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THREE GOALS TO SPARE. East Perth's Third Teram Rally. Between pools of water and rain show ers, East Perth and Swan Districts pro vided surprisingly good and interesting football in adverse conditions at Perth Oval on Saturday, and East Perth won by three goals. There was not a great deal to choose between the two teams, and East Perth owed its victory largely to a determined effort in the third quarter, superior rovers and defenders who were strong under pressure. Even without the services of Darmody, Swan Districts was the stronger across the centre, but the subjugation of Holdsworth (who kicked only one goal) emphasised a weakness at half-forward. Up to half-time the Swan Districts players kept pace with their opponents; in the third quarter their followers and rovers lagged behind and East Perth, adding 4.3 to nil, set up a winning lead. Following were the teams: EAST PERTH.--Backe: Thomas, Crow. M. Ryan. Half-backs: Lockyer. Starr, H. Smith. Centre: Miller, Guhl, A. Hall. Hall-forwards: Cronin, Broom, Withell. Forwards: Mussman, Rowland, Parry. Ruck: B. Ryan. Dook, H. Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Shaw (replaced lussnan, injured back in last quarter). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Hunt, Avery, llko. Half-backs: Penberthy, Sinclair, An drews. Centres: Mosey, Krepp. McMahon. Halt-forwards: Moiler, Ditchburn, Park. For wards: Randall, Holdsworth, Gorn. Rock: Bravo, Mclnnerney, Forden. Nineteenth man: Sweetapple (did not play). TMPIREH.-l Hooper. Coming through fast from Miller's wing and with Cronin picking up and swerving smartly, East Perth scored quickly. Mosey's pace was a feature of the play, and through his efforts Swan Districts pressed hard. McInnerney, Holdsworth and Gorn combined on the drier side of the ground and Swan Districts at last scored a goal. Each side was kicking for goal inaccurately, and swhen rain stopped to wards the end of the quarter, East Perth gained the upper hand. Broom, now in form, goaled and at the bell East Perth led with 2.5 to 1.2. Quick work begun by McMahon earned a goal for Swan Districts, for which Park was prominent. Crow saved twice, and East Perth attacked unsuccessfully. Krepp and Mosey gave Swan Districts the call across the centre, and a goal was added easily. East Perth, in spite of good play by Mussman and Scresigh, lost its grip and Swan Districts,. after faster play and surer marking, was ahead at half-time 6.3 to 4.5. Poor kicking nullified East Perth's at tacks early in the third term until Parry goaled cleverly with a screw kick. Parry was battling hard and Krepp was brilliant. As East Perth forced its way past pool after pool, the play became fierce. Mussman goaled and East Perth led. Randall, in the ruck, and Zilko, in defence, fought hard for Swan Districts, which found scoring even more difficult than before because of Starr's improvement. Broom goaled and by three-quarter time East Perth had scored 8.8 to 6.3. Mussman and Krepp had hurt themselves in a col lision. Excellent play by Starr, Guhl and Muss man culminated in a goal from Rowland. Sinclair battled bravely in defence and his side suffered through inferior kicking. For six minutes the rain held off; then came a heavy shower. Krepp made open ings for Swan Districts, which attacked keenly but was weak near the goal. Too late. Swan Districts rallied, and Holds worth kicked his first goal. Final scores: EAST PERTH ....... 10.9 (69pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS . .. 7.9 (51pts.) Scorers.--East Perth: Mussman, 3.1; Rowland, 2.4; Parry, 2.2; Broom, 2.0; Cronin, 1.0; Dook, 0.2. Swan Districts: Corn, 2.2; Moiler, 1.3; Holdsworth, Park and Randall, 1.1 each; McInnerney, 1.0; Forden, 0.1. Outstanding for East Perth was its goal keeper Grow, who did great service for

his side in keeping Holdsworth down to one goal, and that in spite of the fact that the pocket backs took too many lib erties early. Crow kicked and spoilt well and was able to take spectacular marks. Until he was hurt, Mussman was most prominent; he was a valuable team man and kicked accurately. Smith, except for some unfortunate shepherding, played strongly, and he handled the slippery ball admirably. Scresigh and Parry were clever, dashing rovers, and Miller won on his wing. Broom and Cronin were useful half-forwards, and B. Ryan was service able In the rack. Lockyer showed improved form, especially in the ruck. .Starr and M. Ryan did best in the second half, while Guhl occasionally showed out. In Krepp, Swan Districts had the lead ing player of the game. More so in the second half than before, he showed plenty of dash and skill in handling and kick ing the ball, and he was a great trier. Mosey was easily the best man in the first quarter and he was not beaten on the wing, although Hall struck form towards the end. Randall and Mclnnerney were two able ruck men, who battled hard from start to finish, while Park was outstand ing on the half-forward line. Zilko and Avery were strong backs, and Sinclair did a difficult job at centre-half-back fairly well. Andrews and Gorn (despite a ten dency to run with the ball) were the best of the others. Hunt's form was encourag ing, and Moiler and McMahon did some nice things. Bravo's long kicking was beneficiaL