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PACE AND RUGGEDNESS. South Fremantle Wins Easily. Adopting vigorous, non-stop tactics, and with its ruckmen dominating the play, South Fremantle easily defeated East Perth by 37 points at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday. A large crowd saw the match, which was to a certain extent marred through the tendency of players on both sides to pay too much attention to the man, but yet which provided many attractive passages of football. In the first half, East Perth's play was more systematic than that of its opponent, the a?periority of its centre line balancing a weakness in the ruck, -where South Fre mantle was carrying all before it. In the third quarter, South Fremantle altered several placings, and with its

centre line now more effective and the side as a whole revealing more dash than East Perth, it adapted itself perfectly to the heavy going, and held a winning lead at three-quarter time. Several times in the last quarter East Perth appeared likely to rally, but South Fremantle was T'aying strongly and won easily. The teams were as follows: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Prosser, Noble, F. Brown. Hfalf-backs: D. Doig, Dodd, White. Centres: Bradford, Jenkins, Lewington. Half forwards: Smith, W. Har?ard. Back. Forwarde: Reilly. Poole, Orr. Ruck: Richardson, Hugall, E. Hayward (rover). Nineteenth man: K. Miller (did not play). EAST PERTIL-Bacls: Thomas, Crow. Shaw. Half-backs: Lockyer. Starr, Withell. Centres: D. Miller, Guhl, A. Hall. HIalf-forwards: Cronin, Broom, Campbell. Fom-vards: Mussman. I:ow land, l'any. HIuck: U. Ryan, Fogarty, SMeaik (rover). Nineteenth man: Garnaut: (d;d not play). UMPIRE.-L. McComish. East Perth began strongly, but could not pass Doig, Dodd and Noble, and it was not until the game had been in progress ten minutes that it registered its first goal from Rowland. Play was already vigorous and rather scrambling, but after a good clearance by Doig, Smith passed neatly to E. Hayward, a goal from Orr following. With the exception of Smith, the South Fremantle forwards were in clined to crowd the play too much, nul lifying the work of the followers. East Perth goaled again after Rowland had marked beautifully, and at quarter-time it led with 2.4 to 1.3. South Fremantle quickly took charge in the second term, and following strong ruck work by Richardson, it scored goals from Poole, E. Hayward and Jenkins in quick succession to give it a 12-point lead. East Perth steadied, and Guhl, who was beating Jenkins in the centre, started a move which resulted in Screaigh snapping a goal. The East Perth centre-line was winning, Guhi's accurate foot-passing being a feature of the game, and it was he who was responsible for that side's next goal, from Rowland, which regained for it the lead. South Fremantle replied with a goal from Poole, the result of a fine pass from Smith, and towards the end of the quarter there was an amusing incident when Richardson, with three successive shots, hit the post. South Premantle led at half-time with 5.12 to 5.7. i South Fremantle changed Lewington to the centre and Jenkins to watch Miller on the wing, and Poole quickly scored a goal. The finest passage of combined play of the match occurred when Noble, Dodd, Jenkins, and Richardson took the ball the length of the ground for Poole to again goal. South Fremantle was now dominating the game, and with its ruck supreme, and Lewington and Jenkins showing to advantage, it added further goals from Orr and Poole to increase its lead to .27 points. Rowland goaled for East Perth, but South Fremantle was playing strongly, and good work by the Hayward brothers preceded two goals from E. Hayward. Cronin had transfer red himself to the half-back line to watch Smith, but was unable to check South Fremantle, which had scored 11.15 to 6.13 at three quarter time. Smith passed to Poole, who goaled and then Screaigh and Lockyer added goals for East Perth; Although East Perth was now playing more impressively, Dodd, Prosser and White defended well, and though Ryan and Parry goaled, South Fremantle was too fast, and with Lewing ton and E. Hayward combining well, goals were scored by Reilly (2) and W. Hayward., which gave it a lead of 33 points. In the closine minutes Parry, and Orr and Poole, goaled for their re spective sides. Final scores: SOUTH FREMANTLE .. 17.17 (1l9pts.) EAST PERTH . .. .. 11.16 (82pts.) Scorers.--South Fremantle: Poole, 7.4; E. Hayward, 3.3; Orr, 3.1; Reilly. 2.2 W. Hayward, 1.1; Jenkins, 1.0; Back and Richardson, 0.3. East Perth: Rowland, 4.1; Screaigh, 3.1; Parry, 2.2; Lockyer and B. Ryan, 1.0; Broom, 0.5; Mussman, 0.4; Campbell, 0.2; Fogarty, 0.1. Smith, who played position well, and always passed the ball to advantage, was the best player for South Fremantle, his co-operation with Poole being a feature. Richardson dominated the ruck, where he was well supported by Hugall, Reilly and W.' Hayward, while E. Hayward did well roving and at half-forward. Poole, whose leading and marking were high class, kicked accurately to secure seven goals, and Lewington and Jenkins, though not prominent in the first half, did better when they changed positions. Dodd, Noble, Prosser and Doig (first half) were the best of the back-men. East Perth had many players who did not pull their weight. Its best man was Hall, who played excellently on the wing throughout, and disposed of the bail accurately. Screaigh was not prominent roving, but did better when "resting" in a forward pocket, and Lockyer marked and kicked well. Guhl was the side's best man until half-time, but though he continued to be useful, he was not as prominent in the second half. Thomas and Starr did good work at times in defence, where Crow was not as reliable as usual, and of the others, Miller, Parry, Rowland and Mussman did best.