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SUPERIOR IN ATTACK. West Perth's 14-point Victory. In a game which was marred by exces sive fumbling and errors, West Perth re vealed a superiority in attack and won by 14 points from South Fremantle at Leederville Oval on Saturday. Occasion ally there were enlivening spasms of open, concerted play but for the most part there was too mulh over-crowding and in such circumstances system was diffi cult. South Fremantle had to rely on a few for its scoring and an injury to W. Hayward, its most reliable man in at tack, spelt disaster. West Perth played its best football of the day in the last quarter; in the first term it could have gained an unassailable lead when South Fremantle's defenders were slow and un certain. Following were the teams: WEST PERTH.-Backs: Jeavons, Bonner, Flem ming. Half-backs: Hill, Tetley, Flegg. Centres: Bridges. Coward, L. Walsh. Half-forwards: R. Screaigh, Bunting, Donnelly. Forwards: Lewis, Tyson, Pola. Ruck: McDiarmid, O'Keefe. Rain oldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Caplin (did not play). SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Back, Noble, F. Brown. Half-backs: White, D. Doig, Dodd. Centres: Lewington, Jenkins, K. Miller. Half forwards: W. Smith, Presser, Reilly. Forwards: Richardson, Poole, Orr. Ruck: W. Hayward, Hugall. E. Hayward (rover). Nineteenth man: Caratti (replaceud W. Hayward, injured ankle, in last quarter). UMPIRE.--C. Cook. Early in the first term South Fremantle was stronger than West Perth in the ruck and its pace was faster but dashing play by the opposing backs kept its scoring down. Then West Perth overcame a tendency to kick blindly to its forwards and its general kicking was longer and its attacks more penetrating than those of South Fremantle. The play was cramped, however, and scoring not easy. South Fremantle, with Smith leading well, attacked frequently but it was beaten in the air. At quarter time West Perth led with 5.5 to 1.4. South Fremantle's play improved when its centre line did better and Jenkins, noting how often short passes were going astray, began to drive the ball well down. Three of his kicks led to goals by W. Hayward (marking strongly despite a sore ankle) in five minutes and before long south Fremantle was in front. West Perth's back lines had fallen almost to pieces and its men spoilt one another. At last West Perth got the ball to Tyson and after a fast run past three oppcz ents he goaled. Lewis began to assert himself in the ruck and a lucky goal gave West Perth the lead at half-time --7.8 to 6.8. Foolish free-kicks cost West Perth a goal. South Fremantle's backs then had an anxious period, during, which Rain oldi (improving) was about the only West Perth forward showing any speed. Lew ington was playing nicely on the wing and gradually South Fremantle gained the upper hand only to break down re peatedly near the goal. Coward was most prominent now in a hard-worked centre line. Two behinds to Fouth Fremantle left the scores at 9.10 to 8.12, in favour of West Perth. Play was fierce at the start of the last quarter and scrimmages were numerous. A long shot for a goal by Bunting im proved West Perth's position and then Jenkins began to exert an influence on the game. His forwards were not help ful, however, and the West Perth backs took the ball out of danger without trouble. When West Perth had estab lished a good lead South Fremantle be came surer in the air but attacks were unsuccessful. Final scores: WEST PERT:I .. .. 12.17 (89 pts.) S. - FEEMANTLE .. 10.15 (75 pis.) Scorers.-West Perth: Tyson, 5.7; Lewis. 2.3; Bunting, 2.2; Rainoldi, 1.1; O'Keefe and Screaigh, 1.0 each; McDiarmid and Coward, 0.1 each. South Fremantle: W. Hayward, 4.3; Orr, 2.5; E. Hayward, 2.0; prosser, 1.1; Smith, 1.0; Poole and Rich ardson, 0.2 each. Scarcely any player on the field could be justifiably complimented for an out standing display from start to finish. In the centre Coward did a good deal of useful work, Bonner was safe in goal and Hill had two brilliant quarters, the first and last. Pola was a good rover and Lewis finished the best of the ruck men. although O'Keefe worked hard and marked well. Bunting was prominent at half-forward and L. Walsh won on his wing. Tyson's kicking was not as ac curate as usual and McDiarmid was patchy. Screaigh was a fair rover. A blow over the right eye disturbed Tetley but he did some good work. For South Fremantle no player did better than Lewington on the wing, es peclally after the first quarter, and W. Hayward was valuable in the rack and'

as a forward, although he was hampered by an ankle injury which ultimately caused him to leave the field. Orr roved cleverly and did not have the best of luck with his snapshots, while E. Hay ward, his roving colleague, was fast and useful. Smith was the best half-forward and Jenkins. although not at his best, aided the scoring of several goals. In a defence which could not be described as fast, White and Doig were most pro minent. Reilly did well in the ruck con sidering his lack of experience and Rich ardson battled hard.