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FORWARDS- BELOW FORM. East Fremantle Defeats Sabiaco. In a match that was notable more for desperate struggles in tight corners than for system, East aremantle defeated Subiaco- at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. East PFemantle did not reveal its usual combination and Subiaco was almost as Oncertan- in attack as it was early this season. For all that, there were many bright moments during the game and one of its best features was the determined manner in which back men on each side fought to keep their opponents at bay, time after time freeing themselves from seemingly inextricable tangles. Had Subiaco turned to profit the numerous opportunities its centre and ruck men pro vided in the first quarter, the slow-starting East Premantle side undoubtedly would have been hard pressed. East Fremantle began laboriously and recovered form suf ficiently to place itself in a commanding position and then defy the attacks of Subiaco's players who were nothing if not triers. Following were the teams: EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: Briggs, Stinge more, Skeahan. Half-backs: C. Doig, Wendt, Clarke. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson, Donegan? Half-forwards: Kilminster, Daniell, MiGlin. For wards: W. James. G. Doir, D. Munro. Buck: G. Mann, Martiensen, Truscott (rover). Nine teenth man: Fordham (replaced Stingemore, bruised collarbone. in third quarter.) SUBIACO.--Backs: C. Taylor, L. Daily, Struck. Half-backs: Bant, S. Daily, Gilbert. Centres: Donovan, Brewer, N. Smith. Half-for wards: Peers, L. Toll. Murphy. Forwards: Hambleton, Beysen, Mills. Buck: G. Browne, McCallum, R. Yates (rover). Nineteenth man: F. Brophy (did not play). EMPIRE.-H. Hooper. Each side failed repeatedly within easy scoring range of the goal and Strack and Skeahan were remarkably solid in defence. Brewer, in the centre, began to play at his top and Subiaco was strong in the ruck. Fumbling by the forwards, how ever, was disastrous. Then, eight min utes after the start, Subiaco goaled and it looked the superior side, particularly in view of East Fremantle's unusual in accuracy in passing. East Fremantle could not score goals and it was pleased to note Subiaco's obliging failures in the forward area. At quarter-time Subiaco led with 3.2 to 02. With Truscott and McGlinn nippier than before and James striking form in the ruck, East Fremantle improved. Subi aco had chances to score but failed in the goal-square. Then, led by Hutchin son, East Premantle swept forward. Soon it was in the lead and Subiaco found its defence too strong. A long kick for a goal by Daniell made East Fremantle's score 5.7 to 3.5 at half-time. After the interval Subiaco reshuffled its forwards, Mills going to the goal-sneak position. East Fremantle players were soon lagging yards behind their men and Subiaco attacked desperately. Goals came most unexpectedly and most crudely, but they were goals. East Fremantle clapped on pace and began to open out nicely. Three shots went out of bounds before D. Munro goaled for the second time that quarter. Murphy goaled for Sublaco and then G. Doig, from a brilliant mark, kicked his first goal The play grew fierce as Subiaco fought hard to reduce the lee way but each of its goals was answered by one from East Fremantle. At the bell East Fremantle led with 11.8 to 9.13. East Fremantle began the last quarter with great dash for its followers and rovers combined effectively. Three quick goals and another indicated an easy vic tory but Subiaco recovered to score two goals. Half-way through the quarter Subiaco had a chance to win but most of the remaining play was in East Fre mantle's favour, with Subiaco's backs de fending stubbornly. Final scores: EAST FEEMANTLE 15.13 (103 pts.) SUBIACO ...... 12.13 ( 85 pits.) Scorers.-East Fremantle: G. Doig, 3.1; ,ilminster, 3.0; McGlinn, 2.2; D. Munro, and Daniell, 2.1 each; Martiensen, 1.3; Mann, 1.2; James, 1.0; Truscott, 0.2. Subi acb; Hambleton, 4.5; . Mills, 3.2; Murphy, 3.0; Besen, 1.3; Yates, 1.0; Toll, 02; Gil bert, 0.L In a team that did not have many men who were consistently good,. Skeahan was one of East Fremantle's leading players. He was sure in defence and repeatedly drove the ball back to the centre line; he was inclined to run a little too far. C. Dolg was prominent in defence, particu larly after the first term, he and Wendt subduing the opposing half-forwards. Hutchinson, who did not travel far from the centre position, did good work, some of his turns being brilliant. Truscott was guilty of over-running but he and Mc Glinn roved with success. Stingemore was safe in goal and his successor, Clarke, did well. Kilminster made a promising debut in league football as a half-forward. W. James (after a slow start), Martiensen and Mann did good work in the ruck. Daniell improved after half-time. Briggs did not make many mistakes in defence and occasionally Donegan flashed into prominence. Subiaco had several serviceable men. At the centre Brewer overcame a habit of mauling the man, used his pace to ad vantage and kicked well. On the day he was a little more effective than Hutchin son. Gilbert in defence and in the ruck was strong throughout. McCallum and Bant were reliable and Smith and Dono van were'useful on the wings. Peers, although slow in kicking the ball, played well. Taylor and Strack were cool de fenders and Murphy stood out for passinig ability. Hambleton was prominent near the goal and Mills tried hard. Browne was a battler in the ruck and L. Daily, although below form, had the satisfaction of keeping G. Doig down to three goals. S. Daily took few marks.