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IMORE EFFICIENT IN ATTACK. East Perth Overcomes West Perth. East Perth, fresher and faster, played with admirable system in the last quarter of the match at Leederville Oval on Saturday and West Perth was too weak in attack to make the finish excit ing. It Is safe to say that West Perth's forwards have seldom played so poorly and East Perth's successful full back line worked smoothly and easily. For the greater part of the game West Perth's defenders were successful, though occa sionally making a costly mistake, and in the last quarter they found themselves over-run by fast men playing to posi tion and disorganised by the runs and long kicks of Cronin, who was Irresistible at right-half-forward. There was little to choose between the respective ruck men and West Perth's centre line was superior only because of a stronger finish ing effort and more accurate passing. Following were the teams: EAST PERTH.--Backs: M. Ryan, Crow, Thomas. Balf-baeks: Lockyer Starr. H. Smith. Centres: D. Miller, Guhbl, Hall. Half-for wards: Cronin, Graham, Withell. Forwards: Broom. Rowland. Parry. Buck: B. Ryan. Mass man, H. Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Fogarty (replaced Rowland, injured head, in last minute). WEST PERTH: Backs: Jeavons. Tetley. Flem ming. Half-backs: Hill, Buttaworth. P. -Walsh. Centres: B. Screaigb, Coward, L. Walsh. Half forwards: Gregg, Bunting. Donnelly. Forwards: Lewis Tyson, Pole. Buck: McDlarmid. O'Keefe, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Benton (did not play). UMPIE.---G. Owena East Perth's small men played nippily at the" start of the first quarter and Starr was almost impassable at half back. Play was fast and attractive: Row land being prominent in attack. A spasm of bad kicking followed and West Perth was the first to recover and score a goal. West Perth's defence was then hard-pressed and the supeflority in the air of East Perth was apparent. Tetley was coming out a long way to save and West Perth had to attack along the right wing to avoid Starr, but found Thomas equally as strong. At quarter-time East Perth led with 5.4 to 2.4. Coward, in the centre, and Lewis, "resting" in a forward pocket, were fine players for West Perth early in the sec ond quarter, and two goals were scored in quick time. Again Tyson missed a chance and Graham (worried by an in jured wrist) goaled, from a free-kidck. West Perth's forwards were yards too slow and they were not helped by the kicking of their colleagues in midfield. McDiarmid was hurt and the West Perth backs played determinedly. There were dazzling bursts of speed and the East Perth defence remained almost impreg nable until half-time, when the scores were 8.4 to 5.6 in favour of East Perth. In an endeavour to strengthen the attack West Perth shifted Flemming to the goal-sneak position. West Perth's centre line was now winning and its rack men were in good form. Tyson scored two goals and then came a succession of points. Every now and then East Perth would break through for a goal, in spite of fine marking by the defenders. Gra ham was prominent and at the bell East Perth led by only one point-ll.4 to 10.9. West Perth had wasted many opportuni ties to score. Points brought the scores level after four minutes' play and during that time West Perth had attacked with more energy than skill. Then East Perth opened out. The players realised that in Cronin they had a sure means of getting the ball to the goalmouth and they passed to him whenever possible. By contrast, West Perth's kicking was wild and its passing uncertain. Goals came easily to East Perth and the final scores were: EAST PERTH . . . 15.8 (98pts.) WEST PERTH . . . 1L14 (80pts.) Scorers.-East Perth: Rowland, 3.3; H. Scresigh, 3.0; Cronin and Graham, 2.1 each; Mussman, 2.0; Parry, 1.2; Broom, 1.1; B. Ryan, 1.0. West Perth: Tyson, 4.3; Lewis, 3.1; Bunting and Pola, 1.2 each; Flemming, 1.1; Coward. 1.0; Mc Diarmid, 0.2; Ddnnelly and Gregg, 0.1 each. East Perth had a number of fine players and its full backs and Mussma.n were probably the most serviceable. Crow, Thomas and M. Ryan outclassed tht.e opposing forwards, being much too fast and strong in the air for them. Musa man gave what must be his best display since he joined the club, working hard in the ruck, leading well in attack and passing well to team-mates. Parry and H. Screaigh were useful rovers. In the,

irst half Starr played brilliantly, but then was unaccountably quiet until the last ten minutes. Smith was strong at half-back and the centre line was useful, its passes being usually clever and effec tive. Cronin struck brilliant form in the last quarter and outplayed the tiring 2. Walsh. B. Ryan, Broom and Withell were useful, and Lockyer, though slow, kicked well. For West Perth, Tetley was outstand ing. His task in goal was not easy and after the first few minutes he over shadowed Rowland. In the ruck and in attack Lewis was prominent throughout. Jeavons was dependable and dashing in a back pocket. Coward was the most penetrating of the centre line. After half-time Bunting shaped well. Far three-quarters P. Walsh battled well at half-back, where Buttsworth (though not at his best) was useful. Rainoldi and Pola were handy rovers and O'eefe marked excellently. An injury upset Mc Diarmid, although he finished deter minedly. Hill was patchy and Donnelly did not think quickly enough.