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SOUTH FREMANTLE'S SUCCESS. Late Rally by East Fremantle. south Premantle crowned - previous effortas by gaining a meritorions victorg over East Fremantle at the remantle oval yesterday. For the best part of three quarters South Fremantle overpowered a weakened opposition and then managed to survive a determined attempt by East Fremantle to away the balance in its favour in the final quarter. Injuries necessitated many changes in the losing side diring the course of the game. The teams were: SOUTH FREMANThLE.-Sacks: Dodd, noble, F. Brwn. Half-backs: l hite. B. Doig, Back. Centres: Miller, Lewington, Bradford. Ihalf-for \-ards: Smith. Jenkinsr Proiser. Forwards: neilly, Poole, Orr. 1u,-k: Richardson, Ilugall, E. Ilay ward (rover). -Nineteenth man: Lee. EAST FREsMANTLE..l acks-: N. Dois , Kings bury, Skeahan. Italf-backs: Briggr, Wendt, Lambert. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson, heubert. Half-forwards: .Stingemore. J. lunro. C. Doig. Forwards: D. Munro, G. Doie, McGilinn. Buck: Mial?r, Mlartiensen, Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: Western (replaced Kingsbury, fractured finger, in first quarter). UMPIRE.-n. Reoper. East Fremantle was quickly into its stride and McGlinn missed the easiest of chances. Jenkins, who had been re moved from his customary place at cen to centre half-forward, opened ju ed goal. Behinds came to both sides his side's account with a beautifully judged goal. Behinds came to both sides before Kingsbury, who had brought off several dashing clearances before an in jury, left the field. Martiensen relieved him at full back while Seubert, who was limping badly, went into a back pocket. East Fremantle continued to press forward but shocking kicking pen alised the side. South Fremantle was combining better and indulged in the long kicks to good effect. The quarter ended with the scores at 5.6 to 3.3 in South Fremantle's favour. Although given scarcely a moment's respite, G. Doig showed excellent judg ment when he waited down and cas ually snapped East Fremantle's fourth goal. Further misfortune befell East Fremantle when J. Munro (making his first appearance after his disqualifica tion) sustained an injury to his knee and was thereafter practically useless. South Fremantle was playing with great dash, but sacrificed many opportunities of scoring by faulty passing. Jenkins had East Fremantle worried. A brilliant pas sage of football was enjoyed by an ap preciative crowd, the ball sweeping from end to end with lightning-like rapidity. The culmination came when Skeahan over-run and presented Reilly with an easy goal. Back and White were solid defenders. East Fremantle endeavoured vainly to introduce system and suffered through too persistent concentration on the well-watched G. Doig. East Fre mantle fought back strongly in the clos ing stages of the second term but South Fremantle, thanks mainly to its reliable defenders, again uinished ahead, the scores reading 10.7 to 6.5. South Fremantle clapped on pace and two goals were added in the first min ute and a half of the third quarter. The standard of play was not of a high order and there was considerable fumbling. Jenkins was still doing damage and East Fremantle in desperation transferred Hutchinson from centre to curb him. It uas a belated, and not altogether suc cessful, move. Martiensen and Briggs were among East Fremantle's best men, while Richardson was safe in the air and created many opportunities for the forwards. East Fremantle rallied and

momentarily unbalanced South Fre mantle, which led with 16.14 to 10.8 at the bell. East Fremantle immediately took con trol and received encouragement when G. Doig twice goaled. South Fremantle wilted under the pressure and great en thusiasm was shown when Western, with a great kick, added a goal. It was a typical fight back on the part of East Premantle and forced South Premantle to forsake aggressive methods in favour of defensive tactics. Jenkins was called into the back lines. Migro was now seen at his best on the right wing but his drives were often returned with alacrity by able defenders in White and Brown. Play became willing as East Fre mantle threw every ounce into a do-or die bid for victory. It was an anxious time for South Fremantle. whose ten acity and steadiness prevailed. The final scores were: SOUTH FREMANLTLE 16.15 (lllpts.) EAST FREXANTLE 14.17 (10pts.) Scorers.-South Fremantle: Poole, 4.0; Jenkins. 3.6; Reilly. 3.1: E. Hayward, 2.4; Richardson. 2.1; Hugall, 1.1; Smith, 1.0; Orr, 0.1: Prosser, 0.1. East Fre mantle: G. DoiP, 6.2; C. Western, 2.2; McGlinn, 2.0; D. Munro. 1.4: Truscott. 1.2; Martiensen, 1.1: Stingemore, 1.0; N. DoIg, 02: Wendt, 0.2; Hutchlnson, 0.1: J. Munro. 0.1. Best players.--South Fremantle: Jen kins. Hugall, White. Richardson E. Hay ward. Brown and Back. East Premantle: Martiensen. Wendt, Briggs, Hutchinson. Truscott and Skeahan.