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CONTROL OF KEY POSITIONS. East Fremantle's Improvement. Winning in key positions where Clare mont has been exceptionally strong, and playing that fast, open game for which it has been famed, East Fremantle was superior to Claremont at Fremantle Oval on Saturday and finally had 30 points to spare. Straight down the centre, from goal to goal, East Fremantle was strong and, with followers and rovers backing up cleverly and G. Doig to finish off the attacks, East Fremante was sel doam worried. There were times when caremont's men made a co-operative ef fort but, too much devolving upon a few these bids for control were spasmodic; whenever Claremont goaled in quick suc cession East Fremantle was not long in scoring again. East Fremantle's team was reinforced by Daniell and W. James and Claremont did not have the services of Reid, Reeves and Maitland but East Fre mantle was unable to play men like Done gan, Kingsbury and J. Munro. Clare mont lacked its usual life and leading players such as G. Moloney, S. Clarke and R. Lawn were completely out of touch. Following were the teams: EAST FREMA'TLE.-Bacsk: N. Doig. Stange more. Skehan. Half-backs: Fordham, Wenat, Clarke. Centres: Migro. Hutchinson. Seubert. Balf-forwards: C. Doig. Daniell. McGlinn. For wards: D. Munro, G. Dois. W. James. Buck: Martiensen, Mann, Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: Western (did not play). CLAREMONT.-Backs: S. Moloney. Batt, Ed meades. Halfbacks: Headon. S. Clarke, Grieve. Centres: Symonds, G. Moloney, Hosken. Half forwards: Compton, Lawn, O'Reily. Forwards: Bee. Hopkins, Morris. Buck: Sutherland, Boys, Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Jones (did not play). UMPIRE.-G. Owens. As soon as the bhal become a little slip pery it was apparent that Claremont's play suffered through the inability of its men to mark the ball high. Whereas Wendt and other East Fremantle de fenders played surely. Claremont's back lines were not strong. Temporarily Clare mont's centre line improved and the team recovered. Hutchinson and the East Fre mantle ruck men then struck good form only to be disappointed by forwards who repeatedly misjudged the ball in the air. At quarter time Claremont led with 5.1 to 4.5. The play early in the second term coud not accurately be described as vig orous and occasional flashes of fast, open football were refreshing. With Daniell reliable at half-forward and in spite of S. Moloney's determined defensive efforts. East Fremantle gained the lead. Most of Claremont's subsequent attacks were made through Compton but chances were frittered away. Behinds outnumbered goals to each side and East Fremantle was attacking as the quarter ended with the scores in its favour-9.9 to 7.8. For a brief period Sutherland and col leagues gave Claremont an advantage in the ruck which was not pressed home on account of faulty forward play. On a wing Symonds was helping to balance matters on the centre line and Claremont kicked two quick goals to draw within four. points of its opponent. From that stage East Fremantle was much faster and players ran loose in all parts of the field. G. Moloney gave way to Compton at the centre and Claremont managed to reduce East Fremantle's big lead by a goal. A few seconds before the bell Hutchinson was hurt. At the change-over East Fre mantle had scored 13.15 to 11.10. There was a striking contrast in for ward play early in the last quarter. East Fremantle played methodically and con fidently; Claremont's men were guilty either of slowness or a desire to over-run. Symonds and O'Reilly rallied Claremont and two goals from G. Moloney and one from Hopkins left East Fremantle 18 points in front with 13 minutes' play re mnaining. - Claremont, however, could not keep up the pressure and East Fre mantle had no trouble in winning. Final scores: EAST FREMANTLE .. 2020 (140pts.) CLAREMONT ....... 16.14 (10lpts.) Scorers.--East Fremantle: G. Doig, 10.3; Truscott, 3.7; C. Doig. 2.2; Mar tiensen and McGlinn, 1.2 each; Daniell, 1.1; D. Munro and W. James, 1.0 each; Mann, 0.2. Claremont: Hopkins, 6.5; G. Moloney, 3.2; Lawn, 2.0; Hooper and Bee, 12 each; S. Moloney and O'Reilly, 1.1 each: Morris, 1.0; Boys, 0.1. Few of the East Fremantle men did not do well and players such as Hutchin son, Martiensen, Wendt and G. Doig were outstanding. Hutchinson dominated the play at the centre and even after he was injured was npt beaten there; Martlen sen, after a qliet start, became chiefly responsible for systematic, open play which ensured victory; Wendt defending solidly at half-back from start to finish: and G. Doig missed few opportunities to score goals. Truscott's good display of rov ing was spoilt by inaccurate shooting for goal. Daniell's return to the centre-half forward position greatly strengthened the attack and James's reappearance meant more successful ruck work. Skeahan was one of a good full back line. Of the others

Mann and D. Munro were the best, al though Fordham showed marked improve ment on previous displays. At times Mc Glinn revealed his best form. On the patchy Claremont side there was no better player than Symonds, who won on his wing, marking and kicking nicely. Until he was shifted to the centre, where he later hurt his ankle, Compton was outstanding at half-forward, his marking being a feature of the game. O'eily and Boys were hard workers and seldom missed a kick. Though not as sure as usual, Headon shaped well at half-back and Grieve did some valuable work on the other flank. Hooper was prominent as a rover and S. Moloney and Edmeades were useful in back pockets. Hosken was fair and Sutherland (early) was useful. Batt had a difficult task and was beaten by a brilliant forward in form. Limping on a sore left leg, G. Moloney managed to kick three goals.