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SUBIACO'S DETERMINED FINISH. Seven Points Clear of Perth. After three quarters of dull, erratic play, Subiaco roused itself and in a spirited rally in the last quarter out played Perth at Subiaco Oval on Sat urday. The winner gained a well-mer ited victory by a determined finish, but it had to withstand a strong challenge from Perth in the closing minutes of the game. Only the cioseness of the scores

saved the game from being a common place affair, the play (except during Subiaco's winning run) being generally sluggish and without system. Brilliant individual effort, by a few players on each side, rather than teamwork was respon sible for most of the scoring. The teams were: SUBIACO.-Backs: C. Taylor. L. Daily. Strack. Half-backs: Davies, S. Daily, McCallum. Centres: N. Smith. Donovan. Brewer. Half-forwards: Peers. Mills, Murphy. Forwards: Hambleton, Bes sen, Brophy. Rnck: G. Browne, rilbert, R. Yates (rover). Nineteenth man: W. Yeates (did not play). PERTH.-Backs: Burton, Love, Williams. Half. backs: Toohey, A. Brown, Harold. Centres: H. Davey, Puddey, Trainor. Half-forwards: Height ley, Dewars C. Ransom. Forwards: Harbison, Gonk, Whittaker. Ruck: Hetherington. Carring ton, A. Grier (rover). Nineteenth man: L. Waleh (did not play). LUMPIRE.-H. Hooper. Perth started well, marking and kick ing with dash and precision, particularly in the forward lines. Subiaco did well in the ruck and its backs were solid but it allowed opportunities to pass near the goal. The marking of S. Daily and the strong clearances of L. Daily were fea tures of the play which, during most of the quarter, was ragged with frequent scrimmages. Perth kicked over long distances but its shooting for goal was poor, six direct shots yielding only 1.5. Quarter-time scores were:--Subiaco, 2.4; Perth, 1.5. Subiaco increased its pace in the sec ond quarter and, with S. Daily maintain ing brilliant form, Perth was outplayed. Hambletpn placed Subiaco in the lead with a point (which might easily have been a goal with a more accurate kick), but soon the team found itself in trouble in the forward lines where it obtained pos session of the ball but could do nothing effective with it. Gook was moved to centre-half-forward. For long periods the play swung up and down the ground with no material advantage to either side and the scores remained remarkably low. Hetherington goaled for Perth after a sustained attack and Subiaco steadily added to its total of behinds. - Perth must have scored much more but for fine play by L. Daily in goal. Half time scores were:-Perth, 3.7; Subiaco, 2.10. The game underwent a complete metamorphosis at the opening of the third quarter when four goals-two by each side-were scored in five minutes. Perth played dashingly for a few min utes but then Subiaco, opening out the play and using handball to great advan tage took the lead, Hambleton goaling from a scrimmage. Perth rallied momen tarily and Whittaker goaled but Subiaco then hammered its defences. Many chances of scoring were missed and Su biaco was still behind at three-quarter time, when the scores were: Perth, 6.9; Subiaco, 5.12. When Mills picked the ball up in a scrimmage and goaled, Subiaco regained the lead and a brilliant left-foot snap shot by Bessen sent it a further six points ahead. Subiaco was now playing with great spirit, winning in the ruck and in the air. A goal by Peers gave it a lead of 13 points. Perth was outplayed, Its defenders being unable to check the Su biaco forwards. Mills was outstanding in the Bubiaco attack. A goal by Gok reduced Subiaco's lead and then a shot by Ransom rolled through an unattended goal. Perth was making a spirited rally and three minutes from time su biaco led by only eight points. Suflaco steadied but failed to score after getting the ball almost to the goal-line, but it held off Perth long enough to win. Final scores: SUBIACO ........ 10.14 (74pts.) PERTH ...... .. 9.13 (67pts.) Scorers.--Sublaco: Bessen, 4.5; Mills, 4A; Hambleton, 1.2; Peers, 1.0; McCal lum, 0.2; Murphy, 0.1. Perth: Gook, 2.2: Whittaker, 2.0; Ransom, 2.0; Hethering ton, 1.1; Dewar, 1.6; Harbison, 12; Wil liams, 0.1; O(rigg, 0.1. L. Daily, the Subiaco full back, was the best player on the ground. He was put standing in every quarter and his play was superb in the vital closing stages of play. S. Daily reached his best form in marking and kicking and Murphy played intelligent and highly effective football in attack. Mills and Bessen were re liable forwards and Brewer gave the team a big advantage on one wing. Hambleton and R. Yates were busy, effective rovers and Donovan and Browne did good work In the centre Puddey, whose pace, re source and marking were outstanding. gave Perth an advantage. He played well in every quarter. H. Davey was in ex cellent form on a wing and Carrington following or placed, was one of the fin est players in the match. Gook and Dewar were promihent at times, but Dewar's cking for goal was indifferent. Toobty miarked well and A. Brown gave good service, although not as brilliant as usual. Love played solidly In goal and G. Ransom made position well at for ward.