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SWAN DISTRICTS BEATEN. East Fremantle's Good Showing. East Fremantle won a hard game against Swan Districts by 27 points at the' .remantle Oval on Saturday. It matched the vigour of Swan Districts, being more vigorous if anything, and mzade up for a slight discrepancy in pace by .ts longer game and better position play. A big crowd was rewarded with speCtacular football. Swan Districts favoured a fast, short passing game, but the team was weak in the forward lines and its men hung on to the ball too long and overdid their handball. While the team was fresh, it made up for these faults by speed al lied with the excellent way in which the play was followed up, but the effect was felt In the closing stages of the strenuous match. East F?emantle was rushed and unsettled when Swan Dis tricts set a terrific pace in an opening onslaught, but it steadied into a sweep ing, long and open game by. which it scored 55 points to nine in the second quarter. *Swan Districts nearly closed the gap in a determined third-quarter effort, and died hard in the last quar ter. but East Fremantle was assured of victory by its more effective brand of football ana its better balance. The teams were: EAST FREMAITLE.--Backs: N. Doig, Stinge smore, Skeahan. Half-backs: Fordham, Wendt, Clark. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson, Seubert. Half-forwards: HcOlinn, Daniell, C. Doig. For wards: D. Munro, 0. Doig, W. James. ERck: Martiensen, Mann, Truscott (rover). 'Nineteenth man: Western (did not play). SWAN DISTRICT&?-Backs: Zilko, Avery, Jones. Half-backs: Penberthy, Sinclair. Mrunay. Centres: Rrepp, Darmody, Mosey. Half-forwards: Moiler, Ditchbum, Bastow. Forwards: Randall. Holdsworth, J. Park. Ruck: Bravo, Andrews, Sweetapple (rover). Nineteenth man: lcLahon (replaced Murray, ankle injury, at three-quarter time). UMPIRE.--. Sparrow. Swan Districts took the initiative from the. start. The ruck working strongly, arIculealy Murray, and having an ad vantage across the centre, the team set its own pace, a very fast one, and pressed forward with a short, quick-leading game, the players following up smartly and using handball a lot. East Premantle was bustled into rushing its game and resorted to using the weight freely. Its backs were over-run and did not watch their men properly, although Stingemore did fine work. When East Premantle got the ball past the centre, excellent position play and good leading produced quick scores, by which the team was lucky to have 3.4 to Swan Districts's 4.6 at quarter-time. Ruck and centre men reaching top form, with Truscott and Hutchinson shin ing, East Fremantle shot the ball straight down the .field several times, to take the lead. Now having the ne cessary stiffening in midfield, it produced an accurate long game which had Swan )istricts at a disadvantage. The Swan Districts team tried to counter by in creasing the pace, but its forwards were poor, not being in position to receive the ball, and East Fremantle's backs were now on top. East Fremantle had gained confidence, and, with excellent under standing in attack, it scored 11.11 by balf-time against Swan Districts's 5.9. The Swan Districts men showed their mettle by making a great recovery in the third quarter. East Fremantle came out looking a little tired after its big second quarter effort, and, giving it no chance to settle down, Swan Districts swept down the field with a great show of pace and determination, impelled by the dashing centre men, who were in perfect under standing. Although too fond of cling ing to the ball and over-indulging in hand-passing, Swan Districts had East Fremantle on the run and drew up to within seven points. Then East Fre mantle rallied and fairly even play with both sides showing signs of the vigorous going ended the quarter with East Fre mantle still ahead-13.14 to 11.12. With Martiensen and Daniell promin ent, East Fremantle opened the last quarter solidly and, despite strenuous bat tling by Swan Districts, did not deflect

from its winning long-kicking play to position. It built up its lead to 5.3, when Swan Districts crashed through its defences, hitting uo the pace in a dash ing do-or-die rally inspired from mid field. The able East Fremantle full backs stemmed the rush and set their own team attacking. Swan Districts fin ished hard, but could not penetrate the tenacious East Fremantle defence and the final scores were: EAST FREMANTLE 18.18 (126pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS 14.15 (99pts.) Scorers:-East Fremantle: G. Doig, 6.5; D. Munro, 5.0; Truscott, 2.4; James, 2.1; Martienasen, 1.3; Daniell, 1.2; Mann, 1.0; McGllnn 0.2; Migro, 0.1. Swan Districts: Holdsworth, 62; Randall, 2.0; Park, 2.1; Ditchburn, 1.1; Sweetapple, 1.0; Moiler, 1.0; Andrews, 1.0; Murray. 0.2; Darmody, 0.2; Bravo, 0,1. Truscott, roving brilliantly, was one of the chief influences in opening up the game and establishing East Fremantle's winning style of play. Another strong force was Stingemore, who showed good Judgment and skill in goal and kept Holdsworth subdued. D. Munro was a surprise. Excelling in a forward pocket while G. Doig was closely watched, he helped the team back to its old system. Martiensen was again a tower of strength. covering up the ruck weakness by fol lowing for all but five minutes of the four quarters. Hutchinson played well at centre without getting a great deal of help. Daniell and G. Doig were the backbonb of the attack and Mann and James gave good service on the ball, al though James spoilt his play by clown ing. The back men were a solid lot, Skeahan deserving special mention. On a centre wing, Migro was often under notice. For Swan Districts, Randall was in She form, both on the ball and in a for ward pocket. Darmody was very impres sive in the centre, with fine dash and anticipation. One of the team's big gest assets was the excellent understand ing between Darmody and Krepp, who played on a centre wing with artistry. Mosey, in irrepressible go-through style, ,won throughout on the other wing. Bravo, marking strongly and tearing through the crushes well, was prominent in ruck, where Andrews also was most effective. Murray again showed himself to be a potential match-winner, but an injury in the second quarter crippled him and he left the ground at three-quarter time. He was missed badly. Avery made a very good showing 7t goal, making G. Doig work hard for his kicks. Zilko, Penber thy, Sinclair and Moller were the best of the others.