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SUBIACO OUTCLASSED. Swan Districts Too Strong. Taking the lead soon after the start of play and drawing farther ahead in each quarter, Swan Districts easily

defeated Subiaco at Bassendean Oval on Saturday. The winner played with great dash and at a fast pace throughout and held a marked advantage in almost every position, but most notably in the ruck and across the centre. Subiaco made its task even more difficult by in different kicking and hesitancy near the goal. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.--Backs: Zilko. Avery, Mc Innerney. Half-backs: Buirchall, Sinclair, I'Pen berthy. Centres: F. hall. Darmody, Krepp. Half forwards: Mosey, Ditchburn, Moiler. Forwards: Gore. Holdsworth, Murray. Ruck: Bravo. Ran dall, Forden (rover). Nineteenth man: C. Bas tow (did not play). SUBIACO.-Backs: L Toll, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: McCallum, S. Daily, Bant. Centres: Brophy, Bessen, Donovan. Half-forwards: Peers, Murphy, N. Smith. Forwards: Mills, Edmondson. Hambleton. Ruck: G. Bro-ne, Gilbert, R. Yates (rover). Nineteenth man: W. Yeates (did not play). UMPIRE.-G. Owens. The Swan Districts team started at its usual terrific pace and Moiler goaled after two minutes' play. Subiaco's mark ing was superior but it fumbled in the goal area and scored only points. Closely guarded by L. Daily, Holdsworth was in difficulties and Swan Districts' scoring power was appreciably diminished. The backs, notably Sinclair and Zilko, held Subiaco off and good use was made by Swan Districts of every opportunity to score. By contrast, Subiaco allowed sev eral chances to pass, until Browne goaled after a great mark. Darmody and Krepp gave Swan Districts a big ad vantage across the centre. Holdsworth scored his first goal from a snap-shot. Quarter-time scores were:-Swan Dis tricts, 43; Subiaco, 1.7. Subiaco's deplorable kicking was again in evidence in the second quarter and it was nonplussed by Swan Dis tricts' pace. Within three minutes Holdsworth had scored two goals, the second after a good pass from Murray. Subiaco rallied briefly, winning the ball from the tuck, but after it bad scored two goals it again relapsed into fiddling, uncertain glay in the forward lines. Swan Districts, too, unaccountably adopted "fancy" tactics for a time but its men quickly pulled themselves to gether under the influence of steady backs and dashing work by Krepp on the wing. Now fully into his stride, Holds worth broke free and marked over L. Daily to score five goals during the quar ter, which ended with the scores at: Swan Districts, 10.5; Subiaco, 3.8. Swan Districts attacked for 10 min utes without a break in the third quar ter and the Subiaco backs received a solid hammering. Led by L. Daily, how ever, they stood firm until Gilbert fool ishly threw Holdsworth, who was only 20 yards from the goal mouth. Murphy went into the centre in an attempt to stem the tide and the team rallied, scor ing three goals in three minutes through clever work by Peers, Murphy, Browne and McCallum (who gave badly-needed life to the Subiaco ruck). The team played fine football during this period but the Swan Districts' backs were strong and again their team exerted full pressure, Holdsworth adding a goal The quarter ended with the scores at:-Swan Districts, 12.10; Subiaco, 7.10. Swan Districts continued to attack in the last quarter but the forwards ap peared not to take the game very seri ously and Holdsworth, although making excellent position, received no passes. Interest had gone from the game and the play was poor. Thirty-eight points be hind, Subiaco faced a hopeless task, and although it slogged hard, it made little progress. The final scores were: SWAN DISTRICTS 16.16 (112pts.) SUBIACO ..... . . .10 (52pts.) Scorers.-Swan Districts: Holdsworth, 8.6; Moiler, 3.0; Gorn, 2.2; Mosey, 2.1; Ditchburn, 1.0; Murray, 03: Bravo, 0.2; Forden, 0.2. Subiaco: Edmondson, 2.4: Browne, 2.0; Gilbert, 1.1; Mills, 1.1; S. Daily, 1.0; Peers, 02; Smith, 0.1; Murphy, 0.1. Unbeaten in any quarter, Krepp, the winger, and Darmody, at the pivot, were Swan Districts' best players, the former being brilliant on the ground and the latter dashing, rugged and effective. In the ruck Murray carried all before him and excelled in open play. Sinclair and Zilko played excellent football in defence and Moiler, at half-forward, gave a notable display. Mosey (roving), Ran dall and Hall were also outstanding in a team which had no poor player. Because he stuck to his task, kicked well and endeavoured to get some sys tem into the play, D. Hambleton, Subiaco's first rover, was the team's best player. The coach, F. Murphy, played very well in the face of exasperating fumbling and L. Daily, in goal, did much excellent work, despite the fact that Holdsworth kicked eight goals. At half-forward Peers was outstanding, his leading and kicking being especially good, and S. Daily marked well. Browne fol lowed with great heart and worked ex cellently at times, and Donovan, in a beaten centre line, gave good service.