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SWAN DISTRICTS' RECOVERY. Perth's Disastrous Lapse. Although seven goals in arrears a min ute after the start of the second quarter of the match at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday and unable to make appreci able headway for most of that term, the Swan Districts team recovered its char acteristic non-stop dash and before long held a lead which it lost and regained by vigorous football after Perth had issued a strong and exciting challenge. With little more than six minutes' play remaining, Perth was five points in front but the Swan Districts men, revelling in the fierce passages, fought hard and success fully for the next goal and its superior condition enabled it to increase the lead to 17 points before the end. Up to half time Perth had done well to place itself in a commanding position and keep Holdsworth down to three goals, but in the third quarter its defence fell to pieces before persistent attacks and later its forwards were badly beaten when another

goal might have meant victory. In the first half Perth was much the surer side and it was strange to see Swan Districts, with Rosewarne the chief offender, in dulging in hand-ball which was not even good to look at. Following were the teams: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Penberthy, Zilko, Mclnnerney. Half-backs: Sinclair, Avery, Buir chell. Centres: F. Hall, Darmody, McMahon. Half-forwards: Moiler, Rosewarne, Ross. For wards: C. Bastow,. Holdsworth, Corn. Ruck: Murray. Randall, Forden (rover). Nineteenth man: Hackett (did not play). PERTH.-Backs: P. Fitzgerald, A. Brown, Lamp. Half-backs: Puddey. Wormald, Harold. Centres: Trainor, Burton, A. Grigg. Half-for wards: Hetherington, Dewar. G. Rausom. For wards: Wedgewood, Gook. Whittaker. Ruck: G. Davey, Carrington. Keirhtley (rover). Nine teenth man: L. Walsh (did not play). UMPIRE.--C. Cook. Perth quickly scored a goal and then missed chances offered by fumbling, hesi tant backs. When Murray set Swan Dis-' tricts in fast motion foolish hand-ball was disastrous. At this stage Gook was yards in front of Zilko and, making use of the wind, Perth added goals in quick succession. At times Swan Districts played well from the left wing but gener ally was slow to move and at quarter time had scored only 1.2 to 7.2. In 40 seconds Perth was seven goals ahead and Swan Districts, with less help from the wind than was expected, con tinued to miss marks and run into trouble. Perth had the upper hand and Zilko was playing almost a lone hand in defence. Bad passing and a tendency to maul the man, however, spoilt Perth's play and Penberthy and Murray helped Swan Dis tricts to rally. Darmody, too, improved and Holdsworth struck form. At half time Perth led with 9.4 to 5.6. There was little or no wind in the third quarter and'Perth, well served by Keight ley, was weak in attack and inaccurate in shooting. Swan Districts clapped on pace and a goal came from Holdsworth after ten minutes. Gorn began to give the goal-sneak more assistance and the team as a whole was confident and sure. Perth's backs were standing still, as it were, and Wormald tried vainly to spur them on. Sinclair stopped any Perth moves until Wedgewood snapped a goal to regain the lead for his side at three quarter time-10.10 to 10.9. Strenuous play by Perth yielded a dis couraging string of behinds and nearly ten minutes elapsed before Swan Dis tricts passed the centre and half-back lines to score a point and a goal During this period Perth's centre had been strong but its forwards were cramped. Then Ransom goaled and the crowd became ex cited. Murray returned to the ruck and Randall strove hard to score a valuable goal. Perth could not pass Sinclair and the game ended more tamely than seemed likely. Final scores: SWAN DISTRICTS . 14.14 (98 pta.) PERTH ..... .. ..1L15 (81-pta.) Scorers.--Swan Districts: Holdsworth, 8.4; Gorn, 2.2; Rosewarne, 1.; Bastow, 1.2; Randall and Darmody, 1.0 each; Penberthy, Ross and McInnerney, 0.1 each. Perth: Gook, 3.2; Wedgewood, 3.0; Hetherington, 2.0; Ransom and Whit taker, 13 each; Kelghtley, 1.0; Grigg, 0.2; Dewar, Carrington and Davey, 0.1 each. Two points were forced through. In the Swan Districts team Murray was easily the best player. He revealed plenty of pace, kicked long and domin ated the ruck; in defence he was sure. He was chiefly responsible for Swan Dis trict's rally. After the first quarter Zilko made scarcely a mistake and he allowed Gook no latitude. Penberthy came into prominence in the second quarter and from then on was valuable in the ruck and in a back pocket. Although not at his best-he missed a number of marks Holdsworth did well tq kick eight goals. Sinclair, when shifted to centre-half back, played strongly and Ross was re liable at half-forward. Although they had periods of quietness, the players on the centre line were useful. Rosewarne often got himself into trouble but did some heady work. McInnerney, Avery (in patches), F?orden, Moiler and Randall (towards the enid especially) played hard. Few of Perth's men played well from start to finish and for consistent effort Wormald, though inclined to take risks with his opponent, was outstanding. Keightley roved untiringly, but his dis posal was not equal to his best. Burton was probably the surest of the centre line although Trainor did some pretty things. Brown was a fine full back in the first half but deteriorated when the whole defence became disorganised. Carrington battled gamely throughout and G. Ran som was nippy. Hetherington was good in patches and Wedgewood was a great trier. Fitzgerald's form was encouraging and Dewar did not finish off his play as well as required. Gook played well early, but faded out of the picture.