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DETERMINED TEAMWORK. Victory for. South Fremantle. Determination and teamwork, not nearly so apparent in previous matches played a big part in South Fremantle's defeat of Subisco at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday. South Fremantle controlled the centre play throughout and was in •initely the better side on the day. Su blaco gave another discouraging display; its forward lines were palpably weak, while South Freniantle players were allowed to stray at leisure. Play was more rugged than spectacular, its con gested nature leading to hasty and in accurate disposal. Only in the first quarter did Sublaco give a suggestion of trouble; thereafter South Fremantle's superiority became more and more pro nounced. The teams were: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Back, Noble, F. Brown. Half-backs: White, D. Doig, Dodd. Centres: Lewington, Jenkins, Millar. Half-for wards: W. Smith, Cain, Prosser. Forwards: Richardson, Poole, Orr. Rock: C. Hugall, W. Hayward, E. Hayward (rover). Kineteenth man: Mason (replaced Jenkins, hip injury, in last quarter). SUBIACO.-Backs: Donovan, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Green, Bant, Davies. Centres: F. Brophy, Beesen, N. Smith. Half-forwards: Peers, S. Daily, Murphy. Forwards: L. Toll, Jennings, Hambleton. Ruck: G. Browne, McCallum, R. Yates (rover). Nineteenth man: W. Yeates (re placed Davies, leg injury, third quarter). UMPIRE.-T. Oliver. South Fremantle's defence was called into service immediately after the start, and fine play by Jenkins enabled W. Hayward to score a goal from an acute angle. Subsaco retaliated with a goal

from R. Yates. Play became vigorous In South Fremantle's forward lines, giving L. Dally, Davies and Bant ample oppor tunity to prove their worth. Jenkins was playing with brilliance at centre, while the Hayward brothers were constantly under notice. With six goals on the board, not a point had been scored by either side. An even term ended with the scores at 4.3 to 4.2 in South Pre mantle's favour. Covering long distances with its kick ing, South Fremantle launched a series of offensives, but L. Daily saved: Subiaco had several chances of scoring, but an over-indulgence. i short passing ren dered many of the efforts futile. Tempers became frayed and bumps were freely exchanged. Davies, who could be ill spred,came down during a willing tussle and eventually left the field. L. Daily and D. Doig were doing fine work in defence, while Peers was outstanding in Sublaco's forward lines. South Fre mantle was the speedier combination and, with W. Hayward (following) and Jenkins (centre) in great form, had established a useful lead of 9.9 to 6.3 at half-time. Sublaco livened up, but found South Fremantle's defenders strong. Once again Sublaco resorted to the short pass, which suited South Premantle admirably. L. Daily was still doing a lot of work, but found E. Hayward and Poole a nimble pair to contend with. South Fremantle became clearly superior during the last few minutes of the quarter and was attacking strongly when the bell left the scores at 13.11 to 10.3. The teams were evenly matched in the air, but, with South Premantle's defence outplaying the Sublaco forwards, the issue was soon beyond doubt. Hambleton and Brophy twice got the ball within scoring distance, but White and Noble cleared. Prosser was feeding his forwards with regularity, Poole showing his appre ciation by adding two goals. No quarter was given in a willing passage out of which Jenkins emerged with an injured hip. Fortunately his side was in an un assailable position and did not miss his services to any great extent. Subiaco made a belated, but half-hearted, en deavour to reduce the leeway, but found South Fremantle quick to respond. The final scores were: S. FREMANTLE .. 17.14 (116pts.) SUBIACO .... .. 1L 9 (75pts.) Scorers.-South Fremantle: Poole, 42; Richardson, 4.0; E. Hayward, 3.2; W. Hayward, 2.3; Prosser, 2.0; Cain, 1.3; W. Smith, 1.0; Jenkins, 0.2; Hugall and Orr, 0.1 each. Subiaco: S. Daily, 3.1; Yates, 2.2; Jennings, 2.0; Browne, 1.4; Mc Callum, 1.1; Hambleton, Peers, 1.0 each; Oreen, 0.1. Honours on the South Fremantle side went to W. Hayward and the consistent Jenkins. W. Hayward was sure in his handling of the ball and it was mainly due to him that South Fremantle held a supremacy in the ruck. Jenkins, al though inclined at times to attempt to do too much, gave another fine exhibi tion of centre play. Eichardson acquitted himself creditably at half-forward and, apart from his own four goals, un selfishly helped in the scoring of others. D. Doig was particularly sound at half back. Prosser, Hugall, E. Hayward and F. Brown were others to do their share. L. Daily was outstanding for Sublaco. Circumstances made his task very diffi cult and he emerged with flying colours. He was compelled to wander far afield, but showed fine judgment in doing so; his kicking-in was faultless, while at times he was liberally applauded for bril liant marks, Davies (until hurt), Dono van and Bant fought grimly against big odds, while S. Daily, Brophy, Green and Peers were the only others above the ordinary.