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WON IN LAST HALF-MINUTE. Desperate Effort by West Perth. Never dull in the first three quarters, play in the last quarter of the match at Leederville Oval on Saturday between East Fremantle and West Perth became fierce and full of exciting Incidents and a most anxious crowd 20 seconds before the end watched' breathlessly a West Perth man take a free-kick and saw the ball swerve late to miss the post and give his side a three-point victory. Time after time, -when each point was highly valued, players struggled desperately in the teeth of a goal and usually a back man tore away with the ball. In the last quarter West Perth was doing all in its might to score and East Fremantle re sist&~ sternly in an endeavour to pre serve its hard4iarned lead. ,But with eight pin.utes, to go West Perth goaled

and was only three points in arrears. Up to that point the play had lacked noth ing in vigour; now in rain and on a slip pery ground the players threw every ounce of weight into the fray. From end to end the ball travelled to thrust heavy responsibility upon worried defenders; scrimmages with men piling one upon the other were frequent; and the ball was forced into scoring range alarmingly often. Precious seconds were ticking away and when East Fremantle looked certain to win Bunting, of West Perth, received a free-kick (for a push on the shoulder. in a pack it was learnt). He was about 45 yards from the goal and at first the ball hit the man on his mark. The um pire gave the kick again and jubilant West Perth supporters cheered wildly when it brought a goal. Another bounce in the centre and all was over. Follow ing were the teams at the start: WEST PERTH.--Backs: Flemming, Bonner, Jeavons. Half-backs: Tetley,. Buttsworth, O'Keefe. Centres: L. Walsh, Coward, Bridges. Half-forwards: Gregg, Bunting. Pola. Forwards: R. Screaigh, Tyson, Caplin. Ruck: McDlarmid, Lewis, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Don nelly (did not play). EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: Stingemore, N. Doig, Skeahan. Half-backs: Fordbam, Wendt, Munro. Centres: Mitro. Hutchinson, Seubert. Half-forwards: Mann, C. Doig. Western. For wards: McGlinn. G. Doig, Butcher. Ruck: Mar tiensen. W. James. Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: Bri?gs (did not play). UMIPIRE.--L McComish. East Fremantle started the faster and, driving the ball in towards G. Doig as much as possible, it scored 23 before Tyson goaled for West Perth. In the ruck East Fremantle had been strong and it was taking the ball away from crushes at a fast pace. West Perth 'shifted Tetley to watch G. Doig. Its centre line was winning and McDiarmid was now a power in the ruck but hurried forwdrds were beaten by solid, thoughtful backs. In the rain there was a soccer competition and honours were about even. Western, keeping well out near the boundary, was getting a lot of kicks. At quarter time East Fremantle led with 3.5 to 2.2. Mistakes in West Perth's defence cost the side two goals. East Premantle was playing better football, going straight through with the ball instead of making several turns. Then West Perth's small

W. James (E..) shepherds off as opposing forward inthe game eteen West Perth and East Fremnanatle on Satnrday.

men, Ralnoldi n particular, struck form and three quick goals and a poster re duced East Fremantle's lead to one point. Under pressure East Fremantle's back men grew more determined and goal for goal was scored before the bell, when East Fremantle was still in front-7.8 to 7.5. A behind to West Perth preceded a clever goal to East Fremantle from W. James. The manner in which the East Fremantle men handled and kicked the ball and West Perth's foolish short pass ing suggested a widening of the gap but the backs played at top pace and with good judgment. Skeahan was now bril liant and the struggles across the centre were keen. Hutchinson broke away to enable G. Doig to add a goal, but for the most part the play was crowded. West Perth mised chances and at three quarter time was 2.3 behind-7.8 to 9.11. Behinds were added by East Fremantle, which remained steady in the face of a determined attack. Seven valuable minutes elapsed before Lewis goaled for West Perth and pretty system enabled that side to take the ball fmm end to end to secure a goal dribbled over the line by Tyson. With four points the margin, the crowd sensed a close finish and roared its pleasure. In all the hurry Truscott's neat, cool play for a goal must have had a soothing effect on East Fremantle, which attacked again without scoring. Gregg and Lewis were playing strongly now and the latter goaled. After a thrilling struggle in the goal-mouth G. Doig obtained a free-kick on the acutest of angles and scored a wonderful goal. Marking well, Tyson goaled and from then on the play was fierce, culminating in Bunting's goal. Final scores: WEST PERTH .. .. 12.11 (83 pts.) EAST FRE1MANTLE . 11.14 (80 pts.) Scorers.--Wet Perth, Tyson, 5.1; Lewis, 3.1; Gregg, 1.2; Caplin, Screaigh and Bunting, 1.1 each; Rainoldi, 0.2; Pola, 0.1. East Premantle: G. Doig, 7.4; Trus scott, 2.2; McGlinn and W. James, 1.0 each; Western, 0.3; Butcher and Mann, 0.2 each. Though West Perth had several fine players, Rainoldi and McDlarmid were out standing. Rainoldi failed to kick his usual goal but opened up the play repeatedly from tangled scrimmages and helped his backs and forwards in commendable style. McDiarmid, whose influence was appar ent as soon as he went into the ruck, was_ ?ain a great force and he seldom missed his kick. Assisting him, Lewis was much.more dashing than usual and gave easily his best display of the season. In the centre Coward was exceptionally fast. Tyson made the most of his oppor tunities. The full backs did valuable work, Flemming being most reliable. Bon ner did better at half-back than in goal, Gregg Zas suddenly brilliant in the last quarter, when L. Walsh also did his best work. Bridges was useful on the wing; O'Keefe revealed marked improvement at half-back; and Screaigh did some good and bad things. Buttsworth was patchy. All things considered, G. Doig must be ranked as East Fremantle's best man. He was carefully guarded. but used excellent judgment in leading and marking and several of his shots were remarkable. Truscott roved cleverly and whenever he had the ball West Perth sensed danger. Stingemore, N. Doig and Skeahan were strong full backs, Skeahan rising to bril liance in the second half. For three quarters Western was outstanding at half-forward, but in the last term his play was not successfull. W. James was strong in the ruck. Munro gave his best display of the season and Wendt was sound at centre-half-back. Beubert won on his wing and Hutchinson was promin ent at the centre. In the first half C. Doig did surprisingly well at centre-half forward. Martiensen and Fordham were useful