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NORTH-WEST NEWS. BROOME, June 10.-The Fedeal member for the Kalgoorlie Division (Mr. A. E. Green) ar rived at Broome by plane from south on May 4, and after spending the night, continued by the mail plane next day to intermediate stations and llyndham.-After an absence of 12 weeks, whilst undergoing extensive repairs at Fre mantle, the Cockatoo Island schooner Gealdton was brought to Broome by Captain J. R. Grey, arriving at midnight on May 5. Despite the fact that very bad weather swas encou.tered after passing the North-west Cape, entailing anchorage for a couple of days, the trip was done in ten days. The schooner proceeded on to Cockatoo Island on May 7.-The "Happy Hearts" journeyed to Willy Creek and spent the holiday there on June 7.--Police Irspector Carroll, who left Broome early in this year, has been transferred to the Narrogin police dis trict.--The mx.. Centaur arrived from Derby, ex Singapore, on June 8, and sailed fer Fre mantle. via ports, next morning. She dis charged 3o tons of cargo and loaded three tons. Passengers to embark for Fremantle were Mrs. Kaye and Mr. C. Kornweibel, of Cockatoo Island. -Flying their own machine, Messrs. Lewis and Faul made a good flight from Pine Creek to Broome on June 8 and proceeded south next day.-Koolan Island mails will in future circulate through the Derby post offcr, and thence by the company's own boat to Koolan, instead of through Broome and the Pt. George Mission boat Watt-Leggatt.-Beneficial rains from June 7 to June 9 inclusive, measured as follows:-Broome, 114 points; Roebuck Stan tion, 80; La Grange, 83; Anna Plains 195: and Frazier Downs, 40. This is the heaviest mid-year rains since 1933, and has fully re plenished the domestic supplies of Broome resi dent.--!rs. T. Owen, of Derby, arrived in Broome. ex the Centaur, on June 8, on holi day.-Mr. A. E. Green, M.ILR., returned from northern towns by plane today, and in the evening gave.a very interesting talk on "Russia Today" in the local hall, which was well at tended and thoroughly appreciated. He left for south by plane next day. CARNARVON, June 11.-As a result of the bogging of a utility truck which was doing a special trip to Williambury station recently, Mr. WV. Tierney, who travelled as a passenger to that station was brought in to the local hospital last Thursday suffering from pneumonia. His condition is responding favourably to treat ment.-During the short stay in Carnarvon last Sunday of the Koolinda from Fremantle, the State Public Service Commissioner (Mr. G. W. Simpson), accompanied by his wife. Mr. E. IL Angelo, M.L.C., and Mrs. and Miss Angelo and the Under-Secretary for Health (Mr. Huelin) took the opportunity of visiting Cariarvon. The Kybra from Fremantle reached h=se on Saturday night, having on board 100 tons of general cargo for this part.-The hoolinda from Fremantle on her trip to Darwin, arrived on Sunday afternoon and unloaded 10 tons of cargo, two motor cars and 00 ewes. Members of the Kybra "Zane Grey" fishing party were met at the vessel by the chairman of committee (Mr. A. C. Angelo) and members of the Carnarvon Club and were welcomed at the club by the president (Mr. E. J. Chenery) and members, Mr. Winterbottom replying on behalf of the visitors-During the visit of Mr. A. E. Green, M.LBR., to Carnarvon, last week on his way north by plane, a deputation repre senting Gascoyne banana growing interests met him to place before him several matters con* cerning the industry. The question of applying portion of the revenue derived by- the Com monwealth from - duty on overseas Imported bapanas to provide funds for assistance to local banana growing through researoh, et.. was again brought up and Mr. Green appeared somewhat optimistic in that regard.-Mr. and Mrs. F. Chenery were at home on the afternoon and evening of June 4 to a number of friends, the specal object of the gathering bring to farewell Mr. and Mrs. Chidlow of the Union Bank who are shortly leaving the district. The ladies foregathered in the afternoon early, bridge being the order of the day, to be joined by the men at 5.45 for a sherry party. -Mr. and Mrs. Edmeades arrived by the Koo linda on Sunday last, Mr; Edmeades to take over the management of the local branch of the Union Bank from Mr. Chidlow, who has been iransferred to Beverley.-Last Saturday a stroke competition was held for both mem bers and associates of the Carnarvon Golf Club. For the members G. Symingtoanr out an easy winner with a net 63 strokes, followed by T. Kelly with a net VS. For the assoelates Mrs. F. Chenery was the winner with a net 75, followed by Mrs. Hammond with a net 7&.-On Monday last the second annual tennis match took plane between teams representing the banks and local stock agency firms, at the Port Hotel courts. The agents won the con test by 7 sets 56 games to 5 sets 52 games. -The annual picnic shoot of the Carnarvon Rifle Club took place last Sunday anl Mon day, members firing over all ranges. The main trophy, the ladies' bracelet, for bigbest aggre gate with handicap over the entire shoot, was won by J. Gilbert with C. Ransley second, only one point behind. The F. J. Q. Wise trophy over 300. 