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EAST FREMANTLE'S RECOVERY West Perth Fails in Last Quarter. A plucky, sustained ninishing effort gave East Premantle victory over West Perth by 21 points at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday. Although East Pre mantle had led for most of the time up to the end of the third quarter, at that stage West Perth impressed as the stronger team. It was more even, had more power and pace and got great drive from the ruck, although it suffered through weakness in the forward line. East Fremantle had the better of the centre play and was more effective in attack, but it had an unconvincing jerki ness in its play, alternating periods of precision with intervals of unaccustomed raggedness. Then in the last quarter East AFemantle rose to its best fora and with

tremendous determination and vigour swept West Perth aside to build up an impregnable lead. West Perth did not recover from the upset and failed to finish on. A strong influence on the game for West Perth was co-operation between 2 Tetley (goal-keeper) and Flemming (back pocket), as a result of which G. Doig, East Fremantle's crack full-forward. was subdued. Then Plemming broke a leg in the third quarter and West Perth's defence was not the same afterwards. In the last quarter G. Doig kicked three 1 goals. The teams were: EASt IREMANTLE.-Backs: N. Doig, Stinge more, Skeahan. Half-backs: Fordham, Wendt, J. Clark. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson. C. Doig. Ralf-forwards: McGlian, Danieu, Donegan. For wards: W. James, G. Doig, D. Munro. Ruck: Martienen, G. Mann, Truscott (rover). Nine teenth man: Seubert (did not play). WEST PERTH.-Backs: Jeavons. Tetley. Flem ming. Half-backs: P. Walsh, Buttsworth, Hill Centres: L. Screalgh. Coward. L. Walsh. Hlf forwards: Lewis, Marinko, Bunting. Forwards: Pola, Tyson. Morgan. Ruck: O'Keefe, McDiar mid, Rainoldi (rover). Ninteenth man: Bon ner (replaced Flemming. fracturea leg, in third quarter). tUMPIE.-Ll McCamish. The ground was heavy through rain and East Fremantle, nippy and handling the ball well, was m:ore:, at home than West Perth. It quickly went to a two goal lead, its goals. looking easy be-: cause West Perth was not watching loose men. Owing -to the late arrival of I Tyson, East Fremantle had a full back to spart, and West Perth's play was not crisp enough to overcome this disadvan tage. When it had its full complement and the backs settled.down, West Perth looked impressive, Marinko's heady work making a big difference in attack. A solid, even quarter ended with East Pre mantle 4.3 to 2.1. Improving in the rnck. where at had been weakest, East Premantle attacked again, but was upset by the understand ing between Tetley and Flemming. Un availing against talented defence work. its play became straggling and uncon vincing. West Perth looked strong, but broke down on the forward line Then East Fremantle gingered up its play and by fast leading and quick kicking pro duced its best form for the match and drew away to a 3.2 lead. West Perth respolnded with speed, strong marking and long- and accurate passing. Its powerful attack was countered by a dogged de fence, producing a fine passage of spec tacular football which had the crowd in an uproar and brought West Perth to 6.4 against East Fremantle's 7.5 at half-time. Its rovers prominent in a short-pass ing attack. East Fremantle again took the offensive, but again it found difi culty in piercing West Perth's defence, the forwards being watchgd closely de spite smart leading. When Marink' went on the ball, West Perth attacked. It increased the pace and, with its for wards leading out better, took the lead by a point. East Fremantle also quickened its play and there .was stirring football of furious tempo, bard knocks being ex changed freely. The scoies were evened, but West Perth, mpre uniformly strong, hammered home a -goal advantage, with 10.6 to 9i6, at three-quarter time. West Perth, fast and powerful, in creased its lead to eight points. When East Preniantle counter-attacked, its small men active, it was too flurried to be effective, its forwards being out of position and kicking too hurriedly. It made an admirable recovery, Hutchin son being a great steadying inflsence. Impelled by him, it made ground through sheer determination and tpok a goal lead. West Perth replied with: seven points, but after thus taking the lead It mn accountably fell away. It tired and tried to make up for lost pace by vigorous play, but East Fremantle seemed to be just finding its balance. A few quick goals heightened its spirit and it raced away to a notable victory. Final scores: EAST FEEMANTLE 14.12 (96pts.) WEST PERTH . .. 11.9 (7pts.) Scorers:-East Fremantle: G. Doig, 5.2: Truscott, 2.1; Mann, 21; McGI?nn, 1.3; Danliell, 1.2; Martiensen, L1; D. Mtmunro, 1.1; James, 1.0; Donegan, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 3.2; Rainoldi, 3.0; Bunt ing, 2.1; Lewis, 13; Morgan, 1.0; Mc Diarmid, 1.0; Marinko, 0.2; Pole, 0.1. For East PFremantle, Truscott con tinued in fine form, despite the heavy turf. Hutchinson also was outstanding, giving invaluable service in the vital stages of the last quater. McGlinn was another who played a big part In.the victory, with heady roving and pene trating half-forward work. -Skeahan was very steady in a back pocket. He and s gemore, with ,N. 1_Doig . ,m mi?dUi backing, upset West Perth repeatedly. Mann was hailed as a match-winner. After a steady game in rack, he pro duced two fine. running goals in the last quarter which were the turning point of the match. Danlell and G. Doig played attractively, having to earn their kicks, and Migro, Wendt and James were the best of the others. Marinko was most effective, both fol lowing and as centre-half-forward, being guide and conspicuous agent in West Perth's most successful attacking moves. Bunting also was a force in attack, being a leading figure in fast, open work and. following up the play well Tetley again was a model of efficient back play. Lewis was another who stood out. McDiarmld rucked strongly; L. Walsh did well on a centre-wing; and Rainoldi was an alert rover. Plemming and Hik were prominent with Tetley in a strong de fence.