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PERTH'S IMPROVEMENT. East Fremantle Hard Pressed. In a game of varying fortunes at Fre mantle Oval on Saturday, Perth, after lapsing In the third quarter, rallied strongly and in a desperate finish pressed East Fremantle to within three points. Perth had shown noticeable improvement and actually led at half-time. Mistakes in the forward lines at a critical junc ture jeopardised its chances of victory, however, and, try as it might, vital goals could not be scored. East Fremantle did not play with its customary precision and understanding and has, in the main, to thank a paralysing effort in the third quar ter for ultimate victory. Interesting new comers in the Perth side were H. Davey, who was severely injured in the early part of the season, and J. Harbison. who has just fulfilled residential qualification. Places for Lambert and D. Munro were found in East Fremantle's side. Following were the teams: EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: N. Doig, Kings bury. Skeahan. Half-backs: Briggs, Wendt, Lam bert. Centres: Seubert, Hutchinson, Migro. Half forwards: Donegan, C. Doig, Stingemore. For wards: D. Munro, C. Doig, acGlinn. Ruck: Mann, Martienoen, Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: Lyons (replaced Donegan, leg injury, in last quarter). PERTIL-Backs: P. Fitzgerald, Love, Crooks. Half-backs: Wormald, A. Brown, Harold. Centres: H. Davey, Keightley, Puddey. Half-forwards: Oliphant, Dewar, Trainer. Forwards: Wedgewood,

Cook, C. Rilasm. Ruck: Harbison, Carrington, A. Grigg (rover). Nineteenth man: Hethering ton (replaced Wedgewood-in last quarter). tUMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Early attacks by East Fremantle failed. Perth then took charge and a chance missed by Gook was almost immediately compensated for when he goaled from a difficult angle. East Premantle in a series of assaults found Brown, Wor maid and Harold troublesome, while Perth's total would doubtlessly have been increased had Skeahan, in a back pocket, not been in such fine form. McGlinn was picking up many crumbs from the followers and in co-operation with Hunt chinson created opportunities which were not availed of by the forwards. Perth's small men were doing well, while Dewar was a force at half-forward. Greater accuracy in front of goal gave Perth the lead at the end of the first quarter, when the scores stood at 4.2 to 2.8. Brilliant play by Truscott decreased Perth's lead of six points and the scores were leveL There was still unusual rag gedness in East Fremantle's play and, with few exceptions, its members were being outpaced and outwitted on the ground. Lambert, despite an uncertainty about his kicking, was prominently asso ciated with Skeahac in the back lines but much of their work was rendered useless by unresponsive forwards. Perth was having much the better of the argu ment and, with Gook marking and kick ing magnificently, had again established a lead at half-time. the scores being 10.3 to 6.14. The subjugation of G. Doig by Love was a feature of the quarter. A remarkable transformation came over the game at this stage. East Fremantle awoke from its lethargy and, with Mar tiensen and Donegan dominating the ruck, quickly had Perth nonplussed. G. Doig repeatedly eluded an attentive de fence and. combining cleverly with Mar tiensen. added five goals from as many shots. Perth's defenders were undergoing a trying ordeal: the side had become dis organised and it was only on rare occa sions that it was permitted to assume the role of attacker. A. Grigg and Davey were prominent in a belated attack, which resulted in a goal from Gook. Perth's supporters were dismayed when Trainor hit the post two minutes later. East Fre mantle then bombarded the goal and at the bell led by 34 points--15.22 to 12.6. Both teams were compelled to call upon their emergencies within a brief period. D. Munro, in conjunction with McGlinn, inaugurated an offensive but his kick struck the post. Its confidence restored, Perth played vigorously and Dewar, Ran som and Gook goaled in turn. Keightley, who broke even with Hutchinson at centre, and Puddey were prime movers in successive attacks which brought Skea han and Wendt into prominence; Kings bury and Brown, the respective full backs, also effectively countered dangerous ad vances. East Fremantle was winning in the air but found Perth's doggedness and determination difficult to cope with. Perth rallied strongly and, had Skeahan not risen to such brilliant heights in de fence, might easily have won. It was a critical time for East Fremantle when, with only a margin of two points sepa rating the teams, Perth broke through twice in the last few minutes only to find its forwards at fault. Final scores: EAST FREMANTLE 16.26 (122 pts.) PERTH . ....... 18.11 (119 pts.) Scorers:--East Fremantle: G. Doig. 8.11; McGlinn, 4.3; D. Munro, 3.4; Trus cott, 1.5; C. Doig, 0.2; Martiensen, 0.1. Perth: Gook, 10.3; Dewar, 4.1; A. Grigg. 2.1; Ransom, 1.0; Trainor, 1.3; Carring ton. 0.3. In a back pocket Skeahan scarcely made a mistake. His anticipation helped him to frustrate many of Perth's moves and it was princinally due to his brilliant defence work in the anxious moments of the last quarter that East Fremantle suc cessfully weathered the storm. Truscott,. whether roving or forward, gave a fine display. Martiensen again did capably as a follower, his combination with G. Doig being a feature of the play. Lam bert and Wendt were useful in defence while Hutchinson (centre), McGlinn (rov ing) and Donegan (following) all did their share. Gook gave a brilliant display of for ward play, his marking and kicking be ing faultless. Ever-ready to sense an opening, he was quick to offer a lead and seldom disappointed. He had ex cellent helpers in Dewar and Oliphant, both of whom worked tirelessly through out the game. Brown, Love and Wormald presented a solid front against East Fre mantle's assaults, while Keightley and H. Davey did useful work across the centre. A. Grigg. Love and Carrington were others who did well.