500 and 600 yards range was won by W. J. Glass, the dub captain, the decision resting on the last shot betwee- Glass and Ransley. In the evening the annual Rifle Club ball was held, which was an outstanding success. Trophies won at the picnic shoot and at competitions during the past year were presented to winners by the president (Mr. C. R. Cornish) and the patron (Mr. F. 5. S. Wise, M.LA.), who arrived overland from Perth Just in time to attend.--At football last, West Carnarron registered its second win against East Carnarvon, who had won three games scores being 8.11 to 6.15. DERBY, June 9.---On Thumalay eveing a meeting of the Derby Cricket Club was held and practice commented on Sunday with a moderate attendance. On the same evening a meeting of the Tennis Club committee con ducted the draw for the to?auaments. Handi capping was proceeded with immediately after the draw, so that the tournament can now go right ahead. The fast match was played today in which Mrs. Monger defeated Miss Robert--At basket ball on Wednesday evening the Blues defeated the Whites by 18 goals to 16.-The port experienced its busiest eriod for some time when three boats came in on succeeding days. The Kangaroo arriv-ed from south on Saturday and discharged I1B tons of cargo, including 61 tons of machinery, etc., for Koolan Island. Before departure for Frementle next day 604 head of cattle from Yeeda, The Springs and Kimberley Downs were loaded, also 320 hales, of wool and 10 tons of other cargo.--On Sunday the Gorgon arrived from Fremantle and discharged 22 tons of fod der. Before departure for overseas next day 2,035 sheep and 2t bales of wool were loaded. --On Monday the Centaur berthed from over seas and picked up 38 tons of fodder and 526 head of cattle from Gogo Station. Pas sengers to leave on this boat were Mr. Mor wood. who has been visiting the copper leases near Oberguma, and Mrs. T. Owen and in fant who are visiting Broome fmor a holiday. Very cool weather has at last set in with mn seasonable cloudy skies and light sbowePs of rain for the past three days. ONSLDOW, Junme 14.-The Koolinda arrived from south on June 7 and eriled for Cosseak after discharging 40 tons of general cargo and 297 rams and loading four tons of general cargo and one motor truck for Wy?ndham. Passengers to disembark were Mlre. A. MacGregor, Mr. and Mrs. Flight-Smith, Messrs, F. P. ILoffer., F. Stockard, F. Brown, J. Lyrpp, J. Lipp, . lycrapp, jun., IL Cettini, A. Drercel, and H. Olsen.a---PMassengers to embark were Messrs. A, Phillips and T. Fair headt-While the Koollnda was in port, a party consisting of the Public Service Coinmlsioner (Mr. Simpson), Mrs. Simpson. Mrs. Huelin, and Mrs. Murray motored out to Minderoo station. The Oentaur berthed at 1 atm. on June 12, and left for Casrnarrvon at 8.30 a.m. after loading 125 bales wool and other cargo. Pamsengersa-to dis embark were:--3esmns. L. Rogil and O. de Vaurno. Mr. J. Joy embarkd.--LMr. A . J. Rndo reda, M.LA., paid his yearly visit last week. PORT HEDLAND, June 11.--By plane on Friday Mesrs. A. Kennedy and Clayston were passengers to Daly Waters and Mr. J. Walsh re turned from Perth.-Mr. P. Drummond was a passenger to Wallal on Monday. By Tuesday's plane Mr. D. Foreman, and Mrs 5. Schroeder, of Marble Bar, were passengers for Perth.-Mr. A. E. Green, .AR.., passed througb on last Fri day's plane and is expected to return this week.L Members of the Golf Club played last Saturday for two club trophies, one for players handi. capped under 18. end one for those 18 and over. E. Wilson was successful in the iOrast division with a net 74, and H. Carr in the second division with a net 72. Following the game, the trophies, each a .landsome silver tankard, were presented to the Sinners who invited the unsuccessful membem to the "nineteenth" to test out the trophies. In thie associates' points competition on Monday Mrs. Bennett was sucecessmitul with 41 net, with Mr. Acton second and Mrs. t Hull third.---n spector Tymms, aecompanied by Mrs. Tymm, ar. rised in town this week following a trip to Marble Bar and Nullagine and left for Broome by the Koolinda.--The weather over the week end was cold end dull with light drn ing showers, 17 points of rain being ecnrded~-The Sunshine Club held an enjoyable meeting on Wedneeday. Clhief interest of the evening was a ping-pong tournament won by D. Milner from Miss B. Pedler..-The Koolinda arrived on Wed nenday evening and discharged 216 tons of cargo, including timber and oil, also a horse. Thi~s rooma, who ir to be spelled at De Grey. Passen gers to disembark wrre Mesdames F. R. Welsh, N. Gilbert, and A. F. White; Mlisses Welsh, R. Brandt, St. Liggirns and N. Sutherland. Mesrs. J. Cooper. R. Lakeland, C. Holthonse. H. Kenny, 3. Underwood. a. Ryan, I. ?bhompson. C. Sturn ash. J. Baker. H. Olsen, C. BIut, V. Sisallerss, C. Saunders. Passengers to embark Soc northern

