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SUBIACO OUTCLASSED. West Perth Wins Easily. Subiaco gave a poor display against West Perth at Leederville oval on Sat urday. In the first quarter, when rain fell and the ball was soggy, Subiaco, showing greater adaptability and vigour than West Perth, had most of the play and led with 15 points to 4. Then the weather cleared and West Perth com pletely outclassed Subiaco, scoring 111 points to only 23 in the last three quar ters. There was no interest in the match after half-time. The teams were: WEST PERTH.-Backs: Jeavons. Tetley. Flem ming. Half-backs: P. Walsh. Buttsworth, HilL Centres: L. Walsh. Coward, R. Sereaigh. Half forwards: Gregg. Bunting, Bridges. Forwards: Lewis. Tyson. Pola. Rock: O'Keefe, McDiarmid. Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Caplin (did not play). SUBIACO.-Backs: W. Teates, Toll, Shalk. Half-backs: McCallum, S. Daily, Bant. Centree: Donovan, N. Smith, Brewer. Half-forwards: Peers. L. Daily, Beresford. Forwards: Mills, Besen, R. Yates. Ruck: Browne. Gilbert, Ham bleton (rover). Nineteenth man: Taylor (re placed Bant, split lip, in third quarter). UMPIRE.,-V. Sparrow. Subiaco, showing improved pace, was the attacking team in the first quarter, during which rain fell. Subiaco was win ning in the ruck, where Browne and Bant were doing well, and was adapting itself to the wet conditions better than was West Perth, which seemed unable to break away from its fair weather system. Not troubling much about marks, but keeping the ball in front of them and making quick use of long kicks straight down the ground, the Subiaco players kept West Perth on the defen sive. This team's backs did their work well and consistently sent the ball away through L. Walsh. Almost the whole time the ball did a circuit from the WNest Perth defence through L. Walsh to the West Perth forwards and back through N. Smith or Donovan to the Sublacc for wards. The Subiaco full-backs were very good, and West Perth lost opportuni ties through trying to pass to Tyson within easy scoring compass. First nuarter scores: West Perth, 0.4; Subiaco, 2.3. .West Perth was in attack in the second quarter. It improved in the ruck and amidfield, McDiarmid and Coward doing better, and L. Walsh and Rainoldi were prominent. However, its forwards were slow and badly beaten by Toll, W. Yeates and Strack. By dint of maintaining pressure from amidfield and the hall forward line, West Perth went to the lead with two remarkable angle goals from Tyson, who had to fight hard for kicks. Subiaco was then helped by a a change in placings. Donovan was put on L. Walsh's wing and Brewer replaced him on Bridges, who had gone on the wing when Screalgh had a hard knock. Poor kicking in the forward lines and the strength of West Perth's backs pre vented Sublaco from making the best of several opportunities gained in a brief counter-attack, after which the team fizzled out. West Perth worked up to its best form, with L. Walsh and Gregg prominent, and at half-time led with 5.7 to 2.5. After the interval, Subiaco put L. Daily at centre-half-back, S. Daily replacing him at centre-half-forward. Also Dono van and Brewer changed wings. again. West Perth had improved with the wea ther and, now that it had not rained for, half an hour, the team increased its pace and opened up the play nicely, beating Subiaco in all departments and having L. Walsh and Gregg doing dam age along the right wing. Although in clined to make a costly fetish of the feeding of Tyson, no matter what the circumstances, West Perth was in such fettle that a six-goal lead was estab lished without much trouble, its 'play being neat, fast and systematic. With S. Daily flying high and kicking long, Subiaco made a brief rally, but West Perth again overwhelmed it with pretty passing moves and finished the quarter with 9.10 against 3.11. West Perth remained completely in the ascendant in the last quarter. al though only at half pressure. Subiaco was clearly outclassed and its players be came disheartened. The play lost conten tion and the crowd lost seriousness. Final scores: WEST PRTH .. 17.13 (115 pts.) SUBIACO ..... 4.14 (38 pts,) Scorers.-West Perth: Tyson, 73; Rainoldi, 32; O'Keefe, 2.1; Pola, 2.0; Gregg, 12; Lewis, 1.1; Bunting, 1.1; Screaigh, 02; McDiarmid, 0.1. Subiaco: S. Daily, 1.3; Beresford, 1.1; Bant. 1.1; Taylor, 1.0; Browne, 0.3; Bessen, 0.3; Mills, 0.1; Hambleton, 0.1; L. Daily, 0.1. West Perth's strength was very evenly distributed, every man earning his game, but L. Walsh must be given pride of place because from the beginning of the game until the team was in a safe winning position he was the spearpoint of qttack, playing the clever, thrusting game that marks the good wing-man. Gregg co operated admirably with Walsh as a dashing half-forward, but his ticking was poor. Tetley made an ideal goal keeper, not allowing the opposing goal sneak to score a goal, Buttsworth was,

strong at centre-half-back and all the other backs were good. Lewis, McDiarmid and O'Keefe rucked well and Rainoldi and Pola were good rovers. Buting was prom inent, and Coward also in patches, and Tyson made the most of limited oppor tunities. For Subiaco, Toll gave a fine display in goals. It was not until the team went to pieces that the opposing goal-sneak secured many kicks. Bant was outstand ing until he was injured. While Toll shone in defence, he was the chief force in attack. S. Daily was solid in defence and then became the principal forward. In a back pocket, W. Yeates was solid, and Strack also did well. Browne and Hambleton were most prominent on the ball; Donovan did best of the centre line, and Beresford shaped promisingly in his first game. N. Smith held his own in the centre.