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EAST FREMANTLE BEATEN. Rough Game Against East Perth. East Perth beat East F?Emantle by 20 points in a rough game at the Fremantle I Oval on Saturday. East Perth had 1 greater all-round strength, but wasted ep many shots for goal that East Premantle kept within sfuing distance and man aged to sustain interest in the game to the end by reason of the fierce deter mination it infused into its play. The e was fast throughout, but the kick of both sides was poor, so that while the game was spectacular It lacked polish. In these circumstances a lot de pended an the rovers, all of whom were prominent. The teams were: EAST PERTH.--Backs: Thomas, Crow, IL Ryan. Half-backs: McRobble. Starr. L Smith. Centres: D. Miller. Gub, A. al. Hall-for wards: Bloom, CroDnCbmpbea Forwrds: Fogarty. Rowland. Parry. Rck: Museman, Lockyer, B. a (roer). Nineteenth man: Withell (replaeed Locker, leg inTjury, in last quarter). EAST FREkMAITLE.--Backa: J. Clark,. Sinu bury. Skeahan. Half-b?aks: C. Dog,. Wendt, J. Munro. Centres: Miro. Hutchainon, N. Dfig. Hali-forwards: Mclinn., Daniel, Donegan. For warmd:a Butcher, G. Dor4; W. James. Buck: Mann. Msrtienn, Trosmot (rover). Zine teenth man: Briggas (feleaced Daniell. leg in jury, in third qu-ter). UMPIRE.--V. Sarrow. The play was fast end vigoroua from I the Slut bounce. East Preaaantle, win-g1 ning a? the ball, took the initiative, but , it kicked poorly. asat Perth had the . same bad fault. East Perth's defenders i dIstingushed thenasele, particularly Starr. Making quik chm ?Iev n, thei uck and winning easly on- centre wings, this tau turned the play. Its ] bal-forwards were on their game, but 1 the attack did not receive Its just re wad because of poor stooting t?r gabt. eat Premantle found it neceamary to put i Muni' in a forward pocket, C. Dcg1 going to catre hall-back and Wendt to a ball-back wing. Uts backs were not n clearing cleanly or watching their mae closely enough, and its forwards wereI overshadowed by East Perth's backs, but through the activeness of its followers and rovers, resting or on the ball, it was able to score 2.3 to East Perth's 2.8 by quarter-tUnme. When the secd quarter bc8 East Perth still looked the more impressive, but spoilt its play by bad kicking. By quick thrusts through the centre Eat Frmnantle equalised the scores. PFt a time it could only thank its full backs for the fact that East Perth did not take the lead, but then it Improved in its kicking and still further increased the pace. Excellent understanding was 1 shown with handball and low foot-pas tng in neat movements to thegoal andt a a leaQ of 15 points was gained. Est 1 Perth reasserted itself as the stronger force, but again cleverness in midfield turned to crudeness In front of goal. Two l goals resulted from steadier play to- c wards the end of the quarter, making the I half-time scores:-ast Fremantle, 7.7; Eat Perth, 5.18. Bast Premantle began the third quar-: ter at a smart pace, but was let down by the forwards who ere outinanouvred by the East Perth baks. East Perth's all-round strength became manifest and, without rushing its game so much, it went to a 10-point lead. East Pre manste, however, was still surer in hand- i ling the ball, and In a vigorous pansge I it resumed the lead by two points. Then I East Perth struck its best form of the match. Its men finding one another with I more accurate kicking, and showing nice co-ordnination, it went ahead in impre- I asie style to lead with 12.17 to 10.13 at I three ater time. Wendt replaced Danell (injured) as I centre half-forward and Martlensen re- I lieved on a half-back flank. East PFe- 1 mantle began at a fast pace, but it did I not have the drive necessary to make it I look like a winning team. Its men, t moreover, did not watch their opponents' leads. East Perth increases its lead to I 24 points Bast Fremantle did, not gie e up hope, but are into the play grimly b and, showing great determination, made b up for Individual weakness with a fierce team spirit, by which it reduced the v margin to 12 ponts. However, ithad too many weak spots and played the man too much, and East Perth did not look like losing. PFinal scores: EAST PERTH .... 14.28 (Lpts.). EAST F'TLE. .... . .14t (9pts.) Seorbs.-East Perth: Rowland, 4.6; Parry, 4.5; Scresigh, 3.4; Broom, 2.3: Lockyer, 1.1; Cronin, 0.4; Muasman, 0.3; t Hall, 0.1; Campbell, 0.1. East Fremantle: C. Doig, 6.0; Martlensen, 2.0; Truscott, 1.8; McGlinn, 1.4: Butcher, LO: James, 1.0; Mann, 1.0; Daniell, 0.1; Hltchinson, For East Perth, H. Screagh roved very well, carrying on the pity nicely. Parry 1 was also prominent In many forward moves. Miller was unbeaten on his wing and Hall and Guhl completed a centre line which was one of the most dominant t features of the play. Crow played re- I markably well in goal, keeping G. DoIg subdued. Lockyer was brilliant in the first half and Mussman was outstand ing throughout. Starr played a great game at centre half-back, with M. Ryan ( and H. mith also strong In defence. c Broom took a strong hand in attack, and ' Campbell and Rowland did their share. For East Fremantle, Trucott was again in brilliant form. MeOllna might be E ranted with him for effectiveness., C. I Dolg was most impressive at centre half back Jianes,Mann, and Mattlesen g (sedond half) were a strong trio an the I ba ll. bnra played well in goal, with SBe n and Clark strong assist ants in the pockets, The team relled a lot on Hutchinson, wrho, while patchy, did many good things in the centre. G. Doig made the most of few opportunites.