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EAST PERTH WELL-BALANCED. Marked Superiority in Second Half. There were no weak links in East Perth's team on Saturday at Perth Oval and East Fremantle was outclasted after the frat quarter. ` For a brief periodEast Fremantle was able to hold its own in the ruck but before long East Perth was far superior there. Too much work was thrust upon a few men in the East Fre mantle team and it finished poorly to be beaten by 51 points. East Perth's per formance was meritorious; it was fast and perfectly balanced, and it kicked well while its big men marked . brlliantly. small men who had not been at their best, struck form; the defence was strong, its attack efficient and its centre line did more valuable work thah that of East Fremantle. During the tfirst two quart ers some of the football was the best seen this season but the finish was tame. A breeze helped East Perth early and East Fremantle, in the first quarter, played im pressively. The teams were: EAST FREIMATL&t-Backs: N.Doig, Kings bury, Skeahan. Half-backs: Fordham, Wendt, Stingemore. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson, Seu bert. Half-forwards: Western, C. Doig, Lyan. Forwards: Donegan, G. Doig, McGlinn. Ruck: Martienenn, Mann, Tuscott trover). Ninetesoth man: Briggs (did not play). EAST PERTH.-lacks: ML Ryan, Crow, Ward. Half-backs: Thomas, Starr, Withell. Centres: D. Miller, Guhl, A. Hall. Half-forwards: Cronin, Lockyer, Graham. Forwards: Mussman, Row land, Parry. Ruck: B. Ryan, Fogarty. IL Sereaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Dook (re placed B. Ryan injured thumb at half-time). UMPIRE.-H. Hooper. Against a fresh breeze early in the first quarter, East Fremantle played with speed and system, C. Doig and Truscott being prominent in scoring moves. At last East Perth opened out and Cronin scored a beautiful running goal. East Fremantle's half-backs failed to watch their men but Kingsbury marked spec tacularly to spoil a co-ordinated attack, The ball was taken from end to end with remarkable speed until the players lapsed into kicking errors. Hutchinson was the dominating figure at the centre but Guhl began the move which led to a goal from Scresigh. Goals were added in quick time and Graham was winning in the ruck. At quarter-time, when the wind had dropped East Perth led with 6.1 to 4.2. In the second quarter East Perth had a greater share of the play than East Fremantle allowed for and its lead was increased. For a time East Fremantle's backs were strong but lightning passes from the centre line eventually weakened it. East Perth was winning in the air and 13 minutes of entertaining football elapsed before East Fremantle scored a goal Inability to get the ball to G. Doig worried East Fremantle but at last he goaled. Graham went into the rauck and a goal from Rowland made the scores at half-time 9.4 to 6.2 in East Perth's favour. Even tussles across the centre marked the play early in the third term. C. Doig was marking well at half-forward, but East Perth's defence was strong. Truscott scored a badly needed goal when East Perth had forged ahead. Cronin had recovered form and Skeahan was shifted out to watch him. Strong in the ruck and marking and passing bet ter than East Fremantle, East Perth steadily gained the upper hand and East Fremantle weakened under pressure, though Kingsbury made good saves. At three-quarter time East Perth led with 12.11 to 7.4. East Fremantle's. weakness in the for ward division gave it no chance of re covering in the last quarter, despite the efforts of Martiensen and a few others. Often three East Perth men would break away swiftly and disorganise the oppos ing defence and the small men were en joying themselves thoroughly. The game finished quietly with the scores as fol lows: EAST PERTH .. 18.11 (119 pts.). EAST FREMANTLE 10.8 (68 pts). Scorers:--East Perth: Rowland, 5.2; Screaigh, 5.0; Cronin, 4.1; Mussman, 2.1; Lockyer, 1.1; Graham, 1.0; Parry, 0.3; Dook, 0.2. East Fremantle: G. Doig, 4.4; Truscott, 3.1; Martiensen, 1.1; Donegan and McGlinn, 1.0 each; C. Doig and Mann, 0.1 each. For the brilliant manner in which Graham marked and broke up East Fre mantle's ruck, knocking out with con sistency and skill, and for Crow's fine performance in goal, those two players are ranked above many good players in East Perth's team. In a back pocket M. Ryan was strong and Starr distin guished himself at half-back. Hall's wing play was clever and Screalgh roved and kicked well. Nearly every other man was in good form. Withell, Tho mas and Miller deserving special mention. Cronin had brilliant patches and Guhl was most effective in the second half. Fogarty was a willing helper in the ruck. Few East Fremantle men were out standing. Hutchinson. who ran himself almost to a standstill, was probably the side's best man, although he was not nearly as conspicuous in the second half as before half-time. Truscott's roving

was good. Skeaban and Kingsbury were useful backs and Martlensen, after a shaky sart, fhished well. Beubert's display on the wing was neat. Wendt, although he clung to the ball too long, was a great trier at half-back. N. Doig defended fairly surely. Migro did some good things, Donegan at times was pro minent and C. Doig slipped too often to do hinself justice.