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SUBIACO'S SUPERIORITY. Vain Rally by South Fremantle. Having held a marked advantage in every position for three quarters, Su blaoe established a big enough lead to ensure vitory in its match against South Fremantle at Subisaco Oval on Saturday. In the last quarter South Premantle ral lied and outplayed its opponent but poor kicking for goal robbed it of any chance of succeas which its Valiant effort might have given it. South Fremantle's kick-, ing, both for goal and to the man, was far from good, notable exceptions being W. Smith and Poole. Subiaco took the field without its captain, F. Murphy, and the side was led by L. Daily, whose bril lant play in goal was an outstanding feature of the game. The teams were: SOUTH FREIK4NTLE.-Backs: Prosser, Noble, F. Brown. Hall-backs: White, Dodd, D Doig. Centres: Lewington, Jenkins, Bradfrd. Half forwards: W. Smith, W. -Hayward, Bark. For wards: Reilly. Poole, Orr. Ruck: Richardson, Hasll, E. Hayward (rover). Nineteent' man: . Killer (did not play). SUBIAOO.-Backs: C. Taylor, L Daily, W. Yeates. Half-backs: McCallum, S. Daily, Bant. Centres: Donovan, Brewer, N. Smith. Half forwards: Peers, Merson, Bessea. Fo-wards: F. Brophy, Mills, Hambleton. Ruek: Gilbert, G. Browne, R. Yates (rover). Nineteenth man: Edmondson (replaced Gilbert, injured eye, in the second quarter). UMPIRE.---C . N. Cook. L. Daily dominated the play for the first seven minutes of the game, defend ing brilliantly and driving the ball far into the half-forward line. South Pre mantle, playing a fast, long-kicking game and backing up well, was the su pjrior team for a time but was unable to score goals. Mills goaled for Subiaco following a forward drive originating from Brewer. Subiaco's football alter nated between brilliant foot-passing movements and fumbling, ineffective play amidfeld. Its pace was better and Brewer checked Jenkins in the centre. South Fremantle's vigour troubled its oppon ent but its kicking and position play were poor. Quarter-time score were: Sublaco, 2.1; South Fremantle, 1.3. With South Fremantle battling hard and making .innumerable errors and Su biaco playing in ragged, aimless fashion, the second quarter was a desultory period in the game. Both teams were appar ently incapable of kicking the ball with any degree of accuracy. Poole, one of the few men making position, goaled for South Fremantle, which had frittered away several chances of scoring. Su blaco then roused itself and intelligent play by Peers, Brewer and Hambleton enabled Mills and Bessen to goat South Fremantle was beaten in the ruck and its forwards were overwhelming by L. and S. Daily. The- scores at the close of the quarter were:-Subiaco, 5.3; South Fremantle. 2.7. Subieco had five chances to goal in the first five minutes of the third quar ter but only three behinds were scored. Lewington broke away on the left wing and South Fremantle's third goal was scored by Orr. Its success was short lived. Subiaco's ruckmen and backs set the team in motion and Merson and Peers both goaled. The play became more spirited and the pace increased. Sublaco was hard pressed as the South Fremantle players threw themselves into the game with abandon, but again the backs saved the side, turning defence "ito attack. Mills goaled, to give Subiaco 27-point lead at three-quarter time-9.6 to 4.9. Three goals in quick succession by Ed mondson soon after the start of the final

quarter made South Fremantle's task al most impossible. Sublaco's marked su periority in the ruck and its much im proved play in the forward lines gave it a great advantage but South Fre mantle, relying on sheer tenacity and vigour, fought back. The clever Poole goaled twice, despite brilliant defensive work. Three further shots yielded be hinds and W. Hayward, in a purple patch, marked over the Subiaco backs but goals eluded South Fremantle, until Poole scored with a great kick. Subiaco was outplayed but time was against South Fremantle and Sublaco held on to win fairly easily. The final scores were: SUIACO ...... 12.9 (sl pta.) 8. FREMANTLE .. 7.15 (57 pts.) Bcorer--Sublaco: Edmondson, 4.1; Mills, 4.0; Merason, 2.3 Peers and Ham bleton, Li each; Bessen, 0.2; R. Yates. 0.1. South Fremantle; Poole, 6.4; Orr, 1.0; E. Hayward, 0.5; W. Hayward, Reilly and Back, 0a each; Hugall and Smith, 0.1 each. A perfect exhibition of full-back play was given by L. Daily, ,who was the best man on the ground. He marked bril lianaly, was fast and sure on the ground and kicked over long distances. Numer ous sublaco attacks started with him. In the centre Brewer won handsomely, his pace, great dash and purposeful kick ing giving Subihco an overwhelming ad vantage amidfleld. S. Daily rivalled his brother for good work in defence and Browne (following) and R. Yates and Hambleton (rovers) formed a winning ruck. All played good football. Mills, Beseen and Edmondson, the nineteenth man, did well in attack, and Peers again acquitted himself notably at half-for ward, his positianplay, sound judgment and good kicking filling a great need in the absence of Murphy. Hambleton, Bant and McOallum were prominent at times. South Fremantle'f young half-back, D. Doig, gave excellent service in a defence that was hard pressed throughout three quartem. . A strong, sure player, he cleared the ball cleanly, kicked well and ampt through heavy packs in dashing syle. Despite L. Daily's great football, the goalaneak S. Poole did outstanding work, icking six of the seven goals scored. He made position cleverly, his handling and kicking were sure and he refused to be rufled by victorious op posing defenders. E. Hayward roved tirelessly and W. Smith played soundly at half-forward. In a quiet, methodical way F. Brown did much good work in defence and G. White proved a stiff ob stacle throughout the .game. Reilly played hard and Jenkins did some clever things after half-time.