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WEST PERTH WINS. Perth's Gallant Fight. Withstanding a determined challenge in the third and final quarters, and play ing sound, effective and, at times, bril liant football, West Perth defeated Perth by 11 points at the W.A.C.. ground yes terday. Although beaten, Perth, after an Inauspicious start, settled down to dash ing, systematic play and achieved a not able recovery, improving particularly in the forward lines, but it lacked that extra spark of brilliance to gain a victory. The working and footpassing of West Perth was excellent, but for some unac countable reason its kicking (both to the man and for goal) broke down in the forward area. Tyson being a notable exception. He scored 11 goals from 15 direct shots. The teams were: WEST PERTH.--Backs: Jearons. Tetley, Cap. lin. Half-backs: Hill, Buttsworth, Flegr. Centres: L. Walsh, Coward. B. Serealgh. Half-terwards: Donnelly, Bunting, Bonner. Forwards: Lewis, Tyson. Pola. Ruck: McDiarmid, O'Keefe, Rain oldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Bridges (re placed Lewis, injured leg, at half-time). PET.---Backs: Burton, Love, Williams. Half-backs: Wormald, A. Brown. Harrold. Centres: H. Davey, Keightleg, Puddey. Half. forwards: Oliphant. Dewar, Trainor. Forwards: ?Harbison, Gook, Hetherington. Ruck: Toohey, Carrington, A. CriEg (rover). Nineteenth man: C. Ransom (replaced Wormald, injured eye, in last quarter). UMPIRE.-L. McComish. After some desultory play amidfleld, Perth went forward with brisk passing and clever handball, but Gook failed with two shots from short range. Both teams were very uncertain in front of goal and from the first eight shots only seven be hinds, were scored. Eighteen minutes of the quarter had elapsed before the first goal was scored-by Rainoldi, the West Perth rover. A minute later the same player goaled again following brilliant play by Coward. West Perth took com mand of the play and Tyson was able to mark twice near the line and to goaL Gook scored for Perth before the quarter ended, with the scores at:-West Perth, 5.6; Perth, 1.2. Winning the ball from the rack, Perth rallied in the second quarter, and Gook goaled with a good running kick. In the centre, however, Coward dominated the play for West Perth, and, aided by Lewis, sent the team into attack on numerous occasions. The backs, too, par ticularly Buttsworth and Hill, pinned down the Perth forwards. Love played heroically in goal for Perth and man aged to prevent scoring. West Perth's fine passing was not rewarded owing to uncertainty near the goal. Perth struggled on, attacking along H. Davey's wing. Gook and Dewar goaled, reducing West Perth's lead to 17 points. Perth was easily the better team int the last ten minutes of the quarter, but four shots not far from the goal realised only be hinds. Half-time scores were:-West Perth, 7.10; Perth, 5.1. In the third quarter Gook went to centre half-forward, with Ollphant in front of goal. Perth swept into attack with fine dash and precision, and a goal by Gook placed Perth only two points behind. Carrington and Toohey won in the rack and the centre line did better work. A foolish penalty gave Tyson an easy goal, but Perth gained the lead. Gook was the vital factor in the team's success, with Puddey (now at centre), Dewar and Toohey backing him up well. Tetley was sent from goal to mark Gook. A goal by Tyson regained the lead for West Perth as the quarter closed with the scores at: West Perth, 10.11; Perth, 10.9. After each team scored a goal, Tyson kicked his tenth. A goal behind, Perth clapped on pace, but West Perth's backs proved too good. Brilliant play by Pud dey and hard, slogging play by the fol lowers yielded a goal, and the scores were level. Brown played sensational football at half-back. Four minutes from time West Perth led by six points, Pola having kicked a remarkable left foot goal from the boundary line. Then, fol lowing a breakaway on the left wing, Scresigh gained possession. His kick fell short, but Tyson marked it and kicked the ball through. Carrington missed an easy chance two minutes from time and the game ended with the scores at: WEST PERTH .... 14.11 (95pts.). PERTH ........ 12.12 (84pts.). Scorers:-West Perth: Tyson, 11.4; Rainoldi, 2.1; Pola, 12; Bunting, 0.2; Screaigh, 0.1; Coward, 0.1. Perth: Gook, 4.8; Dewar, 3.1; Keightley, 1.1; Carring ton, 1.1; Grigg, 1i.; Toohey, 1.0; Oliph ant, 1.0. On a half-back flank, R. Hill played brilliant football, for West Perth, his pace, robust clearances and strong kick ing giving the team great momentum when going into attack. Tetley was rarely faulted, although he was suffering from a bad cold. He was cool, sure and very effective throughout. Tyson gave good service as goal-sneak, and Lewis followed strongly and marked well. Coward was brilliant in the first half, and Bunting marked excellently in one quar ter. Pola and Jeavons contributed a full share to the team's success. Butts worth did good work at times and Mc Diarmid showed glimpses of his best form. Marking well, tireless on the ground, and a fighter to the bitter end, A. Brown strove hard for Perth and was the team's best player. Gook, who had much more dash than usual, played well as goal sneak and better as half-forward. Car rington was almost the equal of Brown and was prominent in every quarter, and Toohey, the former Victorian, played well, although apparently still below top form. Wormald was dependable in de fence and Puddy, in the second half,. was outstanding at centre. Although Tyson scored heavily, Love. in goal, did good work throughout the game in a fine effort to counter a weakness in the half back line. H. Davey was outstanding at times.