ports were Hessras S. Henville. Hatch, Thomson, Matthews, Heath, Goddard, Grifiths and Dal ton, and Inspector and Mrs. Tymms.-The Cen taur berthed this morning on her southward trip and discharged 69 bales wool packs, 15 tons rock salt, and seven crates of bananas. Out ward loading included three tons of general cargo, and 457 bales wool and skins. Passengers booked to travel south were Messrs. C. Morris, W. Morris, H. Pearson, G. de Vaurno, J. Pyper and V. Wyatt, and Mesdames Verechuer and Moss.-Mr. Fields has been appointed manager at Ialla Rook Coldmine in place of Mr. Pearson. A large number of men have been dismissed from the mine but it is hoped to resume operations on a larger scale in some weeks.--Dring the stay of the Koolinda Mr. F. J. Huelin, of the Health Department, conferred with Dr. Vickers con cerning local hospital requirementa. ROEBOURNE, June 10.--On June 6 Dr. Vickers arrived in Roebourne by plane, his visit being necessitated by the serious illnes of Mrs D. Mtc. Stone, who is at present an inmate of the hospital.-The Kangaroo on her trip north landed 19 tons of general cargo and 21 piles for Pt. Samson. There were no passengers in or out -The Koolinda arrived at 11 a.m. on June 8 and sailed at six p.m. on Wednes day; she landed 25 tons of timber and three piles for Port Samson and 46 tons of geneial cargo. Passengers to land were Mrs. S. G. Meares and daughter, Miss Churdh. Hra McDon ald. Mrs. Hatch and Mr. and Mrs. Willis for Port Samson -Mr. Huelin (Under-Secretary for Health), Mr. Simpson (Commissioner for Civil Service) and Dr. Gill (Inspector of Quarantine), while on their tour of official inspection through the north, took the opportunity to visit Roe bourne, while the Koolinda was unloading. The party was met by Mr. L Stove, chairman, and. several members of the Road Board, who enter tained them in the Road Board ball, where Mr. Stove discussed the programme of the addition to the hospital with Mr. Huelin, and asked that a separate building be provided for the ac commodation of aboriginal patients, and that when the necessity arose, a warder could be en gaged to assist the nursing staff. Mr. Huelin would not commit himself to the erection of the required premises but stated that the other mat ter would be attended to.--Mr. Punch, engineer in charge at Port Samson, escorted the part to Cosnack, where the Government buildings and turtle works were inspected before their return to the Koolinda. Mr. L Snell was a passenger to Perth by last Tuesday's plane.-Mt. Florence station cuts out tomorrow and the shearers go to Hammersley eatton.--The Mallina shearing was considered satisfactory, o50 bales of wool being on from 19,596 sheep. averaging 18 bales to the 1,000.-Archdeacon Simson arrived from Hedland and is still in town.-The f-st consign ment of two tons of milled asbestos has arrived from the Nunnery asbestos mine for transport to home markets. The plant is again in good order and treating asbestos ore, and development work is being carried out. WTYNDHAM, June 12.-The Federal member for Kalgoorlie (Mr. A. Green) has concluded a abort visit to Wyndham during the course of a general tour of the North West and an in vestigation of the pearling industry. On Sunday evening he addressed a gathering of Wyndham residents. Of general interest was his descrip tion of the efforts made to have Wyndham con nected by railway with Darwin. Such a line, he said. would greatly assist station owners who at present had their eattle driven overland to the meat works. Sent by rail the cattle would arrive in far better condition.-On Monday Mr. Green gave a lecture at the meatworks during the course of which he described his recent tour of Russia and the difficnlties under which the Rmsians work. His opinion was that Australian workers were infinitely better off than those working for a Communistic state.-On Wednes day Mr. Green left by the mail plane bound for Canberra via Broome and Perth.-For a week the Kimberleys hare been experiencing quite unusual weather. The dky bas been overeast' a great deal of the time and on several occasions showers of rain have fallen in Wyndham. Rain is also re ported from other parts of the Kimberleys, although not in efficient quantity to be of any material value. Turkey Creek had 49 points and Cape Leviqne reported nearly 150 points.-The Port BHuon spent five days loading beef at the meatworka jetty and left on Wedneseday for Lon don direct. She carried 11 paasengera--On Sun day a cricket match was played between a team from WWn-dham township and a team from tihe Port Boon.-The match ended in a draw.-Mr. G. Guppy, seeretary of the Wyndham Turf Club, states that preparations for the race meeting to be held in August are well in hand. A most successful meeting is anticipated.