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SWAN DISTRICTS SUCCEED. Determined Rally in Third Term. 'About ten minutes of non-stop irresist ble football which conquered temporarily Wbst Perth's rock and centre line and tore to pieces the back lines enabled the Swan Districts team to make a spirited re-~bery in the third quarter of the match atl-Leedervile Oval on Saturday, and in a 'herd-fought finish it was successful Swan Districts' players were the oppor aumsts. Although outplayed in most pla~pps of the game, especially in the seeond term, Swan Districts managed to -n within striking distance of West - until half-time, and in the third --rter seized the chance in crowded, uorous play to throw its opponent off ia* balance. West Perth pulled itself to g?a i again, but the Swan Districts team was full of pace and determination. Bamps were exchanged liberally, play every now and then opened out and closed near the goals, and some individual efforts were brilliant West Perth was a point alib eight minutes from the end, and itso.:abcks were playing strongly enough toige their supporters confidence. With siĀ·.minutes to go the scores were level. Again Swan Districts broke through, and a *oal resulted. A West Perth attack failed, and Swan Districts rushed the ball forward to score a behind and a goal to place the issue beyond doubt. Fol lothig were the teams:- SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Avery, Ie Im7 l y. Half-backs: Andrews, Sinclair, Pen beitly. Centres: Krepp, Rosewarne, Moses. ail-ferwarda: Moiler. Bravo. Hunt. FEcr?ards: Swnetapple, Holdsworth, Ditchburn. Buck: Mirny, Randall, Park (rover). Nineteenth man: aor" (replaced Murray, doubtful ankle, at half-time). WEST PERTH.-Backs: White, Tetley, Jea tens. Half-backs: Hill. Buttsworth, Bonner. Ce s: H. Screaigh, Coward, L. Wals. Half forisid: Lewis, Slarinkd, P. Walsh. Forwards: Pole, Tyson, Bunting. Huck: MeiDiarmid, O'led, Rainoldi (rover). Nincteenta man: Ggg (replaced Scresigh, injured ankle, at half UPIRE.---. Owens. Scrambles, ball-hunger and free-kicks ansaed the play at the start of the match. McDiarmid, Marinko and Rainoldi were in great form, but their forwards failed them. A goal to Tyson was overdue, and Swin Districts, with Zilko, Sinclair and Randall most prominent, goaled after the ball had bounced over and between a number of players before Holdsworth seeured it. West Perth's forwards were not leading well and, in addition, many pnes to them were along the ground. Then came one of the few passages of combined play--Mcliarmid to Lewis to Bumting to Tyson, and a goal. The Swan Districts players were handballing and short-passing a great deal, usually with out success. Quarter-time scores:-West Perth, 3.4; Swan Districts. 3.2. At the start of the second quarter Swan Districts men persisted in clinging to the ball, and West Perth fell into the error of excessive short-passing in the forward area. Tyson's alertness, however, enabled West Perth to forge ahead, and Hunt was sent back to watch him. At half back Hill was playing strongly for West Perth. Only twice in the first 20 minutes did Swan Districts take the ball past the

opposing half-backs, and each time a goal was scored. Sinclair blocked most West Perth drives down the centre, and Swan Districts began to improve. At half-time West Perth led with 7.6 to 6-2. Method was lacking in the play imme diately after the interval, and West Perth suffered through forwards wandering and crowding the play. Then 'it was that Swan Districts rallied. Rosewarne struck form in the centre, and from him the ball repeatedly went forward. West Perth could not stop the rush, and it quickly found itself in arrears. Swan Districts had moved Moiler to the centre-half-for ward position, and West Perth sent Hill to the pivot. Steadying, West Perth goaled, but it had diffceulty in penetrating the defence again before the bell, when Swan Districts had scored 11.4 to 9.9 Five minutes of even play preceded a behind and a goal to West Perth, and the scores were level. Swan Districts attacked furiously, and a point resulted. On the right wing Coward was playing well now, and West Perth moved for ward through him. Buttsworth was miss ing nothing at half-back, and the Swan Districts backs stood up to the pressure. A goal snapped by Tyson placed West Perth ahead. The Swan Districts men now brought all their weight and pace into the game, and Holdsworth goaled. A be hind awarded to Ditchburn left the scores level for the third time during the quar ter, and Park then goaled. Handball en abled Swan Districts to clear from a dan gerous situation, and another behind and a goal assured it of victory. Tyson goaled again, and the final scores were: SWAN DISTRICTS .. 14.7 (91 pts.) WEST PERTH .. .. 12.12 (84 pts.) Scorers.-Swan Districts: Holdsworth, 7.4; Avery, 2.1; Gorn, 1.1; Randall, Bravo, Park and Murray, 1.0 each. West Perth: Tyson, 8.1; Bunting, 1.; Lewis and Gregg, 1.1 each: Pole, 1.0; P. Walsh, 03 MEDlar mid, 0.2; Marinko, 0.1. Most of the Swan Districts players did best in the second half, and on the day's play Sinclair, the centre-half-back, must be picked out as the most serviceable. After the first few minutes he was dash Ing and sure, and he finished ly. In a back pocket Zilko was very reliable and at critcsal times made a fast, long clearance. Holdsworth played well to score his seven goals. Randall was solid in the ruck. Krepp struck good form in the second half, and his disposal was good. Park was always prominent, and Mclner ney did good work. Sweetapple roved at his best after half-time, and Blmt de serves credit for the manner In whiche guarded Tyson after Avery was shifted. In the second half Rosewarne did some nice things. Moier and Andrews were the best of the others. West Perth had no really outstanding player from start to finish. Until be was transferred to the centre in the third quarter Hill played high-class football at half-back, while Lewis was strong in the first half, and then gradually faded out. lunech quarter L. Walsh was consistently useful against Krepp, and some of his marks were delight!fl. Buttsworth shaped well at centre-half-back, and his long drop-kicks were a feature of the play. In the rack McDiarmid was a force. In the first half Tyson distinguished himself at full forward, scouting, kicking and marking in fine style. P. Walsh, except for unsuccessful shooting for goal, was worth his place at half-forward, and later defended determinedly. Marinko, while he did some fine things, especially at the start,' turned into a great deal of trouble. Coward began a number of pro mising moves, and O'Keefe and Gregg were hard workers.