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SOUTH FREMANTLE'S FIRST WIN Perth Badly Beaten. South Fremantle played with dash to beat Perth severely at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday and thus record its first win for the season. It won on the ball, gained great drive from the centre and had fast half-forwards eager for openings on the flanks. On the other hand. Perth seemed to lack confidence from the start, its men being willing


but with a lack-lustre suggesting stale ness. The rearranged back lines did not settle down, a lot of punch in midfield was lost and the ruck did not work smoothly, even before Oliphant stayed off at half-time. The teams were: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Hagan, Noble, Hugall. Half-backs: White, D. Doig, Dodd. Centres: Miller, Jenkins, Lewington. Half-for wards: Strang, Cain. Matthews. Forwards: Richardson, Poole, E. Hayward. Ruck: W. Hay ward, Prosser, Orr (rover). Nineteenth man: F. Brown (replaced Lewington, split lip, in last quarter). PERTH.-Backs: Harold, A. Brown, Walsh. Hall-backs: Lamp, Wormald, Carrington. Centres: Trainor, Puddey, Burton. Half-forwards: Heth erington, Dewar, G. Davey. Forwards: Whittaker, Gook, Elphick. Ruck: Oliphant, Lamond, Keight ley (rover). Nineteenth man: A. Williams (re placed Oliphant, body injury, at half-time). UMPIRE.--G. Owens. As a result of rain, the ball was greasy from the start; both sides found it hard to handle and most kicks were either drop "grubbers" or poor punts. In spite of this South Fremantle insisted on weather-defying short passing despite its crookedness, in the forward area. Many chances were lost, but so strong was the ruck and centre play that the team kept pressing forward and in attack atoned for other faults with dash and alertness. Perth was in bad trouble, but the half backs set several scoring moves going. Dewar, however, was the only forward in form and unless men such as Oliphant, Trainor, Kelghtley and Whittaker went down to assist him the ball was returned. Firtstuarter scores: South Fremantle, 5.6; Perth, 3.3. South Fremantle, keen and fast, played its best football in the first part of the second quarter. Perth shifted Puddey to a centre-wing, on Lewington, and trans ferred Burton to the centre to watch Jenkins, who was doing great damage. Perth's half-backs turned the play a lot and when the ruck became more effec tive in the latter part of the quarter the team was mostly in attack (it was notiecable that all this time rain was falling, slowing the play). The effort, however, was produced more by strenu ous battling than good football and South

Fremantle's backs kept the score down. Half-time -scores: South Premantle, 9.8; Perth, 5.5. Perth began the third quarter faster and Ttainor was the main factor in sev eral Smart forward moves. Gook came to life and, playing very wide out, goaled with spectacular long kicks. Then South Fremantle's ruck strength reasserted it self, with Jenkins and Lewington not seriously challenged in midfield. Helped by the speedy work of its forwards, South Fremantle called ' the tune for the rest of the quarter, at the end of which it led with 15.10 to 8.9. The play was of a nondescript nature in the last quarter. The Perth , men looked sore and tired but were still bat tling. Doing better on the ball, where Carrington was showing out, they had the play down their end quite a lot but the forwards could do little good. South Fremantle had rel.xed, but it fin ished the stronger. Final scores: SOUTH FREMANTLE . 17.17 (119pts.) PERTH ......... 11.10 ( 76pts.) Scorers.-South Fremantle: Poole. 4.3; Mathews, 3.4; W. Hayward, 2.4; Rich ardson, 2.2; E. 8ayward, 2.0; Jenkins, 112; Strang, 1.1; Cain, 1.1; Lewington, 1.0. Perth: Gook, 4.4; Dewar, 3.3; Hether Ington, 1.1; Oliphant, 1.1; Keightley, 1.0; G. Davey, 1.0; Whittaker, 0.1. Jenkins, a good stamp of footballer, got the ball away from the centre re peatedly for South Fremantle and his disposal was excellent. An important factor in the team's success was the power of the ruck, where W. Hayward was always prominent and Prosser was out standing in the first half. Mathews, on a wing half-forward, intermingled bril liant play with foolish leading and pass ing, but he was one of the main instru ments of victory. On the other half-for ward flank, Strang, fast and alert, was a good counterpart. Noble, Hugall and Hagan made a strong full-back line and D. .Dol did well at centre-half-back. Poole was a neat goal-sneak and Lewing ton and E. Hayward also played well. Trainor was one of the few Perth men in form. He had a heavy task in the midfield play and showed out well. Wor maid laboured strongly at centre-half back and Dewar was prominent at centre half-forward. Carrington was a good, solid worker both at half-back and fol lowing. Oliphant was quietly effective; Gook was patchy, and Kelghtley, .Whit taker, Hetherington and Lamp were others who showed out occasionally.