTER —HERRING. —On the 7th of March, at Clare, bv the Rev. Mr. Davidson, Mr. William Harris Painter, late of Kapunda, to Miss Mary Ann Herring, of Giles's Corner, near Riverton. PENMAN —VOUT. —On the 20th April, at Kent Town, by the Rev. Robert Haining, Mr. John Penman, to Miss Elizabeth Vout, daughter of Mr. William Vout, Sydney.

RITCH —ADLEM. —On the 29th March, at the residence of the Rev. H. Mason, Port Augusta, by licence, Mr. Robert Ritch, of Saltia, to Miss Emma E. Adlem, of Pitchirichi Pass. TAYLOR —ROSEWARNE. —On the 31st March,   at Young-street Chapel, by the Rev. W. Richards, of Gawler, William, eldest son of Mr. Anthony Taylor, of Peachey Belt, to Grace, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry Rosewarne, of Payneham. WELLINGTON —JOHNS. —On the 15th April, by the Rev. J. Goodwin, the Rev. S. Wellington. at Dawesley, Primitive Methodist minister, son of Mr John Wellington, of Moonta, to Jane, eldest daughter of Captain David Johns, of Dawesley. WHITE —TAYLOR. —On the 5th April, at St. Mary's, Morphett Vale, by the Rev. P. Hughes, Samuel White, Esq., Moore Farm, Reedbeds, to Matha, third daughter of Thomas Taylor, Esq., Morphett Vale. DEATHS. ABBOTT. —On the 3rd April, at his residence, Queen-street, Norwood, Mr. George Abbott, aged 75 years. ALLEN. —On the 3rd March, at Auckland, New Zealand, drowned while bathing, Mr. James Allen, jun., late of Adelaide.

BOND. —On the 7th April, at Maclaren Vale, after a severe illness of four months, Mr. G. Bond, aged 42, leaving a wife and nine children to lament their loss. CRAINE. —On the 25th January last, at his residence, Ramsey, Isle of Man, R. E. Craine, Esq., surgeon, eldest son of the Rev. E. Craine, Vicar of Onchan, aged 54, much and deservedly respected. Personally known to many in this colony, and dear to some. CURNOW. —On the 17th April, at Bridgewater, Cox's Creek, Mr. James Curnow, in the 65th year of his age. DALTON. —On the 29th March, at Kensington, Emily, third daughter of Mr. C. Dalton, aged 25 years. FELS. —On the 28th March, of concussion of the brain, in consequence of an accident, Marie Louise Pels, only daughter of Mr. F. Fels, Torrenside, near Thebarton. FLETCHER. —On the 16th April, at Rosebank, Port Elliot, South Australia, D. Fletcher, M.D., aged 79 years. FULKES. —On the 1st April, at the Adelaide Hospital, Edward Fulkes, late of Glenelg, aged 52. GARRETT. —On the 19th February, at Gosport, Alverstoke, England, Mr. Baker Garrett, aged 92, the beloved father of Mrs. Smedley, Alverstoke, Glen Osmond. GOODRIDGE. —On the 18th April, at Riverton, Selina, infant daughter of Mr. James Goodridge, aged seven months. HARKINS. —On the 6th April, at Port Elliot, Mary Harkins, daughter of Edward and Julia Harkins, aged 18 years and six months. HAYNES. —On the 31st March, at the residence   of Mr. Lowson, Port-road, of croup, Eliza Louisa Haynes, eldest daughter of Charles and Agnes Haynes, of Beverly, Port-road. Victoria papers please copy. HUDDLESTON. —On the 5th April, of con- sumption, the wife of Mr. A. A. Huddleston, O'Connell-street, North Adelaide, aged 33 years. HUSSEY. —On the 17th April, at Halifax-street, Charles Francis, infant son of Chas. H. Hussey, aged nine months. JOHNS. —On the 2nd April, Frances, the beloved wife of David Johns, of Bridgewater, South Australia, aged 64. Melbourne and Hew Zealand papers please copy. JOHNSON. —On the 30th January, at Henley-   on-Thames, Oxon, England, Mrs. Johnson, mother of Mr. F. D. Beach, Hindley-street, aged 67 years. MACFARLANE. —On the 8th April, at Mallee Cliffs Station, River Murray, Peter Macfarlane, Esq., aged 59 years. MUCKLOW. —On the 2nd April, Mr. W. Mucklow, of Fox's Creek, aged 62 years. His end was peace. NINHAM. —On the 4th April, at the Joiners' Arms, Hindmarsh, Arthur George, the second son of Arthur and Sarah Ninham, aged five years and six months. ORBELL. —On the 10th April, at Gawler, after a long and painful illness, Mary Orbell, widow, eldest and twin daughter of the late William Percy, of Gawler, aged 35 years, leaving two children to lament their loss. PAPPS. —On the 21st April, at his residence, 169, Rundle-steet, William Reynolds Papps, the beloved father of Mrs. J. Kemp Penney, aged 60 years, after six years of great affliction. PYMAN. —On the 6th April, at Kapunda, George Henry Jackson Pyman, son of Henry and Grace Pyman, aged 12 weeks. ROBERTSON. —On the 8th April, at Elmsdale, near Willunga, John Robertson, late of Inman Valley, and formerly of Argyleshire, Scotland, aged 71 years. He sleeps in Jesus. Inverness and Argyleshire papers please copy. RODDICK. —On the 11th February, at Edin- burgh, the Rev. James Roddick, minister of the Parish of Graitney, Dumfriesshire. ROUTLEDGE. —On the 15th April, at his   residence, Charles-street, North-terrace, Mr. James Routledge, Government Surveyor, aged 50 years. Carlisle papers please copy. SCHOFIELD. —On the 23rd March, accidentally drowned whilst bathing in Maria Creek, Walter, the beloved son of Walter and Mary Schofield, of Kingston, Lacepede Bay, aged nine years. SHORT. —On the 8th February, 1869, at Camel- ford, Cornwall, England, William Short, agricul- tural implement maker, and father of Wm. M. Short, wheelwright, of Angaston, aged 80 years. THOMAS. —On the 28th March, at the residence of her uncle, Mr. William Palmer, of Mitcham, of typhoid fever, Mary Ellen Cave Thomas, daughter of the late Mr. David Thomas, Oswestry, Salop, England, in the 19th year of her age. VARDY. —On the 19th February, at Prahran, Victoria, after a long and severe illness, Mr. Wm. Stoughton Vardy, solicitor, formerly of Finsbury Square, London, and the Oaklands, near Reigate,   Surrey. YOUNG. —On the 6th April, at Clare, John, the     infant son of Andrew Young.