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PERTH'S CLOSE CALL. Fight Back by Swan Districts. Playing fast, vigorous and, at times, brilliant football, Perth on Saturday in flicted the first defeat suffered by Swan Districts this season at Bassendean Oval Perth, which was opposed by a weakened Swan Districts ruck and won decisively across the centre, laid the foundation of its success in the third quarter and showed grit and determination in stav ing off repeated onslaughts by Swan Dis tricts in a hotly-contested last quarter. The play of Swan Districts was patchy and the team relied more on physical strength than science in its bold bid for victory in the concluding stages. The teams were: PERTH.-Backs: P. Fitzgerald. Love, Wil liams. Half-backs: Wormald, A. Brown, Hether fpton. Centres: H. Davey, Puddey, Trainor. slf-forwards: Dewar, Oliphant, A. Grigg. For wards: Burton, Gook. Whittaker. Buck: Too hey, Carrington, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: G. Ransom (replaced Dewar, injured hip, in second quarter). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Penberthy, Avery, Zilko. Half-backs: Hunt, Sinclair, Andrews. Centres: Mosey, Krepp, F. Hall. Halif-for wards: J. Park. Rosewarne, Moiler. Forwards: Ditchbburn, loldsworth, Randall. Ruck: Bravo, McInerney Forden (rover). Nineteenth man Gorn (replaced Ball, head injury, in last quar ter). UMPIRE.---G. Owens. Swan Districts made the first forward move but Brown cleared in dashing style. Persisting, Swan Districts kept the Perth, defence under full pressure with Bravo (in ruck) playing a conspicuous part. Perth was the faster side and excelled in ground play. A fine mark by Oook de servedly was rewarded with a goal; Holdsworth replied with a goal from 60 yards a few minutes later. It was appar ent that the Swan Districts team was concentrating on Holdsworth and three more goals came from him before Keight ley, whl was roving skilfully, broke through to goal for Perth. The game was full of incident, fast and even. Despite the disparity in the scores at quarter time, 5.4 to 2.2, Perth had given a good account of itself. Artistic and cool, Rosewarne, at centre half-forward, soon had Swan Districts in attack but the Perth defence was un yielding. Holdsworth was afforded a good opportunity but kicked only a be hind from a distance of ten yards. Krepp, who was being overshadowed by Davey at the centre, was receiving the atten tion of the ambulance men, while Brown was also temporarily inactive. The Swan Districts players were successfully exploit ing the hand pass. Puddey, who was adding strength to the winning centre line, was giving his forwards ample chances but Sinclair and Zilko were Im passable. Swan Districts men were sacri ficing opportunities in their endeavour to get the ball to Holdsworth; this the Perth defenders quickly realised. A goal the difference and Oliphant, who was playing a cool, heady game, kicked a point. The Krepp-Rosewarne-Ditchburn combination was functioning but its scope was limited. In a well sustained rally Perth scored four goals and at half-time led with 6.6 to 6.5. Cleverness on the part of Grigg increased Perth's lead by six points. Swan Districts re taliated when Rosewarne unerringly passed to Holdsworth. Davey and Pud dey had command of the centre and it was mainly due to theirefforts that Perth continued in attack until Gook, with a magnificent punt, kicked his side's ninth goal Swan Districts found the opposing back lines solid to a man. Winning in the air and with Toohey and Carrington dominating the ruck, Perth forged ahead with two goals from Whittaker. Perth was still the faster side and had much the better of play during the term, which ended with the scores at 12.7 to 8.6. Urged to activity by Rosewarne, Swan Districts attacked and Holdsworth, who was being closely guarded, scored a be hind. A goal followed quickly and rug gedness prevailed for a time. Wormald was playing a great game in the back lines for Perth. rith an open goal con fronting him, Ditchburn, with question able unselfishness, handballed to Holds worth, who goaled. The going was heavy and play was frequently held up during a determined fight back by Swan Dis tricts. Puddey and Park were outstand ing for their respective sides. Krepp had at last come into his own and with Rose warne was a leading light in continued

assaults. Every inch of the way was strenuously contested and only a few points separated the sides. A minute to go and Holdsworth had the game in his keeping; he scored only a behind and the bell rang, leaving Perth the winner. Final scores: PERTH ........ 14. 8 (92pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS . 13.11 (89pts.) Scorers:-Perth: cook, 52; Whittaker, 3.1; Oliphant, 22; Grigg, 21: Keightley and G. Ransom, 1.0 each; Burton and Puddey, 0.1 each. Swan Districts: Holds worth, 8.6; Park, 3.0; Randall, 2.0; Moiler, 0.2; Penberthy, Rosewarne and Ditch burn, 0.1 each. In Perth's defence Fitzgerald and Wormald deserve credit for consistency but -in point of value they were little ahead of Brown and Love. Oliphant and Keightley did valuable work while Davey and Puddey curbed marksmen of un doubted prowess. Carrington and Toohey also did well, while Whittaker and -Gook made use of any opportunities offering. Swan Districts had a champion in Sin cLir and it was due to him principally that the winning margin was not greater. Stationed at centre half-back, he gave a fine exhibition of clean marking and good kicking and never let up from bell to bell. Rosewarne was clever and artistic, while Bravo did much towards partially re straining the superior Perth followers. Zilko lent an able hand in defence while Mosey and Krepp, although beaten on the day, were responsible for fruitful moves. Penberthy, Park and Holdsworth were the best of the others.