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CLAREMONT'S -GOOD FORM. Convincing in from -- East Peat. A record .cro? at the larenmont Oval on Saturday was -'entertained - with a bright, fast game in which Claremont beat East Perth by eight points. Clare mont won not because it had the better] footballers, but because as a team it played the better football. An important difference between the teams was in the foot-passing. Claretnont's passing was longer and more accurate than that of East Perth and this accentuated an in itial advantage in pace. Moreover, Clare mont's :game flowed on, whereas East Perth's dash was of a spasmodic kind. East. Perth showed. itself to be capable of stirring football, but it was too un even. -It won in the ruck and was strong in defence, but it was beaten in the centre and had a fatal weakness at half-forward. In the coursm of the game it changed its centre man,. ts centre half-forward and its full forward. Claremont was evenly balanced-and more thah compensated for its ruck disadvantage (its star follower, Reeves, was in:?ain: with a boil on the back of his neck) by better position play., It set a fist pace and in the third quar ter established a winning lead. The crowd numbered 7,000 and paid nearly £300 in gate money, compared with the previous record takings for the ground of £150, when Claremont met East Fremantle on May 3. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: Ifaitiand, Batt, Ed meades. Half-backs: Headon, Clarke, Grieve. eent~es: Reid, G. Moloney, Hosken. Half-for -ards: Bee, Compton, Boys. Forwards: O'Reilly, fopkins, Morris. Ruck: Reeves, S. Moloney, fooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Cook (did Sot play). EAST PERTH--Backs: M. Ryan, Crow, Ward. ailf-backs: Thomas, Starr, Withell. Centres: D. Miller, Guhl, A. Hall. Half-forwards: Cronin, Lockyer, Garnaut. Forwards: Mussman, Row land, Parry. uack: Graham, Fogarty, H. Screairh (rover). Nineteenth man: Dook (did not play). UIMPIREL-L. McComish. From the first bounce, East Perth showed itself to be slightly the stronger in the ruck, but it could not get the ball properly away. Its men seemed to be over-anxious and were fumbling the ball and kicking short and poorly. Claremont, faster, neater, crisper and playing to mnethod with nice passing, rattled through East Perth's strong defence to score 5.4 to 1.1. East Perth showed its calibre by steadying after this setback and, lengthening its kicking and leading more smartly, it intensified its play with go through methods and defter handling of the ball to make its score 42 to 5.4 at quarter-time. East Perth sent Lockyer into ruck and put Cronin at centre half-forward. It was now faster and working cleanly, but Claremont, although it seemed to have lost its advantage in pace, was in great heart and attacked determinedly, getting - great drive from the centre. However, its forwards were too closely watched by the opposing backs, who defended fiercely and cleverly in some strenuous goal-front work. They eased the tension and East Perth, its wingmen now more effective, attacked powerfully.. Miller had been switched to the centre, changing places with Guhl Followers, rovers and centre men combining strongly, with the for wards eager for openings, East Perth went to a two-goal lead. Its backs in great form, Claremont regained the lead by three points; and then a goal to East Perth made its score 9.5 to Claremont's 8.8 at half-time. East Perth was never again so close to Claremont. It was playing strongly in most departments, -but its half-forwards were badly beaten, it had lost pace and its play had lost conviction because the men could not pass the ball consistently. Claremont, highly determined and zest ful, had all the play for a while and pep pered its forwards with passing which, despite the keen defence, gave it a 2.7 lead. It should . have gone to t much bigger lead, but there was very poor kick ing for- goal. East Perth was labouring. The slowing of its big men had removed its ruck advantage and its half-forwards were listless, the ball getting past them only twice. More dashing -and accurate, Claremont over-ran it in all departments and ended the quarter with 12.15 to 10.6. For the last quarter, East Perth put Lockyer at full forward and shifted Row land to a half-forward wing. It recov ered its ruck power, enlivened its centre line work and used weight freely. When

it goaled, the. air became electrical. Claremont, on its mettle, attacked with vigour, G. Moloney being a valuable steadying influence at centre. Its stan dard of kicking stood the test well and, despite a tigerish defence, it went to a 2.10 lead. East Perth, although tired and having lost a lot of its sting. did not let up. Claremont, also tired, 1-ept its form. East Perth did not get rearer then 1.9 and then four minutes before time Compton kicked a remarkable angle goal on the run. East Perth goaled again, but the issue was not in c'oubt and a silly kick by Batt just on the bell gave Lockyer a goal which reduced the differ ence to eight points. Final scores: CLAREMONT .. .. 15.19 (109 pts.) EAST PERTH .... 15.11 (101 pts.) Scorers.-Claremont: Morris, 4.1; Hop kins, 2.5; Compton, 2.2; O'Reilly, 2.2; Bee, 1.3; Hooper, 1.2; Reid, 1.2; Reeves, 1.1; Boys, 1.1. East Perth: Parry, 4.1; Rowland, 3.1; Mussman, 3.1; Cronin, 2.2; Lockyer, 1.2; Fogarty, 1.1; Ward, 1.0; Screaigh, 0.2; Garnaut, 0.1. The mainspring of Claremont's system was G. Moloney, who repeatedly set the ball going from the bounce and also acted as the pivot for forward moves in play. Morris also shone, not only giving a clever display as rover, but being most valuable in a forward pocket. Headon again showed his first-class qualitids as a half-back, with Clarke doing fine work alongside him. Maitland's vigorous ruck work was a telling factor in the team's victory. S. Moloney also did well and Hooper continued in good form as rover. Batt gave a sterling performance in goal; Reid dominated play on his wing; and Boys was always serviceable. For East Perth, Graham won consis tently in the rock and played strongly in the effortless way of the talented foot baller. Starr, excellent at centre half back, gave Compton no latitude and turned many an attack in brilliant fashion. Also in great form in defence was M. Ryan. Mussman was one of the team's best, both forward and fol lowing; Screaigh roved cleverly, carrying on the play well; and Parry was both

S- Parry and P. Lockyer, East Perth players, race for ball in the match between Claremont and East Perth at Claremont on Saturday.

prominent as rover and very effective in a forward plocket. Crow was. Vigorous and safe in goal; Miller, fast and neat, was the best of the centre men; and Withell showed ability.